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The WWE RAW Truth Review for 10/29/12

It is the RAW after Hell In A Cell. What will the fall out be? Will every referee have it out for Ryback now? I'm in Buffalo, and we are just starting to get the rain and wind here. Hopefully I can make it through RAW with no power problems.

Feed Ryback Socko!
C.M. Punk came out. He said he proved everyone wrong last night by showing that Ryback is beatable. Punk said he's been proving everyone wrong since Day One. C.M. Punk said he's defeated every one of the fan's heroes in the WWE. Punk said his victory is clouded in controversy and everyone is blaming it on him. Punk said he had nothing to do with what happened. Punk said the only thing he is guilty of is taking advantage of a situation presented to him by a rogue individual. Punk said Ryback is in his rear view mirror and there will not be a rematch.

Mick Foley suddenly came out. Punk asked Foley why he was even here. He said the last time we saw Foley he was on the ground. Foley said Punk blew the chance to show he was a true legend at Hell In A Cell. Punk got on the crowd for telling him he sucked. Punk said he had an idea for Survivor Series: Team Foley vs Team Punk. Before Punk could say something else, Ryback came out to run off Punk.

Segment Analysis: I like the traditional Survivor Series match. It almost guarantees Punk will hold on to the WWE Title for over a year now. Punk running down everyone he's beaten was a nice touch. Didn't really address the issue of the referee too much. Although Punk saying he had nothing to do with it seemed like a lie to me. Survey Says: 3/5

Ryback squashed JTG. Ryback said after the match that when he feasts again, it will be on C.M. Punk.

People Remember RAW More Than Smackdown
Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton. The two immediately went to the outside. Orton slammed Barrett's head into the announce table a couple of times. Back in the ring Orton did his version of the Garvin stomp. Orton crotched Barrett on the ropes then clotheslined him to the outside into commercial. Back from break Barrett had Orton in an armbar. He continued to work it over. He threw Orton into the turnbuckle arm first. Barrett hit some knees to the ribs then booted Orton over the ropes. Orton fought out of an armbar then hit a couple of clotheslines and a scoop slam. Orton hit his middle rope DDT. Orton went for the RKO but Barrett tossed him into the ropes and hit a tilt-a-whirl slam. Barrett went for the Souvenir Elbow but Orton ducked and hit the RKO for the win.

Match Analysis: Good enough TV match. Orton and Barrett exchange wins, but people watch RAW more than Smackdown so this win seems a bit more important. Orton wins again and maybe its time for them to start pushing him a bit more. Segment Analysis: 3/5

Backstage Vickie made mocked A.J. and asked why she should give her a job. Vickie called her crazy.

Time Is Ticking On Team Hell No
Team Hell No vs the Prime Time Players. Bryan hit some kicks on Young but Kane tagged himself in. Kane clotheslined Young in the corner and Bryan tagged himself in. Bryan hit a dropkick in the corner. Young tagged in O'Neil and he hit a scoop slam on Bryan. Young came in and Bryan fought out of a submission and hit a clothesline. Kane tagged himself in and hit a sideslam for two. Kane hit his top rope clothesline. He knocked O'Neil off the ropes. Kane chokeslammed Young then tossed O'Neil out of the ring. Bryan tagged himself in and he applied the No Lock for the win.

Match Analysis: Basic short tag team TV match. They need to do something new with Kane and Bryan. At least for me, the act is growing a bit stale. Have to change something up. Survey Says: 2/5

Never Take An Elevator, It Could Get You Fired
Vickie Guerrero came out. She asked John Cena to come to the ring. Cena said she was out of line and asked Vickie to show her proof. Vickie showed Cena asking A.J. on a date in the ring a dew weeks ago, then A.J. and Cena hugging last week. She showed a pic of Cena and A.J. on a date, then Cena apparently inviting A.J. up to a hotel room. Cena said he talked A.J. into not going to confront Vickie. Cena said he walked her to her door and that's it. Vickie started to run down A.J. but Cena told her to stop. Vickie twisted Cena's words then Dolph Ziggler came out. Cena told Ziggler that if he wants to talk he better not bring up his and A.J.'s names together again.

Segment Analysis: Ugh, I shutter to think where this is going. I'm not a fan of this love triangle and don't want to see it continue much longer. Vickie continually twisting Cena's words was getting boring and painful. Hopefully this ends soon. Survey Says: 1.5/5

Before his match with Kofi Kingston, Antonio Cesaro ran down Halloween and saying it is what contributes to all of the obese kids in America. Cesaro tossed Kofi into the corner but Kofi caught him with a kick. Cesaro dropped Kofi on the ropes and then tossed him over into the ring. They went to the outside. Kofi got in Miz's face and Cesaro attacked him. Kofi countered and tossed Cesaro into Miz. Miz stopped Kofi from going into the ring and dropped him on the ropes. The heels ganged up on Kofi until R-Truth came out and made the save. At least this looks like it could set up another traditional Survivor Series match.

