Tuesday, October 30, 2012

JC's Take: Stars, Goats & Notes From Week 8 Of The NFL

Team of the Week: Denver Broncos
Denver took control of the AFC West this week with a very convincing win over the Saints. Denver's defense has had some problems stopping good offenses this year but they did a good job of shutting down Drew Brees and the Saints offense. And Peyton Manning looked like the Peyton Manning of old the entire game. Yes it was against the Saints defense, but it was still a very impressive performance. Denver has established themselves as the top dogs in the AFC West. They've shown they can put teams away early and also come from behind late like they did two weeks ago against San Diego. Denver is the most stable team in that division. If their defense can keep putting up performances like they did Sunday night, then they could be a threat in the AFC. That will be the key for Denver going forward.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The WWE RAW Truth Review for 10/29/12

It is the RAW after Hell In A Cell. What will the fall out be? Will every referee have it out for Ryback now? I'm in Buffalo, and we are just starting to get the rain and wind here. Hopefully I can make it through RAW with no power problems.

Feed Ryback Socko!
C.M. Punk came out. He said he proved everyone wrong last night by showing that Ryback is beatable. Punk said he's been proving everyone wrong since Day One. C.M. Punk said he's defeated every one of the fan's heroes in the WWE. Punk said his victory is clouded in controversy and everyone is blaming it on him. Punk said he had nothing to do with what happened. Punk said the only thing he is guilty of is taking advantage of a situation presented to him by a rogue individual. Punk said Ryback is in his rear view mirror and there will not be a rematch.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

WWE Hell In A Cell Results

Hello everyone. I'm covering Hell In A Cell tonight. Enjoy!

Alberto del Rio vs Randy Orton
Orton got the upper hand early where he tossed Del Rio to the outside then hit a clothesline. Orton hit Del Rio's head on the table. Orton hit some Garvin stomps on Del Rio. Del Rio gained control and dropped Orton's arm on the turnbuckle then hit a kick to it on the outside. Del Rio went on the turnbuckle and applied an armbar in the ropes. Del Rio applied another armbar. Del Rio hit an armbar take down for two. Orton fought out of another armbar in the ropes. Del Rio caught Orton going for a powerslam and applied the cross armbreaker but Orton grabbed the ropes. Del Rio walked right into a backbreaker. Orton went for the middle rope DDT but Del Rio broke it up. Del Rio mocked Orton's pose and went for an RKO, but Orton caught him and hit the middle rope DDT. Del Rio kicked out. Orton favored his arm and Del Rio took advantage with a backbreaker. Del Rio walked right into a powerslam. Both men went to the top and Del Rio pushed Orton off. Orton held on in the ropes but ADR jumped off and hit a double stomp for two. Del Rio jumped off from the top and stopped awkwardy. Orton hit a dropkick. Orton went for the RKO but Del Rio threw him into the turnbuckle, where Ricardo shoved his arm into the post. ADR applied the cross armbreaker but Orton countered into a pin attempt for two. Del Rio went for an enziguri kick in the corner but Orton caught him with an RKO for the win.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

WWE Hell In A Cell Preview

This Sunday the WWE brings us there Hell In A Cell PPV. To me, it is the most frustrating PPV of the year. The WWE has taken what used to be a match to end a long, bitter feud and turned it into a cheap gimmick PPV that now has no meaning. It is not the WWE's fault, but Cena/Punk could have actually been a feud that warranted the Cell for a match. But the injury once again exposed why gimmick PPVs like this are stupid. Hell In A Cell does not make people buy a PPV anymore.

So far the WWE has only announced five matches for the show. I would expect another match or two to take place on the show. I could see Antonio Cesaro defending the US Title against Justin Gabriel. There will probably be some sort of Divas Match as well. Or maybe we will find out the answer to the most compelling question in the WWE: Who attacked Kaitlyn? The WWE has been putting in a good amount of effort in the build towards this PPV. You can't fault them for trying. But I haven't really enjoyed the build to the show at all. It just hasn't clicked with me.

NFL Week 8 Picks

Told you I would get better.

