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JC's Take: WWE Week in Review: 10/25-10/31

JC's Take: WWE Week in Review

Hey all, welcome back! Time for a look back at anything and everything WWE this week.

-After a less than exciting ending to Bragging Rights, I think the WWE rebounded well with the Cena/Nexus angle on Monday. The stipulations for the Wade Barrett/Randy Orton WWE Championship Match at Survivor Series is intriguing. John Cena is the Special Guest referee. Wade Barrett has ordered Cena to make sure he wins the match, or Cena is fired. However, if Cena does ensure that Barrett wins the WWE Title, he is relieved of all of his Nexus duties. Now the normal person would just say help Barrett win. However, for John Cena and all of his Cenation, it's the ultimate moral dilemna. Cena lives by his motto, "Hustle, Loyalty, Respect." If Cena helps Barrett win, he's breaking that code. He's going against what he believes in. Yes, that may sound lame, but to the young WWE Universe, it's a question of ethics. It'll be interesting to see how the WWE decides to handle the match. The one thing I think they need to do is put more emphasis on Randy Orton. Orton, the WWE Champion, is playing second fiddle to Cena and Barrett in the feud, and in the process he has lost some of his heat as Champ.

-Everything else Nexus related was good this week. Inducting Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty into the group was the right thing. The group needed some more muscle, and once Cena does leave Nexus, they'll ned more people to keep their status as a super group. Putting the tag titles on Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel is what they should have done in the first place. I don't like when someone lays down for somebody, but it played into the storyline well. The best thing, however, about Nexus this past week may have been the re-emphasis on the true purpose of the Nexus. Multiple times on the show it was brought up that everything the Nexus has been doing is part of a bigger picture. This was specifically brought up when talking about why the Nexus attacked the Undertaker. Sooner or later, and I believe something will happen at Survivor Series, the true meaning of the Nexus will be revealed. I really don't have any good guesses as to what their meaning is, but the intrigue alone keeps you interested.

-It alslo looked like on RAW that the WWE is setting up some new feuds for the future. Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler had another great match on RAW, then another on Smackdown! But it looked like they were planting the seeds for a Daniel Bryan/C.M. Punk feud, with Punk showing "support" for Bryan by giving him a round of applause after his victory on RAW. How this plays out will be interesting. Perhaps Punk is trying to recruit Bryan to join him in a new version of the Straight Edge Society. I doubt the recruitement will go well, which means we will get some great matches between Bryan and Punk. However, this may be derailed after news came out that Punk needs to get hip surgery, which would put him out of action for a few months. That'd be really disappointing, especially because of the caliber of matches Punk and Bryan could put on.

-It appears that there will also be a new program between John Morrison and Sheamus after Morrsion helped Santino Marella upset Sheamus on Monday. This is good for both men. It helps elevate Morrison even more going up against a former multiy time WWE Champion. For Sheamus, it allows him to prove he can have a good match with anybody on the roster. He seemed to have good chemistry in his short matches with Daniel Bryan, and hopefully he can do the same with Morrison.

-The odd man out may be The Miz. He wrestled R-Truth this past Monday, but that has been done before. I will give credit to Miz, R-Truth, Eve and Alex Riley. They had a pretty good exchange on the mic this past Monday. The Miz challenged Rey Mysterio to a match tonight on RAW. It'll probably happen, but I think it's a match that could be saved for a PPV down the road. Unless there's a long term plan, it doesn't accomplish anything in the short term other than giving away a good match on  free tv.

-On Smackdown, the Undertaker appears to be out of action again. Taker's shoulder apparently needs surgery, and they wanted to get it done now before the push to Wrestlemania begins. Smart move on the WWE's part. That means Kane needs a new challenger for his World Title, and he got it in Edge. Edge defeated Rey Mysterio and Alberto del Rio in a Triple Threat Match to become the #1 Contender for the World Title. To me, there's nothing really to intriguing about the match-up. Edge/Kane has been done before. Logic would say that Edge should be the next in line, but it just doesn't do anything for me. Smackdown needs a new top face sooner rather than later. Edge freshens things up a bit, but face Edge doesn't usually last very long. It sucks that Christian is out, because I think he would have been a nice change of scenery here in the World Title scene.

-Other then Edge being named the new #1 Contender, nothing else note worthy really took place on Smackdown. Dashing Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre appear to be done as a tag team. I don't get it. They lose the titles, then lose on Smackdown, and just break-up? They didn't even get a rematch yet! Hopefully one, or both of them, are in line for big singles pushes down the line. But there's just nothing else going on right now on Smackdown. Rey Mysterio and Alberto del Rio don't appear to be finished, and everything else is just the same mid-card guys fighting. Something needs to be done to shake Smackdown up.

-Other WWE News & Notes:

-The Undertaker/Brock Lesnar story appears to have died down a little bit, but people are still speculating. UFC President Dana White came out last week and said Lesnar can't wrestle for WWE while under a UFC contract. Then news broke that at least a couple of higher-ups in the WWE knew a confrontation between Taker and Lesnar would happen. That makes sense. Taker doesn't give out-of-character interviews when he's the "Deadman." I still say it's only about a 30% shot that the match between these two happens. I see maybe Lesnar coming in as a special referee, or outside enforcer, but that's about it.

-I cannot wait for these elections to be over on Tuesday. These "Stand Up for WWE" ads are just ridiculous. If you didn't know, Vince McMahon's wife, Linda, McMahon, is running for Senate in Connecticut. Her opponent is bashing the WWE,so Vince took it upon himself to fight back. Except apparently people in the Linda campaign aren't happy with these ads. Vince also sued the state of Connecticut for not allowing people to wear WWE Merchandise while voting, and won. There will also apparently be people giving out free WWE merchandise at polling places. Nothing sways my vote like a Santino Marella wristband! In all seriousness, Linda is apparently behind in poles. Hopefully if Linda loses, there will be a change in WWE TV. I doubt the PG tag goes away, but a shake-up is necessary.

-As part of this election, the WWE had a "Fan Appreciation Day" Saturday in Hartford. The show featured a return of Triple H to the ring, where he fought and beat Alberto del Rio. More than likely this means that HHH is ready to return to the ring. It could happen at Survivor Series, it could be held off until the Royal Rumble. Who knows. Logic would say his first feud back would be against the man who put him out of action: Sheamus. But he also could be revealed as being a part of the Nexus. HHH has gotten a tad stale over the past couple years, but there is no denying his star power. He's great on the mic and can put on a good match.

-I really hope Chris Jericho return to the WWE sooner rather than later. Most recently I read he may be back come holiday time. H'ed be an interesting add nack on Smackdown, but if C.M. Punk is out he could also be used on RAW. The man is so good he can be anywhere and turn anything he does into gold.

That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow with my Week 8 NFL Review.

Until next time,
Justin C

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