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JC's Everything Blog- Hell in A Cell Review

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Last night, WWE Hell in A Cell took place. There are some major news stories coming out of this event. So here's my match by match recap of the event.

Daniel Bryan defeated the Miz & John Morrison to retain the US Title (***1/4)

I only caught the last half of the match, but what I saw was very good. All the wrestlers in the match hit some impressive moves. John Morrison's jump off the fence onto Bryan & Miz on the stage was cool. I'm not surprised, unlike other people, that The Miz was the one to tap out here. The way John Morrison has been built up on RAW, I didn't expect him to take the fall. If he did, he would have lost some of his momentum he has gained in recent weeks. The Miz can probably gain most of the heat he has had in recent weeks back. Plus, he still has the Money in the Bank briefcase to cash in. I'm still curious to see when he cashes in. My next guess would be Survivor Series. If he doesn't cash it in then, I think he actually might hold onto it until Wrestlemania.

Randy Orton defated Sheamus to retain the WWE Title inside Helli in A Cell (***3/4)

Very good match. Orton and Sheamus both looked great. This was a match that could have probably used some blood to make the beating each man was taking look that much worse. However, I think this was a match that also didn't really need to be fought inside the Cell. It probably would have been better served as a Street Fight, or a Falls Count Anywhere Match. The use of the ring steps as the primary weapon was very well done. Overall, a solid match that I personally think should have been the one to end the show.

Edge deafeated Jack Swagger (**1/2)

An ok filler match that allowed the crowd to gain their wind back after Orton/Sheamus. This all started with Alberto del Rio coming out and issuing a challenge to anyone. Edge answered, but was then interrupted by Jack Swagger. The annonymus GM then said that Edge had to face Jack Swagger. I was disappointed that del Rio disappeared, as I was really hoping for a Three Way "Battle of North America". Anyone else curious as to how the RAW GM has the power to book a Smackdown guy in a match? The match was a fine little filler match. Edge is bouncing back and forth between being a heel and face, which is weird. Jack Swagger has taken a tumble since being World Champ a few months back.

Wade Barrett defeated John Cena, which means John Cena must now join Nexus (****)

This match also could have gone on last. While Orton/Sheamus would have been the "send the fans home happy" ending, this match was the one that had the crowd into it the most. It was a great match as well. Wade Barrett looked like a future star. It was also one of Cena's better matches in the past few months. All the moving parts fit together as well. The Nexus coming out, then the WWE guys coming out to take them out. I was really surprised Barrett kicked out of the Attitude Adjustment. The ending was perfect. It was pretty obvious the "fan" that took out Cena was Husky Harris from NXT Season 2. The "fan" who came into the ring that was stopped by the ref appeared to be Michael McGillicutty. The post-match shots of the crowd was perfect. It sold the shock of what had just happened, as the once mighty John Cena now has to join the group he's been trying to take down for months.

Natalya defeated Michelle McCool via DQ; McCool regains the Women's Title (*)

This was disappointing. Two of the better female workers in the company. And it ends with Layla throwing a shoe in the ring. I know it was essentially a filler match to have between Cena/Barrett and Kane/Taker, but it could have gone a few more minutes. Expect a rematch somewhere down the road.

Kane defeated The Undertaker to regain the World Title inside Hell in A Cell (**3/4)

Wow. I knew this match was going to have some sort of weird ending, but even this was too over the top for me. Undertaker appeared to have the match won. He had Kane set up for the Tombstone as the lights went dark and thunder went out through the building. Then, Paul Bearer shined a light from inside the urn, blinding the Undertaker. With both men up, Bearer handed the urn to Kane, who used it to take out the Undertaker and secure the victory. Either something was screwed up, or it was just executed poorly. It was nice, however, to see that Bearer remembered that Undertaker tried to kill him in cement some years back. It was very surprising to see Kane come out on top over Taker two PPVs in a row. It also nice to see Kane holding onto the Title for this extended period of time. A three month reign is long for the WWE now a days. I just don't think this match should have ended the show. It could have been swapped with Orton/Sheamus.

Final Thoughts

This was a very solid PPV. All the matches (except the Divas) at least told a good to great story, which is what we want to see as fans. The triple threat, along with the WWE Title match and Cena/Barrett match, were also good wrestling matches. I'd give the PPV a solid 7 out of 10. I'd recommend it to anyone as a nice show to watch that had some great storytelling and in ring work.

Where We Go From Here

The Cena/Nexus angle should get some viewers back over to RAW. If it doesn't then I really don't know what they can do to fix the ratings. I think it is also the beginning of the WWE "testing the waters" on a Cena heel turn. It'll be interesting to see where they are going with Randy Orton. I don't think Sheamus will get another title shot. Who steps up to challenge him next will be interesting. Maybe Wade Barrett, maybe The Miz, heck maybe even John Morrison.

The only real Smackdown match of the night just tells us that Kane/Undertaker will continue, and I think it will last until Survivor Series, which is the Undertaker's 20 year anniversary of his debut in the WWE.

With Bragging Rights in a few weeks, I think I see the card playing out like this:
Women's Title Match: Michelle McCool vs Natalya
RAW vs Smackdown: Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler
Tag Titles: Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre vs Evan Bourne & Mark Henry
World Title: Kane vs Undertaker (Lets say a Casket Match this time)
WWE Title: Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett
Bragging Rights RAW vs Smackdown vs Nexus: Team RAW (Sheamus, Edge, The Miz, R-Truth, & John Morrison) vs Team Smackdown (Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, Alberto del Rio, & MVP) vs Team Nexus (John Cena, Justin Gabriel, David Otunga, Michael Tarver & Heath Slater)

I'll be back tomorrow with a review of Week 4 in the NFL.

Until next time,
Justin C

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