Last Week: 11-2
Year to Date: 64-39

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Minnesota Vikings
You have to give Tampa Bay some credit. They stood toe to toe with the Saints and took every punch they delivered. But the Bucs kept fighting and almost won in the end. Despite it being a ticky tack call, the referee got it right. Mike Williams stepped out of bounds and he could not be the first player to touch the ball. Josh Freeman threw for over 400 yards, 216 of those yards going to Vincent Jackson. Despite Tampa not winning, they are no doubt fighting under Greg Schiano. The Vikings put together a complete team effort in their win over Arizona. Adrian Peterson continues to play extremely well after coming off of a torn ACL at the end of last year. Christian Ponder struggled last week, but Peterson and his defense were there to pick him up. Ponder should see more success this week against Tampa Bay. Tampa has given up over 300 yards passing to all but two passers this year, and one of those non-games was against the lowly Chiefs. The Vikings offense should take care of this game for them.

Minnesota 27  Tampa Bay 20

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Justin's Take: Stars, Goats & Notes From Week 7

Game of the Week: New England 29  NY Jets 26 (OT)
-I try to be unbiased as a writer. But deciding who to root for between these two teams is like trying to decide whether you want a root canal or a tooth pull without any Novocaine. I just can't do it. But these two did put on one heck of a football game Sunday. Despite all the problems the media overhypes with the Jets, they are still a decent football team. They're a better 3-4 football team then the Bills are now by a long shot. If Tim Tebow wasn't there the drama would be less. But the Jets gave New England everything they could handle. They came up with huge fumble recovery late on a New England kick return. But they needed to convert that into a touchdown. It almost seemed like they settled for a field goal. That allowed New England to come back and tie the game and then eventually win in OT. The Patriots still don't look like the dominant team that everyone is used to seeing. But they still found a way to win after giving up a lead late. They're still the best team in the AFC East, but not as dominant as in years past.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The WWE RAW Truth Review for 10/22/12

RAW has some stiff competition tonight from baseball, football, and the Presidential debate. Good thing we have Kane vs Big Show to keep us entertained and not wanting to change the channel.

RAW Starting With Wrestling?
RAW started with the tag title tournament finals. The heels took control over Rey Mysterio. Rey fought back with a hurricarrana and the faces each hit dives to the outside. Rey held Sandow in the ropes and Sin Cara hit a springboard moonsault. Sandow ducked a Sin Cara dive and tagged in Cody. Rhodes hit a suplex. This time it was Sin Cara's turn to get worked over by the heels. Sin Cara caught Cody with a kick to the head into a commercial break. The heels continued to work over Cara back from break. Sandow hit his elbow drop. Sin Cara finally made the tag to Rey. He hit a seated senton and a tilt a whirl head scissors on Cody. Rey hit a double 619 on Cody and Sandow. Rey went to pin Cody but Sandow broke up the count by not allowing the ref's hand to hit the mat. Sin Cara took out Sandow, but this allowed Cody to hit CrossRhodes on Rey to pick up the win.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Where to Go With Ryback vs C.M. Punk at Hell In A Cell

So the WWE decided to pull the trigger. With John Cena apparently unable to go at Hell In A Cell, Ryback has been put in the main event of a WWE PPV. His huge push will continue and he will face C.M. Punk at Hell In A Cell. There are varying thoughts about this. To me, I'm open to it. We complain about the main event scene being the same all of the time. Having Ryback in the main event is definitely something different. Is he the best worker in the WWE? No. But he's over enough with the WWE audience that the match should at least have some heat to it.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

NFL Week 7 Picks

I apologize for my abomination of a job picking last week. If I don't do better this week, you can riot.

Last Week: 6-8
Year to Date: 53-37

Seattle Seahawks vs San Francisco 49ers
If you like defensive struggles, then this one will be right down your ally. Seattle has arguably the best defense in the league. They gave up some yards last week to Tom Brady, but they did not break in their victory over New England. We also saw Russell Wilson come of age and lead a game winning drive right down the field. Wilson had his best performance as a starter and silenced any critics he had coming into the game. Wilson's reward for having such a good game? Going to San Francisco on short rest to face an angry 49ers team. The 49ers were schooled in every aspect of the game last week against the Giants. You know it has to be getting under everyone's skin in San Francisco. That is how this team thinks mentally with Jim Harbaugh at the helm. The 49ers gave Colin Kapernick the chance to play a bit more last week, and you wonder if he will get more time as the weeks go on. Especially if Alex Smith struggles again. This game gives the winner the early lead in the NFC West. The 49ers rebounded nicely after their loss to Minnesota, and I think they do that again here.

