Monday, December 24, 2012

Justin's Take: Stars, Goats & Notes From Week 16 of the NFL

Game of the Week: New Orleans 34  Dallas 31  (OT)
-There weren't that many close affairs this week in the NFL. Cincinnati/Pittsburgh was low scoring and ugly at times. This one had some offense involved and late game heroics from Tony Romo and the Cowboys. But in the end, the Saints were able to pull this one out and put a temporary halt to the Cowboys post-season plans. Drew Brees tore the Cowboys secondary apart, going for 446 yards and 3 TDs. But just when it looked like the game was over, Dallas came back and scored 2 TDs with under 4 minutes to play. Dallas couldn't ride the momentum into overtime, however. It was the most entertaining game from a slate of not so great games.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

JC's Take: Stars, Goats & Notes From Week 15 of the NFL

Game of the Week: San Francisco 41  New England 31
-This game was nowhere close to being the game of the week. At one point, the 49ers were up 31-3 on the Pats in the cold and rain in Foxboro. But, you can never let Tom Brady and Co. back into the game. New England came roaring back and tied the game in the 4th quarter. But the 49ers answered with a good kickoff return and a TD less than a minute later. Bill Bellicheck then decided to go for it on 4th and 3 inside their own 30 late, and they failed yet again on Sunday night. It was a gutsy move, but it shows you don't trust your defense to stop the 49ers. Colin Kapernick continues to play well and has brought new life into this 49ers team. They are more dangerous with him under center. The 49ers are still my pick in the NFC to reach the Super Bowl.

Monday, December 17, 2012

The RAW Truth Review for 12/17/12

Tonight is the Slammy Awards Edition of RAW. It is usually one of the worst RAWs of the year. I bet you can't wait!

Gotta Get That Win Back!
Rey Mysterio vs Damien Sandow started the show. Sandow sent Rey to the outside then tossed him into the ringpost. Sandow hit a side Russian leg sweep and then the elbow of disdain for a two count. Rey fought out of an armbar but took him to the corner with some shots to the gut. Rey pushed Sandow off the top rope and hit a seated senton then a hurricarrana and a dropkick for two. Sandow caught Rey with a kick then a neckbreaker. Rey regained control then hit a 619 and a splash for the win.

Match Analysis: Barely a five minute match that didn't amount to anything. Why not make the tag champs look strong instead of giving Rey his win back from last night? I don't get it. Survey Says: 2/5

Sunday, December 16, 2012

WWE TLC Results

Keep it here for my LIVE TLC Results tonight. I'm expecting an average show at best. Hopefully, they do something big to get people talking.

#1 Contenders Tables Match: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs The Rhodes Scholars
The faces started by tossing both heels out of the ring. They grabbed a table and brought it into the ring and took out Cody. Sandow ducked the table but ate a dropkick from both. They set Sandow up on the table but Rey was sent to the outside and Cody took out Sin Cara on the top rope. The heels went to front suplex Sin Cara through the table, but Cara countered out. Sandow went flying to the outside but Cody caught Sin Cara with a disaster kick. The heels dominated on the outside. Sandow tossed Rey into the apron. Sin Cara got his leg smashed in between the steps and ring post. The heels set both men up on tables on the outside. Cody went off the ropes but Rey took out Sandow's legs. Rey hit a seated Senton. Sin Cara took out Sandow on the outside. In ring, Rey hit Cody with a 619 and Cody fell on a table. Rey went to the top but Sandow knocked him off. Sin Cara came in and hit kicks to the head on both men. He went to springboard off the top rope but Sandow pushed him into the tables on the outside for the win.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

WWE TLC Preview

This Sunday is the final PPV of 2012 for the WWE. And it's a bonus because we get tables, ladders and chairs! But yet again, the WWE has booked themselves into a corner with these gimmick PPVs. The main event was suppose to be C.M. Punk vs Ryback in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match. But Punk is hurt and the match has been changes to Ryback, Daniel Bryan and Kane vs The Shield in a TLC Match where you can win by pinfall or submission. How much sense does that make? It is once again why I don't like these gimmick PPVs. It waters down the match type. Look at Hell In A Cell. It doesn't have the same luster it once had five years ago. But the WWE has to rely on gimmicks because they don't know how to properly build up a PPV.

I wasn't a fan of the build up to the PPV on RAW. Mostly, I hated the lazy "mad chaos' ending that finished the show, putting all wrestlers involved in the top three matches in the ring brawling to end the show. I would much rather be focused on one match to close the show. Put each match into its own spotlight while the show goes on. And they have three hours to do that now! That is just how I personally prefer to do it. To each their own.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

JC's Take: Stars, Goats & Notes From Week 14 of the NFL

Team of the Week: Dallas Cowboys
-For the second week in a row, a NFL team had to deal with a horrible tragedy less than 48 hours before their game on Sunday. And for the second week in a row, that team went on the field Sunday and pulled out an emotional victory. The Cowboys came back from down 9 midway through the 4th quarter to pull off a 20-19 win in Cincinnati. It was a game the Cowboys needed to stay alive in the Playoff race. You could see the emotion from the Cowboys players before, during, and after the game. Cameras caught players crying just going through sprints and runs in the early pre-game. But Dallas came up with a strong defensive effort, shutting down a good Bengals offense. And the Cowboys did just enough on offense to get them the win.

Monday, December 10, 2012

The RAW Truth Review for 12/10/12

C.M. Punk is injured. Which means he will probably cut a good promo from either a wheelchair or on crutches. Enjoy.

Promos On A Ladder Rarely End Well
Dolph Ziggler gave a promo from on top of the ladder. He said it won't be a merry Christmas this Sunday for John Cena. He said he will be the coal in Cena's stocking and shut Cena up. And then he is going to cash in his Money in the Bank contract and win the World Title. Sheamus came out and said he won't be cashing in his MITB contract against Big Show. It'll be against him. And he thinks Ziggler is going to lose to Cena. So somewhere down the line it will be Sheamus vs Cena. Big Show came out and said "BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH." Show dared Ziggler to try and cash in tonight. Show said he couldn't decide if he was going to KO Sheamus or knock his pasty white skin off him. Sheamus made a bad joke about Big Show's XMas spirit, then said just because he can't have contact with Big Show, doesn't mean he can't have contact with someone else. Sheamus pushed over the ladder and Ziggler crotched himself.

Segment Analysis: I liked Ziggler's part of the promo enough. And Big Show was funny when he first came out. But Sheamus was just beyond awful yet again on the mic. And did you hear the lukewarm reaction to a possible Cena/Sheamus bout. Yeah, no one wants to see that. Okay opening. Survey Says: 2.5/5

MY Final Wrestlemania 29 Card

We're about one month away from the start of Wrestlemania season. Usually you could say that Wrestlemania season starts with the Royal Rumble. I'm saying it starts in January this year because one of the key players in this year's Wrestlemania, The Rock, will be around in January to build to his WWE Title Match at the Royal Rumble with C.M. Punk.

If you ask me, this is a critical Wrestlemania season for the WWE. The Rock and Brock Lesnar, two stars known outside of just the world of wrestling, will be back and should bring in some more viewers. With ratings down, that could be huge. That also means it is a time for the WWE to try and make some new stars that appeal to the viewers who come back during Wrestlemania season. Make guys like Kofi Kingston, Wade Barrett and Dolph Ziggler more appealing to the casual viewer. Make them seem like interesting guys that you want to watch. That's something the WWE has never done well during Wrestlemania season. Ok, you want your top stars in the big matches. I get it. But make the undercard seem important as well.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

JC's Take: Stars, Goats and Notes From Week 13 of the NFL

Team of the Week: Seattle Seahawks
-Seattle has the suspensions of Cornerbacks Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman facing them right in the face. So what do they do? They went into Chicago and beat a very good Bears team, putting them in pretty good shape to make a run at the Playoffs. And the NFC West crown is not out of the question as well. The Seahawks came back in the 4th quarter to take the lead late. After Chicago was able to tie the game, Seattle received the ball first in over time. Russell Wilson drove the offense right down the field against a very good Chicago defense and scored the game winning touchdown on a pass to Sidney Rice. Seattle now has a one game lead for the last Wild Card spot. While Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin get all of the attention, Russell Wilson is quietly putting together a good season in Seattle. No matter what the stats say, anytime you have a winning record this late in the season is a good thing. And kudos to Pete Carroll for doing a great job coaching up this group.

Monday, December 3, 2012

The WWE RAW Truth Review for 12/3/12

What will RAW bring us tonight? More Ryback promos? Will he give us his thoughts on the fiscal crisis the U.S. is facing? Tune in to find out.

Where Is IronMan To Aid The Shield?
Team Hell No came out as The Shield was seen in a box in the arena. Kane challenged them to come down to fight but they stayed where they were. The Prime Time Players came out for a match. After Kane clotheslined O'Neil out of the ring Bryan and Young came in. Bryan hit some kicks on Young. Bryan tagged in Kane who hit a drop kick. Kane worked over the arm of Young. Bryan came in and hit an axe handle on Young's arm off the top. Kane came back in and missed an elbow. Young tagged in O'Neil, who was immediately taken out by Bryan. All members of The Shield slowly started making their way to the ring going into commercial.

The WWE Needs To Change Its Booking Philosophy

For the most part, I enjoyed RAW this past Monday. Anytime there are a couple of good wrestling matches on the show, I feel like it is a decent one. How often do you see two long matches like Cena/Ziggler and Sheamus/Cesaro, to go along with Mysterio/Bryan and Punk/Kane. Those are four very solid matches that each delivered, for the most part, in their own way. And actually, out of all those matches, I enjoyed Antonio Cesaro vs Sheamus the most. Cesaro did not look a step out of place in his match against Sheamus. The guy is definitely a future star for the WWE. I love the way he delivers his upper cut. Cesaro definitely has a lot of potential.

But the key word in that whole paragraph is the one I finished it with: potential. There are a handful of guys on the current WWE roster that have so much potential to be future stars. Antonio Cesaro is just one of them. You also have Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, Damien Sandow, Kofi Kingston, Cody Rhodes and you can even include Ryback in that mix if you really want to. Obviously he doesn't have the in ring talent the others have but his character has at least some potential. A lot of those guys are heels, and that is a problem down the line. But there is no reason a face turn isn't possible for someone in that group. Wade Barrett would be my first choice. I think he could pull off a face turn. But what that list of wrestlers says is that there is some talent on the WWE roster that, if given a true opportunity, could turn into future stars.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

NFL Week 13 Picks

Not bad last week. Better than my fantasy football teams.

