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RAW Thoughts

Hey everyone. I've decided to start posting my RAW Thoughts here as well as The Oratory. Go big or go home I say.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

RAW started with COO Triple H walking to the ring. He said he made a mistake, and apologized to the WWE Universe and John Cena. He's gonna look John Cena in the eye later tonight and apologize man to man. He moved on to C.M. Punk. He said he had no knowledge of Kevin Nash's attack. All Triple H did was leave tickets for him at will call. I'm sure Nash didn't pick up the tickets himself. Nash will be on later. HHH said as far as Alberto del Rio goes, that's just how Money in the Bank works. Triple H said he promised the world one undisputed WWE Champion last week, and said here he is. Out came Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio says destiny does whatever it wants. He said after what Kevin Nash did he couldn't resist cashing in. Del Rio called himself the greatest of the great. He wants to represent everyone with respect, honesty, passion. He said he will be in the lobby signing autographs and pictures. Tonight his first defense is against Rey Mysterio. ADR was happy because he said everyone loves Rey Mysterio. ADR loves beating Rey Mysterio. That's how he started his WWE career. He said when he wakes up in the morning, he asks himself what he wants to do, and he says he wants to beat Rey Mysterio. He told everyone in San Diego that they should change their area code because after their match, their new hero will be ADR. Decent start to the show. Alberto del Rio needed to get himself over on the mic and get some heat on him after he lost it the last few weeks due to poor booking. Survey Says: 3/5

They showed HHH walking into John Cena's Locker Room.

Now That's How You Use Office Furniture
John Morrison vs R-Truth in a Falls Count Anywhere Match was next. Morrison gave a really bad taped promo during his entrance. The action spilled to the outside early with Morrison hitting a spinning crossbody. Morrison hit a kick to the head off the barricade. Truth regained control and hit a seated front suplex on the floor. That looked like it hurt. Back from break, they showed how Truth gained control during the break by dumping Morrison over the turnbuckle. Truth kneed Morrison in the head, then crotched him on the barricade, then clotheslined him over. Morrison regained control with a roundhouse kick. Truth went for an announce chair, but Morrison clotheslined him. Morrison then suplexed Truth onto the chair, then hit a running knee to the face for the win. Fun match. Nice to see Morrison finally pick up a win after being back. Survey Says: 3/5

C.M. Punk was shown arriving. He looked pissed.

Miz came out next. He was here to say hi to Jared to Subway. He also said he could be a better spokesmen. He did a promo for a sub and said it was better than anything Jared ever did. He said he will be Champion again. Then did his schtick.

Kevin Nash arrived via limo. Not like he would drive himself.

I'm Running Out of Names For These Divas Segments
Divas Tag Action: Kelly Kelly & Eve vs The Bellas. Kelly hit her stinkface. The Bellas worked over Kelly's left leg until she made the hot tag to Eve. Eve reversed a suplex attempt into a nice neckbreaker. Eve then hit the moonsault from the top for a win. Afterwards Beth Phoenix & Natalya came out and glared from the stage. Ok Stuff. Survey Says: 1.5/5

Waffle House Rules
Out came Kevin Nash to no music. He said while watching SummerSlam from his seats, he got a text. It said hey big man, no matter what happens, stick the guy that wins the main event for me. He told Punk what he did was business, plain and simple. Nash said he heard HHH said he didn't know anything about it. Nash said come on HHH, it's just business.

C.M. Punk came out. Punk asked if he was suppose to believe that crap. Punk asked if HHH was suppose to jump off a bridge, would Nash do it? Cuz that would be good for business. Punk said HHH & Nash have no idea what is good for business. Nash told Punk to watch his mouth. Punk said he does whatever he wants. Punk said he doesn't believe HHH or Nash. Nash asked if he wanted to see the text. Punk said he has a text from his little sister, saying she thought he was dead. But it just must be his career. Nash ripped on Punk for barely being in the main event, then called him a short order cook from a waffle house. Punk was looking for a fight, and he walked to the ring. He was met by security. Punk was going to go look for HHH for answers in the back. It was an alright exchange. You might have expected more Nash-bashing from Punk, but I'm sure he's just saving some ammunition for future exchanges between the two. Survey Says: 3.5/5

