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JC's Take: WWE Week in Review 11/22-11/28 & King of the Ring Preview

JC's Take: WWE Week in Review & King of the Ring Preview

Hello everyone. It's been a long time but welcome back for my review of everything and anything WWE from this past week!

-Where else to start but with the number 1 story of the week? The Miz is the new WWE Champion. First let me say congratualtions to the guy. He's gone from a reality TV star, to someone everyone thought had no future in wrestling, to WWE Champion. He's worked his way up from the bottom, and you can't say he doesn't deserve it. I think the timing of the win is right as well. People would be tuning in after the PPV to see what happened with John Cena, so why not surprise them with a twist at the end? As champion, you have to believe The Miz's first opponent will be the man he took the title from, Randy Orton. I think he's entitled to a rematch anyways. The next PPV is TLC, Tables Ladders & Chairs. I don't really know which match the two will have. My best guess would be a tables match. Of course Wade Barrett may also be thrown into the mix, especially after Cena cost him another opportunity at the WWE Title. I hope The Miz has somewhat of an extended run, and especially a better one than Jack Swagger. I think a nice short feud with Daniel Bryan, leading to a match at the Rumble, would be cool. Bryan could say that Miz has never beaten him when it mattered. Of course the WWE problably wouldn't want to try that. But on the plus side, WWE is considering taking away the spinner belt and replacing it with a new one. I'm all for it.

-The second big story is that John Cena is "gone" from WWE. As I said after Survivor Series, everyone knows Cena won't be gone forever. Apparently, his Mexican cousin "Juan Cena" is wrestling at house shows. On TV, he will apparently be buying a ticket to every RAW just to reak havoc on Nexus. Eventually, Barrett will ask for Cena to be re-instated so he can face him one-on-one. This again just has me questioning the decision about the ending of Survivor Series. The WWE just took the easy way out with the angle. While it's nice to see Cena away from the title picture, I just wish they had a better way to keep him away from it.

-On Smackdown, Edge and Kane continue to build on their feud. Edge is suppose to be on a crusade against stupidity, but his angle with Kane is the complete opposite. Edge seems to be more focused on distracting Kane with Paul Bearer than the World Title. Of course, by doing this, Kane's mind may be focused on Bearer rather than a potential match with Kane. But this whole kidnapping angle has reached its course I believe. Apparently Bearer may be gone from TV soon, so I guess they are using this as a way to get him off. That'd be good. Have Kane go on a mission of destruction, or have him lose focus in his match with Edge at TLC. I'm assuming the Kane/Edge match will be a Ladder Match, as it is Edge's specialty. I'm assuming Edge wins. Kane has had a nice title run but there are no more fresh opponents for him, it's time to move the belt to Edge.

-The rest of WWE TV this week was focused on qualifying matches for the King of the Ring Tournament tonight on a special 3 hour RAW. So, lets handicap the field for the tournament. Of course, anything can happen. In 2008, not many people thought Wiliam Regal would win the tournament. So here are the participants and the odds I give them to win. The first four are from the RAW side, the next four Smackdown.

Daniel Bryan: Out of all four competitors on the RAW side, I think he has the best chance. He's been dominating in his US Title matches on RAW. He's looked good in them too. The crowd is behind him because he brings something different to the ring. Plus, if the WWE is serious about going the route of this "nerd" gimmick with him, what better than having Bryan walk around in a crown and robe. I think he has the best odds on the RAW side. Odds: 3-1

John Morrison: Even though Bryan has the best odds, Morrison seems to be the next one in line for a serious main event push. There's no denying he has the potential, but he's still lacking something. He doesn't seem to be as over with the crowd as you would like. Plus he is not the best promo in the world. But I think he will be the next World Title holder in the bunch. As for the tournament, I think he has a fair shot at winning, but not the best. Odds: 5-1

Sheamus: He's been out of the main event scene for a bit now, and seems to be in a bit of a funk. A win here would certainly get him out of it. But I don't think he needs it. He'll probably continue his feud with John Morrison, plus he has HHH waiting as his next big feud. Of course, they could go with the "King of Kings" HHH gimmick vs "King of the Ring" Sheamus, but that's not necessary for that feud. Sheamus doesn't need the title because he's already been to the main event, and the winner of this should be getting propelled into the main event scene. Odds: 6-1

Ezekiel Jackson: Jackson could be the wild card of this tournament. He's been getting a good push on RAW. He's had a handful of squash matches that have made him look powerful. I think the WWE would like to get behind Jackson with a serious push, but they may not be quite ready. I don't think the WWE wants to put Jackson out there for 3 matches as I don't believe they have faith in him to put on 3 good matches in one night. Odds: 9-1

Cody Rhodes: A "Dashing" king? That'd be entertaining. Cody is trying to get over with this gimmick. I don't no if it is a serious enough gimmick to push him into the main event scene, but it should get him into at least the upper-midcard. But the same with Zeke, I don't think the WWE is ready to get behind Rhodes for a serious main event push. Odds: 10-1

Drew McIntyre: At one point it seemed like McIntyre would be the next World Champion on Smackdown. The WWE seemed very high on him, but then it seemed like they backed off of his push. McIntyre seems to be lacking a bit in the ring. A win here would do wonders to get him back into the race of being the next main eventer. Smackdown could use another top heel, but again, I don't know if the WWE sees that in Drew McIntyre. Odds: 8-1

Kofi Kingston: To me Kingston is the longshot of the tournament. He was another one who many thought would be the next main eventer last year after his program with Randy Orton. But then the whole 'STUPID" incident took place, and his push has been derailed ever since. Kofi is over with the crowd, but is not a good promo and can slip up at times in the ring. While a win would elevate him on the Smackdown side, I just don't see it happening. Odds: 12-1

Alberto del Rio: To me, del Rio is the favorite of the tournament. He's over as a heel on Smackdown, and the WWE needs to elevate someone for Edge once his feud with Kane is over. del Rio is stuck in a place where the IC Title does nothing for him, but he's not quite ready for a Title run. I think winning thiss tournament, then finally winning his feud with Rey will elevate him perfectly to a World Title match with Edge at the Royal Rumble. Odds: 2-1

I'd book the tournament something like this:
Jackson over Rhodes
del Rio over Kingston
Sheamus over Morrison
Bryan over McIntyre

del Rio over Jackson (with help from his ring announcer)
Bryan over Sheamus (after a distraction from Morrison)

del Rio over Bryan

Last for today: I told you last week I'd soon be writing about wrestling somewhere else. Well, that's true. I'll also now be writing reviews for RAW every Tuesday at Me and some guys from the Oratory message board will be doing these reviews every Tuesday. We'll do our best to keep it entertaining for you guys.

That's all for today. I'll be back for my NFL Review tomorrow.

Until next time,
Justin C

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