Last Week: 11-5
Year to Date: 118-57

New Orleans Saints vs Atlanta Falcons
This may be the second best rivalry in the NFL. I don't know if anything will top the Ravens/Steelers in the near future, but this one is starting to get close. It is becoming pretty apparent through various players words in the media that these teams do not like each other. The Saints ended the Falcons undefeated season the last time these two teams played. New Orleans came up with a big goal line stand and did not allow the Falcons to take the lead in the fourth quarter. The Saints are coming off a loss that saw their offense get stopped by the 49ers defense. They got to Drew Brees and returned two interceptions for touchdowns. Atlanta doesn't have the pass rushers to get to Brees like the 49ers do, so Brees will have more time here. Atlanta got out of Tampa Bay with a win and placed a strangle hold on the NFC South. Atlanta has the offensive fire power to stay with the Saints in this one. This won't be a defensive struggle. If Matt Ryan and the Falcons want to take the next step, they need to win this one. I like the Falcons to take this one. They got Michael Turner and Jacquizz Rogers going last week. If they can get rolling come Playoff time, the Falcons offense gets that much better.

Atlanta 34  New Orleans 28

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

JC's Take: Stars, Goats & Notes From Week 12 of the NFL

Team of the Week: Washington Redskins
-Three weeks ago, Mike Shanahan was talking about players playing to be on the team next season. Many people questioned Shanahan giving up on the season so early. Two wins later, Washington now sits at 5-6, one game out of a Wild Card spot and two games back in the NFC East, with a big game coming up against the Giants next Monday night. The Redskins went into Dallas on Thanksgiving and lit up the Cowboys. Robert Griffin made some big time throws and he looks like every bit a QB that the Redskins expected him to be. Griffin has a rocket for an arm and the velocity on some of his passes is amazing. You never know what Giants team to expect week in and week out, so that is why next week is so big for the Redskins. Even if Washington doesn't get to the Playoffs this year, the future looks bright for them. Had it not been for injuries to Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan on defense, they might be in better shape.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The WWE RAW Truth Review for 11/26/12

Dean Ambrose is getting a live mic tonight. I'm assuming a lot of the Internet nerds are tuning in.

3 Hours of Ryback? God Help Us All
We opened with Ryback taking on Titus O'Neil. Ryback dominated. Titus asked for a timeout but Ryback clotheslined him on the floor. Darren Young grabbed Ryback's foot to distract him and Titus hit his sit down power bomb but Ryback kicked out at one. Titus went for it again but Ryback blocked it and threw Titus into Young on the apron. Ryback hit the Meat Hook Clothesline and Shell Shocked for the win.

After the match, Ryback said he was going to stay in the ring until either C.M. Punk, the NXT guys, or all four of them came out.

Segment Analysis: I hate that the Prime Time Players are being jobbed out already. And I just talked about my hope for the tag team division. Survey Says: 1.5/5

What I'm Thankful For In The WWE

It is Thanksgiving weekend here in the United States. A time to eat some good food, gather with friends and family, and truly be thankful for everything that we have in life. With the WWE, 2012 has been a rough year. There is not a lot to like about the current product. But there have been some bright spots in the WWE this year. I wouldn't say the WWE has been a complete failure this year. There are some things to be thankful for in the WWE. As a writer and a fan, these are the things that I am thankful for.

Friday, November 23, 2012

NFL Week 12 Picks

So close to perfection. Damn You Rams!

I went 3-0 on Thanksgiving. If you don't believe me check my Twitter!

Last Week's Record: 13-1
Year to Date: 107-52

Minnesota Vikings vs Chicago Bears
Chicago needs Jay Cutler in a bad way. I understand Jason Campbell went up against a very good defense last week, but he still looked beyond terrible against the 49ers. He looked uncomfortable in the pocket and did not deal well with the pressure that the 49ers brought. Cutler still has not been cleared to play yet, so that makes his status for this game a question mark. Cutler makes a world of difference for this team. You know the Bears defense will be out to make a statement after a poor performance against the 49ers. It was the most points the Bears have given up all year, and it was to a QB starting his first game. The Vikings wanted to use their bye week to get their star WR Percy Harvin healthy, but Harvin has yet to practice this week. Having Harvin play takes pressure off of Adrian Peterson. Without Harvin, teams can crowd the box to stop Peterson. Christian Ponder has struggled mightily in his last few games, even failing to go over 100 passing yards in two of his last four. Both teams may be missing stars, but I like the Bears defense to take advantage of Christian Ponder and grind out a win here.

Chicago 17  Minnesota 13

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

JC's Take: Stars, Goats and Notes from Week 11 of the NFL

Team of the Week: San Francisco 49ers
-In the battle of back-up QBs, Colin Kapernick won. And he may have just created a QB controversy in San Francisco. The 49ers dominated the entire football game Monday night. Not only that, but they had continued success driving down the field against a very good Bears defense. The 49ers defense got to Jason Campbell, causing six sacks and two interceptions. San Francisco imposed their will on both sides of the ball and finally looked like the team I picked to go to the Super Bowl at the start of the year. You have to wonder if Jim Harbaugh goes back to Alex Smith or rides the hot hand with Kapernick next week. Great performance by the 49ers.

Game of the Week: Houston 43  Jacksonville 37 (OT)
-Thank You Andre Johnson. Thank You Matt Schaub. In my picks blog this week, I said that if Jacksonville won, I would write a 10,000 word blog talking about the Jaguars victory. I wasn't kidding. I was getting ready to start working on that today. But the Texans offense saved my ass and came up with a big play in over time to secure the Texans a late victory. When Blaine Gabbert left the game in the first quarter, Chad Henne took command and the Jaguars looked like a completely different team with him under center. You have to wonder why Henne hasn't been starting earlier. I know they wanted to develop Gabbert, but it was evident after five games this year that he wasn't the answer. For the Texans, this game exposed some holes they have and need to be fixed. It also showed that they are beatable and are now sure fire bets to win the AFC in a run away.

The "Adrian Peterson Is On A Bye, So I Have To Pick Other Guys" 3 Stars Of The Week
3. Julian Edelman
The one thing I like about Bill Bellicheat is that he always finds ways to have one guy you didn't expect play a big part in beating you. This week that guy was Julian Edelman. Edelman returned a punt for a touchdown and also caught a pass for a touchdown. He was also one tackle away from returning a kickoff for one as well. Edelman isn't someone who wows you with his athletic ability, but he's a hard worker who can make a play if you take him lightly.

2. A.J. Green
If you still have doubts about A.J. Green being one of the Top 5 WRs in the league, then you don't know football. Green had another touchdown catch this week in Cincinnati's rout of the Chiefs. That gives Green 10 on the year. He's had one in every game this year except for Week 1. You have to wonder where Cincinnati's offense would be without Green. They really don't have too many other weapons. Sooner or later, teams will have to start doubling him like they do Calvin Johnson.

1. Matt Schaub/Andre Johnson
These two share the award because they both put up some tremendous stats this week against Jacksonville. Schaub threw for 527 yards and 5 touchdowns, while Johnson caught 14 passes for 273 yards and scored the game winning touchdown. This is just an example of what the Texans could have been like all these years if everyone on offense had stayed healthy. Things are finally starting to come together in Houston, and they have the Super Bowl in their sights.

The Almost As Bad As Most Cancelled Fall TV Shows 3 Goats of the Week
3. Philadelphia Eagles Defense
I don't know how much more evidence you need to see that the Eagles have quit on this season. That may have been some of the worst coverage I have seen in my football watching life this past week. Robert Griffin had all day to throw and the secondary just had complete lapses in coverage, allowing WRs to get open. I'm surprised Andy Reid is still coaching this team.

2. Ken Wisenhunt
OK. I understand that John Skelton has been struggling lately. But why in your right mind would you pull him, on the road, with your team surprisingly in the lead, against one of the best team's in the NFC. And it isn't even like it was a veteran. It was a rookie QB who has not seen the field this year. Needless to say, Ryan Lindley did not fair to well, and Arizona lost their lead. Is Wisenhunt trying to lose his job?

1. Bart Scott
Bart Scott used to be a very good team leader for the Jets.Now, you have to wonder if he has just lost his damn mind. Scott tried leading a locker room mutiny against the media after their win against the Rams. Of course, this is because of the story that came out last week that un-named Jets players ripped Tebow for being terrible. Well guess what Bart, the players on your defense are the ones that are bringing unwanted attention to this team. Your media mutiny only made you guys look like bigger fools than you already were. The Jets have become a side show act. No one takes them seriously anymore.

Other Week 11 Notes
-If I am the Pittsburgh Steelers, I am very concerned about making the Playoffs. At 6-4 they stand in the final Wild Card position. But as they showed last night, it is going to be a struggle for them with all of these injuries catching up to them. Ben Roethlisberger just makes that team so much better. And now it looks like Byron Leftwich is down, meaning that Pittsburgh will have to turn to Charlie Batch at QB. Now they are bringing in WR Plaxico Burress because they are down at that position too. I wouldn't even worry about catching the Ravens, I would just be worried about holding on to the spot they have now. They go to Cleveland next week, a team that the Steelers struggle with at times. The game is always low scoring, and that is with Big Ben at QB. They then go to Baltimore and face another dog fight there. The Steelers need to find different ways to win these games coming up. If the Steelers lose the next two games, Big Ben will have a lot riding on his shoulders if he returns with four games left.

-Jason Garrett still needs to be worried about his job, even after yesterday's come from behind win against the Browns. Why should Garrett be worried? Because his team had to come from behind to beat the Browns. I've always thought Cleveland would be a team that will fight tooth and nail until the end of every game this year. That's their mentality. But the Cowboys have more talent and should have won that game without any problems at home. Then again, they are the Cowboys. A team that for some reason only likes to show up in the second half of each game. Add to the fact that Browns President Mike Holmgren was seen talking to Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones on the sidelines, and Garrett has even more to be worried about. A report came out that this weekend that Holmgren would only return to coach the Cowboys. Holmgren is stepping down as Browns President, Garrett is on the hot seat, this report comes out, and Holmgren is seen talking to Jones. Pieces keep falling into places.