San Francisco 20  Seattle 16

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Justin's Take: Stars, Goats & Note From NFL Week 6

Team of the Week: Seattle Seahawks
I was tempted to go with the Green Bay Packers here, but I went with the team who I think took a big step forward yesterday. Seattle was down 23-13 with less than ten minutes left in the 4th quarter. But Seattle rallied behind the play of Russell Wilson and ended up winning the game 24-23. Wilson had his best game of the year: 293 yards, 3 touchdowns and no interceptions. Wilson's throw to Sidney Rice to give Seattle the league looked very nice. While the defense gave up a lot of yards to Tom Brady, they also did a good job of bending but not breaking. Seattle is now tied with San Francisco for the division lead heading into a big showdown on Thursday night against the 49ers. I questioned how long Seattle would stick with Wilson before this game, but he silenced many of his critics with his performance Sunday. Seattle is here to stay folks. And with the 49ers poor performance Sunday, they could very well be the favorites in the NFC West.

Game of the Week: Baltimore 31  Dallas 29
It is hard for me to rip on Dallas in this one. They stood toe to toe against the Ravens and took all of their best shots. But in the end, the Ravens won out thanks to a little bit of luck. Romo missed on the 2 point conversion attempt. Even after the miss, Dallas still recovered the onside kick. But Dan Bailey missed a 51 yard field goal that would have gave the Cowboys the win. The Dallas run game was very effective against the Ravens defense. I thought for sure the game was over after Jacoby Jones 108 yard kickoff return for a touchdown, but the Cowboys fought back. But they couldn't complete the comeback against an injury ravaged Ravens defense, which I will get into later. But this was a good back and forth game.

The Ray Lewis Memorial 3 Stars of the Week
3. New York Giants Defense
There was a good amount of trash talking going on in the week leading up to this game. But when the game finally arrived, the Giants were the ones that backed it all up. The Giants defense played great. They held the 49ers to one field goal the entire game. They had 6 sacks and intercepted Alex Smith three times. I always say never beat against Eli Manning with his back to the wall, but now I may say that about the entire Giants team. Eli didn't have his best game, but the defense certainly did. The Giants could make the argument that they are the best team in the NFL.

2. Robert Griffin
RG3 did not look good after the hit he took last week. But he came back this week and helped lead the Redskins to a come from behind victory over Minnesota. While Griffin only threw for 182 yards and one touchdown, it is what he did in the running game that impressed me the most. Griffin ran 13 times for 138 yards and a TD. His 76 yard run to clinch the game for Washington in the 4th quarter was impressive. How Minnesota lost containment on Griffin on that play is beyond me. But RG3 continues to impress and there are big things ahead for him.

1. Aaron Rodgers
Just when you think the Packers are done, they come back with a performance like they had on Sunday night. Up against a solid defense, Aaron Rodgers tore them apart as if they were a Division 3 college football team. Rodgers threw for 338 yards and 6 touchdowns and was only sacked twice. Similar to what Russell Wilson did in Seattle, Rodgers silenced all of his critics and showed why he is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. This is the type of game that can turn around the Packers season. And if this offense is going to get rolling again, opponents better watch out.

The "Romo's Gonna Romo" 3 Goats of the Week
3. Tom Brady
Most people look at Tom Brady and see a nice, clean cut guy who isn't one to get in somebody's face or make a scene. Well, during New England's game against Seattle, after Brady was intercepted by Seattle defensive back Richard Sherman, Brady had something to say. Brady told Sherman to find him after the game when they won. Well, Seattle did win. And Sherman found Brady after the game. Brady had nothing to say. Looks like Tom put his foot in his mouth with this one. New England isn't as invincible as they once were. They're a beatable team any given Sunday.

2. Houston Texans Defense
The Houston Texans were on the national, prime time stage on Sunday night. They had a struggling Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay Packers team coming to town. They were 5-0 and ready to show everyone that they were true contenders. But the Texans, specifically the defense, laid a gigantic egg on Sunday night. Now the questions will come about Houston. They had yet to beat a really good team this year. All of the Texans wins have come against mediocre teams at best. Houston should walk away with the AFC South crown, but the question of if they are good enough to be Super Bowl Contenders now is a legitimate point.

