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JC's Take: WWE Week in Review 1/10-1/16

JC's Take: WWE Week in Review 1/10-1/16

Hey everyone. Welcome back for my review of anything and everything from the WWE this past week.

-So, lets start with the apparent new Nexus group on RAW. I was surprised by some of those "initiation" segments on RAW. The strap whipping of Husky Harris and C.M. Punk on top of the titantron definitely stretched the boundaries of PG. And it also looks like Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater are out, leaving this new Nexus consisting of Punk, Harris, Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga. If it wasn't for Punk's superiority as a leader, this Nexus would look pretty weak. But Punk's mic skills and in-ring ability can definitely keep this group a float. I think adding one or two veteran guys from the roster would also help. Ted DiBiase Jr. would be perfect for this. He's currently floundering in the mid-card with nothing going for him. Joining the Nexus would be great for him. As far as this week's Punk/Cena bout on RAW, I highly doubt it happens. WWE would be stupid to give this match away for free on TV, and if they did they'd be stupid to give away a clean finish. Punk/Cena can be built up to a quality PPV match. The only problem is with the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber PPVs coming-up, there isn't really a good chance for a 1-on-1 match, unless they drag it out to Wrestlemania.

-There is still nothing that interests me in this Randy Orton/Miz feud. They were pretty much over-looked until the last 30 minutes of RAW last week. The Miz has been made to look secondary as the WWE Champion. He is clearly second fiddle on the show behind John Cena and C.M. Punk. It doesn't matter how long he holds onto the WWE Title, he should be made out to be the main focus of the show. A clean win over Randy Orton at the Rumble would do wonders for him, although I highly doubt that happens. The WWE feels the need to protect Orton. So instead of a clean pinfall, we'll probably just get a ref bump added onto some Alex Riley interference. If the WWE does want to go with Cena/Miz for Wrestlemania, then they need to build up Miz as a more credible champion, because right now anyone with half a brain would know who wins that match.

-Talk about two guys heading in oppostie directions on RAW. John Morrison appears to be a main eventer in waiting. He beat Sheamus again on RAW. Sheamus, meanwhile, has been on a downward spiral since winning the King of the Ring Tournament. Sheamus doesn't look like a guy waiting for the return of HHH. Right now he is losing more and more heat with every episode of RAW. Morrison, as I continue to say every week, looks like a future main eventer. I really wish it was him and the Miz at the Rumble, but that's not the case. Hopefully Morrison gets a strong showing in the Rumble to continue his push. A nice 30 minute showing with some big eliminations will help Morrison a lot in the Rumble.

-On Smackdown, Dolph Ziggler and Edge started their World Tite program. Both men looked good in their promo segment on Smackdown. It was nice to see some continuty with Ziggler and Edge, playing off their past problems with Vickie Guerrero. It's good that Ziggler was made to look strong at the start. He has been getting a solid push lately, but people might still not believe him as a credible threat to Edge for the World Title. The more Ziggler gets the best of Edge, the more people buy him as a threat to the Title. I don't think Ziggler is winning the Title at the Rumble, but I think he will look strong in this program because Smackdown seems to want to push its young talent. Hopefully Edge and Ziggler get a good 15 minutes at the Rumble, because both men are capable of putting on a solid match.

-So Wade Barrett appears to be officially on Smackdown, with a new Nexus group with him. Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel appear to have joined him on Smackdown, and Ezekiel Jackson has also joined his group. That's a pretty strong looking group. Jackson looked pretty impressive on Smackdown, clotheslining Big Show and then powerslamming him. I think they might be better off not giving this new group a name, as it would seem to similar to the Nexus. They still are very much like it, but not giving them a name would at least differentiate them from Punk's Nexus on RAW. It would have been nice to see Barrett try to establish himself as a dominant heel on his own, but I guess I can live with him bringing over Slater and Gabriel, and adding Jackson as the muscle of the group. This will all somehow build to Wade Barrett vs The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. How it gets there remains to be seen.

-How about the attention Alberto del Rio has been getting lately? He appears on RAW and gets another win, albeit a cheap one over R-Truth. But Ricardo Rodriguez was great with his "HEY WHATS UP? WHATS UP? QUE PASA?" Then he gets a good rub by being in the same ring with Shawn Michaels and taking some Sweet Chin Music. I think the WWE has high hopes for Alberto del Rio. I can see him being in the Smackdown World Title match at Wrestlemania. I think that is where they want to go with him. With Rey Mysterio needing time off from injury, they need someone to step up and keep that strong Mexican fan base the WWE has. I think he is a possibility to win the Rumble, but I think he gets the #1 Contendership through other means, either in the Elimination Chamber or in some other manner.

Other WWE Notes
-Shawn Michaels is the main inductee in this year's Hall of Fame class. It was inevitable. He is named as the #1 Wrest, I mean Superstar of all time on an upcoming DVD. Shawn being inducted this year is the WWE's version of a first-ballot Hall of Famer. There is no denying that Shawn deserves it. I wouldn't be surprised if the WWE announced it this early because they are trying to get HBK back for some angle for Wrestlemania. I don't think he wrestles at Mania, but I wouldn't rule out a role as a Special Referee or Enforcer for some match. The WWE is having a hard time trying to find celebrity draws for this year's event, so HBK may be the best they can do.

-The WWE announced today that the Royal Rumble will expand to 40 participants this year. I'm willing to give this a shot. I'm sure this will lead to some surprise entrants, maybe some classic legends or returning guys from injury. It also allows the WWE to build up certain guys by having them load up the ring with lesser talent, then having wrestler X come in and eliminate them all. This may mean that we only get the two world title matches, maybe a women's match, then the Rumble match at the PPV. I'd be fine with that. This PPV is always about the Rumble match, the undercard and title matches are secondary. A 40 man field gives the WWE a chance to push an extra guy or two then they normally do.

Running close to the start of RAW, so that's all for today.

Until next time,
Justin C

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