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The RAW Truth Review for 2/6/12

I will once again be updating live RAW Results as they go on. I'm expecting a bit of a let down after last week's very good show.

Hey, Wrestling Makes the WORLD NEWS After All!
After re-capping The Undertaker/HHH ending to RAW last week, Triple H came out to start the show. HHH said he was out there last week to fire John Laurinaitis. He called Laurinaitis an ass-kisser and weasel. HHH said there is nothing redeeming about him. He said Laurinaitis was making a last minute plea to the Board of Directors to save his job. HHH said he was out there to talk about The Undertaker. It was the first time he had been seen since Wrestlemania, where he was carried from the ring for the first time. HHH said Undertaker is the only guy in this business that he is still in awe of when he comes out to the ring. HHH said Taker's glare at the Wrestlemania sign meant more than words could say. But last week when Taker came out, there was no look of awe, no fear. HHH actually felt sorry for Taker. HHH said he chooses to remember the Undertaker in a certain way, and they cut to a video package of Taker highlights. HHH said that is how he chooses to remember Taker, not like this. He then cut to a video package of Taker being carried off on a cart last year. HHH said with all due respect, he has to turn down his Mania challenge. HHH said that if he did it again he would end Taker's career, and that he respects him too much to do that. HHH pointed at the sign and said that this isn't happening.

Suddenly, HHH's music cut out and they cut to an Undertaker like "war room" that replayed last year's Wrestlemania and had various video clips of the match and pictures of HHH. There was even a headline that read "WORLD NEWS." Taker said that this isn't over and that he wanted vengeance. HHH stared on as they went to commercial.

Segment Analysis: I want to see this match again, but this was not the way to start off this feud. HHH's promo drew dead silence from the crowd, and there wasn't a whole lot of flow to it. The Undertaker video package was just as weird. Taker looked like an obsessed stalker. There just wasn't a whole lot to it to get me really interested into these two going at it again. Survey Says: 1.5/5

I'm Still A Vegan!!!
Before the match, Daniel Bryan motioned to the back, and A.J. came out in a neckbrace. Show started quick with some punches and chops. Show hit a couple of headbutts that took down Bryan, and followed up with a bodyslam. Show charged at Bryan in the corner, but as Big Show went to the ropes Bryan drop kicked out his knee. Back from break, Bryan had Show in a one leg Boston crab but Show fought out of it. Show hit a couple clotheslines then a spear for two. Show signaled and went for the chokeslam, but Bryan locked in a submission neck hold. Bryan caught Show's leg and dropped it on his shoulder. Bryan went to the top but Show saw that so Bryan jumped off. Show knocked Bryan off the apron, almost into A.J. Bryan faked a knee injury as Show came to the outside. A.J. went in front of Bryan. Bryan went on the attack. Show charged but almost smashed A.J. again and held up. Bryan took her away and got counted out.

Bryan said this proved that Big Show intentionally tried to run A.J. last time. He said Big Show is a giant monster and that he will do anything he can to win the World Heavyweight Championship. Bryan said that at Elimination Chamber, nothing will change. He will still be a vegan, and still be World Champion.

Match Analysis: For the short amount of time that we actually got for a match the action wasn't bad. As much as I criticize Show, he still sells like a Champ. Bryan's heel character continues to impress and the ending just played off of that. Nothing too bad here, but nothing outstanding. I will be interested tos ee how Bryan finally splits from A.J. Survey Says: 2.5/5

For some reason, they showed a clip of Carl Edwards arriving last week asking John Cena to be the honorary starter for the Daytona 500. He accepted. OK?

Hey, It's That Guy That Won The Royal Rumble
David Otunga was out. He said he's never had a boss as honest as John Laurinaitis. He hopes the board makes the right decision and keeps Laurinaitis. He asked everyone to pray with him. Otunga got down in the Tebow. Suddenly, Justin Roberts said that per orders of COO HHH, Otunga will have a match right now. Sheamus came out. Sheamus had the early upper hand. Otunga hit a quick DDT then some kicks, which angered Sheamus. Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick out of nowhere for the win.

Segment Analysis: Sooner or later, Sheamus is going to actually have to do something. Having him just come out randomly every week and beating up jobbers and barely speaking is doing nothing. Sheamus should be pushed bigger than this heading into Mania. Survey Says: 2/5

Anything You Can Troll I Can Troll Better
Chris Jericho said that the end of the world has arrived with his re-appearance on RAW. He's made every other performer obsolete, because they are just a cheap, Chris Jericho wannabe. They are stealing everything he invented. Jericho said he trolled all of  us because we are all wannabes. Jericho ridiculed all of his Chamber opponents for stealing ideas from him, but C.M. Punk is the worst of them all. Jericho said Punk isn't original or unique, just a wannabe. Jericho said that Punk knows deep down inside that he is the best in the world at everything he does. He lives and breathes it. Jericho said he is coming back to claim what is his.

