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JC's Take: An Early Look Ahead to Wrestlemania XXVII

JC's Take: An Early Look Ahead to Wrestlemania XXVII

Hello All! And welcome back. Today, I'm taking an early look ahead to Wrestlemania XXVII. Now, I'm looking at this from a realistic booking perspective. While this is fantasy booking, it's not going to be extreme fantasy booking. I'm not going to go ahead and write down The Rock vs John Cena as one of these matches. While it's the one match EVERYONE wants to see, there is no way it is going to happen.

Before, let me start with a report that came out this week about potential Mania main events. Apparently, the working idea is to have Wade Barrett vs Undertaker, and John Cena vs Randy Orton for the WWE Title. Let me just say what every WWE fan would say: ENOUGH ORTON VS CENA. The match has been done to death in the last couple of years. Hell, it was just a FREE TV main event on RAW two weeks ago. It's understandable if the two haven't faced each other in two or three years, but these two have faced each other numerous times the past three years. They need something fresh.

So with that in mind, here's what I would have in mind for Wrestlemania XXVII:

WWE Divas Title: Michelle McCool vs Lita

-Now I said this was from my perspective. I know Lita's appearence on RAW this past Monday was a one time thing, but I'm sure if she was brought back once, she could be convinced to comeback again. Sure you'd rather have Trish Stratus back, but I think Lita is the more realistic option. Lita would make a perfect opponent for Laycool, who love to make fun of people because they're not as beautiful as them. Now I', not saying Lita isn't good looking, she is. But you know Laycool would just rip apart Lita for the way she dresses, her tatoos, and of course, her past history with Matt Hardy and Edge. Even if it's just a one time thing, it'd still make for a fun little match. I know women's wrestling isn't a big draw, but maybe bringing Lita back for a few months would get at least a couple people talking.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler vs Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes vs John Morrison vs Ted Dibiase Jr. vs Evan Bourne vs Justin Gabriel

-I think having eight men in these matches is too much, but for some reason the WWE likes to put 8 in them. It's probably just to get as many people on the card, so they can get a Mania payday. I think the obvious two men who would have to be considered the favorites going in would be Dolph Ziggler and John Morrison. Ziggler has proved in recent weeks that he can put on a good match. I think, especially with Smackdown currently lacking in the star department, that he can be pushed to the top of the card with a win here. But I would put my money here on John Morrison. The WWE is clearly trying to elevate him to the main event level. He's starting a program with Sheamus, a former WWE Champion. He is capable of handling himself in the ring and I wouldn't be surprised if by the middle or end of 2011, he is the World Champion on one of these brands. As for the others involved: Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes need to have more of a serious push before they get elevated. Kofi Kingston at one time looked like the next breakout star, but for some reason the WWE pulled the plug on his push. Evan Bourne can put on a good match, but is probably too small in Vince's eyes to get a push. The same could be said for Justin Gabriel. And I just couldn't find a spot for Rey Mysterio on the card. There's no fresh feud left for him on Smackdown.

Christian vs Alberto del Rio

- I put this match here as a special "grudge match attraction." Sure this match won't entice people to buy Wrestlemania, but these two men are more than capable of putting on a quality ***match. Christian is out of action for a few more months after suffering a torn pectoral muscle. He should be back in time for Mania, so a match with the man who put him out of action, Alberto del Rio, only seems approporiate. I'm sure the WWE would like to have something bigger planned for del Rio by now, but I couldn't think of anything. I actually contemplated an Edge & Christian tag team reunion here, with them teaming up to take on Alberto del Rio and either The Miz, or a possibly newly turned heel MVP or Big Show. But I realized I needed Edge for the Smackdown main event, and I have bigger plans for The Miz ahead.

United States Championship 2 out of 3 Falls: Daniel Bryan (c) vs C.M. Punk

-So you're wondering who's going to replace Shawn Michaels in having a great match at Wrestlemania? Look no further. These two appeares to be starting a program on RAW a couple of weeks ago, but C.M. Punk is in need of hip surgery and will be out close to three months. I think in a way, this works out for the WWE. Apparently the creative team has been told to come up with an idea to keep Punk on TV while recovering. I expect him to either become an announcer, or a mentor to an up-and-comer the way Roddy Piper was when he first came to the WWF in the 80s. Have people wanting to see Punk get his, but keep holding off as long as possible. I think you can have him constantly either watching Bryan and criticizing him, or maybe attempting to recruit him to join a new Straight Edge Society. Either way, hopefully the WWE can hold off long enough before pulling the trigger on a match between these two. I have a feeling if Punk is healthy enough, the two will fight at Elimination Chamber, which is why I made this match different than a regular singles match. But anybody who has followed these two knows what they are capable of in the ring, and this match might be enough to entice the "hardcore internet" wrestling fan to buy the PPV.

