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JC's Take: Elimination Chamber Review

JC's Take: Elimination Chamber Review

Welcome back everyone. Yesterday the WWE held their annual Elimination Chamber PPV. While the show ended up being as predictable as it looked, it still was a great show. Even though the WWE won't use this word, it was a solid WRESTLING show from top to bottom. Lets get right into the review.

Alberto del Rio defeated Kofi Kingston (**1/2)
I think this was a smart choice for the opener. The WWE tends to have one of the Chamber matches open the show, but this was the better choice. Del Rio surprisingly received a good amount of cheers during the match. Is that an indication of how much people are starting to like his character? Or does it show they have lost faith in Kofi Kingston? The crowd being into this match as much as it was were good indications for the rest of the card. Del Rio went over with his armbar submission. Kofi got enough offense in to make it look like he belonged in the ring with Alberto. Of course the right man went over. You can't really have Del Rio going into Wrestlemania looking weak or losing any momentum. While Del Rio is awesome as a character, there still seems to be a little bit lacking in his work in the ring. It can be a tough transition from working as a luchador in Mexico all your professional life to working in the WWE. But that is just a small wrinkle in Del Rio. I think he is well on his way to winning the World Title at Wrestlemania.

Edge won the Smackdown Elimination Chamber to retain the World Heavyweight Championship (****1/2)
As of now, this would be my WWE Match of the Year. Of course we are not even two months into 2011, so I'm sure that will change. But everyone in this match brought their A game Sunday. The 6th surprise entrant, Big Show, wasn't really too much of a surprise. Everyone in this match had their own moments where they looked good, although I was surprised how quickly Wade Barrett was eliminated. I thought for sure Barrett would be in the final two, but instead he was eliminated first by Big Show. I guess I understand it. Big Show got some of his heat back by finally getting the best of Barrett one-on-one. Barrett being eliminated first also put to rest any idea of a Wade Barrett/Undertaker match at Wrestlemania.

Kane regained some of his momentum here. He's pretty much been dormant since he lost the World Heavyweight Title to Edge. Even after he was eliminated he got some heat by chokeslamming Edge and Rey. Drew McIntyre showed a different side of himself in this match. He had a bit of an aggressive side to him, throwing Barrett and Rey through the pods. Will this lead to anything with him character wise? Probably not yet. But McIntyre showed tonight that he just might belong in the main event scene after all.

The stars of this match, however, were Edge and Rey Mysterio. As much as I've grown to not really like his character, I have to give props to Rey for taking some sick bumps in the Chamber. I really thought Rey was hurt after he went head first into the pods, because his head was the only thing to hit it. Edge and Rey also put on a great final showing. The near falls and moves were executed perfectly. Even though I thought Barrett should have been in the final two, you really thought as a fan either Edge or Rey could win. They both have a history with Del Rio. Edge, meanwhile, looks to be rejuvinated after a lackluster 2010. He's had two quality PPV matches in a row. Maybe he is putting everything into what could possibly be his last year with the company. Edge ended up winning after spearing Rey mid-air.

Alberto del Rio came out after and attacked Edge while still being in the Chamber. Del Rio had the upper hand until Christian returned to make the save. Interesting timing for his return. Could it be a triple threat match at Mania? Or maybe something else? Don't really know. But as I've said, great drama all around and a great Chamber match. Maybe the best one yet, but I haven't watched the others in a long time to judge that statement properly.

After this match Booker T was in the ring. He said he was a trainer on the new Tough Enough, and then introduced another trainer: Trish Stratus. Trish still looked as good as she did when she left, and considering I prefer brunettes to blondes, I could say she got even better. She said she was working on a new catchphrase and it was a combination of The Rock and Booker T's main sayings. It was a bit of an awkward delivery, and it could have been better.

Later on in the show, Vickie Guerrero came out begging for Teddy Long to rehire Dolph Ziggler, who was fired on Friday's Smackdown. Long came out and said he was in a re-hiring mood, but he wasn't going to rehire Dolph. Instead he rehired Kelly Kely, and she returned to get revenge on Vickie. Laycool made the save, only for Trish to make the save on behalf of Kelly. Trish probably shouldn't have been wearing those black boot heels, because they caused her to mess up her hurricarana corner spot. I'm sure this segment looked good on paper, but it's execution did not come off well.

The Corre (Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater) defeated Santino and Vladimir Kozlov to win the Unified Tag Team Titles (*1/4)
This was pretty much just filler in between the Smackdown main matches and the two RAW main matches. Not too much action here. The right team went over. Corre looks more credible with belts in their camp. This also allows Gabriel & Slater to appear on both shows, which means that they can now set up a potential Tag Title match with Nexus at Wrestlemania. This was your typical short WWE Tag Team match. Nothing great, but nothing bad either.

The Miz defeated Jerry Lawler to retain the WWE Championship (**1/2)
These two put forth a good match that told a good story. Jerry Lawler is 62 years old, you knew going in you weren't going to get any flashy offense from him. But as I've been saying the last two weeks, Lawler knows how to tell a good story in the ring, and he did that here. The crowd believed everything Lawler did, and there were a couple of points where you actually thought Lawler might win. Especially after Alex Riley was thrown out from ringside and Michael Cole was taken out after Lawler threw Miz into him.

But in the end, the right man went over. Miz needed to get a clean victory here, and he pretty much did. Sure Riley interfered a couple of times on behalf of the Miz, but it didn't affect the outcome of the match. The finish kind of came out of nowhere, but it was still a satisying match. Lawler sold the finish of the match well, looking back at the Wrestlemania logo and realizing that he not only lost his chance to win the WWE Title, but also a chance to have his first ever Wrestlemania match. Of course I think he will finally have one this year, but he sold it well.

In between the WWE Title match they aired the 2-21-11 vignette. I'm convinced that there are 2 people in that video. Whether the second person is Sting or HHH or someone else I don't know. But there has to be 2 people in it, or the WWE just did a bad editing job or an intentional editing job to make us think there are 2 people in it.

They then showed Cena eating a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. He said it was his favorite cereal. Todd Grisham was going to ask him about Rock's comments, but he said his focus was on the Chamber match. Cena's character is so lame that it is almost beyond repair.

