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WWE Hell in A Cell Preview, + Other WWE News & Notes

Hey everyone, welcome back. I'm finally ready to be dedicated full time to my blog writing. So I'm going to start today with a preview of this Sunday's WWE Hell in A Cell PPV. I was hoping to delay writing this blog until after Smackdown's debut on SyFy this Friday, but I won't be able to due to my schedule. I will say that I'm looking forward to that show, although it doesn't look great when you have to have RAW superstars comeover to hype your debut show. But the main event of the show, The Undertaker vs C.M. Punk, should be a good match. Anyways, here is my preview for Hell in A Cell, and I'll add my notes about other wrestling topics at the end.

Triple Threat Submissions Count Anywhere Match for the United States Championship
John Morrison vs Daniel Bryan (C) vs The Miz

This match should be fun and entertaining, and may end up being the best match on the show. Daniel Bryan, after coming back from his firing, has been one of the few things the WWE has done right in the past few months. He's over with the fans because they love his wrestling style. He may lack the charisma of a Shawn Michaels, but he may be just as good as him in the ring. He's easily one of the rising stars in the company. The same can be said about both The Miz and John Morrison. The Bryan/Miz feud has probably been the best thing about RAW in recent weeks. Which leads me to wonder why they felt the need to include John Morrison in this match. I know they've been pushing him on RAW recently, with his strong showing against Sheamus and win over Chris Jericho, but the Bryan/Miz feud is strong enough on its own that I don't think he needs to be involved. As far as the match goes, I think Bryan retains after making The Miz tapout. The Miz is good enough on the mic to get his heat back, and I think they want to protect John Morrison long term. Plus The Miz still has the Money in the Bank briefcase in his back pocket.


WWE Championship Match inside Hell in A Cell: Randy Orton (C) vs Sheamus

This match is the reason why I think the Hell in A Cell PPV is not needed. Back when the Cell was first introduced, it was used as an end to a heated rivalry in which no other match could settle the score. Now, because of this PPV, it's just a match to try to spike a buyrate. Randy Orton and Sheamus, while they have a nice little feud, do not hate each other enough to justify a Cell match. But I digress.

Vince and Co. finally decided to pull the trigger on Randy Orton's title win two weeks ago at Night of Champions. There is no denying that Orton is the most over face in the company right now. While it wouldn't have been my pick to win the match, I can't argue with the WWE's logic of putting the belt on him. Monday night football is starting, and they needed a change in the product. Although some are already second guessing the decision due to low ratings, I think taking the title off Orton now would be a bad move, and would essentially kill all of Orton's momentum. So I have Orton retaining here. Sheamus will have to deal with a returning Triple H soon enough. Who Orton would feud with next remains up in the air.

WINNER: Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Championship Match inside Hell in A Cell: Kane (c) vs The Undertaker

This feud just screams nostalgia for old wrestling fans. Last week, The Undertaker brought back Paul Bearer, and the urn, which of course holds all the Undertaker's mystical powers. I hope this week they bring back Fake Kane and Fake Undertaker for a tag match on Smackdown, even though the Undertaker is already facing C.M.Punk. But in all due respect, Kane has been doing some of his best work in years, especially on the mic. But this feud is beginning to drag on, and I think it's better it comes to an end sooner rather than later. But with Survivor Series in November being the 20 year anniversary of Taker's debut, I don't think it will. But I will say The Undertaker wins here, and probably does something to Kane that keeps him off of TV for a few weeks, leading to his return before Survivor Series. What Taker would due to Kane no one really knows. Maybe he'll electrocute his testicles to get revenge for Shane McMahon?

WINNER: The Undertaker

John Cena vs Wade Barrett

This match isn't a Hell in A Cell Match according to, but I think it is the one match on the card that would deserver to be in it. It would make sense. The Nexus has been getting involved in all of Barrett's and Cena's match, and the Cell would be one way to keep them out.

What was once the hottest thing in the summer has now fizzled out, and may be gone completely after this Sunday. If Barrett beats Cena, he must join Nexus. If Cena wins, Nexus is gone. Nexus debuted with a bang, but slowly have been looking weaker and weaker each week. I thought they should have won at SummerSlam, but Super Cena prevailed. And even after that, Cena has continued in recent weeks to get the better of Nexus, making them look like no threat at all.

With  all that being said, however, I think Wade Barrett prevails here, and Cena is forced to join the Nexus. How that will play out anyone can imagine. The main reason I think Barrett prevails is because the ultimate "reason" for the Nexus being here still hasn't been revealed yet. I think soon enough it will be revealed, but I have just as little a guess about it as you do. Plus, John Cena changes color schemes so much, why not try this look on for a change:

WINNER: Wade Barrett

Other News & Notes:

-As evident on RAW this past Monday, Chris Jericho is taking time off. Most people believe he will be back by Wrestlemania time. He's a guy that needs to take breaks every once in a while. He's touring in Europe next month with his band Fozzy. I hope Y2J comes back. He's easily the best thing in the WWE since Shawn Michaels left. His ability to go out and have a great match with anyone is evident. He's easily the best performer on the mic in the company. I'm actually considering writing a column on him. How he comes back is an interesting thing to think about. My best guess is that he comes back as a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble. And as a side note, any wrestling fan who hasn't gone out and gotten Chris Jericho's DVD needs to go out and get it. Then they need to show it to every non-fan as evidence as why we love the pro wrestling business. It's that good. Come back soon Chris!

-The WWE is starting to get worried about RAW's sliding ratings. They traditionally slide once football starts, but they haven't been this bad (2.8 and 2.7 the last two weeks) in years. There's talk about a big shake-up. One idea being tossed around is turning John Cena heel. It's something that I personally think needed to be done a long time ago. However, I don't think a heel John Cena will be that great in the PG era. And if you think a major shake-up is getting rid of the PG rating, don't hold your breath. As long as Linda McMahon is running for Senate in Connecticut, it's staying. I think a cocky, arrogant heel Cena would do wonders for his career. I know the WWE is worried about merchandise sales if they turn Cena, but I think it is a risk they have to take. Especially because it seems that Randy Orton is positioned to take over the top babyface spot in the company. While he's not as family friendly as Cena, he's still over. I especially think they a heel Cena vs Undertaker match at Wrestlemania would be great.

-The RAW GM storyline continues to get worse and worse every week. This week it included a ridiculous computer voice condcuting a one-on-one segment with Edge. It ended with Edge beating up the RAW GM's laptop computer. So what does that mean, no more GM? Does he have two computers? I think in the end the GM will be revealed as Michael Cole, especially since recently he has been more of a character than just a bland announcer. I think a heel GM Michael Cole could generate just as much heat as Vickie Guerrero as GM. I would especially aproove of this if it lead to Jim Ross returning to being the play-by-play man of RAW. I think that alone could bring some viewers back. Jim Ross is that big a talent.

-It sucks to see Christian hurt on the Smackdown side. He's always been a great talent, and is often considered, especially by "Internet fans", very underrated. He was hot back when he was feuding with John Cena in 2005, but the WWE failed to pull the trigger. At least he was written off TV in a good way, from an attack by Alberto del Rio. I like this Alberto del Rio. He's a perfect heel, and I think is being built on TV really well. I think he might be the next guy to step up and face the Undertaker once his feud with Kane is over. Hopefully Christian is back in time for Wrestlemania to have a match with Mr. Rio.

That's all I have for today. I'll be back tomorrow with a preview of the NFL's Week 4 slate of games, and then probably a recap of Hell in A Cell on Monday. Again, please feel free to spread this blog around to your friends and followe me on BlogSpot.

Until next time,
Justin C

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