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The C.M. Punk-Paul Heyman Alliance: What's Next?

Okay, be honest. How many people were shouting and wooting at your television at the end of RAW on Monday. In something that happened in only the most die hard Internet wrestling fan's dreams, RAW ended with C.M. Punk driving away from a beaten John Cena, with Paul Heyman the one driving the car. I can honestly say that I never expected to see those two united together on screen. Even when Paul Heyman returned to manage Brock Lesnar, and there was talk of the two doing some work together down the line, I still wasn't expecting anything to come from it.

But those expectations changed after RAW on Monday. First off, I must say it was a smart move on the WWE's part. Monday Night Football starts next week and the WWE needed to do something to keep viewers from tuning away next week, and they did just that with the end of RAW. I never thought I would give props to the WWE for something like that, but you know they planned that out in advance.

C.M. Punk and Paul Heyman might be the best pairing of two guys who just get the wrestling business. Paul Heyman may be the second best promo under WWE contract after C.M. Punk. Heyman knows how to get someone over, knows how to get a feud going, and knows how to say the right thing to get the audience to listen to him. Could you imagine what the Brock Lesnar/Triple H feud would have been without Paul Heyman keeping the feud alive. Heyman has always had a great mind for the wrestling business and it is a shame certain people in the WWE *cough*STEPHANIE MCMAHON*cough* feel like he doesn't know what he is doing. When in actuality they are just threatened by the fact that Heyman is a lot smarter than them when it comes to the wrestling business.

Paul Heyman has always been a huge supporter of C.M. Punk. When Punk first debuted in the WWE he was on the ECW Brand, which Paul Heyman had a pretty big influence over. At ECW's only PPV, December to Dismember, Paul Heyman wanted Punk to win the ECW Title in the Elimination Chamber. Of course, the WWE didn't realize what they had at the time in C.M. Punk. Only Heyman did. In the WWE's eyes, they just signed an Indy guy who had a lot of buzz to his name.

After Heyman departed the WWE, nothing much was made of the Punk/Heyman relationship. Then last year during C.M. Punk's "Pipe Bomb" promo, Punk brought up the fact that he was a Paul Heyman guy. And when C.M. Punk tweeted photos of him and Paul Heyman backstage there was immediate buzz about the two working together. And then on RAW Monday, all of our dreams were answered.

Now that the two are together, it is time to speculate where it all could be going. In a couple of my posts, I brought up the idea of a group being formed with Heyman, Punk, Brock Lesnar and Daniel Bryan. While that is still not out of the question, it would be tough considering Lesnar's limited appearance schedule. Some sites have speculated the reformation of a group similar to the group Heyman had in WCW called the Dangerous Alliance. The group featured Rick Rude, Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton, Larry Zbyszko, Steve Austin and Madusa. Not a bad group of wrestlers. I don't think a WWE lead version of that group would be that big. Dean Ambrosse would be a prime candidate for the group. If the WWE wants to repackage guys and give them a push, you could be looking at Jack Swagger and Drew McIntyre as a possible tag team. I would still get behind the idea of Bryan and Punk getting together. Yes they feuded earlier in the year. But so what? Do you think the WWE really cares?

If a faction was to be formed, what would it lead to? Right now C.M. Punk is on a mission to get respect from everyone in the WWE Universe. Imagine a group of wrestlers who feel like they also have not been respected by the fans of the WWE coming together to form a group. This group comes together to run rough shot over the WWE. Then at Survivor Series, we see this group of five come together to go against a group of WWE guys in a little match called War Games at Survivor Series. Its a match that people have wanted to see in the WWE for years. Triple H has been in favor of it, and if he does have the pull he has been getting in the WWE, he could get the match into the WWE. It would be the perfect match. Much better than a traditional Survivor Series Match. If I'm putting this group together I would make it the following: C.M. Punk, Daniel Bryan, Jack Swagger and Drew McIntyre. So imagine a War Games Match that looks like this:

C.M. Punk, Brock Lesnar, Daniel Bryan, Jack Swagger and Drew McIntyre vs John Cena, Sheamus, Kane, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara.

Triple H would have been the ideal candidate to add to the match, but he cut his hair. I doubt he will be back for a while. Sheamus already set something up with C.M. Punk this past week on RAW. McIntyre is said to be one of Triple H's reformation projects. What better way to reform McIntyre then to put him with a great mouth piece like Paul Heyman. The same could be said about Jack Swagger.

Now that is one big pipe dream that probably doesn't have too many legs. If I was booking? Yeah, something close to that would happen. What we do know is that Heyman and Punk will have a lot of say about what will go on in their storylines. That is a good thing for the fans. They know how to gauge an audience and get them to keep tuning in every week. Hopefully, the WWE doesn't put too many restrictions on them. On RAW this Monday, I think we will hear C.M. Punk say that the reason he brought in Paul Heyman is because just like him, he's a man who deserves the respect he is never shown. I'm sure we will get some insider references that only the Internet fans will pick up on.

I don't know where this alliance is going, all I know is that the WWE couldn't have picked a better time for it to come together. With football season starting they needed something to keep viewers interested. And this definitely did that. I have faith in C.M. Punk and Paul Heyman. Now the WWE needs to show that same faith going forward.

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