-We are only heading into Week 12, but it looks like every division in the AFC is wrapped up. New England has a two game lead in the AFC East, but no other team has the talent in that division to catch them. The Texans have a three game lead in the AFC South and still play the Colts twice. They also hold wins over Denver and Baltimore, and still play New England. The Texans essentially control their own destiny for the #1 seed in the AFC. Denver holds a three game lead over the Chargers and have beaten them twice. No one is catching Denver there. And the Ravens hold a two game lead over Pittsburgh and just beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh. What does this all mean? It means the question of resting players will come into effect pretty early for all of these teams. Now these four teams are looking to establish themselves and work out the final kinks they have before the Playoffs role around. All four of these teams have their own strengths and weakness, and they will look to fix those weaknesses with the Playoffs looming.

-These Guys Should Just Start Packing Their Desks Already
1. Andy Reid, Philadelphia
2. Norv Turner, San Diego
3. Ron Rivera, Carolina
4. Romeo Crennel, Kansas City

-The I Wouldn't Buy A House Quite Yet In That Town Group
1. Jason Garrett, Dallas
2. Pat Shurmur, Cleveland
3. Ken Wisenhunt, Arizona

Random One Liners
-Why was everyone all hyped up about the Dolphins again?

-Why do the Steelers have so may awful uniforms?

-I bet Larry Fitzgerald regrets signing that contract extension now.

-If only Sam Bradford had some actual weapons to help him out on offense.

-Someone should give Mason Crosby the leg of the turkey for dinner.

-Maybe Jon Gruden will just leave the announce booth and start coaching the Eagles next week.

1. Houston Texans
2. Atlanta Falcons
3. Baltimore Ravens
4. New England Patriots
5. San Francisco 49ers

28. Cleveland Browns
29. Oakland Raiders
30. Carolina Panthers
31. Jacksonville Jaguars
32. Kansas City Chiefs

Three Games I'd Like To See Next Week
Green Bay at New York Giants: Did the bye week help the reeling Giants?
San Francisco vs New Orleans: Classic defense vs offense battle.
Atlanta vs Tampa Bay: Can Bucs keep up impressive run?

Until Next Time,
Justin C
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Monday, November 19, 2012

The WWE RAW Truth Review for 11/19/12

I'm going to try my very best to enjoy RAW tonight. I know I have been down on the product lately, but C.M. Punk's year long Title reign is something to celebrate. I'm hoping we get a mock "This Is Your Life" from Punk.

Will Someone Just Get Ryback to Catering Already?
Ryback came out. He said he was about to feast on the WWE Championship until C.M. Punk's three men took food from his mouth. He said they are now all his prey. He told all of them to come out and face him right now, and if they don't, he is going to tear this place apart until he finds them. Vickie Guerrero came out. She said if Ryback caused chaos tonight he would be fined or suspended. But she does enjoy the way he destroys people, and she wanted to see how big his appetite really is. Tensai came out for a match. After some brawling Tensai hit a chokeslam and his diving back drop but Ryback kicked out immediately. Ryback hit a bodyslam then a spinebuster and they went to the outside. Ryback threw him into the barricade then back in the ring. He hit the Meathook Clothesline then Shell Shocked for the win.

Segment Analysis: So was that segment suppose to get us to support Ryback again? Because that didn't really do anything for me. We've seen Tensai/Ryback before. And Ryback just showed why he can't be a main eventer with his promo. If you have to use food analogies the whole time, it ain't gonna work. Survey Says: 1.5/5

Sunday, November 18, 2012

WWE Survivor Series Results

I'll be reviewing Survivor Series live here all night, as my work vacation comes to an end and I get ready to go back tomorrow. But I'm here tonight, hoping for a worth while show.

David Otunga was named the fifth member of Team Ziggler. Ziggler's fellow heels did not like the pick.

3MB beat Team CoBro after McIntyre caught Ryder with his cast, allowing Mahal to pick up the win.

Brodus Clay, Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd, Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio vs Tensai, Primo and Epico, Prime Time Players

A bonus match to start the show. Is seeing Tensai a bonus? Epico and Tyson Kidd started. They exchanged some offense until Epico pulled Kidd down onto the apron. Kidd was able to escape and tag in Gabriel. Gabriel tagged in Rey, but Epico caught him with a kick and tagged in Young. Rey tagged in Sin Cara, who hit his normal offense on Primo. Primo took out Sin Cara with a leg sweep and tagged in Tensai. He hit some bodyslams then tossed Cara into the corner where he tagged in O'Neil. The heels took turns working over Sin Cara. Tensai took out the faces until CLay punched Tensai and Cara tagged him in. All of the faces hit dives to the outside on the heels, leaving Tensai and Clay. Tensai took out Clay and hit his back dive, eliminating Clay. Gabriel moved out of the way of Tensai's back dive and Gabriel rolled him up for a three count. The heels took turns working over Kidd this time. O'Neil missed a charge at Kidd and crotched himself. Kidd caught O'Neil with a kick and rolled him up for a three count. Kidd then caught Epico in a sharpshooter, eliminating him. Primo went to the top, but Kidd caught him mid air with a dropkick. Kidd tagged in Rey. Rey hit a seated senton from the top. Primo ducked a 619, but Rey rolled him up for a three count. Rey then hit a 619, then all the faces got some offense in on Young and picked up the win.

Friday, November 16, 2012

WWE Survivor Series Preview

If the booking for Survivor Series has showed us anything, its that the WWE's creative team is as much of a mess as it ever has been. In the span of the week, they changed their main event match and completely just over looked feuds various wrestlers were in. On one side we have C.M. Punk, who's been in a war of words with Mick Foley over the last couple of weeks. So what happens? They make those two the captains of respective Survivor Series teams and they make a match for the PPV. Okay, fair enough. But what happens a week later? That match is scrapped, and now Dolph Ziggler is the captain of Team Punk? And Mick Foley has what kind of beef with Ziggler?

Oh, and lets not forget the fact that John Cena is in a program with Dolph Ziggler, Vickie Guerrero and A.J. It would only make sense to maybe see a Ziggler/Cena singles match at the PPV, right? Nope. Ziggler is instead inserted into the traditional Survivor Series match, and Cena is in the WWE Title Match. But they continue to have Ziggler and Cena interact on TV. See what kind of jumbled mess this whole PPV is? Why should the WWE expect people to care about the PPV if it seems like they are putting such little effort into the show themselves? It really looks like Vince McMahon doesn't consider Survivor Series a Big 4 PPV. He tried to scrap it once before, and it looks like he is trying his best to get people to not care about it again.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

NFL Week 11 Picks

A bit of a down turn from previous weeks, but still respectable.

Last Week: 9-5
Year to Date: 94-51

Miami Dolphins vs Buffalo Bills
The Bills last week showed how good they can be when the offense plays to its potential. They came very close to beating the Patriots last week in Foxboro, but a bad Ryan Fitzpatrick interception in the end zone ended those hopes. The defense all was run over again. When you score 31 points in the NFL, you expect to win the game. But the defense barely put any pressure on Tom Brady and could not cause any turnovers. Buffalo has an easy schedule coming up so there is still a glimmer of hope for the team. Even without Fred Jackson, the Bills should be okay with the electric C.J. Spiller in the backfield. He needs more touches and he will get them now. Miami was embarrassed last week at home and might have ended any hopes of a decent season happening this year. The offense looked terrible for the first time all season. And the defense was ran over by Chris Johnson. I don't know what changed for Miami, but things didn't look good. On a short week, I like the Bills here. Miami will still be reeling from their bad loss.

Buffalo 27  Miami 17

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

JC's Take: Stars, Goats and Notes From Week 10 of the NFL

Team of the Week: New Orleans Saints
-The Saints struggled mightily for the first month of the season. The offense put up points, but the defense had problems shutting teams down. But in the last two weeks, the Saints defense stepped up and helped them win games. Last week, the Saints defense held the Philadelphia Eagles to 13 points. This week against the Saints they came up with a huge 4th down stop inside their own 10 yard line with under 2 minutes left. Then they stopped the Falcons at the end of the game and handed the Falcons their first loss of the season. The Saints are now 4-5 and are in no way out of the NFC Playoff picture yet. If the Saints defense can show up and have a consistently strong performance every week, then they will be right back in the thick of things. Drew Brees and the offense can put up 30+ points like its nothing. If the Saints can hold teams to under 30 points every week, then they can win just about any game.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

NFL Week 10 Picks

Can I ride my hot streak into another week? Damn right I can!

Last Week: 12-2
Year to Date: 85-46

Indianapolis Colts vs Jacksonville Jaguars
The Colts continue to play like a team motivated by losing their coach. Indianapolis pulled out a big win against Miami last week at home and put themselves in a great position to grab a Playoff spot in the AFC. There is still a lot of season left, and the Colts do have a difficult schedule, but all they need to do is keep playing as well as they have been. Andrew Luck is not playing like a rookie and the way he is leading this team on the field is incredible. But the Colts play on the road needs to improve. Their offensive performances struggles. The good news is that they have a chance to improve on that at Jacksonville. The Jaguars are a giant mess of a team right now. They are without their top offensive weapon, Maurice Jones Drew. And the offense is struggling to do anything with Blaine Gabbert under center. Jacksonville will be in position to draft a QB next year, one Mike Mularkey can hand pick himself and make his QB. It is clear Gabbert is not the answer. Similar to the Chiefs, I don't pick the Jaguars to win. They may keep it close, but the Colts win here.

Indianapolis 24  Jacksonville 13

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Justin's Week 9 NFL Take: The Coaching Hot Seat Edition

Team of the Week: Indianapolis Colts
This Colts team has something very special going for themselves. Most people might have thought their season was over after Chuck Pagano had to leave for the year after being diagnosed with leukemia. But instead of folding up shop, the Colts rallied around it and now have put themselves in a prime position to make a post season run. Sitting at 5-3, the Colts essentially control their own destiny. They still have some tough games left, most notably against the Texans twice, New England and Detroit. But if Andrew Luck keeps up his stellar play, the Colts could snag a Wild Card spot. And if you haven't seen Chuck Pagano's post game speech to his team, go out of your way to see it. Very moving and inspiring.

Putting Together A Survivor Series Dream Card

Survivor Series is the next PPV on the WWE schedule. A few years ago this PPV was in danger of being taken off the PPV schedule and replaced with something else. It is a shame that the higher ups in the WWE don't see this as a big 4 PPV anymore. Maybe if the WWE actually tried pushing their mid card and gave them some depth than they could build more multi-man matches and they could actually be a big deal. But that is just a problem with the WWE as a whole.

