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The WWE RAW Truth Review for 10/1/12

There's a good chance John Cena won't be on this show. How will the WWE book a show without their top star? I guess we will have to tune in to find out.

More GM Power Struggles!
After recapping last week's events C.M. Punk and Paul Heyman came to the ring. He called Cena a coward for attacking him with a coward last week. Then he called Mick Foley a coward for supposedly mumbling something under his breath, hence the reason why he attacked him. Punk said he knows Mick Foley would never had said anything bad about The Rock, Steve Austin or John Cena. And that shows the lack of respect Foley has for him. Punk said that he will still not face John Cena at Hell In A Cell.

Punk then gave the mic to Paul Heyman and said that they want to move on to other business. They replayed Heyman's proposal to A.J. last week. Heyman said A.J. never said no, but did violate an order from the WWE Board of Directors. He re-read the Boards orders of A.J. to not slap anyone ever again. He demanded A.J.'s removal as GM and said he should be named new GM. Vickie interrupted and said she should be GM. Vickie said if anybody had the right to be GM, it would be her. Dolph Ziggler suggested Vickie and Paul Heyman team up to be co-GMs. A.J. came out and said she has been placed on probation. A.J. said she has been appointed an executive assistant to help her.

Daniel Bryan came out and said he was just here to apologize. Bryan said he knows A.J.'s mental problems go back to him dumping her after Wrestlemania. He said he is a catch and has a great beard. Bryan said that he is the Tag Team Champions. Kane came out. He said A.J. was a phenomenal kisser and that he is the Tag Team Champions. They started arguing and then Punk and Ziggler started arguing. A.J. screamed to stop it. She made a tag match for later: Kane and Bryan vs Dolph and Punk.

Segment Analysis: That just seemed like a big clusterf***. It was entertaining for a little bit but it seemed like the WWE writers just kind of threw that together. I was waiting for more random people to start coming out. I don't care for another GM power struggle storyline. I wish they could just stick to one GM or no GM at all. It was an okay opening segment. No mention of Ryback after the opening video. Weird. Survey Says: 2.5/5

The USA Luchadors?
First round match in the tag tournament: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs Epico and Primo. The faces hit a couple of hurricarranas on Primo and Epico. The Prime Time Players came out and watched on stage heading into commercial. Back from break Primo missed a dive in the corner on Rey and Rey tagged in Sin Cara. Cara hit a nice dropkick and had control until Primo hit a counter. He tagged in Epico, but Sin Cara countered into a roll up for two. Primo was back in the ring but Sin Cara caught him with a tilt a whirl DDT. Both men made tags. Rey hit a head scissors then a kick to the head. Rey hit a seated Senton then a reverse DDT. Primo broke up the pin. Sin Cara hit a missile drop kick and then a double 619. Mysterio hit the splash to pick up the win.

Match Analysis: Decent enough tag team match. I like Rey and Sin Cara as a tag team. I even liked the PTPs going out on the stage to scout the match. It makes the tag title tournament seem important and gives more credibility to the tag team division. Survey Says: 3/5

Antonio Cesaro beat Brodus Clay in quick fashion. He hit the Neutralizer on Clay for the win, which was rather impressive. Brodus GETTING squashed? My how he has fallen.

A.J. introduced Kaitlyn to her executive coach Christopher J. Stevenson. A.J. asked Kaitlyn to forgive her then she started laughing and said she didn't mean it.

Miz defeated Zack Ryder. Ryder hit the Broski Boot but when he went for the Rough Ryder, Miz threw Ryder into the corner. Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale for the win. Why do people still care about Ryder? He's so 2011.

I Wonder If Obama and Romney Will Wear Tights At Their Debate
Debate time. Big Show said there is no debate. He will knock Sheamus out at Hell In A Cell and be the next World Heavyweight Champion. Sheamus thanked Booker T for hosting the debate. A tweeter asked what they find most challenging about their opponent. Sheamus said Big Show has bad B.O. and that he will be surprised if the match lasts longer than 45 seconds. Big Show said he is a pleasant smelling giant and Sheamus is not taking this seriously. They were asked which finisher was more dangerous. Both men said there's was. Big Show's podium broke. Sheamus touted wearing a Rey Mysterio mask. Big Show asked if Sheamus had anything serious to say. He said Show lost in 45 seconds to Daniel Bryan and he beat Bryan in 18 seconds. The two men stared each other down and Big Show walked off.

Segment Analysis: Ugh, that was painful to watch. Sheamus is starting to become unbearable as a face. There is nothing funny about him. He is much better as a heel, although you could say that about most people. Just not a good segment that accomplished nothing in the end. Survey Says: 1/5

Ryback defeated Tensai. He couldn't get Tensai up for his finisher. He may have been legit injured, but it looked bad to end the match like that. Ryback yelled STUPID at Tensai.

Eve defeated Beth Phoenix.

Santino defeated Heath Slater via DQ when Encore members Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal interfered.

