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WWE TLC Results

Keep it here for my LIVE TLC Results tonight. I'm expecting an average show at best. Hopefully, they do something big to get people talking.

#1 Contenders Tables Match: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs The Rhodes Scholars
The faces started by tossing both heels out of the ring. They grabbed a table and brought it into the ring and took out Cody. Sandow ducked the table but ate a dropkick from both. They set Sandow up on the table but Rey was sent to the outside and Cody took out Sin Cara on the top rope. The heels went to front suplex Sin Cara through the table, but Cara countered out. Sandow went flying to the outside but Cody caught Sin Cara with a disaster kick. The heels dominated on the outside. Sandow tossed Rey into the apron. Sin Cara got his leg smashed in between the steps and ring post. The heels set both men up on tables on the outside. Cody went off the ropes but Rey took out Sandow's legs. Rey hit a seated Senton. Sin Cara took out Sandow on the outside. In ring, Rey hit Cody with a 619 and Cody fell on a table. Rey went to the top but Sandow knocked him off. Sin Cara came in and hit kicks to the head on both men. He went to springboard off the top rope but Sandow pushed him into the tables on the outside for the win.

WINNERS: Team Rhodes Scholars
Match Rating: **: Decent tables match with a different finish that I liked. I thought Rey and Sin Cara would win to try and get the crowd pumped. I think the right team won in the end. Rhodes Scholars should get the belts whenever they face Team Hell No next.

United States Championship: Antonio Cesaro (c) vs R-Truth
Cesaro had control early and applied a headlock. Truth came back with a couple of near fall roll-ups. Cesaro got out of a Truth headlock with a backdrop. Cesaro applied a long modified headlock on the mat. Cesaro slammed Truth's head into the turnbuckles but it didn't faze Truth and he started coming back. He hit a scissors kick for two. Cesaro threw Truth into the corner and he stopped himself from running into the ref. Cesaro caught Truth with an uppercut and hit the Neutralizer for the win.

WINNER: Antonio Cesaro
Match Analysis: *1/4: Not a very good match. Half of it was Cesaro applying a long headlock in the ring. Cesaro needs some more impactful offense, and a better feud.

In ring, Cesaro said he is the greatest US Champion ever, and by booing him, they are booing their own country. Cesaro said they have no respect for themselves or everyone else. Cesaro went off in another language. Boy that would have been a good time for a face to come out and confront Cesaro.

Backstage, Dolph Ziggler was interviewed. Ziggler said his match tonight is not fair. He said why should he have to put something on the line that he already won. The only way to make it fair is if Cena's career would be on the line. Ziggler said tonight everything changes.

Miz came out for MizTV. His guests were 3MB. Slater asked where Miz got off calling them a train wreck. Miz asked where they got off calling themselves an actual band. Slater said the Rolling Stones wish they could rock out with 3MB. He then said they would perform live on the Slammys. Miz said that was great news, said absolutely no one. Miz said at least they set up the bathroom break for the show. 3MB started going after the Spanish announcers. Ricardo tried stopping them. Alberto del Rio eventually made the same, but 3MB got the upper hand. Miz eventually jumped in and they got the upper hand. Slater challenged Miz and Del Rio to find a partner for a match later. I can get behind a Del Rio face turn. Hell, it has already been done better than Miz's face turn.

Intercontinental Championship: Kofi Kingston (c) vs Wade Barrett
Barrett got the upperhand early with some elbows. Kofi did some hopes then hit an elbow and a dropkick. Barrett sent Kofi to the outside. He went to go toss Kofi back in, but Kofi rolled in the ring and hit a dive to the outside. Kofi caught Barrett with a couple of kicks but Barrett hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Kofi fought out of a Barrett chinlock and hit a Russian Leg Sweep. Kofi hit the Boom Drop but missed Trouble In Paradise. Barrett rolled through a pin but walked right into the SOS. Barrett kicked out at two. Barrett started fighting back but Kofi hit a high crossbody for two. Barrett again gained the upperhand and went for the Bull Hammer Elbow, but Kofi caught Barrett with Trouble in Paradise for the win.