Now the WWE treats this PPV as one of its least important on the card. The only reason last year felt different was because of The Rock. You could say that Money in the Bank is now a Big 4 PPV, bigger than the Survivor Series. But I always enjoyed the Traditional Survivor Series matches. I think they can be a lot of fun if booked properly. The one or two that they have had the past couple of years have usually been good. With the added emphasis on the tag team division, there should be no reason to take away or not get behind the traditional Survivor Series match. If the roster had any depth, it could be a fun spectacle to watch.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The WWE RAW Truth Review for 11/5/12

RAW is from England tonight. What does that mean? We are bound to get a bunch of corny English people jokes and some piped in crowd noise. Enjoy!

After recapping the happenings from last Monday, The Miz questioned why a team leader would walk out like Punk did. Miz quit the Survivor Series team.

They Aren't Worth Billions Anymore
Six Man Tag. PTPs and Antonio Cesaro vs Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara and R-Truth. Cesaro wanted no part of R-Truth and tagged in Darren Young. Truth hit a bodyslam and tagged in Rey. Rey hit a leg drop. Young tagged in Titus but the faces took turns working him over. Back from commercial, Truth hit a high kick on Young and tagged in Sin Cara. Sin Cara hit a hurricarrana then an armdrag. Cara tagged in Rey and he hurricarranaed Young into the ropes. Cesaro tagged himself in and hit a backbreaker on Rey. O'Neil came in and hit multiple backbreakers on Rey. After the heels worked on Rey some more, Rey made the hot tag to R-Truth. Truth hit a suplex/neckbreaker combo on Cesaro. The faces cleared the ring. Sin Cara hit a hurricarrana on Cesaro, Rey hit a 619 and R-Truth hit the lie detector for the win.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

NFL Week 9 Picks

I showed some signs of improvement last week. Hopefully things get fully better this week.

Last Week: 9-5
Year to Date: 73-44

Kansas City Chiefs vs San Diego Chargers
Things just aren't right in San Diego. They put together a woeful performance last week against Cleveland. Philip Rivers had a terrible game, Ryan Matthews fumbled again, and the Chargers offense failed to put together a meaningful drive. Now there are people in San Diego questioning what has gone wrong with this  Chargers team the last few years. Norv Turner has had so much talent and has yet to put together a Super Bowl team in San Diego. The Chargers run defense faces another challenge this week in Jamaal Charles. Charles may be the only real threat that the Chiefs have on their team. They are forced to start Matt Cassel after Brady Quinn was hurt last year. At this point, the Chiefs may wish they had the QB situation Maryland has, starting a linebacker at QB. Kansas City had high hopes this year but the season may be one of their worst in recent memory. Kansas City may not win another game this year. Even with San Diego's recent struggles, they should still win here.

San Diego 21  Kansas City 13

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

JC's Take: Stars, Goats & Notes From Week 8 Of The NFL

Team of the Week: Denver Broncos
Denver took control of the AFC West this week with a very convincing win over the Saints. Denver's defense has had some problems stopping good offenses this year but they did a good job of shutting down Drew Brees and the Saints offense. And Peyton Manning looked like the Peyton Manning of old the entire game. Yes it was against the Saints defense, but it was still a very impressive performance. Denver has established themselves as the top dogs in the AFC West. They've shown they can put teams away early and also come from behind late like they did two weeks ago against San Diego. Denver is the most stable team in that division. If their defense can keep putting up performances like they did Sunday night, then they could be a threat in the AFC. That will be the key for Denver going forward.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The WWE RAW Truth Review for 10/29/12

It is the RAW after Hell In A Cell. What will the fall out be? Will every referee have it out for Ryback now? I'm in Buffalo, and we are just starting to get the rain and wind here. Hopefully I can make it through RAW with no power problems.

Feed Ryback Socko!
C.M. Punk came out. He said he proved everyone wrong last night by showing that Ryback is beatable. Punk said he's been proving everyone wrong since Day One. C.M. Punk said he's defeated every one of the fan's heroes in the WWE. Punk said his victory is clouded in controversy and everyone is blaming it on him. Punk said he had nothing to do with what happened. Punk said the only thing he is guilty of is taking advantage of a situation presented to him by a rogue individual. Punk said Ryback is in his rear view mirror and there will not be a rematch.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

WWE Hell In A Cell Results

Hello everyone. I'm covering Hell In A Cell tonight. Enjoy!

Alberto del Rio vs Randy Orton
Orton got the upper hand early where he tossed Del Rio to the outside then hit a clothesline. Orton hit Del Rio's head on the table. Orton hit some Garvin stomps on Del Rio. Del Rio gained control and dropped Orton's arm on the turnbuckle then hit a kick to it on the outside. Del Rio went on the turnbuckle and applied an armbar in the ropes. Del Rio applied another armbar. Del Rio hit an armbar take down for two. Orton fought out of another armbar in the ropes. Del Rio caught Orton going for a powerslam and applied the cross armbreaker but Orton grabbed the ropes. Del Rio walked right into a backbreaker. Orton went for the middle rope DDT but Del Rio broke it up. Del Rio mocked Orton's pose and went for an RKO, but Orton caught him and hit the middle rope DDT. Del Rio kicked out. Orton favored his arm and Del Rio took advantage with a backbreaker. Del Rio walked right into a powerslam. Both men went to the top and Del Rio pushed Orton off. Orton held on in the ropes but ADR jumped off and hit a double stomp for two. Del Rio jumped off from the top and stopped awkwardy. Orton hit a dropkick. Orton went for the RKO but Del Rio threw him into the turnbuckle, where Ricardo shoved his arm into the post. ADR applied the cross armbreaker but Orton countered into a pin attempt for two. Del Rio went for an enziguri kick in the corner but Orton caught him with an RKO for the win.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

WWE Hell In A Cell Preview

This Sunday the WWE brings us there Hell In A Cell PPV. To me, it is the most frustrating PPV of the year. The WWE has taken what used to be a match to end a long, bitter feud and turned it into a cheap gimmick PPV that now has no meaning. It is not the WWE's fault, but Cena/Punk could have actually been a feud that warranted the Cell for a match. But the injury once again exposed why gimmick PPVs like this are stupid. Hell In A Cell does not make people buy a PPV anymore.

So far the WWE has only announced five matches for the show. I would expect another match or two to take place on the show. I could see Antonio Cesaro defending the US Title against Justin Gabriel. There will probably be some sort of Divas Match as well. Or maybe we will find out the answer to the most compelling question in the WWE: Who attacked Kaitlyn? The WWE has been putting in a good amount of effort in the build towards this PPV. You can't fault them for trying. But I haven't really enjoyed the build to the show at all. It just hasn't clicked with me.

NFL Week 8 Picks

Told you I would get better.

Last Week: 11-2
Year to Date: 64-39

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Minnesota Vikings
You have to give Tampa Bay some credit. They stood toe to toe with the Saints and took every punch they delivered. But the Bucs kept fighting and almost won in the end. Despite it being a ticky tack call, the referee got it right. Mike Williams stepped out of bounds and he could not be the first player to touch the ball. Josh Freeman threw for over 400 yards, 216 of those yards going to Vincent Jackson. Despite Tampa not winning, they are no doubt fighting under Greg Schiano. The Vikings put together a complete team effort in their win over Arizona. Adrian Peterson continues to play extremely well after coming off of a torn ACL at the end of last year. Christian Ponder struggled last week, but Peterson and his defense were there to pick him up. Ponder should see more success this week against Tampa Bay. Tampa has given up over 300 yards passing to all but two passers this year, and one of those non-games was against the lowly Chiefs. The Vikings offense should take care of this game for them.

Minnesota 27  Tampa Bay 20

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Justin's Take: Stars, Goats & Notes From Week 7

Game of the Week: New England 29  NY Jets 26 (OT)
-I try to be unbiased as a writer. But deciding who to root for between these two teams is like trying to decide whether you want a root canal or a tooth pull without any Novocaine. I just can't do it. But these two did put on one heck of a football game Sunday. Despite all the problems the media overhypes with the Jets, they are still a decent football team. They're a better 3-4 football team then the Bills are now by a long shot. If Tim Tebow wasn't there the drama would be less. But the Jets gave New England everything they could handle. They came up with huge fumble recovery late on a New England kick return. But they needed to convert that into a touchdown. It almost seemed like they settled for a field goal. That allowed New England to come back and tie the game and then eventually win in OT. The Patriots still don't look like the dominant team that everyone is used to seeing. But they still found a way to win after giving up a lead late. They're still the best team in the AFC East, but not as dominant as in years past.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The WWE RAW Truth Review for 10/22/12

RAW has some stiff competition tonight from baseball, football, and the Presidential debate. Good thing we have Kane vs Big Show to keep us entertained and not wanting to change the channel.

RAW Starting With Wrestling?
RAW started with the tag title tournament finals. The heels took control over Rey Mysterio. Rey fought back with a hurricarrana and the faces each hit dives to the outside. Rey held Sandow in the ropes and Sin Cara hit a springboard moonsault. Sandow ducked a Sin Cara dive and tagged in Cody. Rhodes hit a suplex. This time it was Sin Cara's turn to get worked over by the heels. Sin Cara caught Cody with a kick to the head into a commercial break. The heels continued to work over Cara back from break. Sandow hit his elbow drop. Sin Cara finally made the tag to Rey. He hit a seated senton and a tilt a whirl head scissors on Cody. Rey hit a double 619 on Cody and Sandow. Rey went to pin Cody but Sandow broke up the count by not allowing the ref's hand to hit the mat. Sin Cara took out Sandow, but this allowed Cody to hit CrossRhodes on Rey to pick up the win.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Where to Go With Ryback vs C.M. Punk at Hell In A Cell

So the WWE decided to pull the trigger. With John Cena apparently unable to go at Hell In A Cell, Ryback has been put in the main event of a WWE PPV. His huge push will continue and he will face C.M. Punk at Hell In A Cell. There are varying thoughts about this. To me, I'm open to it. We complain about the main event scene being the same all of the time. Having Ryback in the main event is definitely something different. Is he the best worker in the WWE? No. But he's over enough with the WWE audience that the match should at least have some heat to it.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

NFL Week 7 Picks

I apologize for my abomination of a job picking last week. If I don't do better this week, you can riot.