John Cena won the RAW Elimination Chamber, earning a WWE Championship Match at Wrestlemania (***1/2)
I thought this was another good Chamber match. It wasn't as good as the Smackdown one. It didn't have as much action and it lacked in the drama department, but it was played out ok. Once again C.M. Punk stood out here. His facial expressions after he went back into his pod was great. I wasn't the biggest fan of the whole "pod malfunctioning" angle, specifically because the pod functioned fine in the first Chamber match. But since it's C.M. Punk, he played it off great. Punk also received a good crowd reaction. He's not turning face anytime soon, however. His heel character is too good to do that.

John Morrison was once again the standout. He used his parkour style well in the Chamber. His climb to the top of the Chamber to take out Sheamus was unique and innovative. He also sold his knee injury really well. I thought it would have been a star making match for Morrison if he had won here, but that was not the case. Morrison is either winning Money in the Bank, or he will look like a star in the match and build up to a traditional title match at a PPV somewhere down the line.

As much as I hate to admit it, the right man went over in the end. Unless the WWE secretly was planning Cena/Rock, the most money is in Cena in the title match at Wrestlemania. It was a typical Cena type of match. He looked strong and barely sold any moves long term. But even the crowd reaction after he won wasn't as great as you would have expected. Cena still sells the most merchandise and is relatively young (30), so he is not going away anytime soon. But he may be starting to grown tiresome on even his fans.

As I said at the start, the card looked predicatble on paper and it played out that way. But the wrestling on the show made it better. All of the matches served their purpose. The two Chamber matches had entertaining action, the opener was hot and got the right man over, the WWE Title match told a good story, and the tag title match was a good filler match. The wrestling on this show was some of the best we've seen from an entire card in a long time. I would recommed this show to anyone who is a fan of the business because of the action in the ring, not the glitz and glamour out of it. I would give the show a solid 8 out of 10. From a wrestling standpoint, it will be tough to top this show for the rest of the year.

Where Do We Go From Here???
Wrestlemania 27 is in 6 weeks, here is a look at the card:
WWE Championship: The Miz (c) vs John Cena
-It's going to be important for the WWE to establish Miz as a serious threat to Cena here. Cena is more than likely going over, but they need to make the casual fan believe that Miz has a shot of winning. The Rock's involvement can also not over-shawdow the Miz here. People want to see the Rock/Cena showdown, but Miz can't be lost in the shuffle.

World Title: Edge (c) vs Alberto del Rio
-Christian's involvement may throw a wrench into this. Will it result in a triple threat match? I doubt it. The higher-ups in the WWE don't see Christian as someone worthy of a Wrestlemania main event. I think Christian will be used in the build to the match, but not in the actual match. This is about Del Rio winning the World Title.

The Undertaker vs HHH w/Shawn Michaels as Special Referee: Career vs Streak
-This is the rumored match. It'll be interesting to see if they can fit this into 6 weeks of build. But the real question is: Is HHH going to return for only 6 weeks and then vanish again forever? Is he really that comfortable with his office role?

Randy Orton vs C.M. Punk
Even though Orton has been stale in recent months, the build to this so far has been good. They each exchanged pinfalls inside the Chamber. I like that they played up the history between the two, with Orton causing Punk to lose the title in 2008. I expect Punk's mic work to carry this feud for 6 weeks.

Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes
Rhodes character is starting to get over. People love to hate him. Mysterio apparently hand picked Cody to be his opponent for Mania, so I'm sure they have a good build lined up. The two would be more than capable of putting on a good match and I think this would make for a solid opener.

Kevin Nash & Big Show vs Wade Barrett & Ezekiel Jackson
Saw this idea on PWTorch today. The story makes sense. Big Show needs help to take out these 2, and him and Nash had a staredown at the Rumble. Hard to believe Barrett went from potential Undertaker opponent to a secondary tag match.

Money in the Bank Match: John Morrison vs Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus vs R-Truth vs Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler vs Drew McIntyre vs Jack Swagger
This might be the best possible combination of guys. The two mid-card champions (Bryan & Kofi), only one former WWE Champion (Sheamus), a former MITB winner (Swagger), 2 worthy upper mid-card guys (Truth & McIntyre) and 2 guys who appear destined for their 1st title reigns in 2011 (Morrison & Ziggler). My 2 picks to win would be Morrison and Ziggler, with Drew McIntyre as the "Jack Swagger OUT OF NOWHERE" candidate.

Jerry Lawler vs Alex Riley
Lawler gets his first Mania match, and if wins he gets 5 minutes with in the ring with Michael Cole.

Trish Stratus & Kelly Kelly vs Laycool
This was set up last night. It'll probably turn into a Lumberjill match. But Trish wrestling is more of a draw than the Divas Title being defended.

Corre (Gabriel & Slater) vs New Nexus (Otunga & McGillicutty): Tag Titles
Easy set-up for the two. The only question is who do the fans cheer? Maybe they throw in Santino & Kozlov.

That card with The Rock guest hosting looks good. Not your typical Mania card match wise, but The Rock's presence will make the card seem that much more special.

That's all for today. I can't guarantee anything for the rest of the week, but I may put something wrestling or sports related up mid-week.

Until next time,
Justin C

Thursday, February 17, 2011

JC's Take: WWE Elimination Chamber Preview + Batista to TNA???

JC's Take: WWE Elimination Chamber Preview

Hey everyone. Welcome back for my preview of this Sunday's Elimination Chamber PPV. There are only 4 matches announced for this card so far, but I would suspect that we will get 1 or 2 more matches on the show itself. Maybe a tag title match with Santino & Kozlov taking on The Corre, and I would assume we would get some kind of Divas Title Match.

The build to this PPV has been ok, but it was obviously over shadowed by the return of The Rock this week. Let me say that I thought The Rock's performance on RAW this past Monday was great. It was one of the best moments on RAW in the last five years. The Rock came out and showed everyone in the back how to cut a great promo. His interaction with Michael Cole was great. And of course, his mocking of John Cena was superb. Is it leading to a match at Wrestlemania? I don't think so. Everyone wants it, but The Rock doesn't need it. He has said that he is done wrestling. He doesn't have anything left to prove. Wrestling an actual match might also hurt his position in Hollywood, because people look down on wrestling up there. I expect some kind of confrontation between The Rock and John Cena at Mania, but not a match. My best guess would be that The Rock somehow gets involved with a potential John Cena/Miz match, since he mentioned both men by name this past Monday.

But enough gushing over The Rock, lets move on to the preview of Elimination Chamber.

