Friday, August 13, 2010

WWE SummerSlam Preview

Hello everyone, and welcome to my first full blog post. Today, I'll take a look at and preview WWE SummerSlam, which takes place this Sunday. While this card may not seem like the second biggest pay-per-view of the year, I think the build for the matches has been solid overall.

Before I begin the preview, I want to send my thoughts and prayers out to the family of Lance Cade, who passed away today at the age of 29. No matter who you are, or what problems you've had in your life,  passing away at 29 is just too young, especially when you have two young daughters like Cade did. I always thought there was potential for Cade, especially considering he was a student of Shawn Michaels. R.I.P. Lance.

Now onto the preview:

This first preview contains a *SPOILER* for Smackdown tonight:

Dolph Ziggler (C) vs Kofi Kingston: Intercontinental Title

Dolph Ziggler won the IC Title last week from Kofi, with the help of his new girlfriend Vickie Guerrero. Can someone explain to me, even in kafaybe terms, how one goes from Maria to Vickie Guerrero??? Anyways, Kofi is furious and wants his belt back. While this match may seem like it's just been thrown together so there can be another match on the card, it is nice to see a secondary title actually fought over. Unlike on RAW, where the U.S. Title has become secondary to The Miz's Money in the Bank briefcase. Smackdown has a decent mid-card, and maybe management is finally willing to give Dolph enough of a push to get ahead of the pack. I'll say Dolph retains here, again with the help of Vickie Guerrero.

WINNER: Dolph Ziggler

Divas Championship- Alicia Fox (C) vs Melina

Melina returned from injury just in time to save us from another Eve Torres match. Now she's looking to get back the Divas Title from Alicia. While I would have prefered to see a Maryse/Melina feud upon Melina's return, these two have done just enough to keep my attention for the few weeks they've been feuding. Melina won in a non-title match on Monday, so I'll say Alicia gets that one back with a victory here, leading to a rubber match at Night of Champions in September.

WINNER: Alicia Fox

3-on-1 Handicap Match: Big Show vs The Straight Edge Society

Oh know! A 3-on-1 handicap, how will the Big Show overcome the odds? Well he does have the fact that he is the LARGEST ATHLETE IN THE UNIVERSE on his side. However, the Big Show has been around for over a decade, and doesn't need to be put over here. Smackdown is lacking on the heel side, and I think C.M. Punk will get re-inserted into the title picture sooner rather than later. I'll say Show takes out Gallows and Joey Mercury with the Knockout Punch, but then gets distracted by Serena, allowing Punk to take advantage and pick-up the win.

WINNER: The Straight Edge Society

World Heavyweight Championship: Kane (C) vs Rey Mysterio

Kane won the title from Rey by cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase against Rey at the Money in the Bank PPV. Now, Rey wants to get his title back. Of course, anybody who has been watching Smackdown the past few months know that this match is just a palceholder, and is leading to the inevitable Kane/Undertaker feud #453496. Kane's been going around accusing everyone of putting his brother the Undertaker in a vegetative state. Well, Rey finally called Kane's bluff last week ,and said Kane is the one who attacked the Undertaker. I think this is the Lock of the Night, Kane wins with the chokeslam, and attacks Rey post match, giving Rey an excuse to take time off for the knee surgery he apparently needs. The Undertaker then comes back in some form. Maybe he'll get wheeled out in his hospital bed, then wake up, pull out his tubes, and attack Kane in a hospital gown? More likely, however, the druids will wheel out a casket, and Kane will open it to find the Undertaker, um, alive? But isn't he dead already? My head hurts.


WWE Championship: Sheamus (C) vs Randy Orton

For me, this is the hardest match to predict on the card. There's no denying that Randy Orton has been the hottest superstar (not wrestler) in the WWE since Wrestlemania. And creative has done a good job of not screwing up his face turn like they did when he broke away from Evolution. Sheamus, meanwhile, has turned into a solid heel champion. I know being HHH's buddy has helped him in this early stage of his career, but he's also grown into his own as champion. The stipulations for the match are that if anyone interfers on Sheamus's behalf, he loses the title. If Randy Orton loses, he doesn't get another title shot. That reason alone is the reason I think I'm leaning towards Randy Orton to take the title. Orton is hot right now, and there's no better time to pull the trigger than at the biggest event of the summer. With the Nexus already freshening up RAW, Randy Orton as WWE Champion will only switch things up more, and make it a little more interesting.

WINNER: Randy Orton

7-on-6 Elimination Match: Team Nexus vs Team WWE

I think this match should go on last. It's had the most focus on RAW as far as build-up goes. I like the Nexus. They're something new and different, which is something that had been lacking on RAW for months. It's hard not to think of them as another nWo, or WCW/ECW Invasion angle, but you can say that about any type of large invading faction. The main focus has been the disention among Team WWE, which seems to have been solved this past week on RAW. The only thing that remains unsolved is who Team WWE's 7th member will be. The Miz has offered his services. Daniel Bryan could return. They could just have a battle royal to pick the last spot. But the fact that they haven't announced the member leads me to believe it has to be someone big, which leads us to HHH. The Game has been on the shelf for months, and if he is healthy enough, I believe he will make his comeback here. However, he will also turn on team WWE, leading to him being revealed as the mastermind behind the Nexus. While some might not consider him the ideal leader (I'd prefer Paul Heyman) he's the best fit out of everyone they have. Even if this doesn't happen, the Nexus needs the win here in order to continue the feud. A loss would essentially kill the angle.

WINNER: Team Nexus

Where Do We Go From Here?

Night of Champions is in September. Undertaker/Kane is a lock for the World Heavyweight Title. I think Sheamus gets a rematch against Randy Orton, probably with some stipulation added. Whatever the stipulation, I think it results in The Miz cashing in Money in the Bank and winning the WWE Title. I'll also say Miz loses the U.S. Title between SummerSlam and Night of Champions. On Smackdown, maybe we'll get the Mid-Card involved in a 6 Pack Challenge (which was rumored for SummerSlam). And there will probably be two Women's matches for the 3RD PPV IN A ROW!!!

I hope you all liked my first blog. I'm hoping to start a Fantasy Football column in the next week, along with an NFL Season Preview, and more wrestling as well. Be sure to spread this blog to your friends and follow me on BlogSpot.

Until next time, see ya later BlogNation!
Justin C

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