Backstage, A.J. continued to say nothing happened. A.J. said she wouldn't lie to Vickie. A.J. said she's not worth working for. A.J. went to walk away and said she is hired under one condition, she never lays a hand on her again. Vickie said A.J. is hired and her first match is against Beth Phoenix.

The Three Man Band defeated Santino and Zack Ryder. I'm fully behind the 3MB. It may be one of the best bad gimmicks the WWE has come up with in recent memory.

A.J. defeated Beth Phoenix with a small package. After the match, Vickie came out and said she expected better of her. Beth attacked her from behind. Vickie ordered the match restarted. Beth hit the GlamSlam for the win.

Why Are You Smiling?
Sheamus came out. He said he was smiling because he knew he had one hell of a fight last night. And he came to the WWE to fight. Big Show just happened to be the better man. Sheamus said the war is just beginning between him and Big Show. Sheamus said he will be still be smiling after the next time the two fight in the ring because he knows they will have one hell of a battle. Big Show came out. He said the World Title looked good on his shoulder. Show said Sheamus is smiling and it is because he is hiding. Hiding the fact that Sheamus gave him everything he could and it still wasn't enough. Big Show said last night he realized that he has no limits. Nothing can stop him. Show said Sheamus can't beat him and he can never take the World Title from him. Show called him a ginger snap. Sheamus asked if Show has ever seen a ginger snap. Sheamus hit White Noise on Show.

Segment Analysis: See, this is why people grow to hate WWE faces. I don't care what Sheamus says. He should not be smiling after losing the World Title. I don't care how they try to cover it up. Sheamus is starting to get to Cena levels of annoying with his promos. That wasn't a good start of building Sheamus back up as a good face chasing the World Title. Survey Says: 1.5/5

Vickie spied on A.J. and Cena talking backstage. She then fired Beth Phoenix.

Don't Botch Sin Cara!
Team Rhodes Scholars vs Rey and Cody. Sin Cara hit a moonsault on Cody and Rey hit a dive on Sandow to the outside into commercial. Back from break, the heels of course had control of the match. They worked over Sin Cara. Eventually Sin Cara hit a hurricarrana on Cody and he tagged in Rey. Cody tossed Rey to the outside but Rey hit a shoulder to the gut. But Sandow knocked Rey off the ropes. Sandow was tagged in and hit the Elbow of Disdain. Now the heels worked over Rey. Rey countered with a double DDT and he tagged in Sin Cara. He hit a crossbody on both men then a springboard elbow and enziguri on Sandow for two. After an armdrag on Sandow, Cody came in and Sin Cara hit a hurricarrana. Rey went for a 619 but Cody bailed. Cody and Rey were out on the outside. Sin Cara hit a kick to the back of the head. He went for his finisher but Rhodes saved Sandow. Sandow hit his finisher for the win.

Match Analysis: Good final couple of minutes in the match. I'm all for the continued push of the WWE tag team division. I think Rhodes and Sandow deserve the tag titles at some point. Good action. Survey Says: 2.5/5

The WWE donated $1,000,000 to the Susan G. Komen breast cancer research foundation.

Alberto del Rio defeated Justin Gabriel.

The Most Obvious Swerve Ever
Paul Heyman introduced C.M. Punk. Heyman introduced Punk's team. First member was The Miz. Next was The Rhodes Scholars. Last was Alberto del Rio. Punk said at Survivor Series the spotlight Mick Foley wants will cost him the last two teeth in his mouth. Punk said at Survivor Series he will teach Foley how to survive. Foley said Punk weaseled his way out of Hell In A Cell. Foley said he had a problem lately referring to Punk as not WWE Champion, but a man. Punk claimed his innocence again. Foley introduced his team. First guy was Kofi Kingston. Next was Team Hell No. And finally Randy Orton. Punk said they planned on eliminating everyone individually until they got to Foley. Foley said that would be smart, except he isn't competing. He introduced his 5th man, Ryback. The two sides brawled as the faces took out the heels and Punk bailed. Ryback took out Cody with the clothesline and Shell Shocked.

Segment Analysis: Very underwhelming end to RAW. The team announcements were expected but the crowd just didn't seem to care. Looks like for now this keeps the WWE Title on Punk for the time being. Lackluster end to a lackluster RAW. Survey Says: 2/5

Not a very good episode of RAW. The opening promo was ok, and I liked the Barrett/Orton match and the tag match. But the show just lacked anything with substance. Nothing was addressed with Brad Maddox. The entire John Cena/A.J./Vickie storyline is just a giant waste of time. I don't see any good coming out of it whatsoever except maybe a Dolph/Cena match. But even I fear that will be ruined by adding A.J. and Vickie to the match. As I said, I'm growing tired of the Team Hell No act. It just isn't doing a lot for me anymore. Three hours is really killing this show for me. I'm giving RAW a 2.

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