Kevin Nash was looking for Triple H. John Laurinaitis came in and said HHH was meeting with Punk. Johnny wanted to take Nash somewhere more private to talk. Hmmm

Wait There's A Match Going On?
Dolph & Vickie were at ringside for commentary for a Jack Swagger vs Alex Riley match. Swagger worked over Riley early on. There was ABSOLUTELY NO COMMENTARY for this match. All it was was Cole, Lawler, Vickie, and Dolph talking. Vickie took JR's hat and distracted the referee. Jack Swagger took advantage and hit the gut-wrenched powerbomb for the win, even though it took 3 tries for Swagger to lift A-Ri. The commentary completely took away from the match. Survey Says: 1.5/5

Backstage, Jack Swagger thanked Vickie for what she did. He tried to convince Vickie to take him on as her manager.

After some videos from SummerSlam festivites, C.M. Punk walked into HHH's office to find Stephanie McMahon. She said it was tough to see him lose, even though he never really beat Cena since his foot was on the rope. Steph said in the end, everyone gets what they deserve.

Please Get the Tag Titles Off Of David Otunga
I do not want to see a David Otunga match when I go to Night of Champions in September. Otunga & McGillicutty worked over Bourne during the match. Bourne made the hot tag to Kofi. Bourne later made a sneak tag. Kofi hit McGillicutty with a kick than Bourne hit Air Bourne for the win. OK match. Kofi & Bourne gell well together as a team. Survey Says: 2/5

Rey Mysterio was shown backstage. Main event is next.

Main event time. Del Rio was out first, with a beautiful Ricardo introduction and a nice red ferrari. Rey came out sporting Chargers colors, being in his hometown of San Diego and all. Back and forth action early. Rey set Del Rio up for a 619, but Del Rio escaped to the outside heading into a commercial. Back from break Rey and ADR exchanged having control of the match. Rey hit a nice moonsault to the outside. He hit a seated senton back in the ring. He went for a 619 but ADR clotheslined him. ADR countered a Rey hurricarana attempt into a backbreaker for a two. Del Rio hit a nice enzuguria kick on the top rope for two. Del Rio went for his cross armbreaker but Rey countered into a roll up for a 2 3/4 count. Rey hit the 619 and went for the top rope splash, but ADR lifted his knees up and got the three count for the win. Good match.

After the match Del Rio attacked Rey, working over Rey's left arm. Del Rio put Rey in the cross armbreaker. He kept it locked in until John Cena came out to make the save. Cena said he had a hell of a weekend, but he's not pissed off at HHH, he's pissed at Del Rio. He said after he and Punk gave everything in the ring, Del Rio went into business for himself. Cena said holding on to the WWE Title means everyone is targeting him. Cena said eventually ADR will have to defend the Title. Uh John, HE JUST DID! And it means that John Cena is going to kick his ass.

OK. First off the match was good. Alright first defense for Del Rio. Cena was good in his intense mode, but his logic was all over the place. Del Rio did everything he was within his right to do with the MITB contract. He also made zero sense with his: "Sooner or Later You will have to defend that title." He just did John. It was also interesting seeing Cena use the word scumbag and ass and such, not very PG. I would have liked to see Punk come out and kick Del Rio or something to close the show, just to remind everyone he still wants the WWE Title too, but that's a minor point. I thought it was a strong finish to the show. Survey Says: 4/5

This show was a bit all over the place. The mid-card stuff was passable at best. I liked the Morrison/Truth match and the main event. The Nash/HHH/Punk angle still leaves a ton of stuff unanswered. Punk needs to be on Night of Champions in 4 weeks so they need to reintroduce him into the title picture next week. I'm fine with all the unanswered questions as long as they keep leaving me wanting to tune in next week, which is what they did this week. I like the idea of Jack Swagger having Vickie as his manager. He needs a mouthpiece to get him over. Morrison finally picking up a win was nice. But what the hell is planned with Miz? He needs something ASAP. The positives outweighed the negatives. Giving the show a 6.

That's all from me this week.

And remember kids, office furniture is not only good for suplexs, but also, well, I leave that to your imagination.

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