Monday, April 25, 2011

JC's Take: WWE News & My WWE Draft Re-Do

Hey everyone. Welcome back. Lets look back to, at least in my opinion, a bad week of WWE TV.

-I'll start with R-Truth's heel turn. First I'll say that I think it is the right move for him. He's been lost in the mid-card as a face ever since he came back to the WWE. Truth needed to do something to separate him from the pack, and turning heel was it. I also thought the whole smoking thing was a nice touch as well. I don't support smoking, I hate it, but it is again a unique touch to his character. My favorite thing about wrestlers is when they develop a trait that makes their character unique. Now Truth just has to use it effectively to get him over.

Even though I liked Truth turning heel, I also had some problems with it. I thought it dragged on too long. The promo exchange that lead to the match between Truth and Morrison was abysmal. Neither man is strong on the mic, and it showed in that segment. The match the two had was ok for an 8 minute TV match. But again, the post match beat down just went on too long. Truth's attack just seemed all over the place. There was no flow to it. He's going to need to work on that to become an effective heel.

My other problem was with the man Truth beatdown in order to turn heel: John Morrison. This isn't a knock against Morrison. He's a good wrestler who is a solid upper-midcarder. The problem is, Morrison isn't as over as John Cena. That post-match beatdown and heel turn would have been much more effective had it been done on John Cena. Sure Cena isn't the most over guy with the older fans, but could you imagine the shock and disappointment on kid's faces seeing their hero beatdown, then getting cigarette smoke blown in his face? I know the WWE doesn't likw to make Cena look weak at all, but Truth would have gotten more heat had the beatdown been done on Cena instead of Morrison.

I don't know what they'll do with Truth. I'd guess he will find a way to get back in the WWE Title match on RAW. But the idea of having a Fatal Four Way Steel Cage Match just sounds dumb. Either that, or Truth will be involved in the finish of the match at the PPV. I'd like to see Truth in a short program with Cena, if anything just to get Cena away from the title picture for a month or two.

-Whether it's nerves or not, something is up with Sin Cara. I'm still a fan of the guy, but his debut with the WWE has been anything but special. From his botched entrances, to his struggles in a match with Primo, to his botched finisher last week, he has to calm down when he is out there.

The Primo match is on the WWE. It's their fault for not making Primo look like a threat, which in turn made Sin Cara look weak not being able to handle lowly Primo. The entrances I really don't know who to blame. It could be about the set-up of the trampoline, it could be about the way Cara is running. I don't know. The botched moves I believe are a combination of two things. One, Cara being nervous. There's said to be a lot of pressure on him, and he's probably feeling it. The guy has a reputation to live up to, and I'm sure it can be tough.

The second reason I think Sin Cara is botching so many moves is because people in the WWE aren't used to his style. There aren't many, if any, people in the WWE who can do what Cara can do. They'll have to get used to Sin Cara's offense before they can put on a good match. That's why Primo wrestled his first match with him. The two wrestled a few house show matches to get used to each other in the ring. It might be more difficult for Sin Cara once he has to work with a bigger guy like Sheamus or Jack Swagger. I think once Sin Cara gets into an actual program with somebody, it will be easier for him to get over and work an effective match. So the ball is in your court, WWE Creative.

-Is there a more enjoyable character in the WWE now than Cody Rhodes? I find it hard to think so. He's just been money in this feud with Rey Mysterio. Cody ahs taken a charcter that at first seemed dumb and more appropriate for the early 90s WWF, and turned it into the 2nd heel spot on Smackdown, a huge shot up the card, and a man in line for a WWE main event push sooner rather than later. Cody's work on Smackdown this week is what is partially leading me to changing my original projections about the WWE Draft. I really hope he goes over Rey in their rubber match at Extreme Rules. A win over Rey there before a move over to RAW would do wonders for his character.

-I thought the WWE could have done a much better job with Alberto Del Rio's "Retirement Party" for Edge. It just seemed so thrown together and out of place. I didn't really laugh at anything other than Ricardo riding on a scooter. What do I think the biggest thing was coming out of that segment? Christian climbing the ladder and grabbing the World Title. In the WWE world, 99% of the time that means the guy who does something like that isn't winning the title at the PPV. Now of course, Alberto del Rio could do the exact same thing on this week's Smackdown, and then we'd have a conundrum on our hands.

-I may not agree with the idea of breaking up the Corre, but at least it is giving the them something to do on TV. It's also allowing Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater to get some mic time in their attempt to get over. While I don't know how much it will help Heath Slater, it should help Gabriel. I don't think Slater can get any higher than mid-card status on his own, and probably no higher than the low mid-card at that. I think Gabriel if booked properly, and of course that is a big IF, could be an upper mid-carder. Do I think he can get to the point of winning the WWE or World Title? Probably not. But in a couple years he could be one of those guys you could throw into a fatal four way or six pack challenge and look good in the match. I think the Corre is getting broken up at the Draft tonight. I already technically had the Corre breaking up in my origianl Draft, but I'm switching it just a tad bit in my re-do.

-Sting came out in an interview this week and said he was "very close" to signing with the WWE earlier this year, the closest he's ever been in his career. But he went to TNA because he had something to prove, and he didn't trust how the WWE would handle his character. What was there to prove in TNA? He's looked awful since he came back. Now it's not entirely his fault. His main event match with Jeff Hardy was terrible because of Hardy. And his triple threat at Lockdown was bad because of his opponents. Sure Sting has lost a step or two in the ring, but the man can still go. It looks like TNA is building towards Sting vs Hogan, which is really dumb. Hogan can hardly walk, the two had a terrible match in their primes, and you know that TNA will find a way to screw it up.