Last Week: 6-8
Year to Date: 53-37

Seattle Seahawks vs San Francisco 49ers
If you like defensive struggles, then this one will be right down your ally. Seattle has arguably the best defense in the league. They gave up some yards last week to Tom Brady, but they did not break in their victory over New England. We also saw Russell Wilson come of age and lead a game winning drive right down the field. Wilson had his best performance as a starter and silenced any critics he had coming into the game. Wilson's reward for having such a good game? Going to San Francisco on short rest to face an angry 49ers team. The 49ers were schooled in every aspect of the game last week against the Giants. You know it has to be getting under everyone's skin in San Francisco. That is how this team thinks mentally with Jim Harbaugh at the helm. The 49ers gave Colin Kapernick the chance to play a bit more last week, and you wonder if he will get more time as the weeks go on. Especially if Alex Smith struggles again. This game gives the winner the early lead in the NFC West. The 49ers rebounded nicely after their loss to Minnesota, and I think they do that again here.

San Francisco 20  Seattle 16

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Justin's Take: Stars, Goats & Note From NFL Week 6

Team of the Week: Seattle Seahawks
I was tempted to go with the Green Bay Packers here, but I went with the team who I think took a big step forward yesterday. Seattle was down 23-13 with less than ten minutes left in the 4th quarter. But Seattle rallied behind the play of Russell Wilson and ended up winning the game 24-23. Wilson had his best game of the year: 293 yards, 3 touchdowns and no interceptions. Wilson's throw to Sidney Rice to give Seattle the league looked very nice. While the defense gave up a lot of yards to Tom Brady, they also did a good job of bending but not breaking. Seattle is now tied with San Francisco for the division lead heading into a big showdown on Thursday night against the 49ers. I questioned how long Seattle would stick with Wilson before this game, but he silenced many of his critics with his performance Sunday. Seattle is here to stay folks. And with the 49ers poor performance Sunday, they could very well be the favorites in the NFC West.

Game of the Week: Baltimore 31  Dallas 29
It is hard for me to rip on Dallas in this one. They stood toe to toe against the Ravens and took all of their best shots. But in the end, the Ravens won out thanks to a little bit of luck. Romo missed on the 2 point conversion attempt. Even after the miss, Dallas still recovered the onside kick. But Dan Bailey missed a 51 yard field goal that would have gave the Cowboys the win. The Dallas run game was very effective against the Ravens defense. I thought for sure the game was over after Jacoby Jones 108 yard kickoff return for a touchdown, but the Cowboys fought back. But they couldn't complete the comeback against an injury ravaged Ravens defense, which I will get into later. But this was a good back and forth game.

The Ray Lewis Memorial 3 Stars of the Week
3. New York Giants Defense
There was a good amount of trash talking going on in the week leading up to this game. But when the game finally arrived, the Giants were the ones that backed it all up. The Giants defense played great. They held the 49ers to one field goal the entire game. They had 6 sacks and intercepted Alex Smith three times. I always say never beat against Eli Manning with his back to the wall, but now I may say that about the entire Giants team. Eli didn't have his best game, but the defense certainly did. The Giants could make the argument that they are the best team in the NFL.

2. Robert Griffin
RG3 did not look good after the hit he took last week. But he came back this week and helped lead the Redskins to a come from behind victory over Minnesota. While Griffin only threw for 182 yards and one touchdown, it is what he did in the running game that impressed me the most. Griffin ran 13 times for 138 yards and a TD. His 76 yard run to clinch the game for Washington in the 4th quarter was impressive. How Minnesota lost containment on Griffin on that play is beyond me. But RG3 continues to impress and there are big things ahead for him.

1. Aaron Rodgers
Just when you think the Packers are done, they come back with a performance like they had on Sunday night. Up against a solid defense, Aaron Rodgers tore them apart as if they were a Division 3 college football team. Rodgers threw for 338 yards and 6 touchdowns and was only sacked twice. Similar to what Russell Wilson did in Seattle, Rodgers silenced all of his critics and showed why he is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. This is the type of game that can turn around the Packers season. And if this offense is going to get rolling again, opponents better watch out.

The "Romo's Gonna Romo" 3 Goats of the Week
3. Tom Brady
Most people look at Tom Brady and see a nice, clean cut guy who isn't one to get in somebody's face or make a scene. Well, during New England's game against Seattle, after Brady was intercepted by Seattle defensive back Richard Sherman, Brady had something to say. Brady told Sherman to find him after the game when they won. Well, Seattle did win. And Sherman found Brady after the game. Brady had nothing to say. Looks like Tom put his foot in his mouth with this one. New England isn't as invincible as they once were. They're a beatable team any given Sunday.

2. Houston Texans Defense
The Houston Texans were on the national, prime time stage on Sunday night. They had a struggling Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay Packers team coming to town. They were 5-0 and ready to show everyone that they were true contenders. But the Texans, specifically the defense, laid a gigantic egg on Sunday night. Now the questions will come about Houston. They had yet to beat a really good team this year. All of the Texans wins have come against mediocre teams at best. Houston should walk away with the AFC South crown, but the question of if they are good enough to be Super Bowl Contenders now is a legitimate point.

1. Philadelphia Eagles
Yes they are 3-3 and have been in all but one of their losses this year, but the entire organization just seems like a giant mess. Adam Schefter reported Sunday that the Eagles would be ready to cut ties with Mike Vick if the team doesn't have a solid year. Andy Reid gets questioned about his play calling every game. Mike Vick continues to turn the ball over and faces questions about whether he will still be the team's starting QB week after week. And the defense gave up a lead to the Lions Sunday and ended up losing the game. Philadelphia may be 3-3, but everything around that team just reeks of a disaster waiting to happen. There is so much negativity around the team that it will most likely linger throughout the year and affect their entire season.

Other Week 6 Notes
-The Ravens are 5-1 and currently have a two game lead in the AFC North, and that may still not be enough to get Baltimore into the Playoffs. The Ravens victory on Sunday came with a pretty big price. Baltimore lost two key pieces of their defense to injury. Star Cornerback Ladarius Webb is gone with a torn ACL. And the heart and soul of the team, Ray Lewis, is done for the year with a torn triceps muscle. They also lost NT Haloti Ngata for a couple of weeks with a sprained MCL. Its a good thing the AFC North appears to be a bit down this year, because Baltimore may struggle down the stretch. If Joe Flacco wants to show that he is an elite QB, this is his time. The Ravens will now have to win games with their offense. Losing your two best players for the year is never a good thing. Baltimore still has two games left with Pittsburgh as well as games at Houston, San Diego and vs the Giants. Nothing is for certain with the Ravens. I would still pick them to win the division as of today, but the confidence I have in them has gone down from the start of the season.

-So what do we make of the Atlanta Falcons? They are 6-0 and the last undefeated team remaining in the NFL. But they also have some flaws, and that was evident in their close win Sunday against Oakland. Matt Ryan was picked off three times. The running game continues to tread water and has yet to get going this season. Is it the play calling? Or is Michael Turner just not the back he once was? And the defense has had its good and bad times. They made a big play on an interception return for a touchdown in the 4th quarter. But on the next drive, they let Oakland march right down the field to tie the game. There's no denying that they are a Playoff team, but how far they can go is still a question to me. Matt Ryan has yet to win a game in the Playoffs. And the last time they were the #1 seed in the NFC, they were blown out by the Packers. I think this team is better than that one, but they are still a bit away from proving they can sustain a deep Playoff run.

-That was some comeback by the Denver Broncos Monday night. And it wasn't all Peyton Manning. The Broncos defense stepped up big time and allowed the Broncos to comeback with 35 unanswered points to take control of the AFC West. Peyton Manning was sloppy early, as was the defense. I don't know what changed at half time, but the Broncos looked like a different team. They saved their season with that performance. I don't know what Philip Rivers was thinking with some of those throws in the second half. He looked bad and panicked in the face of pressure. Rivers is the type of guy who could let this performance linger in the back of his head for some time. San Diego could not let Denver come into their place and win. They did, and it happened the worst way possible for the Chargers.

Random One Liners
-Are Chiefs fans begging for Matt Cassel yet?

-Maybe Jay Feely should save his over the top celebrations for when he makes a game winning field goal.

-I guess the Bengals collapse is happening earlier than I expected.

-Give it two weeks and I'm sure people will want Tim Tebow to start again.

-Okay Minnesota, you're now on the "Are They For Real?' clock.

-At this rate, the winner of the AFC East will have a 9-7 record.

The Booker T FAB FIVE
1. Atlanta Falcons
2. New York Giants
3. Baltimore Ravens
4. Houston Texans
5. Chicago Bears

The Race for the #1 Pick Bottom 5
28. Carolina Panthers
29. Oakland Raiders
30. Cleveland Browns
31. Jacksonville Jaguars
32. Kansas City Chiefs

Three Games I'd Like To See Next Week
Seattle vs San Francisco: Winner takes control of the NFC West.
Baltimore vs Houston: Winner takes control of the AFC.
NY Jets vs New England: Ryan vs Brady. Get your quote books ready.

Until Next Time,
Justin C
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Monday, October 15, 2012

The WWE RAW Truth Review for 10/15/12

Who will C.M. Punk choose to wrestler at Hell In A Cell? John Cena, Ryback or the fan he took out on Monday? Read on to find out.

How Many Other Things Has Big Show Done In 45 Seconds?
RAW started with the Big Show. He said the debate was an attempt to make him look foolish. Big Show said that Sheamus is trying to make him fear the Brogue Kick. But he doesn't, and they showed the replay of him blocking it last week. Show said Sheamus had the look of someone in over his head. Show then replayed the test from Smackdown. He said he is going to KO Sheamus at Hell In A Cell and become the longest reigning World Champion. Big Show said he will make people forget about his last Title reign of 45 seconds. He demanded Daniel Bryan come out. They showed Bryan backstage. He said he didn't know. A.J. came into the picture and said Big Show had a good idea and told him to get out there. He asked Kane if he had his back and he laughed.

5 Things To Look For By The End of 2012

There is just a little over 2 months left in the calendar year. While some might say that the build to Wrestlemania doesn't really start to around the Royal Rumble, I beg to differ. While you don't need to have your Wrestlemania plans set in stone at this point, you usually have a general idea of where you want things to go. That is why it is important to start getting there right around now. If done right, you can tell a great story over the span of a couple of months.

