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JC's Take: WWE Week in Review: 11/8-11/14

JC's Take: WWE Week in Review: 11/8-11/14

Hello everyone! Welcome back for my review of anything and everything WWE from this past week.

-I'm really starting to fear that the WWE is over-exposing the Nexus angle. They've gone from being solely a RAW thing, to interrupting the Smackdown main event on a PPV, to being the focus now of both RAW and Smackdown. There are too many things going on at once. The Cena/Barrett issues, Barrett's quest for the title, Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel as tag champs, and now David Otunga trying to stir things up within the group. Otunga isn't nearly a good enough wrestler for me to think he can break off on his own and be successful. And all he's doing is complaining about Barrett, threatening to expose the true purpose of the Nexus. I just think there is too much Nexus all around. I think WWE probably assumes that since Nexus is the best thing they have going, they feel the need to put them all over WWE TV. The problem is that by doing it, they are over-exposing them. It's going to be very important how they handle the Nexus after Survivor Series, as it could make or break them long term.

-I really liked the "Tea Time" segment with Sheamus, Santino, and Vladimir Kozlov. It really helped that they did it in England, as the crowd just ate it up. Had they done it anywhere else, I think the crowd wouldn't have been as receptive. There would have been a few laughs, but not as many. There probably wouldn't have been a "KOZLOV" chant either. They didn't make Sheamus look like an idiot either. They still made him out to be a pissed off man and would not tolerate Santino's behavior. Santino's a great comedy act. It's a shame he is not a better wrestler. And like I've been saying, I hope they get going with a Sheamus/Morrison feud full blast after Survivor Series.

-So it appears that Miz may be next for Randy Orton after Survivor Series. Miz cost Orton in their 10 man tag match against Nexus on RAW. The question is how will they get to that point. The most likely scenario is that Miz cashes in MITB at Survivor Series, and Orton demands his rematch. I'd still prefer that Miz holds off until Wrestlemania to cash in, but I don't think Vince and Company view Miz as someone who should be leaving Wrestlemania with a title. They will need someone to feud with Orton after Survivor Series, and Miz would seem like the only logical candidate if you assume Barrett will move on to Cena after Survivor Series.

-On Smackdown I want to start with this: PLEASE don't ever give Kane and Big Show 15 minutes of TV wrestling ever again. That was very painful to watch.

-Edge continues his program with Kane. Kane cost him his match with David Otunga. It was a nice advancement of the storyline between the two. Considering I think they will continue to feud after Survivor Series, I like how they are taking the program nice and slow, instead of rushing it by having them constantly going at it on TV. Edge needs a strong match with Kane at Survivor Series to establish him as an over face. His last face run kind of fizzled out, and he needs a strong showing to keep fans on his side.

-Alberto del Rio continues to be the shining star on Smackdown. He had a good match with Kofi Kingston on Smackdown, although credit also has to be given to Kingston. It looks like del Rio is continuing his feud with Rey Mysterio. Hopefully it comes to an end at Survivor Series. The only problem would be that del Rio's next logical feud would be with Edge, but he's tied up with Kane. So that means del Rio and Rey will probably continue to fight after Survivor Series.

-I don't like the fact that MVP's IC Title match was unannounced, and ended up on Smackdown. Why not build it for two weeks and let them fight it out at Survivor Series? That's one of the main problems with WWE PPVs nowadays. People will complain about the price and there being too many, but if there is no build to any of them, no one will order them. I know the WWE is banking on the Cena/Nexus story to be the big draw of Survivor Series, but I don't think they can solely rely on one outcome to sell a PPV. A solid undercard can do wonders for a PPV. Having said that, here's how I would like to see the resto f Survivor Series filled out:

Alberto del Rio vs Rey Mysterio: del Rio has showed in recent weeks that he's only out for himself, so having him in a Survivor Series tag would be pointless
Sheamus, Miz, Ted DiBiase, William Regal vs John Morrison, Daniel Bryan, R-Truth, Goldust
-This match gives all the guys on the RAW mid-card a chance to continue stories, and more than likely with the talent here to put on a good match
Big Show, Kofi Kingston, MVP, Kaval vs Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes
-Same as the RAW side, but probably won't be as good of a match.
-You can throw in some Divas tag if you want, but  think this would be a solid enforcement to the card.

Other WWE News & Notes:

-The WWE is releasing a DVD entitled "The Top 50 Superstars (not wrestlers) of All-Time." They released their list this week and to say that there was some bizarre rankings on there was an understatement. Rey Mysterio was ranked at #9, ahead of Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair, and Hulk Hogan. Shawn Michaels is #1, and while he's my favorite ever, if this list is in terms of in ring work AND drawing power, HBK is not #1. If it was soley in-ring work then there is no question. I may do a blog either later this week, or more likely next week with my own list.

-This past Saturday marked five years since the death of Eddie Guerrero. I couldn't believe it had already been five years. Guerrero was an out-standing performer in the ring, and a great act on TV. His "Lie, Cheat, Steal" personna made for great TV as it was always highly entertaining. I think had he not died prematurely, we would have seen some great TV with him. Feuds with John Cena, Shawn Michaels, and Edge would have resulted in great TV and great matches. Eddie was one of those performers who just loved going out there and entertaining the fans every night. It was very upsetting when I heard of the news of his passing.

-Tonight's RAW is an "Old School" RAW. Many legends from the WWE's past are expected to be on. It's just a feeling I have, but I think there is a good chance we get an appearence from the Ultimate Warrior. He was in the promos for the show, and the WWE usually shows people in those who will appear on the show. It'd be a shocker if he was on that's for sure. They will also be using the old "RAW" set from when the show first started, and Howard Finkel will be the ring announcer. Now if they could only allow Jim Ross to do the play-by-play.

-William Regal said during the company's recent tour of Europe that it would most likely be his last, as he plans on retiring soon. I've always liked Regal as a wrestler. His often vicious style made him look like a serious threat in the ring. I was really looking forward to seeing him get a main event push after he won the King of the Ring, but he unfortunately had a drug relapse with I believe pain pills and was suspended. It was a shame. I think Regal was always entertaining in whatever role he was in. Whether it was as a serious threat, or mentoring Eugene. I'd hope he starts a short program with Daniel Bryan before he leaves. The two wrestled each other in Europe, and were apparently putting on some good matches.

Before I leave you this week, I'd advise everyone to check out this HBK video. HBK vs Chuck Norris? MAKE IT HAPPEN VINCE!!!

That's all for today. NFL Review tomorrow, Survivor Series preview Wednesday, NFL Picks Thursday.

Until next time,
Justin C

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