Unified Tag Title Match: R-Truth & Mark Henry vs MVP & Big Show

-I know the WWE doesn't really care about tag teams, but I put this match on here for a reason. First off, Mark Henry said he was looking for a new tag team partner on RAW with Evan Bourne out of action. Enter R-Truth, who is currently stuck in limbo on RAW. Face them off here against MVP & Big Show, who I couldn't come up with anything for on the card. Remember a while ago when I brought up the idea of forming a new Nation of Domination? Here's where it happens. And what a better way to make a statment then to take out the largest athlete in the universe on the biggest stage of the year. R-Truth proved in TNA that he can handle himself as a heel, and him and MVP on the mic could easily put themselves over as a threat. Mark Henry adds the needed "muscle" that is required for any group. To me, it's just the perfect way to elevate three guys who have been stuck in mid-card hell for a long time.

Hell in A Cell: Triple H vs Sheamus

-OK, I know the WWE has their annual Hell in a Cell PPV, but if they could ever build up a feud big enough to warrant a cell match outside of that PPV, this would be it. HHH has been out of action since April thanks to an attack by Sheamus. At the Royal Rumble, you could have Sheamus look dominant. Have him enter about half way through and just clear the ring. The the countdown starts, hits zero, and you here the guitar rift and the words "TIME TO PLAY THE GAME..." Out comes HHH and him and Sheamus just go at it, eventually eliminating each other, or have HHH eliminate Sheamus. Then at Elimination Chamber, if it is just HHH who eliminates Sheamus, have Sheamus cost HHH the Chamber match determining the #1 Contender for the WWE Title. Anytime someone puts another competitor out of action for 8 months, there's enough bad blood there to warrant a Hell in A Cell match. These two should be able to put on a good one. Let's just hope since it's HHH, Vince's son-in-law, they give him a little leniency and allow some blood.

World Title Match: Edge (c) vs The Miz

-Obviously this match can only happen one way: The Miz winning the Royal Rumble. And if I had to book it right now, I would have The Miz winning, and STILL have his MITB briefcase to go along with it. What better way to go out and make a guy a huge heel then by having him say he has two guaranteed title shots. The seeds for a possiblr Edge/Miz match have been planted recently. Their exchange before Edge was traded to Smackdown, their Bragging Rights rivalry, and of course Edge pinning Miz in the Bragging Rights match. Obviously this isn't a top selling match to sell the PPV, but it kind of takes the place of Edge/Jericho from last year. Both guys can put on a good match, and with what I have left on the card, this match doesn't have to be the focal selling point.

WWE Title Match: Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett (C) vs Chris Jericho

-I know nobody likes triple threats, but I had to come up with a way to include Wade Barrett on the card. He's too good right now to not be included. Whether Nexus is still around or not, Barrett will still be come Mania. The seeds for Jericho being included were planted after Orton punted Y2J out of action. Of course one would think that would mean Jericho would have to return as the face, but not necessarily. If it were up to me, I would have the fans decide who they want to cheer for. Should they continue to cheer for Orton? Or do they cheer for Jericho, the man returning from injury? Of course by this point Barrett would have history with both men. He's feuding with Orton right now, and Jericho and Barrett were pro and rookie on the first season of NXT. I think these three could put out a solid outing given time. And actually the more I think about it, it might be better to have Barrett going in as champ, and have maybe Jericho and Orton battle to a double DQ in a #1 Contender's match, allowing both men to have reason to be in the match.

John Cena vs The Undertaker w/Special Guest referee Brock Lesnar

-If the WWE is worried about the declining health of the Undertaker, there is no reason to NOT pull the trigger on this match this year. It's the last big money match they have left. Sure there's reason to do Wade Barrett/Undertaker, but that wouldn't be a guaranteed draw like Cena/Taker. The "mark" fan would actually buy into the belief that Cena could beat Taker here. The smart internet fan wouldn't believe it, but the non-internet fan would. Now of course you add in Brock Lesnar. Hopefully by now everyone has seen the Taker/Lesnar confrontation after Lesnar's UFC fight. Higher-ups in the WWE apparently knew it was going to happen. I still don't see UFC President Dana Whitle letting Lesnar wrestle, unless there is some contractual loophole in his contract. But I can't see any reason why Lesnar wouldn't be allowed to be the special guest referee. Have him appear on a handful of RAW and Smackdowns the month before Mania, teasing tension between Lesnar and Taker, and even Cena and Lesnar. When it comes to the match at Mania, have Lesnar call it right down the middle, but keep teasing tension during the match. I just don't think having Lesnar "screw" either guy would be the way to go.

-One thing I would like to throw out there. If I had this card and was booking it, I would REALLY consider having Miz win the World Title, then having him cash in MITB and winning the WWE Title. It could serve as a way of unifying the titles, but it could also serve as a way of making the Miz a HUGE heel. There's no way fans couldn't boo him, especially having him on both brands saying he's the first person to hold both titles at the same time (not counting the Undisputed Title). It's something I would give serious consideration too.

-I know I left some guys off the card: Kane, Drew McIntyre, Kaval, Jack Swagger- but I just couldn't find a spot for them.

That's all today. I'll be back Friday with Week 9 NFL Picks!

Until next time,
Justin C

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