Kofi Kingston vs Alberto del Rio

The primary reason this match is happening is to get Alberto del Rio on the PPV. The guy is the top star on Smackdown right now, and you could make an argument that he is the best thing in the WWE right now. I'd probably put him #2 behind C.M. Punk. Kofi has had interactions with del Rio the last couple weeks. He came to the aid of Hornswoggle to start. Last Friday they had a very short match which saw del Rio go over clean with the armbar. Why give away the match on TV only to have it on PPV 10 week later? Smackdown has had some questionable booking in the last couple of months. Anyways, I would expect this match to go a little bit longer than five minutes this time. Kofi gets some offense in to look good, but del Rio wins it in the end with the armbar. He can't lose here heading into his Title match at Mania.

WINNER: Alberto del Rio

WWE Championship: The Miz (c) vs Jerry Lawler

There are lots of varying opinions on this match. Some people are happy to see Jerry Lawler get a main event program, and what is more than likely his last big run in the WWE. I'm in that group. The guy deserves it. There are other people who feel that The Miz is being wasted on Lawler, and he could be doing much better than him. I'm sure those people felt that way even more after watching Miz fight Daniel Bryan this past Monday. They had a great match, and after their encounters last fall, it's quite obvious that these two work well together. But the difference is, no matter how much Lawler haters won't admit it: Jerry Lawler in a WWE Title match on PPV will get more buys than Daniel Bryan in a WWE Title match on PPV. Is it going to be a better match? Probably not. But the storyline has been played out well. And the crowd will be more behind Lawler than they would Bryan.

Even though they really only had one week to build to this match, it's been slowly getting built over the last couple months. The constant interactions between Lawler and Cole on commentary, Lawler's TLC match with The Miz, and their other interactions in tag matches have all been building to this. Despite his age, Lawler knows how to build an effective program. His promo exchange with Miz two weeks ago was good. He kept it simple rather than over-complicating things. Lawler also knows how to tell a story in the ring. He can build to the high point of a match effectively.

How is the match going to go? I think The Miz goes over here. However, I would not put it out of the realm of possibility to see Lawler win and have a one day title reign. With all the talk of Lawler never winning the WWE title, along with the untimely passing of his mother, it could be a great feel good story and an emotional moment in the ring. There will be some people who wouldn't like that. I wouldn't be against it, but I don't see it happening. Even if it was a "fluke" win, the WWE can't afford to hurt the credibility of The Miz heading into Wrestlemania. But I also don't see The Miz winning cleanly here, simply because he has not been booked like that during his title reign. I think Miz wins with the help of Michael Cole, setting up the anticipated Jerry Lawler vs Michael Cole match at Wrestlemania.


Smackdown Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight Title

***NOTE*** Before anyone continues reading, this preview will contain spoilers regarding Friday's Smackdown.

Looking at the 6 men in this match, I think it is fairly certain who is winning this one. With Alberto del Rio already announcing that he will take on the World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania, it automatically knocks off any heels chances of winning the match. Sorry Kane, Drew McIntyre, and Wade Barrett. Why didn't I put Dolph Ziggler down on that list? Because of the whole mess of an angle that happens on Smackdown this Friday. Vickie strips Edge of the World Title and awards it to Dolph Ziggler, only for Teddy Long to come back and announces that he's stripping Ziggler of the title. The two fight later for the World Title, with Edge winning. Because Edge won, Dolph loses his spot in the Elimination Chamber. First the World Title is defended in a 3-on-2 intergender match, then a non-official WWE referee makes a pin count, then that mess. Since when did Vince Russo return to the WWE???

Who will be  the 6th person in the match? I wouldn't expect anybody big. My guess is that more than likely Dolph Ziggler finds his way back into the match. They could throw Big Show in there. A long shot could be a returning Christian. But the only real options to win this match are Edge and Rey Mysterio. And since Rey Mysterio and Alberto del Rio just had a long program this past fall, Edge gets the nod here. How will it go? Lets say Edge and Drew McIntyre start. They go at it until Kane comes in. Kane and McIntyre work over Edge when Ziggler comes in next. Edge goes to spear Ziggler but he moves and instead Edge hits Kane, eliminating him. Rey's out next. He comes in and hits McIntyre with the 619 and West Coast Pop, eliminating Drew. Barrett is out last. He eliminates Mysterio by catching him mid-air and pinning him after delivering Wasteland. Ziggler's ou next after an Edge roll-up. Barrett and Edge then go at it until Edge spears Barrett through one of the pods, allowing him to pick-up the victory.


RAW Elimination Chamber: Winner gets a WWE Title Shot at Wrestlemania 27

Even though the Smackdown EC is for the World Title, I think this match will go last. There are bigger stars in this match, well other than R-Truth. Hopefully he knows what city they're in Sunday. Before The Rock came out Monday, the build to this match ended with John Cena and Randy Orton standing tall in the ring. Usually when that happens in the wrestling world, you go against said person in their match at the PPV. I don't think that will be the case this Sunday.

To me, this is another easy one to pickout. The Miz is the WWE Champion. Out of all the men in this match, who has he had the most interaction with recently? That's right, John Cena. Before the Royal Rumble, they had a promo exchange on RAW. Then The Miz eliminated Cena in the Rumble match. John Cena retaliated by distracting Miz during is match with Edge, which gave Edge the victory. I think it is pretty evident that the WWE is building towards Cena/Miz at Mania. The only way that is not happening is if the WWE secretly does have The Rock signed on for a match, and we're getting Rock/Cena at Mania. In that scenario, I see the WWE Title match being Miz/Morrison. But I put that scenario at about 1%.

So how does this one play out? Morrison and Punk start off. R-Truth is in next. Cena comes out fourth and eliminates his buddy R-Truth with the Attitude Adjustment. Sheamus is in fifth, and Orton comes in last. The Viper strikes, RKOing Sheamus and eliminating him. After the delivering the RKO, Punk sneaks up from behind and low blows Orton, giving him the GTS and scoring the pin. Now we're down to Cena, Punk, and Morrison. Punk is able to hit the GTS on Cena, but Morrison hits him with a kick to the head, followed by a running knee then Starship Pain, eliminating Punk. Morrison and Cena staredown each other than the Wrestlemania 27 logo. After a ton of counters and near falls, Cena is finally able to hit the AA on Morrison for the win.

WINNER: John Cena

I expect the show to be good. The competitors in both Chamber matches are capable of putting on a quality wrestling performance. Miz/Lawler should have a good amount of drama in it, and anything with Alberto del Rio is usually good.

So, some of you may have noticed the "Batista to TNA???" heading in the title. Now, I'm in no way claiming this to be reliable, nor do I have anything to back up this statement. I'm just going off of what I was told.