WINNER: Kofi Kingston
Match Analysis: *3/4: More time was spent on MizTV then this actual match. I don't know if the right guy went over. Would have put the Title on Barrett for a little bit just to change things up. Kofi should move up the card a little with the lack of faces.

C.M. Punk was in his skybox. Punk asked Heyman for an update on his knee. Heyman said "Forget About It." Punk called Brooklyn the Slums of Staten Island. He called Ryback dumb and lucky because he injured him to a point where he can't defend his Title tonight. Punk said he would have used every chair and smashed every table in the building. Punk said he beat Ryback single handidly and The Shield, who he likes but is not associated with, will beat him tonight. Punk said no one will beat him for the WWE Title and he is just getting started. Strong promo by Punk.

Tables, Ladders, and Chairs: Ryback and Team Hell No vs The Shield
The match started with a brawl outside the ring. Ryback and Dean Ambrose went at it in the ring. Eventually Reigns and Rollins came in and took out Ryback. The Shield went after Bryan but Ryback came back in with a ladder and smashed it into Rollins and Ambrose. Reigns took out Ryback with some chair shots. Bryan hit some kicks on Reigns. Kane tossed Reigns into a ladder and then tossed Bryan in who delivered a dropkick. Kane put Rollins in between the ladder and smashed the chair into the ladder. Ambrose came in and DDT'd Kane on a chair. Ryback again gained the upperhand on The Shield. He tossed Rollins and Ambrose into the ladder then hit a splash into both men. Ryback hit a double suplex on the ladder. He went for Shell Shocked but Reigns broke it up. The Shield hit their powerbomb on Ryback through the Spanish announce table. The Shield dominated Bryan and Kane. Rollins and Ambrose tossed Bryan into a table set up in the corner. Ambrose and Rollins suplexed Bryan off the table set up in the corner. Kane broke up the pin. The Shield went to do the same move to Kane but he pushed Ambrose off and hit his clothesline off the table. Kane chokeslammed Ambrose through a chair, but Reigns broke up the pin.

Outside the ring, Rollins took out Kane's leg and Reigns speared him through the barricade. They piled a bunch of chairs and ladders on Kane. In the ring, Bryan applied the No Lock on all three men, but they were all broken up their own individual way. Bryan hit kicks on Rollins and Reigns but Ambrose took him out with a knee and Rollins stomped his head on a chair. Ambrose went for the pin but Ryback started clearing house. Ryback speared Ambrose then hit the Meathook Clothesline. He hit Shell Shocked but Reigns and Rollins broke up the pin. The Shield and Ryback fought up the entrance way. The Shield got the upper hand with multiple chair shots and put Ryback on the table. Rollins started climbing a ladder but Ryback climbed up and through Rollins off the ladder through multiple tables. Back in the ring, Reigns hit a powerbomb on Bryan through a table and picked up the win.

WINNERS: The Shield
Match Analysis: ****: That was a very good match and for some may make a late run at Match of the Year. It was brutal in every way shape and form. The Shield looked strong throughout the show and definitely looked like they belonged in a WWE ring. Ryback doesn't take the pin. Just a great brawl and a strong effort by all men involved. It will be hard for anyone to top it.

Eve defeated Naomi.

World Heavyweight Championship: Big Show (c) vs Sheamus
I missed the first few minutes of this match when my feed cut out. When I got it back, Sheamus hit a couple of chair shots on Big Show. Sheamus hit a shoulder tackle off the top rope with a chair. He went for a second one, but Big Show speared him. Show used the chair a couple of times on Sheamus. Show charged at Sheamus but Sheamus ducked and Show went into the ropes. Sheamus fought back with some kicks and punches but Show caught him with a chokeslam for two. Show hit Sheamus with a Vader Bomb with a chair on him for two. Show set two tables up side by side, but Sheamus countered and hit White Noise on Show through the chairs for two. Sheamus went for a Brogue Kick but Big Show moved. Sheamus got caught in the ropes and Show hit a KO Punch for two. Big Show pulled a giant chair from under the ring and hit Sheamus with it, picking up the win.

