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WWE Hell In A Cell Results

Hello everyone. I'm covering Hell In A Cell tonight. Enjoy!

Alberto del Rio vs Randy Orton
Orton got the upper hand early where he tossed Del Rio to the outside then hit a clothesline. Orton hit Del Rio's head on the table. Orton hit some Garvin stomps on Del Rio. Del Rio gained control and dropped Orton's arm on the turnbuckle then hit a kick to it on the outside. Del Rio went on the turnbuckle and applied an armbar in the ropes. Del Rio applied another armbar. Del Rio hit an armbar take down for two. Orton fought out of another armbar in the ropes. Del Rio caught Orton going for a powerslam and applied the cross armbreaker but Orton grabbed the ropes. Del Rio walked right into a backbreaker. Orton went for the middle rope DDT but Del Rio broke it up. Del Rio mocked Orton's pose and went for an RKO, but Orton caught him and hit the middle rope DDT. Del Rio kicked out. Orton favored his arm and Del Rio took advantage with a backbreaker. Del Rio walked right into a powerslam. Both men went to the top and Del Rio pushed Orton off. Orton held on in the ropes but ADR jumped off and hit a double stomp for two. Del Rio jumped off from the top and stopped awkwardy. Orton hit a dropkick. Orton went for the RKO but Del Rio threw him into the turnbuckle, where Ricardo shoved his arm into the post. ADR applied the cross armbreaker but Orton countered into a pin attempt for two. Del Rio went for an enziguri kick in the corner but Orton caught him with an RKO for the win.

WINNER: Randy Orton
Match Rating: **3/4: Good match to start off the show. Both men deserve props. That was a nice finishing sequence as well. I like Del Rio's armbars in the ropes as well. Something different. Orton win was expected with him coming back on a regular basis now.

Backstage, Vickie said she had proof of an affair between A.J. and John Cena. Paul Heyman tried talking to Vickie about not having Punk in the Cell, but she denied it.

WWE Tag Team Championship: Team Hell No (c) vs Rhodes Scholars
Bryan and Sandow started. Bryan hit some kicks in the corner then a knee to the gut. Kane came in and he took it to Cody. Kane clotheslined Cody in the corner and tagged in Bryan. Bryan hit some kicks in the corner then Kane hit a boot. Sandow made a blind tag and took out Kane with a chop block. The heels took turns working over Kane. Kane eventually connected with a backdrop and tagged in Bryan. Bryan hit a clothesline then his kicks. Bryan tossed Sandow to the outside and hit a suicide dive. Bryan got distracted by Rhodes and Sandow took control. The heels took turns working over Bryan this time. Sandow hit his Elbow of Disdain. Bryan countered a backdrop attempt with a drop toe hold into the corner. Both men made tags and Kane took over. Kane hit his top rope clothesline. Bryan tagged himself in and hit a top rope headbutt. Team Hell No argued. Sandow pulled Kane outside, then Bryan tossed Cody onto Kane. Bryan went for a knee off the apron but Cody moved and hit Kane. Team Hell No argued again. The heels took out Kane, then Cody hit Cross Rhodes in the ring. Kane broke up the count and went crazy on the heels, causing a DQ.

WINNERS: Rhodes Scholars Via DQ
Match Analysis: **1/4: Not a fan of the DQ finish. Would have rather seen a clean heel win then a build up to the faces retaining. Action was just okay throughout. Looks like it is back to the beginning with Kane and Bryan, which means that I don't think they know where they are going with these two.

Miz gave some promo about Doomsday, and said by winning the IC Title back he would save the world.