A close friend of mine recently moved down to Orlando, and has attended a handful of Impact tapings. He recently spoke to a TNA worker, and this worker told him that Batista has signed with TNA and that he will be debuting with them in the next couple months.

Like I said, I would take this with a grain of salt. My friend would have no reason to lie to me. He believed the guy enough to call me immediately after he was told. I know the TNA worker isn't a wrestler, that's all. But if it happens, I look like good and you know where you heard it first. If it doesn't, I just started a false rumor. But that is nothing new in the wrestling business.

That's all for this week. Elimination Chamber Review on Monday.

Until next time,
Justin C

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JC's Take: WWE Week in Review 2/7-2/13

JC's Take: WWE Week in Review 2/7-2/13

Hey everyone, welcome back for me review of everything WWE from this past week.

-So Vince returned last week to make an announcement about an announcement. There will be a guest host for Wrestlemania 27. Vince hyped this person up as someone big, someone worthy of hosting an event in front of 70,000 people. The way this is being hyped up, it almost has to be The Rock. At this point anything else would be considered a total letdown. PWInsider is reporting today that many people in the WWE think it is Bob Barker, but no one apparently knows for sure except Vince McMahon. Sure Barker was great when he was guest host, but that big of an announcement just for Bob Barker would be a total disappointment, and might backfire in Vince's face. Plus what has Bob Barker done to make him worthy of hosting an event in front of 70,000 people. I think it has to be The Rock. He has the ability to entertain a crowd like no one else has in the wrestling business. He's the one man who can take a crowd and hold them in the palm of his hand and get them to do whatever he wants. Hopefully we end up getting some interactions with C.M. Punk, Santino, and Alberto del Rio. Of course the one interaction everyone would love to see would be The Rock and John Cena. Everyone would love to see that match to, but I'd put at a 1% chance of happening. Hey who knows, maybe the WWE is swerving us all and we will get Rock/Cena AND Sting/Taker at Mania. A guy can dream right???

-I think the WWE erased any doubt about who those 2/21/11 promos were for last week. By adding the words from the Johnny Cash song "Ain't no grave that can hold my body down," it pretty much tells us that it will be The Undertaker. Am I slightly disappointed? Sure. I would have loved for those promos to been for Sting. I hope someday Sting does show up in the WWE, even if it is only for a year. So what will Undertaker  do when he comes back? One would assume it'd be a feud with either Kane or Wade Barrett and The Corre, but the WWE apparently might have something else in mind. The WWE is planning something big for Taker, and the rumor making the rounds this week is Undertaker vs HHH at Wrestlemania, with Shawn Michaels as special guest referee. And this one might be Streak vs Career as well. I would be ok with this idea. If HHH really does want to retire and focus more on the business side of things, all power to him. Plus HHH and Taker are two seasoned veterans in the ring, so they now how to put on a good match and tell a story. My only question would be how will they fit a whole "Streak vs Career" build into 6 weeks? Last year HBK and Taker built up their story over a span of two months. I'm sure these three guys will find a way for it to work, but I do have some slight doubts.

-Thank goodness for C.M. Punk, because he was one of the only things that made RAW watchable last week. I loved his whole strategy that went into taking out his Elimination Chamber opponents. Of course, until it got to John Cena at the end, who once again overcame the odds to take out Nexus. Punk has been on fire as a character since the start of the New Year. I can't wait for him to get a WWE Title run. The guy deserves it and the heat on him from the marks will be tremendous. The reason I say from the marks is because all or most of the "smarks", or Internet fans, love Punk because of the worker he is. I don't think Punk is getting the title until after Wrestlemania at the earliest, so hopefully he keeps this hot streak going. And I love the fact that they brought up something from almost 3 years ago in the Punk/Orton feud. I had a feeling that Punk would bring it up, simply because there is no other reason for the two to start a feud. And kudos to Punk for taking that stiff shot from Orton like a champ. I'm sure if that was Orton on the receiving end he would have broken out into some temper-tantrum.

-The only other thing I liked about RAW was the promo exchange between Jerry Lawler and The Miz. It was a nice exchange between the two, and it is quite apparent they have good chemistry with each other. Lawler knows how to tell a good story in the ring and with his promos, so the build to this should be fine. Unfortunately Jerry Lawler's mother passed away over the weekend, which means he won't be at RAW tonight. My condolences go out to him and his family. I think the two will put on a good match Sunday, and I bet it will be better than Orton/Miz from the Rumble. Right now I'm picking The Miz via Cole interference. But for some reason, I have this feeling in the back of my head that they may do a one night reign with Lawler. The pop would be tremedous and a guy like Lawler deserves it, no matter what anyone says.

-Smackdown may have captured the biggest headlines of the week with its main event. Edge and Dolph Ziggler fought again this week for the World Title, this time with Vickie Guerrero as referee. This one was no where near as good as their Rumble match. With Vickie down on the outside, Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews came in with a referee shirt and counted the 3 for Edge for the win. Vickie continuously shouted "No, no, no" on the outside. Edge used the Spear, which was banned, with Vickie watching. No one knows what exactly the outcome will be. My guess is that the title is held up going into the Elimination Chamber. Vickie will also probably make Edge start off first in the Chamber. The WWE got some good headlines out of this, as the highlights made Sportscenter and various media outlets.

-I can't wait for Elimination Chamber to be over solely for the fact that it means Alberto del Rio will move into a World Title feud. I love the guy, but he just seems to be doing the same thing over and over again for the last couple weeks. I was surprised how short his match with Kofi Kingston was. I thought for sure the WWE would have saved it for the Elimination Chamber PPV. It would have given del Rio an excuse to be on the PPV, and a good match would have made Kofi look strong. Instead, Kofi lost in about 5 minutes on Smackdown. That was just weird. Hopefully they still have a match on the PPV.

That's all I have for today. Elimination Chamber preview on Thursday. I'm working on an NFL off-season blog looking at each team's needs, as well as some type of Wrestlemania blog.

Until next time,
Justin C

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

JC's Take: 2011 NFL Mock Draft Version 1

JC's Take: 2011 NFL Mock Draft 1.0

Hello everyone. This is my first mock draft this off-season. I hope you all enjoy it.