If you ask me, this is a big Wrestlemania season for the WWE. We know The Rock will be there, as well as Brock Lesnar. By the way, good job keeping up with storylines WWE. Brock Lesnar quite. Why is he on the Wrestlemania poster? There's some doubt, but I really can't see The Undertaker missing Wrestlemania. It wouldn't seem like Wrestlemania without him. Triple H could be there too. Stone Cold? I wouldn't rule it out, by I would make him the least likely to appear. I know his name has been dropped a lot on WWE TV lately, but he's rehabbing a bad knee. Add all those guys with the likes of C.M. Punk, John Cena and Randy Orton, and the WWE should have a star studded line-up. With the fans that always come back for Wrestlemania, it will be important for the WWE to try and keep those fans around after Mania.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

NFL Week 6 Picks

Two good weeks in a row. Here's hoping for 3.

Last Week's Record: 10-4
Year to Date Record: 47-29

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Tennessee Titans
The Steelers pulled out a much needed win last week at home against the Eagles. While the defense shut down Mike Vick, the offense had problems moving the ball. The Eagles defense has been playing better, but the Steelers should have been able to put up more points. Rashad Mendenhall looked good in his return and he added an added punch to the Steelers running game. The Steelers defense will once again be without Troy Polamalu. He re-injured his calf against the Eagles. Can he ever stay healthy? But that shouldn't be a concern for the Steelers. The Titans have looked absolutely dreadful the last couple of weeks. Matt Hasselbeck gets the call again this week. Expect the immobile veteran QB to face a heavy pass rush. And what the hell is wrong with Chris Johnson? Maybe getting paid is all he cares about now. Tennessee might keep it close early, but the Steelers will win this one handily in the end.

Pittsburgh 27  Tennessee 13

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Justin's Take: Stars, Goats and Notes from Week 5

This blog doesn't need Tim Tebow to save it. It's time for my Week 5 Review!

Team of the Week: Indianapolis Colts
-The Colts went through a lot during their bye week. They learned head coach Chuck Pagano would miss the remainder of the year while battling leukemia. Losing your head coach, especially under those circumstances, can be tough for a team. And it looked like the Colts were down and out after going into the half against Green Bay down 21-3. I don't know what changed at half time, but the Colts came out firing and stormed back to take the lead. Green Bay rebounded and scored midway through the 4th to take the lead. But the Colts marched right down the field again and Reggie Wayne scored on a great effort play to give the Colts the lead for good. Indianapolis won one for their coach and they will try to ride that momentum for the rest of the year. Are the Colts a Playoff team? I doubt it. But they will be fun to watch the rest of the year.

Monday, October 8, 2012

The WWE RAW Truth Review for 10/8/12

It is another edition of RAW, but this time Vince McMahon is on to help bring up the ratings. Will it actually help, or will more people want to see Mark Sanchez crash and burn? Guess it is time to see if Vince is a bigger deal than the Sanchize.

Is That Cena or HHH?
John Cena came out to start the show. Cena said one week off felt like a year. He made fun of the tag champs and Antonio Cesaro, then asked A.J. out on a date. All really corny. Cena said that C.M. Punk stole the voice of the WWE. He said what does it matter how long Punk's reign is if nobody wants to watch. Cena told Punk to be a man and face him at Hell In A Cell.

Segment Analysis: So Cena came out there to bury the entire roster? Geez, great start. Survey Says: 1/5

What Tag Team Division?
As Cena left the ring, Ryback came out. They exchanged looks. Ryback is facing Primo and Epico. Primo drop kicked Ryback in the knee and Epico took him out with a splash. Primo back dropped Epico onto Ryback. Ryback fought out of a Primo head lock and hit multiple clotheslines. Ryback hit the Shell Shock on both men for the win.

Match Analysis: Primo and Epico have gone from Tag Champs to jobbers. I know they are at the bottom of the chain in the tag division, but it would be nice to not job them out completely. Survey Says: 1.5/5

What Vince McMahon Won't Tell You On RAW

Vince McMahon is appearing on RAW this Monday? That can mean only one thing: ratings are down, down, down. Vince has tried to cut down on his presence on TV in recent years. It is a smart move on his part. There is not a lot left to do with his character, so his appearance should be limited and sporadic. But almost all of Vince McMahon's appearance in recent years has been in response to a low rating on RAW the week before. So essentially, you could call Vince McMahon "Mr. Panic."

Once again, Vince McMahon will be around to deliver a "State of the WWE" Address. I'm sure Vince will brag about certain things like Twitter or Tout and some other non-sense that is good in the WWE. I'm sure there will be some attempt to start a major angle as well. But the problem is, you know the angle was hastily put together in the last week. That more than likely means the angle has very little, if any, direction and the WWE won't know where they are going with it.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

NFL Week 5 Picks

I did much better last week. Could a rebound be on the way? Lets hope so! Picks!

Last Week's Record: 11-4
Year To Date Record: 37-25

Arizona Cardinals vs St. Louis Rams
This has all the makings of a trap game for the Arizona Cardinals. On the road against a divisional opponent on a short week. For the Cardinals sake I hope it isn't. They escaped a bad loss last week and won in overtime against Miami. The Cardinals let a less than stellar offense stay in the game, and their secondary looked a bit shaky. Kevin Kolb remains the starter for the Cardinals, and I see no reason to change that even when John Skelton is fully healthy. Arizona may have found a permanent second WR with Andre Roberts playing well the last couple weeks. St. Louis defeated Seattle last week thanks to some good trickeration on special teams. Steven Jackson looks to be going on the downside of his career. He hasn't helped the offense like a star RB should, and it again is causing Sam Bradford problems with the lack of weapons he has. No run game allows teams to focus on stopping Bradford. I see the Rams keeping it close, but the Cardinals are on a hot streak now and I think they escape with a win here.

Arizona 28  St. Louis 24

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Justin's Take: Stars, Goats and Notes from NFL Week 4

Game of the Week: Green Bay 28  New Orleans 27
-Four weeks into the season and the New Orleans Saints are 0-4. I don't think anyone, even me who was down on the Saints this year, saw this coming. New Orleans has been hanging around in every single one of these games. But their defense just hasn't been able to come up with the big stop. And the Saints had the opportunity to win on Sunday, but a holding penalty negated a game winning field goal, and then Garrett Hartley missed on his second try. The Packers picked up a nice win, but they do not look like the dominant team they were last year. The game was close throughout which is what I like. No blowout and a battle of wills throughout.

Monday, October 1, 2012

The WWE RAW Truth Review for 10/1/12

There's a good chance John Cena won't be on this show. How will the WWE book a show without their top star? I guess we will have to tune in to find out.

More GM Power Struggles!
After recapping last week's events C.M. Punk and Paul Heyman came to the ring. He called Cena a coward for attacking him with a coward last week. Then he called Mick Foley a coward for supposedly mumbling something under his breath, hence the reason why he attacked him. Punk said he knows Mick Foley would never had said anything bad about The Rock, Steve Austin or John Cena. And that shows the lack of respect Foley has for him. Punk said that he will still not face John Cena at Hell In A Cell.

Catching Up On Recent WWE News

So I missed out on posting last week. And I have been pretty busy the last couple weeks so it has been tough for me to dedicate a lot of time to writing. But I finally have some free time and my schedule is back to normal. But for now, it is time to play catch up with some of the recent happenings and on goings in the WWE.

-The big story is that John Cena had some surgery and may not be able to wrestle Hell In A Cell. If you go by what happened on RAW this past Monday, it appears that John Cena will be ready to go at Hell In A Cell. And if not, it honestly looks like Plan B may be Ryback. I'm curious to see where exactly this Ryback thing will go. I'm honestly surprised how over Ryback is with the fans. I was at Smackdown this week and it seemed like Ryback got one of the top 3 pops/ovations of the night. It is amazing how over he has gotten in such a short time. But even with Ryback getting over, he still can't wrestle a full match for the life of him. C.M. Punk may be good, but I don't know if even he can carry Ryabck to a good 15-20 minute match.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

NFL Week 4 Picks

Picks for Week 4. Hopefully, none of you took my advice last week.

Week 4 Record: 8-8
Year to Date Record: 26-21

Carolina Panthers vs Atlanta Falcons
So, is it time to panic in Carolina? Everyone was hyped up for them against the Giants and expected them to take care of the short handed Giants last Thursday. Instead, the Panthers were whipped like a government mule. The offense couldn't move the ball at all, and the defense could not stop the Giants on the ground or through the air. Steve Smith called out Cam Newton after the game and told him to quit pouting. People seem to be making a bigger story out of it than it seems. Now the Panthers risk the possibility of going 1-3 with this trip to Atlanta. The Falcons have looked almost unstoppable on offense. And last Sunday the defense went into San Diego and shut down a pretty good Chargers offense. If the Panthers couldn't stop Ramses Barden, what makes me think they will stop Julio Jones and Roddy White? Nothing. Falcons win this one.

Atlanta 31  Carolina 20

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Justin C's Take: Stars, Goats & Notes from Week 3 of the NFL

Game of the Week: Tennessee Titans 44  Detroit Lions 41
-Talk about a wild affair. It appeared the Titans were on the verge of winning this game until the Lions came back late with a hail mary to send it to overtime. Then there was the giant miscommunication between Shaun Hill, the Lions center, and coach Jim Schwartz on 4th and 1 in overtime deep in Tennessee territory. I have to give credit to the Titans. I did not think they were capable of putting up 44 points in a game after getting manhandled rather easily in their first two games. Was it Jake Locker's breakout performance? I will wait to see a couple more performances before I decide on that. But I love a high scoring overtime game, so this gets my vote this week.

Monday, September 24, 2012

The WWE RAW Truth Review for 9/24/12

I'm baaaccckkk! After missing last week's show I return to review RAW this week. Enjoy!

Get Out Here Scab!
RAW started with Paul Heyman and C.M. Punk in the ring. Heyman said RAW would not start until justice is served. Heyman replayed the footage of Punk's foot being on the ropes last week. Heyman invited the referee to the ring and demanded he tender his resignation. The ref came to the ring and said he made a mistake and that he feels terrible. The ref refused to resign. Punk interrupted him and said he didn't care how he feels. Punk asked how he got his job. He said when RAW expanded to 3 hours, A.J. called him and said they needed more officials. Heyman gave him a blindfold with a WWE and NFL logo and said he should wear it when he goes to sleep. Punk said A.J. should come to the ring and fire him.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

NFL Week 3 Picks

Week 2 is gone, Week 3 is here. Computer problems are fixed, so I will get back to my regularly scheduled posting starting now!

