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WWE SummerSlam Review

Antonio Cesaro defeated Santino to win the United States Championship. I didn't get a chance to watch the match, but the WWE did the smart move here. No point in keeping the Title on Santino when he is doing nothing with it.

Dolph Ziggler vs Chris Jericho
Vickie introduced Ziggler to start the show. Jericho chased Ziggler around the ring then caught Ziggler with an elbow back in the ring. Jericho took Ziggler down again with a shoulder tackle and Flair chop. Jericho went for a suplex but Dolph countered and landed a kick to the ribs. Ziggler started to work over Jericho's injured ribs. Ziggler threw Jericho into the ropes but Jericho stopped himself and he tossed a charging Ziggler over the ropes. Jericho charged at Ziggler but Ziggler moved and Jericho landed hard on the outside. Ziggler hit a drop kick to the ribs. Ziggler hit a splash in the corner then a neckbreaker. Jericho ducked Ziggler charging in the corner and started to comeback, but Ziggler went back to the ribs. Jericho hit a fameasser for two. Jericho caught one of Ziggler's legs and went for the Walls of Jericho but Ziggler countered. Ziggler eventually locked in the sleeper hold.

Jericho backed Ziggler into the corner. Jericho landed some corner punches and then hit a hurricarrana from the top rope. Jericho only scored a two count. Ziggler caught Jericho with a DDT for two. They exchanged punches until Jericho caught Ziggler with an elbow and a running bulldog. Jericho went for a Lionsault but Ziggler got his knees up into Jericho's ribs. Dolph hit the ZigZag but scored a near fall. Ziggler sold disbelief, allowing Jericho to hit the Codebreaker. Ziggler rolled to the outside. Jericho tossed him back in the ring but Vickie grabbed his leg, allowing Dolph to score a roll up for two. Jericho tossed Ziggler into the ring posts then applied the Walls of Jericho. Ziggler tapped out.

WINNER: Chris Jericho
Match Analysis: ***1/2: Very solid opener. Would have liked to see it go another 5 minutes. There were some clunky spots in there but the last five minutes made up for it. Jericho finally gets a PPV win in a good match. You have to wonder if this leads to Ziggler cashing in later. Nice way to start the show.

Backstage, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman were interviewed. Heyman said Brock will break the spirit of the WWE and Brock said it's a fight HHH can't win. Heyman said if you are not down with that, they have two words for you: tap out.

Daniel Bryan vs Kane
Bryan went for some kicks early but Kane caught him and threw him down. Kane hit a drop kick to the face. Bryan leap frogged Kane but Kane caught him with a kick for a two count. Bryan eventually caught Kane with a drop kick to the knee and started landing multiple kicks. Kane eventually caught Bryan and tossed him over the ropes. Kane went outside to chase Bryan but Bryan came back in the ring and hit a dive to the outside. Bryan hit a missile drop kick from the top rope. Bryan started landing some kicks but Kane ducked one and hit a clothesline. Kane hit a sideslam for two. Kane hit his top rope clothesline. Kane went for a chokeslam but Bryan escaped. Bryan slapped Kane across the face and Kane went to work on Bryan in the corner. Bryan drop toe hold Kane into the corner. Bryan went for the No Lock but Kane powered out. Bryan came right back with a kick to the head. Bryan went to the top for a headbutt but Kane caught him and hit a chokeslam. Kane went for a Tombstone but Bryan countered with a roll up for the win.

WINNER: Daniel Bryan
Match Analysis: **1/2: Decent enough match. Nothing great but nothing bad either. Nice to see Bryan go over here. I like the finish too. Nice to see quick roll ups get the win sometimes. Bryan needed the win to get some credibility back.

Backstage, Kane was flipping out looking for Bryan. Josh Matthews came up to him and Kane tossed him to the side.

Intercontinental Championship: Miz (c) vs Rey Mysterio
Rey went for a quick roll up that got a two. Miz went to the outside. He took control when he came back in. Miz tossed Rey to the outside under the ropes. Miz went out to get him but Rey rolled right back in. Rey knocked him off the apron. Miz caught Rey and dropped him on the barricade. Miz applied a chin lock. Rey reversed a back drop attempt for a two count. Miz caught Rey and hit a nice back drop. Miz hit a kick to the head and applied a head lock. Rey fought out but went right into a Miz clothesline. Miz then hit his corner clothesline. Miz went to the top but Rey knocked him off. Rey hit a seated senton and went for a hurricarrana, but Miz caught him and hit a seated powerbomb for two. Miz caught Rey who hit a reverse DDT. Rey went to the top. Miz tried knocking him off but Rey head butted him off. Rey hit a hurricarrana then a 619, but missed the top rope splash. Miz went for a Skull Crushing Finale but Rey countered into a nice pin attempt for two. Rey charged at Miz but Miz dropped him in the corner, and then hit a Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Match Analysis: **1/4: Good enough match. Again, nothing bad but nothing great either. Rey looks to be finally coming back into form after his time off and Miz put on a good showing too. It made sense for Miz to retain because the IC Title would have done nothing for Rey. Nice near fall sequence at the end. Three solid matches so far.