1. Carolina Panthers: Nick Fairley DT/Auburn
-Poor Panthers. They had their hearts set on Andrew Luck, then he decided to go back to school. There is no doubting the Panthers need for a new QB. Jimmy Claussen did not look good last year. The problem for the Panthers is that there is no QB worth taking #1 overall this year. Even a spectacular combine probably wouldn't catapult a new QB to #1. So now the Panthers have to look elsewhere.

This pick comes down to 4 players: Fairley, LSU CB Patrick Peterson, Clemson DE Da'Quan Bowers, and Georgia WR A.J. Green. Green can be eliminated because he would be useless without a QB. Peterson, while possibly being the best talent in the draft, doesn't fit a need for the Panthers. That leaves Bowers and Fairley. Bowers would fit if the Panthers decided to stick with a 4-3 defense. He's a DE in that defense and it is the best fit. But new coach Ron Rivera likes to run a 3-4 defense, and Bowers wouldn't fit in that Fairley does.

Fairley was an absolute beast in the National Championship game, and he was dominant all year for Auburn. The 2010 Lombardi Award winner seems ready to play in the NFL, and there are already comparisons to Ndamokang Suh from last year's draft. He has some character concerns, but those can be overlooked by many teams. The Panthers ranked 23rd against the run last year, and he fills an immediate need for Carolina.

2. Denver Broncos: Da'Quan Bowers DE/Clemson
-The Broncos ranked dead last in sacks last year with 23. Part of that is because they lost Elvis Dumervil last year to injury. He was their leading sack getter in 2010. The Broncos played the 3-4 scheme in 2010, but with John Fox as their new coach, are expected to switch back to the 4-3 in 2011.

Bowers was a sack master at Clemson in 2010. The problem some scouts have with him. however, is that last year was the only year he produced at Clemson. He struggled his first two years there. But I'm sure Bowers reminds Fox a lot of another pass-rushing DE he had at Carolina, Julius Peppers. Fox also selected Peppers #2 overall in his first year at Carolina.

The Broncos could also take Patrick Peterson here. If Champ Bailey decides not to re-sign with Denver, they will have a hole at CB. And even if Bailey re-signs, they may feel the need to get younger at that position. But Bowers will help the pass rush of the worst pass-rushing team in the league.

3. Buffalo Bills: Patrick Peterson CB/LSU
OK. I know a lot of Bills fans won't be happy with this. Being a Bills fan myself, I can tell you that I am ok with this pick.

GM Buddy Nix, speaking recently to the media, said that the Bills won't stray away from taking the best player on their board. More than likely, if the 1st two picks go as they do above, the pick will come down to Peterson or Georgia WR A.J. Green. Unless the Bills plan on trading Lee Evans, there is no need for Green. That is why this pick is Peterson.

The Bills need all kinds of help stoping the run, which is why Alabama DE/DT Marcell Dareus would be the perfect fit, especially because he can play the 3-4 and 4-3. But if the Bills are going BPA, then Peterson is that and fills a slight need. The Bills secondary gets good reviews, but it is not the greatest. Leodis McKelvin can have his off days, Drayton Florence is a free agent, and Terrence McGee is on the wrong side of 30 and has been hurt the last two years.

Peterson is being hyped as the second coming of Darelle Revis. QBs in the SEC strayed away from throwing to him as much as possible. If the Bills take Peterson here, then they'll need to address the defensive line either immediately in the 2nd round, or via free agency whenever it will start.

4. Cincinnati Bengals: A.J. Green WR/Georgia
The Chad Ochocinco/Terrell Owens era only lasted 1 year in Cincinnati. I thought for sure those two, along with a healthy Carson Palmer, would help the Bengals improve on their 2009 NFC North winning season. Instead, the Bengals choked big time. They finished 4-12, worse than their in-state rival Cleveland. That's embarassing.

With Ochocinco and Owens gone, the Bengals will need a new #1 target for Carson Palmer. Green is one of the top WR prospects to come out in a while. He's a big body that has great play-making ability. He should help satisfy Carson Palmer's needs for change in Cincinnati. Palmer recently demanded a trade, but owner Mike Brown said he would not meet Carson's demands. So Brown will probably listen to Palmer and give him what he wants, which is a new #1 target to replace Chad John, I mean Ochoc, I mean Johnson.

5. Arizona Cardinals: Von Miller OLB/Texas A&M
Talk about someone who has SHOT up draft boards. Miller had an impressive week in Mobile at the Senior Bowl. He may even go as high as #3 to the Bills, but with the emergence of Arthur Moats and the re-signing of Shawn Merriman, I don't think that happens.

Miller is a pass-rushing specialist. And not only that, he has the ability to go out in coverage and take on tight ends 1-on-1. The Cardinals pass rush struggled last season. Joey Porter did not solve any of its problems. Miller may turn out to be a bust, but as long as he continues to perform strong at the Scouting Combine, Miller will likely go in the Top 5.

The Cardinals may take a QB here, but with coach Ken Whisenhunt on the hot seat, and Larry Fitzgerald reportedly unhappy, I don't see that happening. They will more than likely go out and sign a veteran, or trade for one rather than draft a young rookie again.

6. Cleveland Browns: Marcell Dareus DT/Alabama
The Browns would LOVE to have A.J. Green fall to them here. He'd be the perfect target for QB Colt McCoy. But with Green off the board here, the Browns will more than likely look to improve their defense.

With Dick Jauron hired as the defensive coordinator, the Browns will be switching to a 4-3 defense. Dareus is the perfect fit for the Browns on the inside to go along with Shaun Rogers. The Browns may also look at DE Robert Quinn here to help their pass rush, or they may reach for WR Julio Jones. But Dareus is the safest pick of the three.

7. San Francisco 49ers: Prince Amukamara CB/Nebraska
This is a tough one to call. Jim Harbaugh is the new coach in San Francisco. He probably wants his own QB there. The problem is, Harbaugh runs a pro-style offense, and none of the top QBs in this draft have played in a pro style offense. The closest would be Jake Locker, but unless he has a spectacular combine, he isn't worthy of being picked here.

The 49ers need help at the CB position. Nate Clements isn't getting any younger. If it wasn't for Peterson, Prince would be the top CB in the draft hands down. He's the pick here. For all we know, the 49ers may try to "tank it" this year so Harbaugh can be reunited with his Stanford QB Andrew Luck in 2012.

8. Tennessee Titans: Blaine Gabbert QB/Missouri
Vince Young is gone. Jeff Fisher is gone. A new coach is coming in. And unless that coach wants to lose his job in 1 year by sticking with Kerry Collins, he'll draft a QB here. The question is which one will the Titans take. Gabbert appears to be the top overall prospect of the QB class. Locker is the most pro ready, but struggles in the pocket. Ryan Mallet has a big arm, but also character issuses. And Cam Newton has the play-making ability, but has never played in a pro-style offense.