Last Week's Record: 10-6
Year to Date: 18-13

St. Louis Rams vs Chicago Bears
I don't know if any quarterback will have a worst performance this season than Jay Cutler did in Week 2: 11-27 for 126 yards, 1 touchdown and 4 interceptions. That works out to a QB rating of 4.7. Cutler was also sacked seven times. He was getting in the face of his offensive line as well, which may cause some problems. While some of the blame can lay on the O-Line, Cutler also held on to the ball a bit too long at times. Cutler's leadership has always been a question mark. And the Bears also lost Matt Forte for a couple weeks with a high ankle sprain. The Rams scored a mild upset last week over Washington. They slowed down Robert Griffin enough and the offense made big plays through the air. I'm sure they sent a big thank you gift to Josh Morgan for his bonehead play to put the Skins out of field goal range. The Rams offense is nothing to look down on. I think they keep it close, but the Bears defense wins out in the end.

Chicago 27  St. Louis 23

Buffalo Bills vs Cleveland Browns
Fred Jackson is often looked on as the heart and soul of the Bills franchise. C.J. Spiller, however, is looking to ch age that. Spiller has come on in a big way this season. He has gone over 100 yards and scored 2 touchdowns in both games so far this year. Spiller has helped take the offensive burden off of QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, who has struggled a bit to start the year. The Bills defense played well last week completely shutting down the Chiefs until garbage time. Mario Williams has still yet to make an impact. Cleveland showed signs of improvement last week against Cincinnati but still came up short. Trent Richardson had a solid game and even Brandon Weeden played well, but the defense was torched by Andy Dalton and definitely missed CB Joe Haden. The Bills haven't won a road game since Week 1 last year. If they want to be a Playoff team, they have to win on the road. And I think they do here.

Buffalo 28  Cleveland 20

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Dallas Cowboys
Different season, same inconsistent Dallas Cowboys. Dallas goes in to New York on Wednesday night and beats the Super Bowl Champs on opening night. Then they go to Seattle the next week and get beat by a mediocre at best Seattle team. And they were beat badly. When will the Cowboys ever change their ways? And if the Cowboys keep it up, will it be the end of the line for Coach Jason Garrett and QB Tony Romo? The offense sputtered last week and could just not get anything going. Tampa Bay, meanwhile, put up a fight against the Giants right until the end of the game. I know much has been said about the end of the game, but I have no problem with what the Bucs and coach Greg Schiano did. A kneel down isn't a free play, especially when it is still a one possession game. Tampa Bay looks like a team that will be competitive in every game this year. I'm tempted to go with the Bucs here, but I think the Cowboys defense can stop the Bucs. The Boys win their home opener.

Dallas 31  Tampa Bay 21

New York Jets vs Miami Dolphins
So who are the Jets? Are they the team that played great in Week 1? Or the team that looked terrible last week against Pittsburgh? I think they are somewhere in between. But the Jets definitely need to get their offense on the right page. The run game has not been good in the first two games. And on the opposite side of the ball, the defense needs to do a better job of stopping the run. The good news for the Jets is that they get Darelle Revis back after missing last week's game do to a concussion. That is bad news for Dolphins rookie QB Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill doesn't have many weapons on offense to throw to. I would expect Reggie Bush to shoulder the load for the Phins. Remember Miami is where the Jets had their huge blow up last year to end the season. I like Miami here. I expect another big day from Reggie Bush.

Miami 17  NY Jets 14

San Francisco 49ers vs Minnesota Vikings
Two weeks into the season and I feel confident saying that the 49ers are the best team in the NFL. Their defense is still great, and Alex Smith continues to do all that is asked of him to keep his team and the offense going. This game also marks the return of Randy Moss to Minnesota. I just love everything about how Jim Harbaugh coaches this team and gets them ready for a game. That's why it will be a long day for Christian Ponder and Co. I expect the 49ers to throw a variety of blitzes at Ponder, who still struggles at times when faced with pressure. The Vikings will try to get Adrian Peterson going, but San Fran has been great at stopping the run too. Enough said here, 49ers win.

San Francisco 30  Minnesota 10

Kansas City Chiefs vs New Orleans Saints
This is a battle between two 0-2 teams that many did not expect to be here. The Chiefs have not looked good in their first two games. In Week 1 they were thrown on all day by Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons. Last week, they were run over by C.J. Spiller and the Bills. And the offense just can't seem to get going. Matt Cassel has yet to live up to the part of a very good starting QB. All of the hype that surrounded last year's team is gone. The Saints, meanwhile, have looked surprisingly bad on defense. They have yet to look good on that side of the ball. And on offense, Drew Brees hasn't quite looked himself. It almost feels like Drew Brees is trying to do too much for the Saints. Brees has the weapons on offense and he needs to relax and let his team help him out. The good news for the Saints is that they are at home, and should win here against the Chiefs.

New Orleans 35  Kansas City 21

Cincinnati Bengals vs Washington Redskins
Washington could easily be 2-0 right now if not for Josh Morgan's bonehead play last week. Now there is no guarantee that the Skins would have won, but I like their chances with Robert Griffin as QB. Griffin still played well last week. The Redskins defense, however, took a huge blow last week. Brian Orakpo and Adam Carriker were both lost for the season. That cripples what was a very good Redskins front seven. And Washington is also still waiting to see if WR Pierre Garcon can go this week. Cincinnati rebounded off a bad opening week loss by taking care of the Browns. Andy Dalton carved up the Browns defense. The Bengals defense, however, still didn't look as good as they did last year. The Browns offense that looked terrible in Week 1 looked better in Week 2. I like Robert Griffin and the Skins to rebound here and win their home opener. But long term, their defense will struggle with the loss of Orakpo and Carriker.

Washington 26  Cincinnati 24

Detroit Lions vs Tennessee Titans
The Tennessee Titans are not who we thought they were. I thought they would look better than they have in their first two games this year. Jake Locker is struggling in his first couple games, and Chris Johnson looks like a guy who just got paid and is raking in the money. And the defense has been run over the first two games. The Lions have also struggled a bit. They had to make a late comeback to beat the Rams at home and were shut down by the 49ers last week. The Lions running game will get a boost this week with the return of Mikel LeShoure to their line-up. Detroit has never been a great road team and I think the Titans now the importance of not starting 0-3, but I think Calvin Johnson is too much for the Titans secondary to handle, and the Lions eek out a win on the road.

Detroit 27  Tennessee 24

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Indianapolis ColtsHmm, what is there to say about this game. Andrew Luck has played okay in his first two games as QB. He would be better if he had a good running game behind him. Unfortunately Donald Brown has not lived up to the pre-season hype he had around him. Luck is also going up against a Jacksonville team that has yet to give up a passing touchdown this season. Jacksonville's offense struggled last week against Houston but they should find some success here against the Colts in the air. If Blaine Gabbert is going to have a good game, this one would be it. I'm picking the Colts here.

Indianapolis 21  Jacksonville 20

Philadelphia Eagles vs Arizona Cardinals
This is an interesting game to me. The Cardinals are 2-0 and are coming off a huge win last week against the New England Patriots. They shut down Tom Brady and won with only getting one catch from Larry Fitzgerald. Now the Cardinals go against Kevin Kolb's former team. Most critics say that the Eagles got the better end of the trade, so you know Kolb will be out to have a good game against his former team. The Cardinals defense has played surprisingly well too. But they will have a tough time containing Mike Vick. Vick was having another average game last week until late. Vick will also be without WR Jeremy Maclin this week. That will allow the Cardinals to focus on stopping DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy. The Cardinals showed that they can win without production from Larry Fitzgerald, and I think they do it again here. The Eagles play has been inconsistent the first two games.

Arizona 30  Philadelphia 26

Atlanta Falcons vs San Diego Chargers
Another battle between 2-0 teams. The Falcons have looked good in both of their games this year. The passing offense has been playing well and Julio Jones and Roddy White have looked unstoppable with Mat  Ryan throwing to them at times. But sooner or later, the Falcons will need to get some type of running game going. And it didn't help the Falcons that Michael Turner went and got himself arrested after Monday nights game. The Falcons defense played especially strong last week, picking off Peyton Manning three times. San Diego is 2-0 and they are about to get better with the return of RB Ryan Matthews. Matthews missed the first two games and his return will already better a very good Chargers offense. San Diego's defense has also played well, but they also haven't faced an offense like the Falcons yet. If the Chargers can get a pass rush going on Ryan, then maybe the Chargers can rattle him. But until they are stopped, I think the Falcons will be a tough team to beat this year.

Atlanta 31  San Diego 28

Houston Texans vs Denver Broncos
So, which Peyton Manning is the real Peyton Manning we will get this year. The good Peyton that played well against Pittsburgh, or the Peyton that was picked off three times against the Falcons. Manning has been know to try and force things at times during his career, but some of those throws he made Monday night were just awful. The defense was also carved up by Matt Ryan. The Texans have steam rolled over two soft opponents, and Denver will be their first real test of the year. It looks like the Texans now have a two headed monster at running back with Arian Foster and Ben Tate in the backfield. That will help take some pressure off of Matt Schaub. I would expect Wade Phillips to bring some heavy pressure on Peyton Manning and try to get him to make some mistakes like he did on Monday. I think the Texans are a very strong team overall and they will force Peyton Manning into a few mistakes and pull off a win on the road.

Houston 23  Denver 17

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Oakland Raiders
The Steelers were without Troy Polamalu and James Harrison last week and still shut down Mark Sanchez and the Jets. They will be without those same two guys this week and they should not have a problem. The Oakland Raiders offense has done very little this year and they now face the best defense they've seen all year. Expect the Steelers to load up the box and shut down Darren McFadden. And Carson Palmer has done very little this season to show that he can win games with his arm. How long until the Raiders see what Terrell Pryor has to offer? If you can't tell, I don't like the Raiders chances here. I think this will be an easy one for the Steelers.

