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JC's Take: WWE Week in Review: 11/1-11/7

JC's Take: WWE Week in Review

Hello all! Welcome back for my review of anything and everything WWE from this past week.

-Nothing really too new on the Cena/Nexus front. Cena was the special guest referee for the Main Event on RAW of Randy Orton/R-Truth vs Wade Barrett/David Otunga. Cena eneded up counting three against Barrett giving Orton the win. The announcers tried to play it off as a preview of what Cena could do at Survivor Series. I didn't agree with that simply becuase his job wasn't on the line at RAW. Cena could have done whatever as ref of the match and it wouldn't have been the same as Survivor Series. They are doing a good job, however, of showing Cena's conflicted emotions building up to Survivor Series. Die-hard Cena fans really are wondering what exactly will happen. And how about R-Truth stirring up the pot with Cena? if it's hinting at a possible R-Truth heel turn then I'm all for it. He could use it to freshen up his character. He can handle himself on the mic enough to make it work as well.

-If the WWE is building towards a John Morrison/Sheamus feud, they need to get there quicker. Using Santino as a comedy act is not the proper way to be using Sheamus. Sheamus should be a monster heel in a top program, not being used with the lowly Santino. Don't get me wrong, I like Santino for what he is: a comedy act. But he shouldn't be involved with someone like Sheamus, who clearly is in a higher league. Like I've said, I think the idea of a Sheamus/Morrison feud is great. It builds Morrison up to the next level, and it keeps Sheamus busy until the eventual return of HHH. But I think they need to phase out Santino from the storyline and put the focus on Morrison and Sheamus. Let them have a nice promo exchange on RAW tonight and work from there.

-I never liked Pee Wee Herman, but his exchange with The Miz on RAW was quite entertaining. Pee Wee was probably one of the better guest hosts they've had becuase he was so quick and witty on the mic. He actually didn't seem out of his element and carried himself well. At least they aren't over-killing the guest host stuff anymore, as having one every once in a while is tolerable, and you might get somebody who can handle themselves out there like Pee Wee. I am worried that there seems to be nothing going on with The Miz right now. He just seems to be thrown out there every week to get on the mic and then have somebody different interrupt him. I'd prefer to have him get into a steady feud with someone, but there really is no one on RAW to have it with. He's already had a program with R-Truth, Daniel Bryan, and John Morrison. They need to find a way to get him involved and to have a bigger part in the program.

-Smackdown had a different feel to it this week with the Nexus, minus Wade Barrett and John Cena, invading Smackdown. It was ok. It allowed the Nexus to establish themselves without their leader there. They did an ok job. They looked good in their early beatdown of Edge & Alberto del Rio, as well as their backstage beatdowns of Rey Mysterio, MVP, and Kaval. But then the match came and they were beaten. I'm not saying that shouldn't have been the result, especially going against Smackdown's top guys, but I think they could have looked a little better. What was weird was having Kane being a part of Team Smackdown in the match. Kane is all of the sudden loyal to his brand, after burying the Undertaker alive with the help of Nexus? Kane should be a monster heel who shows no alliance with anybody. Having him be a part of Team Smackdown just seems out of place for his character. He had his "exchange" with his Survivor Series opponent Edge after Edge blindly tagged in while Kane was going for the chokeslam, allowing Edge to pick up the victroy. But I think it could have been done in a different manner.

-The best part of Smackdown right now: Alberto del Rio. The guys is good in the ring and just plain entertaining on the mic. I think he has to be considered one of the early favorites to win the King of the Ring Tournament on RAW at the end of the November. He should be in line for a decent push in the near future. If Edge wins the World Title at Survivor Series, I think a nice Edge/Alberto del Rio title program would be fun.

Other WWE News & Notes

-With C.M. Punk out, it leaves Daniel Bryan without someone to have a long feud with. He's having some nice TV matches as of late, but he needs someone to face him full time. I think the perfect opponent for him would be William Regal. Regal was someone who a couple years ago looked to be in line for a main event push after winning the King of the Ring, but his failed drug test put a big stop on that. Regal has a great mat wrestling style that would go well with Bryan's style. I nice month or two program with these two until Punk comes back would result in some great wrestling matches, and maybe a re-elevation of Regal as a top heel.

-The WWE appears to be trying to establish a couple of new stars: Eziekel Jackson on RAW and Tyler Reks on Smackdown. Of course they are both big, muscular men, something Vince McMahon loves. Reks has absolutely no personality and is still raw in the ring. Jackson looks like he could have the personality to get over, but he also very limited in the ring. I'd give Jackson the edge over Reks.

-It's nice to see MVP doing something again. He is now the #1 contender for the Intercontinental title after defeating Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre on Smackdown. MVP is someone who has good mic skills and potential in the ring, but his dediction to the business has come into question at times. Maybe a program for the IC Title will re-motivate him. He has potential but needs to show he is committed. Meanwhile, Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre continue their break-up story. If the WWE wants us to care, they need to establish one of these guys as the face. The problem is neither of them has proven they are any good as a face. It's just a weird route to go with these two guys.

-In case you didn't know, Linda McMahon lost in the US Senate race in Connecticut. But don't expect that to mean any big changes to WWE TV. They're still going to stick with the PG rating becuase they are getting better sponsors with the rating. They may change a few things up, but dont expect anything drastic. Hopefully it doesmean the end of those "Stand Up for WWE" ads. Those are just over-played and nausiating. I will say that I did get a good laugh out of the skit from RAW with Vince/Freddy Prinze/Stephanie McMahon.

That's it for today. Back tomorrow with my NFL Week 9 Review.

Until next time,
Justin C

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