Backstage, Teddy Long and Eve left A.J.'s office and Teddy said A.J. was doing a good job as GM. Punk walked in and said that his match was unfair to him since he didn't have to be pinned. Punk said it was her way of getting back at him for turning down her marriage proposal. A.J. just stared into space the entire time. Punk said he will prove to everyone tonight that he's the best in the world, and everyone will have to respect him.

World Heavyweight Championship: Sheamus (c) vs Alberto del Rio
The two brawled to start the match and tumbled over the ropes. Sheamus got the upper hand with a kick and threw Del Rio back in the ring. Del Rio caught Sheamus with a kick to the head coming back in the ring. Sheamus caught Del Rio with a kick in the corner and hi a swinging neckbreaker. Sheamus hit a rolling senton. Sheamus went for the Celtic Cross but Del Rio escaped. Del Rio pulled off the padding on the turnbuckle. Sheamus went for a Brogue Kick but Del Rio moved. Del Rio caught Sheamus with a kick and took control on the outside. Back in the ring, Del Rio hit an axe handle from the top. Del Rio hit a kick to the leg. Del Rio locked in a head lock. Sheamus fought out but Del Rio hit a running knee. Del Rio started to mock Sheamus and went for a Brogue Kick but Sheamus caught him with an axe handle. Del Rio tossed Sheamus into the ring post. Sheamus shoved Del Rio away and climbed to the top but Del Rio caught him with a kick and hit an armbar off the top rope.

Sheamus went for a rolling senton again but Del Rio applied a cross armbreaker. Sheamus rolled out and picked up Del Rio and dropped him. Del Rio went for the cross arm breaker again but Sheamus hit White Noise for two. Sheamus went for a Brogue Kick but Del Rio backed away. He tried escaping but Sheamus caught him and hit his corner punches. Sheamus mounted Del Rio but Del Rio dropped him on the exposed turnbuckle. Del Rio hit a kick to the head but only scored a two count. Ricardo was on the ropes to celebrate. Del Rio pulled him in. Ricardo took off his shoe and went to throw it to Del Rio, but Sheamus caught it instead. Sheamus used it and then hit the Irish Curse backbreaker. Sheamus got a 3 count, but Del Rio's foot was on the ropes.

WINNER: Sheamus
Match Analysis: **3/4: So we get another month of these two feuding? Why? Does anyone really believe that Del Rio is going to win the World Title? The match picked up a bit of steam at the end, but the finish had too many moving parts to it. I really thought Ziggler would cash in at the end of this match, but I guess the WWE has other ideas. This feud barely had any legs left as it is, and now we have to endure another month of it.

WWE Tag Team Championship: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth (c) vs The Prime Time Players
Truth and Young started. Truth hit a hip toss then his split and leg drop combo. Young caught Truth and backed him into his corner and tagged in Titus O'Neil. O'Neil applied a head lock. Truth caught O'Neil and tagged in Kofi. Kofi hit his high flying offense then the Boom Drop. Young distracted Kofi, allowing O'Neil to escape. Kofi chased O'Neil. Young went for a clothesline but Kofi ducked and hit a clothesline on Young, but Kofi walked right into a Titus clothesline. Back in the ring, O'Neil dropped Young on Kofi. The heel continued to work over Kofi and O'Neil applied an abdominal stretch. Kofi countered into a DDT and both men made tags. Truth hit a faceplant suplex but O'Neil broke up the cover. He tossed Kofi over the rope but Kofi skinned the cat. Kofi tossed O'Neil and hit a crossbody. Darren Young went for his finisher but Truth fought out and hit the Lie Detector for the win.

WINNERS: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth
Match Analysis: **: Really surprised the Prime Time Players didn't go over. This was the first match on the card I couldn't really get into. The crowd was dead for hit except for Kofi's high flying offense. There are so many faces in the tag division I don't know where the champs go next. You have to wonder if the PTPs are paying for A.W.'s actions. I don't see how they have much legs left.

WWE Championship: C.M. Punk (c) vs John Cena vs Big Show
Big Show dominated both men to start. He hit some punches, slaps, headbutts etc. Punk and Cena started fighting back with kicks. They went to suplex Show, but Show double suplexed both of them. Show charged at Punk but Punk took out Show's knee. Punk landed some kicks and went for a GTS but Punk couldn't get him up. Cena picked up Show for an AA, but Punk broke it up. Big Show continued to dominate. He knocked Cena off the apron to the outside. Show went for a KO Punch on Punk but Cena broke it up. Big Show hit a Spear on Cena for two. Big Show went for a Vader Bomb on both men. Punk moved and he only connected on Cena. Punk broke up the count. Both men rolled to the outside. Show tossed Punk into the ropes and rolled Cena back into the ring.