In my own opinion, I think Sting may now never appear in the WWE. He seems to be digging himself a hole with these interviews. He basically said Triple H was the second option to face Undertaker when he said that HHH's spot, along with a Hall of Fame induction, were his if he decided to go to WWE. That right there seems a little illogical to me. Why would Sting worry about his character being ruined if the WWE planned on inducting him into the Hall of Fame. Sting is one of those guys that no matter how he is booked, people will respect him and always think highly of him. I mean come on, how much worse could Sting's character be ruined in the WWE. His run in TNA so far has been awful, and I thought the booking of Sting in WCW post-Starrcade 97 was awful. Sting is one of my favorites of all time, and now I'm of the firm belief that he will never wrestle in the WWE. He will be inducted into the Hall of Fame someday, but never wrestle in the ring.

-I was glad to see Mickael get the axe on Tough Enough. As much as I still don't like Ryan, he OWNED Mickael on that promo battle. And just like Steve Austin, I applaud Michelle for having the courage to not continue because of her family. It takes a lot to give up your dream, and I respect Michelle's decision. Right now my top 3 would be Luke, Martin, and Ivalesse. Without knowing anything about what happens this week, I would say Ryan would be my likely candidate for being cut this week, followed by Eric.

My WWE Draft: The Re-Take

Ok, so I took a second look at my WWE Draft after I wrote it and thought: Why the hell did I write this? The draft I had would probably be looked at as a huge bust if it happened. Apparently, Vince really wants to shake things up this time. The original plan for the draft in June, according to reports, was to have Alberto del Rio and Miz switch brands as champions. In my opinion, that would have been really good. And I think there is a good chance of that still happening. There would be new, fresh match-ups for both of them. I don't like Uncle Vince's decision to move the Draft up to a week before a PPV, which is dumb for the reasons I stated in my last posting. But here would be my new Draft plan. A couple picks stay the same, a few change.


1. The Miz: If the long-term plan really is to turn Miz face, he has to do it on Smackdown. If he's stuck on RAW with Randy Orton and John Cena, it won't get over effectively. Miz could slowly turn on Smackdown. Like I said, the most effective way would be for him to just turn on Michael Cole. If he became the leader of a group with himself, Jack Swagger, and say Ezekiel Jackson, then turned on Cole and the group, it'd be the best way for him to get over.

2. Daniel Bryan: No change here. Bryan is in desperate need for a change of scenery. Moving to Smackdown accomplishes that.

3. Ted DiBiase Jr.: Again, no change. He's doing nothing on RAW, he can develop a bit of a character on Smackdown.

4. C.M. Punk: Either Randy Orton or C.M. Punk need to change brands. They can't stay on the same show forever. I think Vince would rather move Punk. He likes having his two top faces on RAW, so I don't think Cena or Orton are going anywhere. If they are breaking up the Corre, I could see Punk feuding with Wade Barrett. This also still leaves the option of going with a C.M. Punk/Daniel Bryan feud. Punk is a great worker who, once Miz turns face, could easily slide into the #1 heel role on the show.

5. John Morrison: This does two things: 1. Gets Morrison away from Melina. I think she is getting future endeavored anyway, but this separates them for the time being. I also think this gives Morrison more of a chance to get over as a top face. There is no denying Morrison has what it takes in ring, now he would just need to show he can handle himself on the mic.


1. Alberto del Rio: If Miz is switching brands as WWE Champ, del Rio has to as World Champ. Now of course, the WWE could swerve us all, and have Cena win the WWE Title and Christian the World Title at Extreme Rules. But I doubt that happens. Sooner or later, del Rio has to win the title. If he doesn't soon, then people will start to lose interest in him. I think his first feud should be with Randy Orton. I would hold off on Cena/Del Rio until SummerSlam. But by evidence with this Draft, Vince has little patience.

2. Cody Rhodes. Just like C.M. Punk and Randy Orton need to be separated, so do Rey Mysterio and Cody Rhodes. If Cody wants to continue his going after masked people gimmick, he could do it with Sin Cara. I think Rhodes would be the perfect opponent for Sin Cara to have his first full-time program with.

3. Kofi Kingston: No change. Kingston has wrestled just about everyone on Smackdown. Needs a change of scenery.

4. Ezekiel Jackson: No change again. If they are going to break-up the Corre, I would like to see a proper match between Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel. They've had some good matches in FCW, no reason they couldn't do it in the WWE. Jackson could come over to RAW as a bodyguard/henchmen type for R-Truth.

5. Hornswoggle: Again, no change. People probably look at this pick as a joke, but the WWE wouldn't. Im sure in their eyes, Hornswoggle is higher on the card than Ted DiBiase Jr.

After the Draft Roster Look

RAW Top Faces: John Cena, Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston, Sin Cara, Mark Henry?

RAW Top Heels: Alberto del Rio, Cody Rhodes, Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth

Smackdown Top Faces: Rey Mysterio, John Morrison, Christian, Daniel Bryan, Big Show

Smackdown Top Heels: Miz, C.M. Punk, Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger, Drew McIntyre

*I think Miz will be face by the end of the summer.

That's all I have for today. NFL Mock Draft tomorrow, Extreme Rules Preview Thursday.

Until next time,
Justin C.

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