Monday, January 28, 2013

The WWE RAW Truth Review for 1/28/13

We are one hour away from RAW. Vince McMahon is giving Paul Heyman a "performance review" tonight. Why? Does Heyman answer to Vince? Who knows.

Vickie introduced the RAW Roulette wheels. There are 3. The first result: Antonio Cesaro vs Randy Orton with a special guest referee.

Hey Look, Someone Cares About Losing A Match
C.M. Punk came out in a rage. Punk said this was day 435 of his WWE Title reign. He beat The Rock and is the People's Champion. Punk asked if they really wanted to support someone who couldn't pin him without someone's help. He never needed anyone to restart a match. He called last night the Phoenix Screwjob. Punk said he is here to crash the party. Vince McMahon came out. Vince said he has tape from an anonymous source that he is complicit with Paul Heyman that they are involved with The Shield. Vince said Heyman is do for a performance review that could result in his job termination.

Friday, January 25, 2013

WWE Royal Rumble Preview

This Sunday the WWE will present us with the Royal Rumble. In my opinion, the biggest non-Wrestlemania PPV in quite some time. Some might argue that this PPV itself is bigger than any Wrestlemania in recent memory. It will set the course for Wrestlemania season and give us a glimpse into what the WWE has planned for the biggest event of the year.

Monday, January 21, 2013

The WWE RAW Truth Review for 1/21/13

It's the last RAW before the Royal Rumble. Expect a lot of promo work tonight. Looking forward to the final Rock/Punk showdown before this Sunday.

Hey Rock, Just Force Them To Watch The Tooth Fairy
RAW started with Vickie Guerrero and Paul Heyman in the ring. They said they were in the ring as a sign of unity because both were defamed by The Rock last week. Heyman called Vickie the sexiest GM in the history of television. Vickie replayed the song about Heyman. Heyman said it is one thing to pick a fight with him, but its another to pick a fight with a defenseless widow. Heyman then played Vickie's song. Vickie said she won't let that happen tonight. Vickie said she banned him from the arena, and if he does enter, he will be arrested.

A Tale of Two Pushes

Did you ever look at two similar things and wonder how they could be so different? That's what I thought of when I was watching RAW this past Monday. Of course, this is the WWE we are talking about. The fact that they could do one thing right and another thing completely wrong shouldn't come as a surprise to us. As wrestling fans, we should be used to this by now. But this past week's RAW had two different examples of what is good and what is bad with the WWE today.

Monday, January 14, 2013

The RAW Truth Review for 1/14/13

We have a Rock Concert tonight. Part of me really hopes 3MB crashes it. It is also the 20th anniversary of RAW, so we can expect some big names to return.

Del Rio As A Face? So Far So Good
After a mix of old intros from RAWs past, Vince McMahon was in the ring. He said throughout the years, RAW has always been full of entertainment. Vince said over 4 billion people have watched RAW, and it is because he is a genius. He said tonight, John Cena will face Dolph Ziggler in a Steel Cage and hyped the Rock Concert. Big Show came out and said that everything will have to wait until they address the travesty that happened to him on Smackdown. Vince said that he doesn't like people interrupting him or calling him by his first name. Show addressed Vince as Sir. Vince said it looks like he lost a lot of weight, and by that he meant the World Title that used to be around his waist. Vince replayed the footage of Del Rio's World Title win.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rock-Cena 2: What Does It Do For You?

While nothing is confirmed at all, and plans can always change due to a number of circumstances, the rumored working plan for the WWE is to have The Rock face John Cena at Wrestlemania 29. This time the match is suppose to be for the WWE Title. But as I usually like to say when it comes to most things WWE, I ask why this needs to happen. Mainly, I like to ask what exactly it does to spark more interest in the product and what it accomplishes for me as a fan.

Lets start with the main reason I hate having this match again: This is Wrestlemania. Very rarely do you have rematches at Wrestlemania. HBK-Taker is one exception where it happened and worked. But the rematch obviously had more at stake in it. And before you even think about, neither the Rock or John Cena are putting their careers on the line in this match. So you can cross that off. And besides, we all know when John Cena is forced to leave the WWE he just appears more often on TV then he did before. (see: John Cena-Nexus) But it's the same reason I have a problem with the rumored Brock Lesnar-HHH rematch at Mania. I want to see new, big time match-ups at Wrestlemania. I don't want to see the second or third match between two guys that have already fought in the Wrestlemania calendar year.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

NFL Divisional Round Preview

One Playoff round down. Next up is the Divisional round. I went 4-0 with my picks last week.