Sheamus Burying The Tag Division? Guess He Is A Triple H Guy
Sheamus vs Damien Sandow. Sheamus worked the arm early. Sandow ducked a clothesline and took a breather outside. Back from break, Cody distracted Sheamus allowing Sandow to take advantage. Sandow applied a couple of headlocks. He hit a side russian leg sweep and an Elbow of Disdain for two. Sheamus fought out of a headlock but Sandow hit a drop toe hold and then a knee to the back of the head on the ropes. Sheamus fought out of the head scissors and went to the top rope, but Sandow caught him with a right hand. Sheamus countered out of a headlock with a back suplex. Sheamus hit a knee lift and a rolling back suplex. Sandow dropped Sheamus neck on the ropes and hit a spinning headlock for two. Sheamus caught a charging Sandow with a boot to the face then a shoulder tackle from the top for two. Sandow ducked a Brogue Kick and tried escaping, but Sheamus caught him and hit his rope punches. Cody tried attacking Sheamus but Sheamus caught him and threw him into the ring. Sheamus hit a double Brogue Kick on both men for the win.

Match Analysis: I thought that was a very good TV match and had no problem with it until the end. I don't like Sheamus taking out both potential contenders for the tag titles. I would have preferred a DQ finish there, or hell, have Big Show distract Sheamus causing a defeat. Good match, not a good ending. Survey Says: 3/5

This Is Pretty Tame on the JR Embarrassment Level
Michael Cole introduced Jim Ross for his Appreciation Night. Before Ross could say anything C.M. Punk came out. Punk said that Ross is the best announcer that they have and he respects and appreciates the hell out of him, and so do these people. But the people know nothing about respect. Punk said JR will help teach these people respect because he is going to tell them that he is the Best in the World. JR said he's glad Punk didn't come out here to embarrass him, because Punk has done a hell of a job making a jackass out of himself on TV. Punk asked JR if he was out to embarrass him, who would come out to say him. He said maybe Stone Cold. Punk said 316 used to mean an ass whopping from Stone Cold, but now it just means the number of days he has held the WWE Title.

Punk demanded Ross say he is the best in the world again. Ross said no. He's called countless Wrestlemania main events, and no one ever asked to be called the best in the world. They all earned it. Ross told Punk to accept Cena's challenge, and until he does, they have nothing to talk about. Punk stomped on JR's hat. Punk said the Oklahoma City Thunder lost in the NBA Finals to the Miami Heat, and they don't get a second chance. Punk told JR to get ready to fight him or leave. Punk stopped him and told him to go to the back and not the announce table. Ross started to walk away until Ryback came out. Ryback walked JR back to the ring then to the announce table. The two stared each other down until Punk left.

Segment Analysis: Well, there's the continuation of the Punk/Ryback stuff from earlier. At least JR didn't get completely embarrassed tonight. The segment just seemed like a cheap attempt to get heat on CM Punk. I still don't like people in the WWE not calling Punk the Best in the World despite being WWE Champion. Will they really go through with a Punk/Ryback match? I will believe it when I see it. Survey Says: 3/5

Kofi vs Del Rio. Kofi hit a springboard clothesline to the outside into commercial. Del Rio had Kofi in a gut wrench back from break. Kofi fought out and hit the Boom Drop. Del Rio ducked a springboard dive and applied the cross armbreaker for the win. Again, what tag team division?

A.J. Back In Short Shorts, All Is Right In The World
Main event time. A.J. is the special guest referee. Kane threw Dolph to the outside and Bryan tagged himself in heading into commercial. Back from break Dolph had a sleeper hold applied on Kane. Kane backed Dolph into the corner to break it, but Dolph came right back with a drop kick. Kane fought back with punches and tagged in Bryan. Kane came back in and hit a drop kick. Dolph came back with a DDT and he tagged in C.M. Punk. Punk hit a couple of high knees but Kane then caught him with a side slam and his diving clothesline from the top. Bryan tagged himself back in the ring. Bryan hit some kicks to the chest. Bryan knocked Ziggler off the ropes but Punk came back and caught him with a kick to the head.

Ziggler was tagged back in and hit a dropkick. Bryan went to the outside and threw Bryan into the barricade. Ziggler applied a headlock that Bryan got out of with a jawbreaker. Ziggler tagged in Punk and Punk went to the top. Bryan crotched Punk then hit a hip toss from the top rope. Bryan applied the LaBell Lock, but Heyman put Punk's foot on the ropes. A.J. tossed Heyman, then Vickie. Punk went for a tag but Ziggler left. Bryan hit a clothesline to the ropes, and Kane came in to hit a chokeslam for the win. The tag champs argued to close the show.

Match Analysis: Okay match, but again, it didn't feel like it accomplished anything. Good to see Bryan and Kane getting a lot of TV time. I don't know how Punk will play this into his respect angle that he has been running. Go home happy ending to the show that just seemed like filler. Survey Says: 3/5

The show had some decent wrestling. I liked the Sheamus/Sandow match minus the ending, and the main event was good enough. But the show also seemed like a lot of filler. Anytime C.M. Punk was on was good. But everything else just seemed like a whole lot of meh. The WWE is getting dangerously close with losing people on Sheamus. I honestly think that is part of the reason they haven't had Dolph take the Title off him yet. Dolph will get more cheers than Sheamus from the marks. I doubt Big Show will. Will Ryback get a big push after screwing up the ending to his match with Tensai? It looks like it. But when are they going to do Ryback/Punk if they do Punk/Cena at Hell In A Cell? I like the focus on the tag division, but it also got put on the back burner a bit tonight with losses by Sandow and Kofi. I'm going to give the show a 5.

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