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JC's Take: WWE Week in Review 2/7-2/13

JC's Take: WWE Week in Review 2/7-2/13

Hey everyone, welcome back for me review of everything WWE from this past week.

-So Vince returned last week to make an announcement about an announcement. There will be a guest host for Wrestlemania 27. Vince hyped this person up as someone big, someone worthy of hosting an event in front of 70,000 people. The way this is being hyped up, it almost has to be The Rock. At this point anything else would be considered a total letdown. PWInsider is reporting today that many people in the WWE think it is Bob Barker, but no one apparently knows for sure except Vince McMahon. Sure Barker was great when he was guest host, but that big of an announcement just for Bob Barker would be a total disappointment, and might backfire in Vince's face. Plus what has Bob Barker done to make him worthy of hosting an event in front of 70,000 people. I think it has to be The Rock. He has the ability to entertain a crowd like no one else has in the wrestling business. He's the one man who can take a crowd and hold them in the palm of his hand and get them to do whatever he wants. Hopefully we end up getting some interactions with C.M. Punk, Santino, and Alberto del Rio. Of course the one interaction everyone would love to see would be The Rock and John Cena. Everyone would love to see that match to, but I'd put at a 1% chance of happening. Hey who knows, maybe the WWE is swerving us all and we will get Rock/Cena AND Sting/Taker at Mania. A guy can dream right???

-I think the WWE erased any doubt about who those 2/21/11 promos were for last week. By adding the words from the Johnny Cash song "Ain't no grave that can hold my body down," it pretty much tells us that it will be The Undertaker. Am I slightly disappointed? Sure. I would have loved for those promos to been for Sting. I hope someday Sting does show up in the WWE, even if it is only for a year. So what will Undertaker  do when he comes back? One would assume it'd be a feud with either Kane or Wade Barrett and The Corre, but the WWE apparently might have something else in mind. The WWE is planning something big for Taker, and the rumor making the rounds this week is Undertaker vs HHH at Wrestlemania, with Shawn Michaels as special guest referee. And this one might be Streak vs Career as well. I would be ok with this idea. If HHH really does want to retire and focus more on the business side of things, all power to him. Plus HHH and Taker are two seasoned veterans in the ring, so they now how to put on a good match and tell a story. My only question would be how will they fit a whole "Streak vs Career" build into 6 weeks? Last year HBK and Taker built up their story over a span of two months. I'm sure these three guys will find a way for it to work, but I do have some slight doubts.

-Thank goodness for C.M. Punk, because he was one of the only things that made RAW watchable last week. I loved his whole strategy that went into taking out his Elimination Chamber opponents. Of course, until it got to John Cena at the end, who once again overcame the odds to take out Nexus. Punk has been on fire as a character since the start of the New Year. I can't wait for him to get a WWE Title run. The guy deserves it and the heat on him from the marks will be tremendous. The reason I say from the marks is because all or most of the "smarks", or Internet fans, love Punk because of the worker he is. I don't think Punk is getting the title until after Wrestlemania at the earliest, so hopefully he keeps this hot streak going. And I love the fact that they brought up something from almost 3 years ago in the Punk/Orton feud. I had a feeling that Punk would bring it up, simply because there is no other reason for the two to start a feud. And kudos to Punk for taking that stiff shot from Orton like a champ. I'm sure if that was Orton on the receiving end he would have broken out into some temper-tantrum.

-The only other thing I liked about RAW was the promo exchange between Jerry Lawler and The Miz. It was a nice exchange between the two, and it is quite apparent they have good chemistry with each other. Lawler knows how to tell a good story in the ring and with his promos, so the build to this should be fine. Unfortunately Jerry Lawler's mother passed away over the weekend, which means he won't be at RAW tonight. My condolences go out to him and his family. I think the two will put on a good match Sunday, and I bet it will be better than Orton/Miz from the Rumble. Right now I'm picking The Miz via Cole interference. But for some reason, I have this feeling in the back of my head that they may do a one night reign with Lawler. The pop would be tremedous and a guy like Lawler deserves it, no matter what anyone says.

-Smackdown may have captured the biggest headlines of the week with its main event. Edge and Dolph Ziggler fought again this week for the World Title, this time with Vickie Guerrero as referee. This one was no where near as good as their Rumble match. With Vickie down on the outside, Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews came in with a referee shirt and counted the 3 for Edge for the win. Vickie continuously shouted "No, no, no" on the outside. Edge used the Spear, which was banned, with Vickie watching. No one knows what exactly the outcome will be. My guess is that the title is held up going into the Elimination Chamber. Vickie will also probably make Edge start off first in the Chamber. The WWE got some good headlines out of this, as the highlights made Sportscenter and various media outlets.

-I can't wait for Elimination Chamber to be over solely for the fact that it means Alberto del Rio will move into a World Title feud. I love the guy, but he just seems to be doing the same thing over and over again for the last couple weeks. I was surprised how short his match with Kofi Kingston was. I thought for sure the WWE would have saved it for the Elimination Chamber PPV. It would have given del Rio an excuse to be on the PPV, and a good match would have made Kofi look strong. Instead, Kofi lost in about 5 minutes on Smackdown. That was just weird. Hopefully they still have a match on the PPV.

That's all I have for today. Elimination Chamber preview on Thursday. I'm working on an NFL off-season blog looking at each team's needs, as well as some type of Wrestlemania blog.

Until next time,
Justin C

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