1. Philadelphia Eagles
Yes they are 3-3 and have been in all but one of their losses this year, but the entire organization just seems like a giant mess. Adam Schefter reported Sunday that the Eagles would be ready to cut ties with Mike Vick if the team doesn't have a solid year. Andy Reid gets questioned about his play calling every game. Mike Vick continues to turn the ball over and faces questions about whether he will still be the team's starting QB week after week. And the defense gave up a lead to the Lions Sunday and ended up losing the game. Philadelphia may be 3-3, but everything around that team just reeks of a disaster waiting to happen. There is so much negativity around the team that it will most likely linger throughout the year and affect their entire season.

Other Week 6 Notes
-The Ravens are 5-1 and currently have a two game lead in the AFC North, and that may still not be enough to get Baltimore into the Playoffs. The Ravens victory on Sunday came with a pretty big price. Baltimore lost two key pieces of their defense to injury. Star Cornerback Ladarius Webb is gone with a torn ACL. And the heart and soul of the team, Ray Lewis, is done for the year with a torn triceps muscle. They also lost NT Haloti Ngata for a couple of weeks with a sprained MCL. Its a good thing the AFC North appears to be a bit down this year, because Baltimore may struggle down the stretch. If Joe Flacco wants to show that he is an elite QB, this is his time. The Ravens will now have to win games with their offense. Losing your two best players for the year is never a good thing. Baltimore still has two games left with Pittsburgh as well as games at Houston, San Diego and vs the Giants. Nothing is for certain with the Ravens. I would still pick them to win the division as of today, but the confidence I have in them has gone down from the start of the season.

-So what do we make of the Atlanta Falcons? They are 6-0 and the last undefeated team remaining in the NFL. But they also have some flaws, and that was evident in their close win Sunday against Oakland. Matt Ryan was picked off three times. The running game continues to tread water and has yet to get going this season. Is it the play calling? Or is Michael Turner just not the back he once was? And the defense has had its good and bad times. They made a big play on an interception return for a touchdown in the 4th quarter. But on the next drive, they let Oakland march right down the field to tie the game. There's no denying that they are a Playoff team, but how far they can go is still a question to me. Matt Ryan has yet to win a game in the Playoffs. And the last time they were the #1 seed in the NFC, they were blown out by the Packers. I think this team is better than that one, but they are still a bit away from proving they can sustain a deep Playoff run.

-That was some comeback by the Denver Broncos Monday night. And it wasn't all Peyton Manning. The Broncos defense stepped up big time and allowed the Broncos to comeback with 35 unanswered points to take control of the AFC West. Peyton Manning was sloppy early, as was the defense. I don't know what changed at half time, but the Broncos looked like a different team. They saved their season with that performance. I don't know what Philip Rivers was thinking with some of those throws in the second half. He looked bad and panicked in the face of pressure. Rivers is the type of guy who could let this performance linger in the back of his head for some time. San Diego could not let Denver come into their place and win. They did, and it happened the worst way possible for the Chargers.

Random One Liners
-Are Chiefs fans begging for Matt Cassel yet?

-Maybe Jay Feely should save his over the top celebrations for when he makes a game winning field goal.

-I guess the Bengals collapse is happening earlier than I expected.

-Give it two weeks and I'm sure people will want Tim Tebow to start again.

-Okay Minnesota, you're now on the "Are They For Real?' clock.

-At this rate, the winner of the AFC East will have a 9-7 record.

The Booker T FAB FIVE
1. Atlanta Falcons
2. New York Giants
3. Baltimore Ravens
4. Houston Texans
5. Chicago Bears

The Race for the #1 Pick Bottom 5
28. Carolina Panthers
29. Oakland Raiders
30. Cleveland Browns
31. Jacksonville Jaguars
32. Kansas City Chiefs

Three Games I'd Like To See Next Week
Seattle vs San Francisco: Winner takes control of the NFC West.
Baltimore vs Houston: Winner takes control of the AFC.
NY Jets vs New England: Ryan vs Brady. Get your quote books ready.

Until Next Time,
Justin C
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Monday, October 15, 2012

The WWE RAW Truth Review for 10/15/12

Who will C.M. Punk choose to wrestler at Hell In A Cell? John Cena, Ryback or the fan he took out on Monday? Read on to find out.

How Many Other Things Has Big Show Done In 45 Seconds?
RAW started with the Big Show. He said the debate was an attempt to make him look foolish. Big Show said that Sheamus is trying to make him fear the Brogue Kick. But he doesn't, and they showed the replay of him blocking it last week. Show said Sheamus had the look of someone in over his head. Show then replayed the test from Smackdown. He said he is going to KO Sheamus at Hell In A Cell and become the longest reigning World Champion. Big Show said he will make people forget about his last Title reign of 45 seconds. He demanded Daniel Bryan come out. They showed Bryan backstage. He said he didn't know. A.J. came into the picture and said Big Show had a good idea and told him to get out there. He asked Kane if he had his back and he laughed.