WINNER: Big Show
Match Analysis: **1/2: Eh, it wasn't bad. But I kind of expected more from these two. The giant chair was a unique touch. Surprised to see Sheamus lose three times in a row. He can't justify getting another World Title Match. So where does Big Show go from here? Who really knows.

A.J. wished Cena luck backstage.

3MB vs Alberto del Rio, Miz and Brooklyn Brawler
The Brawler was dominated by 3MB until Miz came in and took control. Del Rio took out McIntyre and Ricardo pulled Slater out of the ring. Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale on Mahal and Brooklyn Brawler applied the Brooklyn Crab for the win.

WINNERS: Miz, Alberto del Rio and Brooklyn Brawler

Ladder Match for World Title MITB Briefcase: Dolph Ziggler vs John Cena
Dolph started with a takedown headlock. Cena fought back and tossed Ziggler to the outside. Dolph caught Cena on the outside and then set up a chair in the corner in the ring. Cena hit a faceplant on Ziggler. Cena went to grab a ladder but Ziggler dropkicked it back into Cena. Dolph tried setting up the ladder but Cena kicked him and then speared the ladder into Ziggler. They went to the outside and Cena hit Ziggler with the steps. Cena set up a table in the ring. When he went back to Ziggler, Ziggler recovered and dropped Cena's neck on the ropes. Both men exchanged punches and kicks and Dolph eventually applied a sleeper. Cena started climbing the ladder. He eventually fell through off the ladder and both men went through the table set up in the ring.

Dolph started climbing the ladder. Cena grabbed the ladder and put it over his head, with Ziggler still on it. Cena started going into Cena mode but Ziggler caught him with a kick. Cena regained control with the STF. Ziggler grabbed the ropes and started tapping. Cena went to use a ladder but Ziggler caught him with a shot to the gut. Ziggler went for a springboard clothesline but Cena caught him. Dolph got of an AA attempt with a ZigZag. Dolph set up a table in the corner. But Cena recovered and hit a sideslam and the You Can't See Me. Dolph countered another AA with a DDT. Ziggler set up a ladder and started to climb. Cena also went to the top of the ladder. Both men exchanged punches and Cena knocked Ziggler off. Ziggler regained control and knocked Cena off the ladder. Cena countered with a TERRIBLE hurricarrana and Dolph went through a table in the corner.

Dolph started fighting back and Ziggler hit a dropkick, knocking the ladder out of the ring. The two went to the top. Ziggler knocked Cena off the top with a headbutt. Cena caught Ziggler off the rope, but Ziggler grabbed the chair he set up in the corner and used it on Cena. Ziggler went for a superkick but Cena ducked and hit an AA. Vickie came out to yell, but A.J. came out and hit Cena's five moves of doom on Vickie. Cena set up the ladder as A.J. skipped around the ring. Cena climbed the ladder, but A.J. pushed the ladder over and Ziggler hit a superkick on Cena. A.J. smiled and left. Dolph climbed the ladder and grabbed the briefcase to win.

WINNER: Dolph Ziggler
Match Analysis: ***3/4: Another solid match on the show. And the right man went over again. Just like The Shield showed they belonged earlier in the night, Dolph Ziggler showed he belongs in the main event scene with tonight's win. The crowd was begging the WWE to help push Ziggler to the next level, and the WWE took the right step in that direction tonight. Everyone will talk about the ending. A.J. didn't align with Ziggler, but you would have to think things are going that way. Or they could just say she is crazy. But a strong ending to the show.

I thought this was an above average PPV that showed the WWE may finally be getting ready to push new talent. The 6 man TLC Match was definitely the match of the night. The Shield did not look out of place at all in a big time match. I will be interested to see where the WWE goes with them, as well as Ryback. Even though he was never pinned, Ryback has lost a lot of momentum going forward. I was surprised to see Show go over. And this time, Sheamus doesn't have any just cause for a rematch. Ziggler going over was the right thing, and A.J. turning again will add some more buzz to RAW tomorrow. I wasn't a fan of any of the undercard stuff. I wish the matches would have got some more time. Del Rio's face turn was interesting. And it was nice to see the Rhodes Scholars win. I'm giving the show a solid 7. A better first hour might have pushed it a little higher.

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