Intercontinental Championship: Kofi Kingston (c) vs Miz
Both men went for their finishers early. Kofi tossed Miz to the outside and drop kicked him off the apron. Kofi dived at Miz but went over the steps, then Miz caught him with a kick. Miz applied a headlock. Miz hit his corner clothesline then an axe handle off the top for two. Miz went for the corner clothesline again but came back with his own clothesline. Kofi started coming back with a dropkick then a Boom Drop. Miz bailed before Kofi could hit the Boom Drop. After a nearfall Miz went for his backbreaker but Kofi came back with the SOS for two. Miz then took out Kofi's leg and started working them over. Good psychology. Miz applied a half boston crab. Kofi countered out with a small package for two. Miz went for a Skull Crushing Final but Kofi countered, but Miz kept it locked in. After a couple of counters, Kofi finally hit Trouble in Paradise for the win.

WINNER: Kofi Kingston
Match Rating: **1/2: Decent enough match. I liked the in ring psychology with Miz working over Kofi's legs. Decent enough match. Right move keeping the Title on Kofi. No need for a quick change. Average match that would not have looked different than a normal TV match.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan and Kane argued. Kane said no one would give Bryan Vegan Candy on Halloween and how he had a beard since he was born on Old McDonald's Farm.

United States Championship: Antonio Cesaro (c) vs Justin Gabriel
Cesaro started with a mat takedown and a headbutt to the gut. Gabriel came back with a monkey flip but was immediately pushed off the ropes by Cesaro. Cesaro applied a chinlock then hit a couple of double stomps. Gabriel came back with a springboard moonsault for two, but Cesaro answered with a clothesline. Gabriel came back with a kick and he went for the 450 splash but Cesaro moved. Gabriel hit a reverse DDT. Gabriel went for a high risk maneuver but Cesaro caught him with an uppercut. Cesaro hit the Neutralizer for the win.

WINNER: Antonio Cesaro
Match Analysis: *1/2: Match felt like nothing more than filler. Was very slow moving. I like Cesaro but they need to do something with him to get him some more heat. I like Cesaro's upper cut as a set up to his finisher. When done right it looks devastating.

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs The Prime Time Players
Rey and Sin Cara hit a tandem move on Darren Young. Young came back with a suplex on Rey and the heels took turns working over Rey. Rey eventually escaped and tagged in Sin Cara. Cara hit a drop kick on O'Neil. He hit a crossbody for two. O'Neil caught Sin Cara and dropped him into the apron then hit a couple of backbreakers. Young backdropped Sin Cara on the apron. O'Neil suplexed Young onto Sin Cara. After more extended heel work, Sin Cara ducked Titus O'Neil's charge in the corner and eventually made the tag to Mysterio. Rey hit a tilt-a-whirl DDT. He tossed O'Neil to the outside and Sin Cara hit a dive off the top. Rey hit a 619 and dive for the win.

WINNERS: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara
Match Rating: *1/4: Match was very slow moving. Too much dominance by the heels. Sin Cara hurt himself on his last counter before he made his tag. Appeared to have a possible concussion.

World Heavyweight Championship: Sheamus (c) vs Big Show
Big Show gained the upper hand early with a shoulder tackle. He hit some slaps. Big Show backed into Sheamus in the corner but Sheamus came back with a clip to Show's leg. Sheamus hit some corner spears but Big Show tossed Sheamus right over the ropes. Show tossed Sheamus into the barricade. Big Show continued to dominate with a sideslam and more chops. Big Show tossed Sheamus over the announce table. Sheamus started fighting back with a shoulder tackle over the ropes, but he walked right into a Big Show kick. Sheamus tried fighting back again but Big Show applied a bear hug. Sheamus fought out and went to bodyslam Show but failed. Big Show hit a Vader Bomb for two. Sheamus countered a chokeslam with a bad looking DDT for two. Sheamus dropped Show's neck on the ropes. Sheamus went for his rope punches but Show through him off, but Sheamus just walked right into a chokeslam that scored a two count. Sheamus went for a Cloverleaf but Show kicked him to the outside. Sheamus backed Big Show into the post then took him out with an axe handle. Sheamus hit White Noise for two. Big Show blocked a Brogue Kick and hit the KO Punch but Sheamus kicked out at two. Sheamus ducked a KO Punch and hit the Brogue Kick for two. Sheamus went for another Brogue Kick but Big Show connected with a KO Punch for the win.