This pick will probably come down to the way all of these QBs workout at their pro days and the NFL Combine. For now, Gabbert is the pick. He impressed this year at Missouri and could be ready to step in from day one.

9. Dallas Cowboys: Nate Solder OT/Colorado
Who would have thought that the Dallas Cowboys would be picking here in the Draft. There were a lot of people that thought they'd still be playing in early February. The Cowboys have weapons on offense and some playmakers in the front 7 on defense. So this pick is almost a need pick for the Cowboys.

The Boys would love for Prince Amukamara to falll to them here at 9. They struggled in the secondary last year and could use the help back there. But they also have problems protecting their QB. That was evident by Romo getting knocked out last year. Solder looks like the best tackle in this draft class.

10. Washington Redskins: Robert Quinn  OLB/North Carolina
The Redskins would love to draft a QB. I highly doubt that Donovan McNabb is coming back to Washington, and Redskins fans might rather watch paint dry then sit through a season of Rex Grossman at QB. The problem for the Redskins is that no QB is worth taking this high at 10. So there best option might be to trade down.

If QB isn't the pick, then the Redskins will look for a player to help out their poor defense. They ranked 29th in both stopping the run and the pass. Quinn has a great athletic frame and can be a pass rushing force for the Redskins to go along with last year's pick Brian Orakpo. That should definitely help the Redskins pass rush.

11. Houston Texans: Ryan Kerrigan OLB/Purdue
The Texans do not need to touch their offense here. Hell, I might even draft all defensive players if I were them. They are loaded everywhere and need all the help they can get on defense.

With the hiring of Wade Phillips as defensive coordinator, it means that the Texans will be switching to a 3-4 defense. They need someone to help out on the outside in this scheme. He had 12.5 sacks in his senior year and that put him in consideration as a top 15 pick.

12. Minnesota Vikings: Cameron Jordan DE/California
This is another team that could use a QB here. But I think the Vikings could wait until the 2nd round to address the QB issue. Again, the #12 pick is just a bit too high for another QB to be taken.

The Vikings could use some help on the defensive line. Ray Edwards and Pat Williams aren't getting any younger. They could also use another pass rusher to play opposite of Jared Allen. He had a good senior bowl and should be able to step in immediately and contribute on defense.

13. Detroit Lions: Akeem Ayers OLB/UCLA
My bold prediction for 2011: the Lions will make the playoffs. If everyone on offense can stay healthy, they have a really good shot. They good be the NFC's Houston Texans, but actually make the playoffs this time.

The Lions need help at a couple different place on defense: linebacker and in the secondary. There are no secondary players worthy of being taken this high here, so they should look for a linebacker. Ayers is a good fit for them on the outside and can replace Julian Peterson.

14. St. Louis Rams: Julio Jones WR/Alabama
Sam Bradford could be the QB of the decade. It looks like he has all the tools to beomce the next great franchise QB in the NFL. He did a lot right in his rookie year, even with his weak supporting cast at WR. Most of that had to do with injury, but even when healthy, they still aren't the best group of WRs.

Jones is the 2nd best WR in this class, and he would easily be #1 if it wasn't for A.J. Green. Jones has the capability of being a future #1 star for the Rams, and I'm sure new offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels will have no problems working him into their offense. The Rams are another dangerous team to look out for in the NFC during the years to come.

15. Miami Dolphins: Jake Locker QB/Washington
This is a tough one. The Dolphins clearly need help on offense. Their two star running backs, Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams, are both free agents, aging quckly, and have battled injuries the last couple years. They could also use a better threat as the #2 WR oppostie Brandon Marshall. But the big question is: Does the Miami staff have faith in Chad Henne?

Henne struggled mightly last year, especially late. He took most of the blame for the Dolphins inability to score touchdowns. Tony Sparano may not have a lot of time left in Miami, so if he does take a QB, he will want one to produce right away.

Out of the 3 QBs remaining at this point (Locker, Cam Newton, Ryan Mallet) Locker would have to be considered the safest and most pro-ready. Newton wouldn't be ready from Day 1, and Mallet has character concerns. Locker struggles at times in the pocket, so that will have to be worked on. But Chad Henne's time may finally be up in Miami, and Locker could come in and compete for the starting job immediately.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars: Cam Newton QB/Auburn
Now just because Newton would be considered a reach at this point, and wouldn't be ready from Day 1, doesn't mean a team won't take a chance on him.

The Jaguars are a team that might be willing to take a risk. They competed until the end last year. But David Garrard struggled late and couldn't even play in their last game of the season with the playoffs on the line. Newton can sit behind Garrard for a year and learn, then be ready to assume the starting role in 2012. Garrard has not lived up to his big contract, and the Jags may be ready to move on in 2012. Newton can make plays with his legs but at times can struggle with his decision making ability and has not played in a pro style offense before.

17. New England Patriots: Mark Ingram: RB/Alabama
Lets thank the Raiders for performing above expectations this year. With the Raiders playing well and not like their normal terrible selfs, they avoided giving the Patriots a Top 5 pick.

The Patriots need help in only a few places. If Matt Light leaves, they will need an offensive tackle. They could also use a young outside linebacker to improve their pass rush. But the one thing the Patriots have never had under Bill Belichick is a solid, consistent #1 running back. They've used a platoon for as long as one can remember. Ingram would give the Pats a solid RB capable of playing every down. He would be a great dynamic added to their offense.

18. San Diego Chargers: Cameron Heyward DE Ohio St.
The Chargers were a surprising disappointment last year. They could not recover from their early season struggles like normal. They also dealt with injuries on both sides of the ball and the holdout of Vincent Jackson.

Heyward fills a need and provides depth for the Chargers upfront. If the Chargers stick with the 3-4, he will have to put on some bulk in order to play the end position.

19. New York Giants: Gabe Carimi OT/Wisconsin
You would think the Giants would like to address their defense here. It's what cost them at times making the playoffs, especially in the Green Bay game.

But the Giants also don't have a true LT prospect for the future. Carimi could be that guy. He had a great Senior Bowl week and would provide protection for the Giants long term investment in Eli Manning.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Adrian Clayborn DE/Iowa
Most people would probably consider this a reach. Clayborn has major character issues that need to be addressed, and he didn't take part in the Senior Bowl. That could cause Clayborn to slip as far as the 2nd round.

