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Smackdown Thoughts: 8/30/2011

Smackdown was live Tuesday night, and I had enough energy to watch the show when I got home to write a review for it! Lucky you!

Wait, Are We Sure This Is Smackdown?
John Cena came out to start the show. Cena rattled off the list of every wrestling show and said superstars were here from all of them. He brought up the XFL but said it was worse than the Shockmaster. He called out Alberto del Rio but got Ricardo instead. He rambled on in Spanish for a bit. Cena said he had a special message for ADR, and he wanted to make sure Ricardo gave it to him. He punched Ricardo in the face.

Wade Barrett came out and made fun of Cena for beating up Ricardo. He said Cena didn't learn any lessons from when he worked for Barrett last year. They brought up their history with each other. Barrett said he requested the match with Cena to end his supposed tough guy routine. Cena said he owed Barrett some pay back and was going to give it to him tonight. John Cena meant it, because Wade Barrett pretty much got in 2 moves the whole match. Cena got his usual routine in and pinned Barrett after an Attitude Adjustment. They give Dolph a rub by making him look strong against Orton, but Barrett looks terrible. After beating Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam, Barrett gets jobbed out. Survey Says: 2/5

Matt Striker questioned Mark Henry on tonight's Cage Match. He said he didn't care who won, just another candidate for the Hall of Pain. He called the Cage Match the most dangerous match in wrestling. Hey Mark, this ain't 1994.

TWO Straight Live Sin Cara Matches? WWE Has Balls...
Up next was Sin Cara vs Daniel Bryan. Cara hit some arm-drags early on before Bryan regained control. Bryan hit his dive to the outside on Cara. Bryan put Cara in a couple different submission moves that he got out of. Cara got Bryan to the outside then hit a springboard dive to the outside. Back in the ring Cara and Bryan hit a double crossbody knocking both of them to the ground. Cara regained control then hit his springboard Swanton then reverse moonsault for the win. After the match Cara shook Bryan's hand, then kicked him in the face. Interesting. Survey Says: 2.5/5

Matt Striker interviewed Christian backstage. He asked Christian if he thinks he can beat Orton in a cage. Christian said he's fighter and he fights for what is right. Christian said steel cage or not, he always gets what he wants.

Hey At Least We Got the Divas That Can Wrestle Tonight
Aksana came out to introduce a Divas Tag between Natalya/Beth and Kelly Kelly/Alicia Fox. Natalya and Beth worked over Kelly before she tagged in Alicia Fox. Beth regained control and hit the GlamSlam for the win. Well, at least the divas that can wrestle went over. Survey Says: 2/5

Martyrs, Catalysts: Big Words Can Be Confusing
Contract signing time between C.M. Punk and HHH. Punk found this unnecessary. He said HHH is the COO and that his word is Gospel. Punk pretty much wanted to know why he changed the match. HHH said ever since he's been COO, Punk's disrespected everyone. HHH said he got Punk "Cult of Personality" as his theme, and got him his new shirt yet he still pushes HHH's buttons. Punk said he's happy he's fighting HHH the "Cerebral Assasin" instead of HHH the "COO." Punk said just like Vince, he can't separate business from personal problems. Punk said how he wanted change, but HHH said he only wants change that benefits him. HHH said Punk only accepts change if he's the man on top. HHH called Punk a martyr. Punk said if he thinks he's a martyr, then maybe there is some weight to his words. Punk said he's here to make all of this fun again. Sure he's in it for himself, but he's no different than anything else. Punk said if he has to be the catalyst for change, so be it. HHH said that unlike Punk, he respects Vince McMahon and everything he's done. Punk came back and said he's just like Vince and has lost sight of everything. HHH retaliated by saying that unlike Vince, he's going to beat the crap out of Punk's skinny fat ass. Kevin Nash came out as Punk was held back by HHH. Punk got some punches and kicks in before HHH pulled him back. Nash big booted Punk, then shoved down HHH. A lot to digest there. I probably didn't get all of it, but they put a lot of story into a match that could use more build. Job well done. Survey Says: 4/5

Super Great White Sheamus!!!
Sheamus/Great Khali was next. A few minutes in, Jinder Mahal interfered causing a DQ. Khali and Mahal worked over Sheamus. Khali went for his chop on the outside but hit the post instead. Back in the ring, Mahal ate a Celtic Cross from Sheamus. Short and got Sheamus over as a dominant face. Survey Says: 2/5

This Rivalry Was Never Fair and Balanced
Main Event Cage Match Time. Christian tried a couple of escapes early to no success. Orton hit a nice dropkick into a quick commercial break. The two exchanged offensive maneuvers. Christian regained control after a nice spinebuster then a neckbreaker. Christian went to escape but Orton stopped him. Christian then went to climb over the cage but was stopped again. The two fought on the top rope before Orton hit a superplex. Back from break, Christian was trying to crawl to the door but was stopped by Orton. Orton threw Christian into the cage. Orton hit a powerslam for a two. Christian reversed an Orton throw into the cage into a reverse DDT. Christian hit a frog splash on Orton for a two. After a failed escape attempt, Orton leap-frogged a spear, Orotn went for an RKO, but Christian eventually hit the spear for a two. Christian went for a punt but Orton moved. Christian pump faked Orton looking for the RKO and tried to escape, Orton stopped him. Orton hit his mid-rope DDT. The two fought on top of the cage. Both men teased their finishers. Orton hit an RKO from the top rope for the three count and win.

Mark Henry came out after the match to take out the cage door. Wait, the cage door just opened? It FEARS Mark Henry! Henry dominated Orton. Orton tried to fight back but to no avail. Henry hit a splash on Orton. Henry threw Orton into the cage again then hit the World's Strongest Slam as the show closed. Strong match, and a strong finish that continued to get Mark Henry over as a dominant threat. Survey Says: 4/5

Compared to the RAW SuperShow, this one just failed. Only the Punk/HHH contract signing and the main event were any good. Wade Barrett got completely jobbed out to John Cena. It didn't even look competitive. None of the undercard matches were strong. While Orton/Christian was again good, it's just sad they promoted the rivalry as balanced when Christian only won once via DQ. Even the Punk/HHH stuff was a bit hazy that probably lost some of the audience. I'd give the show a 4, two points for each of the segments I mentinoed. Plus; Why wasn't Cody Rhodes on the show to follow up his program with Ted DiBiase. What about the hyped up Justin Gabriel? No? My point exactly.

Hopefully this did do enough, however, to permanently move Smackdown to Tuesday. It's a better timeslot. Lets just hope they end up giving us better shows down the line.

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