C.M. Punk came out. Punk came to the ring and stared at Jericho, then dropped the microphone and lifted up the WWE Championship. Punk turned around, stopped and left. Jericho yelled at Punk to say something and to not walk away from him as he left.

Segment Analysis: Well, you can't have them go at each other in promos right away. Punk seems to be out to prove that he's the best because he can do what Jericho does better, including trolling. But the crowd didn't seem to get what was going on as they seemed a tiny bit flat. That promo might have been better had Jericho won the Rumble. It started like it was suppose to, but something was missing that I can't quite put my finger on. Survey Says: 2.5/5

Great Khali: Future World Champion
Orton/Khali vs Barrett/Rhodes. Orton started with a couple quick moves on Rhodes. Each man tagged in their partner. Khali hit some chops on Barrett, then made a hard tag on Orton. Barrett took out Orton's knee then tagged in Rhodes who stomped on Orton. Orton started fighting back on Rhodes with kicks and punches, then hit a backdrop. Barrett tried interrupting but Rhodes hit a scoopslam. Orton hit the middle rope DDT on Rhodes. Khali blind tagged Orton, then hit a head chop on Rhodes for the win. Orton and Khali stared each other down. Khali grabbed Orton and went for a chop, but Orton ducked and hit an RKO.

Segment Analysis: I guess they are trying to build tension between everyone in the Chamber, but this is something that could have been given more time and development on Smackdown. It just seemed to rushed and not having a lot to it tonight. Survey Says: 2/5

They replayed the John Cena hype video.

8 Diva Tag. The good divas won after Tamina hit a Superfly Splash on one of the Bellas.

A clip of The Rock from Jay Leno tonight was shown.

Backstage, John Laurinaitis told HHH that Shawn Michaels will be on next week, and that at Elimination Chamber it will be Cena vs Kane in an Ambulance Match.

John Laurinaitis said HHH was a brute, and he expects the board to make the right decision.

Oh NOW You Are Gonna Try to Put On A Good Show
The six pack challenge started with everyone jumping Chris Jericho. Punk started working over Miz. Punk went for the high knee and missed. R-Truth clotheslined Miz to the outside. Truth missed a dive on MIZ. Kofi hit a flying crossbody. Ziggler faked a dive and strutted instead. Punk took out Ziggler heading into commercial. Back from break, they showed R-Truth being carried out by referees. He hit his head on the mat pretty hard. Punk locked in the Anaconda Vice on Miz, but Ziggler broke it up. Ziggler got locked in the Vice, but Kofi broke it up. Punk tossed Kofi to the outside. Miz and Ziggler broke up a potential Punk/Jericho showdown. Miz and Jericho powerbombed Punk while he superplexed Ziggler off the top. Jericho and Miz went for dueling pins. Miz went for the SCF, but Jericho ducked and Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise, knocking Miz to the outside.

Jericho locked in a sleeper hold on Kofi. Kofi fought out and went to work on Jericho. Jericho missed a lionsault. Kofi went for Trouble in Paradise, but Jericho caught him and put him in the Walls of Jericho. Punk broke it up with a knee to the head. Punk then hit the GTS on Ziggler. Jericho pulled Punk out of the pin and tossed Punk over the announce table. Jericho then pinned Ziggler for the win. Jericho sat Indian Style in the ring with the WWE Title.

Match Analysis: You expected Jericho to win to set up Punk at a disadvantage come Chamber time. The match itself was the best part of the show. The action picked up at the end as you would expect in these matches, where the finishers come fast and furious. Seeing Dolph continually being jobbed is worrisome for me. I don't know what is going on with that.  Survey Says: 3/5

Suddenly screams could be heard. Backstage, Eve was being towered over by Kane. He told Eve that Cena needs to embrace the hate soon, otherwise he fears what could possibly happen to Eve. Kane said for the first time in his life, he fears himself. The show ended. WTF? Is Kane going to have his way with Eve?

That was a really bad episode of RAW. And not bad in a funny way like a few weeks ago, just terribly bad. Way too many video packages that killed the live crowd. It felt just like a RAW I went to last year. At least this crowd didn't get an Alex Riley/John Cena Steel Cage Match main event. There was barely any storyline advancement. Also no Funkasaurus? What gives? The HHH/Taker stuff was unbearable. All of the Smackdown stuff seemed pointless. This show gets a 2 from me. Absolutely nothing to see here.

And remember kids, cornering women in their locker room never leads to good things. You could end up in a storyline with Snitsky.

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