But the Bucs are desperate enough for help in their pass rush that they may be willing to take the chance on Clayborn. They need somebody to help out Gerald McCoy, and Clayborn could very well be that guy. The Bucs coaching staff will just have to do their homework before the draft, and make sure Clayborn will be fully ready to adapt to life in the NFL.

21. Kansas City Chiefs: Stefen Wisniewski  OL/Penn St.
The Chiefs desperately need help at the WR position. That was evident in their loss to the Ravens, where Dwayne Bowe was shut out and no other receiver stepped up to take his place. The problem is thee is no WR worth taking with this pick.

Wisniewski is the top interior lineman in the draft. He could step in right away and play either guard or center. He could be an anchor for the Chiefs many years down the road.

22. Indianapolis Colts: Derek Sherrod  OT/Mississippi St.
This season should that Peyton Manning is human after all. At times this year when he didn't get proper protection he was forced to make quick throws, which resulted in turnovers. The Colts also need help stopping the run, but protecting the face of the franchise is probably their #1 priority.

Sherrod is a solid OT prospect. Some scouts consider him the best in the class and most ready to start from Day 1.

23. Philadelphia Eagles: Tyron Smith  OT/USC
The Eagles desperately need someone to protect Mike Vick. Jason Peters has been mediocore at best since his trade to Philly. The Eagles also gave up 52 sacks last year.

Smith can come in and play either RT or LT. He has great athletic ability for an offensive lineman.

24. New Orleans Saints: Aldon Smith  OLB/Missouri
The Saints could use a RB here to help their offense, but I don't think there is one worth taking with this pick.

Smith would have to be considered a steal at this point. He had an impressive Senior Bowl week and most people believe he will be picked earlier in the middle of the first round. Smith would help the Saints pass rush immencely.

25. Seattle Seahawks: Brandon Harris  CB/Miami
The Seahawks still need a QB of the future. The only problem is that unless they feel like Ryan Mallet is their guy, there would be no QB worth taking here.

Seattle's pass defense is atrocious, that was made evident during the playoffs last year. Harris could step in and start immediately. And with Kelly Jennings headed for free agency, the need to address the CB position is even bigger.

26. Baltimore Ravens: Jimmy Smith  CB/Colorado
Baltimore has a glaring hole in the secondary. They were shredded on numerous occasions last year. They even got torched by Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Bills!

Smith is probably the last CB worhty of a selection in the first round. He has to be better than Josh Wilson, who was picked on constantly throughout all of last year.

27. Atlanta Falcons: Justin Houston  DE/OLB Georgia
Atlanta had plenty of opportunities to win their playoff game against Green Bay. They had Aaron Rodgers rapped up on numerous occasions during the game but were unable to bring him down.

Houston would help with that matter. He could fit in as a DE in Atlanta's 4-3 scheme. He might need to put on some muscle but that shouldn't be a problem.

28. New England Patriots: J.J. Watt  DE/Wisconsin
If Watt is available at this pick, Bill Belichick might be doing cartwheels in the draft room.

The Patriots defensive line is aging, and Watt is considered by some the best 3-4 DE in this draft class. He could help a weak pass rush and also has a great ability to stop the run.

29. Chicago Bears: Mike Pouncey  G/Florida
The Bears gave up a league leading 60 sacks last year. It's a wonder how Jay Cutler didn't get hurt worse before the NFC Championship game.

Pouncey could step in immediately at guard for the Bears, and could provide some great interior protection for Cutler.

30. New York Jets: Corey Liuget  DT/Illinois
The Jets have a lot of players leaving via free agency. They could be affected more on the defensive side.

Liuget is a big defensive tackle and could fill in as a replacement for Kris Jenkins should he get injured again.

31. Pittsburgh Steelers: Anthony Castonzo OT/Boston College
Jonathan Scott and Flozell Adams were ok fill-ins, but they are not the long term answers to the Steelers offensive line problems.

Castonzo could have gone higher in this mock. The NFL Combine will decide who the best tackle in the draft class is. Castonzo is a very intelligent tackle who can play either side of the line.

32. Green Bay Packers: Allen Bailey  DE/Miami
The Super Bowl Champs don't have a lot of needs. When healthy they are probably the best team in the league.

Bailey is a good depth guy to have at DE in their 3-4 scheme.

There it is. I don't know when I will do a second version. Probably not until after the Scouting Combine. I do plan on doing an off-season needs column for every team.

That's all for today.

Until next time,
Justin C

Monday, February 7, 2011

JC's Take: WWE Week in Review 1/31-2/6

JC's Take: WWE Week in Review 1/31-2/6

Hey everyone. Welcome back for my review of this past week's action from the WWE.

-I'm going to start with addressing the mysterious 2/21/11 promo from RAW on Monday. For those of you who haven't seen it, or want to see it again, here it is.

Most people believe it is for one of two people: Sting or The Undertaker. The popular opinion now that we are a week removed from its viewing is that it is for Taker. Everybody wants it to be for Sting, myself included. Many outlets reported that Sting had not signed with TNA, and many people in TNA believed he was WWE bound. Then this nice poster came out that got me and a lot of others more hyped. It is obviously fake but it is really well done.

A local ad surfaced for RAW that night in Fresno advertising the return of the Undertaker. Then Dave Meltzer reported that there has been no contact between Sting and the WWE. The biggest problem between the two sides is that the WWE would like Sting to work a full schedule. That is something Sting is not interested in doing at this point in his career.

But if I were the WWE, I would concede to Sting anything he wanted at this point. The WWE is in bad shape right now. They're expecting less profit than they were predicting in the fourth fiscal quarter, which caused their stock to drop. Add to that the fact that Wrestlemania is lacking a marquee match-up this year. There is no big draw to get the non-die hard fan to buy the PPV. Sting is the only big time guy from the Monday Night Wars era to never wrestle for the WWE. Bring Sting in a month before Mania, build to a match with Taker. Keep him around for another couple months to go into another feud, maybe with C.M. Punk or Wade Barrett. Give him a couple months off, have him return for a match at SummerSlam against John Cena. Bring him back late in the year of 2011, have him appear at the Rumble, then have him have 1 more match at Wrestlemania 28. And I'd be perfectly fine giving Sting a short title run. Then whoever beats him for it is a made star, having taken the WWE or World Title off of one of the most iconic figures in wrestling history.