Pittsburgh 28  Oakland 13

New England Patriots vs Baltimore Ravens
So was that simply a blip on the Patriots radar? Or a sign of things ahead? New England was shut down by a far inferior team in the Cardinals. What made it worse was that the Patriots shut down Larry Fitzgerald and they still allowed the Cardinals to pull out a victory. New England also suffered a blow on offense with the loss of Aaron Hernandez for a couple weeks. They signed Kellen Winslow, but he is no Aaron Hernandez. I would expect the Pats to lean more on Wes Welker with Hernandez out now. The Ravens lost a close game last week against Philadelphia. They place a lot of the blame on the replacement refs, but it is no excuse. But the Ravens offense is still playing well, I would say they are better than the Patriots offense at this point in the year. Joe Flacco is still not an elite QB, but he is playing some of the best football in his career. Baltimore has a handful of weapons on offense for the Patriots to focus on. Ray Rice will be the focal point, but if the Pats focus too much on him they will be exposed in the secondary. I like the Ravens to win here on the road. They almost one in Foxboro last year, and they will win here at home.

Baltimore 31  New England 23

Green Bay Packers vs Seattle Seahawks
The Packers offense still doesn't look like the same offense we saw last year. Maybe teams have figured them out, but Aaron Rodgers hasn't put up the same impressive number he did last year. Teams are getting pressure on him and taking advantage of a weak Packers offensive line. The good news for the Packers is that they got Cedric Benson going last week and may have found the run game they were missing last year. And the defense played big last week, getting constant pressure on Jay Cutler. Expect them to bring a lot of pressure on rookie Seattle QB Russell Wilson this week. Wilson still hasn't played well in the first couple weeks. I would expect Seattle to lean on Marshawn Lynch again. But if the Packers get up early, an Russell Wilson keep up with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers? I don't think so. I'm going with the Pack here.

Green Bay 34  Seattle 24

If I Were A Betting Man, I Would Make These Four Bets
Buffalo -3 at Cleveland: If the Bills lean on Spiller, this line shouldn't be a problem
Arizona +3.5 vs Philadelphia: Eagles have been living dangerously first 2 weeks
Pittsburgh -4 at Oakland: Raiders have no offense to speak of
Atlanta +3 at San Diego: Game will be close either way

Until Next Time,
Justin C
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Saturday, September 15, 2012

NFL Week 2 Picks

The NFL season is back, and we are through one week of picks. Now lets lets go on to Week 2!

Last Week's Record: 8-7

Kansas City Chiefs vs Buffalo Bills
These are two teams that got off to starts last week that did not meet their expectations. The Bills were absolutely schooled by the Jets last week. Ryan Fitzpatrick did not look good. The new and improved defense got no pressure on the QB, and that resulted in the young secondary getting torched by Mark Sanchez. Buffalo also lost Fred Jackson for a few weeks and WR David Nelson for the year. C.J. Spiller will pick up the load on offense, and he did well last week. Kansas City hung with Atlanta for a little bit but ended up getting blown out in the end. The Chiefs gave up 20 unanswered points and only scored a late garbage time TD in the second half. Kansas City was without some key players on defense. They may get CB Brandon Flowers back though. The Chiefs have some tough games coming up, but I think the Bills are more motivated by all of their doubters after Week 1. And they are at home. I'll take Buffalo.

Buffalo 27  Kansas City 21

Thursday, September 13, 2012

WWE Night Of Champions Preview + Thoughts on Jerry Lawler

This Sunday is WWE Night of Champions. Its kind of weird talking about the PPV after the events that transpired on RAW Monday, but I will talk about that at the end today. Night of Champions is the one PPV a year where the WWE actually has to make it seem like they care about every Title they have. If the WWE actually tried to make their mid-card Titles important, then maybe this PPV would feel like a bigger deal.

But instead the show seems like a one match show. The WWE has focused their entire build of the show around C.M. Punk, John Cena and the WWE Championship. The Intercontinental and United States Championship matches weren't even announced or mentioned until the past week. I understand the gimmick of the PPV is already set in stone. But make us give a damn about the matches that will be on it. Don't just announce the matches one week in advance. A solid mid-card build can do wonders for TV and business.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

NFL Week 1 Review

Team of the Week: San Francisco 49ers
In the first week of the season, I like to look for teams that make a statement. And I think San Francisco made the biggest statement. They went into Lambeau on opening day and handled the Green Bay Packers rather easily. The score makes the game seem closer than it actually was. The 49ers shut down the Packers offensive attack. They had constant pressure in Aaron Rodgers face all day and made the Packers run game non-existent. San Francisco was a botched punt return away from going to the Super Bowl last year, and they returned the majority of their starters on both side of the ball this year. The offense has more weapons. Randy Moss played well yesterday and Alex Smith continues to be a solid game manager. He won't put up spectacular stats but he is a solid starter who plays well with the talent around him. San Fran looks like the team to beat in the NFC.

Game of the Week: Minnesota 26  Jacksonville 23 (OT)
-Who would have thought that quite possibly the least intriguing game of the week would wind up being the best one? Minnesota took a five point lead in the 4th quarter before Blaine Gabbert of all QBs lead a 6 play, 76 yard TD drive in just under one minute to give Jacksonville a lead. Minnesota then went 32 yards in three plays and allowed Blair Walsh to tie the game on a 55 yard field goal. Then we saw the new OT rules come into effect but the Jags could not convert after Minnesota's field goal. It may be the most interesting game these two teams play all year.

The Jon Gruden "Let Me Tell You About These Guys" 3 Stars
3. Matt Ryan
Ryan needed to shake off a bad Playoff performance last year against the Giants, and he did just that against the Chiefs. Ryan threw for 299 yards and 3 touchdowns in Atlanta's win over Kansas City. The NFC South, in my opinion, is the Falcons division to lose. As the Saints showed yesterday, they may not be as good as people think. And Carolina stumbled out of the gate against Tampa Bay. Ryan has plenty of weapons surrounding him so there is no excuse for bad play. The Falcons face a big test next week with the Denver Broncos coming to town.

2. Adrian Peterson
AP tore his ACL in Week 17 last year. Nine months later, Peterson was back on the field and looked pretty much like his normal self in the Vikings overtime win over Jacksonville. Peterson ran the ball 17 times for 84 yards and 2 touchdowns. To come back from an ACL tear and perform as well as Peterson did was quite admirable. The Vikings offense will go as far as Peterson will take them this year.

1. Robert Griffin
For anyone who would listen to me, I have been telling them constantly that I think Robert Griffin will be a very good QB this year and in the future. I think he is a better version of Mike Vick. His arm strength and mobility are very good. But I did not expect to see the performance I saw from Griffin against the Saints. The kid just kept making play after play. He easily outplayed Drew Brees. When the Saints cut the lead to 8, Griffin lead the Redskins down field in 3 minutes to give the Redskins the double digit lead again. The Redskins will cause some problems in the NFC East this year.

The Matt Millen "What Were They Thinking" Goats of the Week

3. Mario Williams
Williams was brought in to be a pass rushing force for the Bills this year. What was his stat line against the Jets? One tackle. Williams could not get anything going all game against a vastly inferior opposition from the Jets offensive line. And after the game? Williams complained about being held and getting hands to the face all game. Mario, I love you for choosing the Bills. But you are paid to beat the opposition. Not complain when you can't.

2. Titus Young
The Lions were expecting a breakout season from Young. But instead of having a big first game, what does Young do? He goes and gives a headbutt to Rams CB Janoris Jenkins. Not only that, but he did it right in front of his own head coach Jim Schwartz. Schwartz benched Young for the rest of the game and you have to wonder if this will affect Young's playing time going forward. The Lions have had multiple mental lapses during the off-season and it wasn't a good way to start for Young and the Lions. The Lions won but they should have easily beaten the Rams.

1. Cleveland Browns Offense
The Browns defense did everything they possibly could to keep the team in the game. They picked off Mike Vick 4 times and even helped the offense out by returning one for the touchdown. Brandon Weeden looked like a rookie QB nowhere near ready to start a game. What was Brandon Weeden's final stat line? 12-35, 118 yards, no touchdowns and 4 interceptions. That gave him a QB rating of 5.1. Cleveland only mustered 210 yards of total offense. Their longest drive was 6 plays for 53 yards that ended with an interception. It is going to be a very long season for Cleveland fans.

Other Week 1 Notes
-I've gone this far without mentioning Peyton Manning. Well, he looks just like he did two years ago. It seriously looked like he didn't miss a beat. Manning made quick decisions with the ball and looked like his old self calling audibles at the line of scrimmage. I specifically liked how he called two audibles near the goal line when it looked like Troy Polamalu was blitzing. He called a timeout after still not seeing what he liked. Then they converted on the next play. If the Broncos defense could have gotten off the field on third down, they would have won the game by a wider margin. But the Broncos showed last night that they will be the team to beat in the AFC West.

-Yes it is only Week 1, but it looks like the toughest division to call will be the NFC East. The Eagles looked terrible against a weak Browns team. The Cowboys went into New York and defeated the Giants. And the Redskins went into New Orleans and beat the high powered Saints offense. These teams are going to beat up on each other this year. It would not surprise me if the winner of the division ended up 9-7. I still like the Giants. They've shown their ability to pull out tough games late in the season and Eli Manning knows how to win big games late. The Redskins will pull off a couple upsets along the way. The Eagles and Cowboys will play really good one week then terrible the next like they have in the past. I don't see any team pulling away with this division.

-It is only Week 1, and we are starting to get people asking whether or not Joe Flacco is elite again. Yes, Flacco had a good game against a good defense in Cincinnati. But everybody has surprisingly good games. Flacco has still not won his team a Super Bowl like Eli Manning has. To be, Flacco is a solid starting QB who will have good games like he did this Monday and bad games like I'm sure he will throughout the season. I can name at least 10 QBs I would rather have besides Flacco, so I would in no way say that he is an elite QB.

The Booker T FAB FIVE
1. San Franciso 49ers
2. New England Patriots
3. Atlanta Falcons
4. Houston Texans
5. Chicago Bears

The King Booker Peasant 5
28. Buffalo Bills
29. Seattle Seahawks
30. Indianapolis Colts
31. Miami Dolphins
32. Cleveland Browns

3 Games I'd Like To See Next Week
Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers: Packers have a legit shot of starting 0-2
Detroit Lions vs San Francisco 49ers: The Handshake Part 2
Denver Broncos vs Atlanta Falcons: Lets see how Peyton performs on the road

Until Next Time,
Justin C
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