To touch quickly on Robert Griffin's injury: I think it is a damn shame what happened. I do think Griffin will be ready for next year. AP did it and I can see Griffin doing it as well. As far as what Mike Shanahan's role was, I don't think we will ever know. Dr. James Andrews and Shanahan apparently had different views on how healthy Griffin was. Once the offense started slowing down in the first half, I probably would have pulled Griffin. Griffin was of no help to the Skins offense once the knee started bothering him. I hope RG3 recovers, because he is a joy to watch on the field.

Now, onto the Preview. Same format as last week.

Monday, January 7, 2013

The WWE RAW Truth Review for 1/7/13

It is the first RAW of the new year, and it is definitely a big one. C.M. Punk takes on Ryback in a TLC Match, and the Rock returns to start the build to his WWE Title Match at the Royal Rumble. The WWE promises to have everyone talking after this show. Will they deliver?

Is This RAW or Grade School All Over Again?
After the beginning promo, John Cena came out. He said it was a special night for everbody here with the TLC Match and Rock being there. He said they were on the Road to Wrestlemania and started talking about the Royal Rumble when Dolph Ziggler, A.J. and Big E Langston interrupted. Ziggler said people will remember him after tonight. A.J. asked Cena if this is what helped him sleep at night. A.J. called him a small man, a very small man. John Cena congratulated A.J. for making her first sixth grade penis joke. He got the crowd to start the wave. Dolph interrupted again and said he is entering the Royal Rumble too, with his primary goal of not letting Cena win. Cena said that's great, but he wants to fight right now. Big E. Langston took the mic and said its on. Ziggler and Langston talked and started walking to the ring.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

5 Things I Would Like To See in the WWE in 2013

Its a new year. But can we expect new things from the WWE? Every year we go into Wrestlemania season with a renewed sense of optimism. That has definitely been the case the last couple of years with the return of The Rock and then the build up to Rock/Cena last year. This year could be more entertaining with Brock Lesnar and the push of C.M. Punk. But it could also be the WWE just staying the course and going with rematches of past main events, something I am in no way in favor of.

At the beginning of every year, I like to give a list of ideas of things I would like to see happen in the WWE. How many of these ideas will come to fruition? Probably not many. The WWE likes to stick to the same basic script when it comes to TV shows. Shove their top babyface stars down our throats and force us to watch them. It is reasons like that why we hate John Cena and are starting to get sick of Sheamus act. The WWE needs to take some risk and think outside of the box every once in a while.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

NFL Wild Card Round Preview

I apologize for not posting any weekly NFL Previews the last three weeks. I had a lot going on with working two jobs and have barely had any time to myself. I even took a break from writing about RAW the last two weeks. It didn't help that those two RAWs were on Holiday Eves, but I just needed a break to recharge. But I am now back and am starting a new year.

The NFL Playoffs start this week with the Wild Card Round. I never posted any official Playoff Predictions to start the season, but I can say that I correctly picked 4 out of the 6 AFC teams (Missed Cincinnati and Indianapolis, picked Buffalo and Tennessee instead). I correctly picked 3 out of 6 NFC teams (Missed Minnesota, Washington and Seattle, picked Detroit, NY Giants and Chicago instead). A little better than 50% so not great. There are a couple of hot teams heading into the post-season and also a couple sliding teams. Without wasting time, lets get into the Preview. Each Preview will be accompanied by 3 bullet points then a prediction at the end.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Justin's Take: NFL Playoff and Off-Seaon Look Ahead

Hello Everyone. Instead of reviewing Week 17 like I would normally do here, I'm going to take a look ahead to the NFL Playoffs and Off-Season in this week's post. Not much to review about Week 17 without talking about both of those topics. Right now everyone is talking about the Playoffs and Coaching Moves, so why not talk about it here?

Ranking the Playoff Teams
12. Indianapolis Colts
-The Colts have been a great story all year. If you picked them to finish 11-5, then you are either a die hard Colts fan or have some psychic ability. They played well despite Coach Chuck Pagano leaving due to leukemia. Pagano is back, and you know the Colts will go all out for him. But the Colts defense scares me, especially their run defense. I think Ray Rice has a big game against them. Indy has been a good story but they are a long shot to win it all.