Having written all of that, I think the promo will end up being for The Undertaker. It's not the typical Taker return promo, but the WWE likes to screw with their fans. It's just hard to get hyped for any kind of Taker return at this point. A part of me is quietly hoping a loud "WE WANT STING" chant breaks out during Taker's return. I also don't like that he is returning on RAW. Taker is a Smackdown guy, he should return there. It just makes the show look more and more like the B show. In the end, this will just turn into another case of WWE fans getting hyped up hoping for something different, but being let down yet again.

-I personally think it is nice to see Jerry Lawler fighting The Miz at Elimination Chamber for the WWE Title. It's a break from the norm. The storyline has played out well. Anybody who doesn't see that is clearly blind. Could Miz have fought someone like John Morrison at EC? Sure. But you would rather have Morrison in that match to show off his skill set and to add more star power to the match. Lawler is perfectly capable of having a good match with The Miz. I'm sure whatever kind of match they have will be better than anything Randy Orton and The Miz have had in the last two months. Lawler, even at his age, knows how to put on a fundamentally sound match. He can play into the crowds emotions and get them to believe everything he does. And you know the fans will be behind Lawler throughout the match. I'm hoping they allow Miz to pick up a clean win here, but with the way he has been booked as champion I find that highly unlikely. My guess is Michael Cole gets involved, costing Lawler the match and setting up Lawler vs Cole at Mania.

-The RAW Elimination Chamber Match is set: John Cena vs C.M. Punk vs Randy Orton vs Sheamus vs John Morrison vs R-Truth. That's a pretty loaded Chamber match. The only one I question being in there is R-Truth. I would have much rather seen Daniel Bryan in the match, but he's involved in that "super funny" love storyline with Gail Kim and The Bellas. Right now its looking pretty obvious that John Cena is winning this one. The only other person I would even consider winning would be John Morrison, but that's only at a 5% chance. That would mean the WWE had the balls to go with Miz vs Morrison for the WWE Title at Mania. I don't think that's happening, unless they secretly have Sting vs John Cena planned. Plus they've been teasing Cena vs Miz on TV for the last 3 weeks. They better do something quickly to make me interested in that feud, because right now I'm just not buying it.

-Over on Smackdown, the WWE continues to play up the Edge/Dolph Ziggler story. Last Friday, Edge successfully retained his title in a 3-on-2 handicap match with Edge teaming with Kelly Kelly and Ziggler teaming with Laycool. Kelly speared Layla for the win. Yes, the World Title was defended in a 3-on-2 intergender handicap match, and Vince Russo did not book it! Poor Kelly Kelly got fired after the match on Vickie. Kelly actually showed some spark on the mic in the opening segment. I have to give props to her for that. This Friday we are getting Edge vs Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero as the special guest referee. I'm assuming Edge finds a way to retain again here. Dolph isn't holding the World Title going into Mania, and giving him a two week reign and then losing the Title at Elimination Chamber would be a terrible first title run for him. Ziggler definitely deserves the World Title down the road, but now is just not the time.

-The Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match is also set. This one is for the World Title: Edge (c) vs Dolph Ziggler vs Kane vs Drew McIntyre vs Rey Mysterio vs Wade Barrett. I think from a wrestling standpoint, the RAW one will be better. But like the RAW EC, I also think this one is pretty obvious to pick. I can't see anyone but Edge going into Wrestlemania with the World Title. He's the top draw on Smackdown (not counting Taker) and if Del Rio is going for the World Title he should be going against him. Del Rio/Edge is a fresh feud and I expect them to put on some entertaining TV leading up to Mania.

-How could I have gotten this far without mentioning Alberto del Rio??? I thought he was quite entertaining on TV this week. I loved the opening segment on RAW playing up his win. I also think it's great that he picked who he wants to face immediately after winning the Rumble rather than waiting a whole month. Then on Smackdown, he had a hilarious segment with Hornswoggle which resulted in poor Horny getting kicked in the face. It also appears that we will get a short Alberto del Rio vs Kofi Kingston program before Mania. I'm fine with that. It puts both del Rio and Kingston on PPV, and they are more than capable of putting on a good 10-15 minute match in the ring.

Other WWE Notes
-While I was typing this today I found out that Mr.McMahon will be returning to TV tonight. He's finally out of the coma!!! What is he doing on TV? I have no idea. My first guess would be that it would have something to do with Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. If you didn't see it, Rodgers had a World Title belt with him as he was holding the Lombardi Trophy yesterday. And with RAW tonight in Milwaukee and Smackdown tomorrow in Green Bay, it's a possibility. Apparently the WWE had that belt custom made for Rodgers. You know what I think would be sweet: Aaron Rodgers vs Brett Favre at Wrestlemania. It would never happen, but if the WWE wants outside press to cover Mania, that would be the easiest way to get their attention.

-Chris Jericho said in an interview this week that he is looking to return to the WWE, and that there is a contract on the table. I would be more than willing to accept Jericho back. But at this point, I would want him to wait til after Mania to comeback. He has a ready made feud with Orton, but Orton is now in a program with C.M. Punk. The only way I could see Jericho coming back is if crazy Vince changes his mind and decides to do Jericho/Orton, then throws Punk into the WWE Title match in a 3 way. Or if they do sign Sting and run with Taker/Sting, then you could do that plus Jericho/Orton, then throw Punk into a 4-on-4 Nexus/Corre match. Jericho is a huge asset to the WWE and he is one of the best all around performers of all time. His mic work is superb, as is his in ring work. I'd love to see him work a full program with John Morrison and Daniel Bryan, as well as maybe one last run with Edge before he retires.

-Why did I say something about Edge retiring? Because there is talk that he is nearing the end of his WWE, and wrestling, career. Edge is close to 40 and has accomplished almost everything a wrestler in the WWE could accomplish. His contract apparently expires in 2012 and he has been telling people close to him that he is near the end. I don't blame the guy. He's suffered almost every injury you could think of. I could see him getting a break sometime this year before gearing up for one final WWE run heading into Wrestlemania 28. With WM28 rumored to take place in Toronto, I defintely could see Edge's final match taking place there. Maybe one last TLC match with him teaming with Christian. Or they could reunite the two, then have Christian turn on Edge leading to a match at Mania, maybe for the World Title. But that would mean Christian being pushed as a main eventer, which won't happen if Vince McMahon is stii in charge.

That's all I have for today. The first NFL Mock Draft will DEFINITELY be up tomorrow.

Until next time,
Justin C