5 Things To Look For By The End of 2012

There is just a little over 2 months left in the calendar year. While some might say that the build to Wrestlemania doesn't really start to around the Royal Rumble, I beg to differ. While you don't need to have your Wrestlemania plans set in stone at this point, you usually have a general idea of where you want things to go. That is why it is important to start getting there right around now. If done right, you can tell a great story over the span of a couple of months.

If you ask me, this is a big Wrestlemania season for the WWE. We know The Rock will be there, as well as Brock Lesnar. By the way, good job keeping up with storylines WWE. Brock Lesnar quite. Why is he on the Wrestlemania poster? There's some doubt, but I really can't see The Undertaker missing Wrestlemania. It wouldn't seem like Wrestlemania without him. Triple H could be there too. Stone Cold? I wouldn't rule it out, by I would make him the least likely to appear. I know his name has been dropped a lot on WWE TV lately, but he's rehabbing a bad knee. Add all those guys with the likes of C.M. Punk, John Cena and Randy Orton, and the WWE should have a star studded line-up. With the fans that always come back for Wrestlemania, it will be important for the WWE to try and keep those fans around after Mania.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

NFL Week 6 Picks

Two good weeks in a row. Here's hoping for 3.

Last Week's Record: 10-4
Year to Date Record: 47-29

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Tennessee Titans
The Steelers pulled out a much needed win last week at home against the Eagles. While the defense shut down Mike Vick, the offense had problems moving the ball. The Eagles defense has been playing better, but the Steelers should have been able to put up more points. Rashad Mendenhall looked good in his return and he added an added punch to the Steelers running game. The Steelers defense will once again be without Troy Polamalu. He re-injured his calf against the Eagles. Can he ever stay healthy? But that shouldn't be a concern for the Steelers. The Titans have looked absolutely dreadful the last couple of weeks. Matt Hasselbeck gets the call again this week. Expect the immobile veteran QB to face a heavy pass rush. And what the hell is wrong with Chris Johnson? Maybe getting paid is all he cares about now. Tennessee might keep it close early, but the Steelers will win this one handily in the end.

Pittsburgh 27  Tennessee 13

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Justin's Take: Stars, Goats and Notes from Week 5

This blog doesn't need Tim Tebow to save it. It's time for my Week 5 Review!

Team of the Week: Indianapolis Colts
-The Colts went through a lot during their bye week. They learned head coach Chuck Pagano would miss the remainder of the year while battling leukemia. Losing your head coach, especially under those circumstances, can be tough for a team. And it looked like the Colts were down and out after going into the half against Green Bay down 21-3. I don't know what changed at half time, but the Colts came out firing and stormed back to take the lead. Green Bay rebounded and scored midway through the 4th to take the lead. But the Colts marched right down the field again and Reggie Wayne scored on a great effort play to give the Colts the lead for good. Indianapolis won one for their coach and they will try to ride that momentum for the rest of the year. Are the Colts a Playoff team? I doubt it. But they will be fun to watch the rest of the year.

Monday, October 8, 2012

The WWE RAW Truth Review for 10/8/12

It is another edition of RAW, but this time Vince McMahon is on to help bring up the ratings. Will it actually help, or will more people want to see Mark Sanchez crash and burn? Guess it is time to see if Vince is a bigger deal than the Sanchize.

Is That Cena or HHH?
John Cena came out to start the show. Cena said one week off felt like a year. He made fun of the tag champs and Antonio Cesaro, then asked A.J. out on a date. All really corny. Cena said that C.M. Punk stole the voice of the WWE. He said what does it matter how long Punk's reign is if nobody wants to watch. Cena told Punk to be a man and face him at Hell In A Cell.

Segment Analysis: So Cena came out there to bury the entire roster? Geez, great start. Survey Says: 1/5

What Tag Team Division?
As Cena left the ring, Ryback came out. They exchanged looks. Ryback is facing Primo and Epico. Primo drop kicked Ryback in the knee and Epico took him out with a splash. Primo back dropped Epico onto Ryback. Ryback fought out of a Primo head lock and hit multiple clotheslines. Ryback hit the Shell Shock on both men for the win.