WINNER: Big Show
Match Analysis: **3/4: The last five minutes of this match definitely kept my attention. I think the kicking out of the finishers worked here. Surprised to see the reign of Sheamus end like that, especially to Big Show. No way Dolph is cashing in in the near future. I guess if they were finally going to put someone over, it was going to be Sheamus. If they want to save Sheamus as a face, they need to do a good job of building back up to his eventual regaining of the World Title.

There was a terrible backstage segment with Zack Ryder dressed as Eve as a witch and Santino dressed as Lady Gaga. Ron Simmons saved it with a damn.

C.M. Punk asked Vince to call off the match. Vince denied it.

Divas Championship: Eve (c) vs Layla vs Kaitlyn
Eve won after she broke up Kaitlyn's pin attempt with a moonsault.


Big Show dared anyone in the locker room to take the World Title from him. They then cut to doctors checking on Sheamus.

WWE Championship Match: C.M. Punk (c) vs Ryback- Hell In A Cell Match
Punk stalled early. Ryback grabbed Punk and tossed him into the ropes then connected with a big boot. Ryback slammed Punk into the Cell. Heyman pleaded for Ryback to have mercy and that he was only a human being. Punk sprayed Ryback with a fire extinguisher and Punk went on offense. Punk grabbed a chair but Ryback kicked it right back into the face of Punk. Punk moved out of the way of a Ryback clothesline and then dropped Ryback's neck on the ropes and hit a springboard clothesline. Punk hit a couple of axe handles but Ryback caught him a third time and speared him into the corner. Punk regained control with the chair and hit another neckbreaker. Ryback blocked a neckbreaker, but Punk moved and Ryback went right into the steps. Punk applied a headlock but Ryback got out with a jaw breaker. Punk moved out of the way of another Ryback spear and hit a running high knee and clothesline. Punk hit the Macho Man elbow and went for the kendo stick. Ryback no sold the shots. Ryback hit a back body drop and then his clothesline. Ryback went for Shell Shocked, but the referee, Brian Maddox who Punk had problems with before, stopped Ryback then hit a low blow. Punk rolled up Ryback and helped Punk make the pin and fast counted to give Punk the win.

Ryback went nuts after the match. He took out the referee and tossed him from the ring into the Cell. Punk tried escaping and climbed up the Cell. Ryback followed. Ryback hit Shell Shocked on Punk on top of the Cell to close the show.

Match Analysis: **1/2: You weren't going to get much better out of Ryback. They did a good job of hiding his imitations. Ryback played his part well and was okay for the most part. Punk did his job well and carried Ryback to a respectable match. It wasn't awful, it was good enough. The referee finish was creative to say the least. They had to keep Ryback's credibility and a "screw job" is good enough. What they do from here with him will be interesting. I'm assuming they are going to go with Cena/Punk at Survivor Series, so where does that leave Ryback? Based on the pre-show, they could do Cena/Ziggler and Ryback/Punk again. That could keep Cena away from Rock until Wrestlemania.

I thought it was an average PPV. Nothing stood out as must see but nothing was horrible. Everything was just average to me. I liked the opener and I thought some of Del Rio's spots were good and the finish was very nice. I was disappointed with the tag title match as well as the finish, and Miz/Kofi was just average for them. The first half of Big Show/Sheamus was very slow but they definitely picked it up in the last half of the match. I don't have too big of a problem with Big Show winning when I think about it more. If they want to build Sheamus back up as a face, they need to do it here. Get the crowd behind him again. This is the WWE's shot to not screw it up. As far as the WWE Title Match goes, you had to suspect some screwy finish going in so I wasn't too let down by it. Would I have preferred a Brock Lesnar run in/ Sure. But I get this finish too. I'm giving the show a 5. Like I said, average show.

I will be back for RAW Monday.

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