Big Show hit a side slam back in the ring. Cena came back with a side suplex. He went for the You Can't See Me but Punk broke it up with a flying clothesline. Punk hit the Macho Man Elbow for two. Punk applied a head lock submission hold that Show fought out of. Cena came out of nowhere with a shoulder tackle and locked in the STF. Show powered out by backing Cena into the corner. Show caught Cena and threw him into the ropes. Punk took Show out with a clothesline. He hit three running high knees. Big Show thwarted a bulldog attempt. Cena hit a top rope leg drop. Punk applied the same submission from behold, and Cena applied the STF. Big Show tapped out.

A.J. came out and after a while said to restart the match. Show hit a double chokeslam. He pinned Cena who kicked out, then Punk who kicked out. He went for a KO Punch but Cena ducked and hit the AA. Punk then tossed Cena out of the ring and pinned Big Show for the win.

Match Analysis: **3/4: That is how I thought the match was going to end. But it was an over booked mess. Big Show dominated throughout the whole match which brought the action to a screeching halt. I didn't like the cop out first finish. It just gives Cena an out to demand a rematch. Two over booked Title matches on this show. Not a fan of that. Is this TNA?

Kevin Rudolf performed the SummerSlam theme. He also pretended to play the guitar.

Brock Lesnar vs Triple H
The two men brawled to start the match. Lesnar applied the Kimura Lock early but HHH backed Lesnar into the corner. HHH clotheslined Lesnar over the top rope. Triple H hit a high knee back in the ring and clotheslined Lesnar over the ropes again. After Lesnar was calmed down by Heyman, Lesnar took his gloves off back in the ring. He landed a punch to the back of the head. They rolled outside. Lesnar dropped HHH on the announce table. Back in the ring, Lesnar dropped HHH with a bodyslam, with HHH's bad arm locked behind him. Lesnar continued to work over HHH's bad arm. Lesnar attempted an F5 but HHH escaped, but Brock immediately hit a german suplex. HHH dropped Lesnar on the ropes and hit a DDT. Lesnar caught HHH again and dropped him on his arm.

Outside the ring, Lesnar tossed HHH into the ring steps. Lesnar tossed HHH over the Spanish announce table. He stood on the table, flipped over, and jumped off with a punch right to the back of HHH's head. Hunter tried fighting back with some knees but Lesnar caught him with a clothesline. Lesnar went for a suplex but HHH countered with one of his own. HHH went for a Pedigree but Lesnar countered and tossed him over the ropes. Triple H surprised Lesnar and tossed him into the corner of the table. Lesnar sold a serious injury.

Back in the ring, Lesnar went for a Kimura Lock but HHH started landing knees to the gut. HHH hit the Spinebuster. He went for a Pedigree, Lesnar countered with an F5 attempt, but HHH hit a Pedigree that Lesnar kicked out of. Lesnar caught HHH with a low blow. Lesnar hit an F5 but HHH kicked out. Lesnar locked in the Kimura Lock but HHH fought out with kidney punches. HHH landed another Pedigree, but Lesnar immediately applied another Kimura Lock. HHH tapped out.

Post Match, HHH stood there and sold grief. The crowd chanted YOU TAPPED OUT then HHH. Hunter walked off as the announcers wondered if this was the end for HHH.

WINNER: Brock Lesnar
Match Analysis: ***1/4: It was a good brawl that had good match psychology in it. Lesnar worked over HHH's arm early and HHH worked over Lesnar's ribs/stomach area after it was injured. But the WWE continues to screw up the booking of Brock Lesnar. Lesnar needs to look more dominant in his time in the WWE. While he picked up a win which was needed, it should have been better. And the closing with HHH was the most ridiculous thing to happen in some time. Lesnar wins, but HHH HAS TO CLOSE THE SHOW. You have to feel sorry for him. What a joke.

If you would have told me that the first hour of the show was going to be the best part of the show, I would have probably laughed at you. The first three matches were good. From a booking standpoint, things started to go down hill from there. Both World Title matches had false finishes and were over booked. Cena gets an out for a rematch, as does Alberto del Rio. I really don't want to see another month of Del Rio and Sheamus. The feud barely had any legs left and now we get more. If Big Show is eliminated from the WWE Title Picture I don't mind a one on one Cena/Punk match. As far as Lesnar goes, him winning was the right decision, but the booking post match was just ridiculous. I'm sure Lesnar goes into hiding again until he comes back for what next? That's an interesting question. I said coming in that this show didn't have the feel of a Big 4 PPV, and I was right. The show was disappointing, and it gets a 4 from me.

Another 3 hours of wrestling tomorrow night!

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