Match Analysis: Primo and Epico have gone from Tag Champs to jobbers. I know they are at the bottom of the chain in the tag division, but it would be nice to not job them out completely. Survey Says: 1.5/5

What Vince McMahon Won't Tell You On RAW

Vince McMahon is appearing on RAW this Monday? That can mean only one thing: ratings are down, down, down. Vince has tried to cut down on his presence on TV in recent years. It is a smart move on his part. There is not a lot left to do with his character, so his appearance should be limited and sporadic. But almost all of Vince McMahon's appearance in recent years has been in response to a low rating on RAW the week before. So essentially, you could call Vince McMahon "Mr. Panic."

Once again, Vince McMahon will be around to deliver a "State of the WWE" Address. I'm sure Vince will brag about certain things like Twitter or Tout and some other non-sense that is good in the WWE. I'm sure there will be some attempt to start a major angle as well. But the problem is, you know the angle was hastily put together in the last week. That more than likely means the angle has very little, if any, direction and the WWE won't know where they are going with it.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

NFL Week 5 Picks

I did much better last week. Could a rebound be on the way? Lets hope so! Picks!

Last Week's Record: 11-4
Year To Date Record: 37-25

Arizona Cardinals vs St. Louis Rams
This has all the makings of a trap game for the Arizona Cardinals. On the road against a divisional opponent on a short week. For the Cardinals sake I hope it isn't. They escaped a bad loss last week and won in overtime against Miami. The Cardinals let a less than stellar offense stay in the game, and their secondary looked a bit shaky. Kevin Kolb remains the starter for the Cardinals, and I see no reason to change that even when John Skelton is fully healthy. Arizona may have found a permanent second WR with Andre Roberts playing well the last couple weeks. St. Louis defeated Seattle last week thanks to some good trickeration on special teams. Steven Jackson looks to be going on the downside of his career. He hasn't helped the offense like a star RB should, and it again is causing Sam Bradford problems with the lack of weapons he has. No run game allows teams to focus on stopping Bradford. I see the Rams keeping it close, but the Cardinals are on a hot streak now and I think they escape with a win here.

Arizona 28  St. Louis 24

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Justin's Take: Stars, Goats and Notes from NFL Week 4

Game of the Week: Green Bay 28  New Orleans 27
-Four weeks into the season and the New Orleans Saints are 0-4. I don't think anyone, even me who was down on the Saints this year, saw this coming. New Orleans has been hanging around in every single one of these games. But their defense just hasn't been able to come up with the big stop. And the Saints had the opportunity to win on Sunday, but a holding penalty negated a game winning field goal, and then Garrett Hartley missed on his second try. The Packers picked up a nice win, but they do not look like the dominant team they were last year. The game was close throughout which is what I like. No blowout and a battle of wills throughout.

Monday, October 1, 2012

The WWE RAW Truth Review for 10/1/12

There's a good chance John Cena won't be on this show. How will the WWE book a show without their top star? I guess we will have to tune in to find out.

More GM Power Struggles!
After recapping last week's events C.M. Punk and Paul Heyman came to the ring. He called Cena a coward for attacking him with a coward last week. Then he called Mick Foley a coward for supposedly mumbling something under his breath, hence the reason why he attacked him. Punk said he knows Mick Foley would never had said anything bad about The Rock, Steve Austin or John Cena. And that shows the lack of respect Foley has for him. Punk said that he will still not face John Cena at Hell In A Cell.

Catching Up On Recent WWE News

So I missed out on posting last week. And I have been pretty busy the last couple weeks so it has been tough for me to dedicate a lot of time to writing. But I finally have some free time and my schedule is back to normal. But for now, it is time to play catch up with some of the recent happenings and on goings in the WWE.

-The big story is that John Cena had some surgery and may not be able to wrestle Hell In A Cell. If you go by what happened on RAW this past Monday, it appears that John Cena will be ready to go at Hell In A Cell. And if not, it honestly looks like Plan B may be Ryback. I'm curious to see where exactly this Ryback thing will go. I'm honestly surprised how over Ryback is with the fans. I was at Smackdown this week and it seemed like Ryback got one of the top 3 pops/ovations of the night. It is amazing how over he has gotten in such a short time. But even with Ryback getting over, he still can't wrestle a full match for the life of him. C.M. Punk may be good, but I don't know if even he can carry Ryabck to a good 15-20 minute match.