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WWE No Way Out Review

Keep it here for my LIVE on going updates for WWE No Way Out.

There's apparently been a new match added. A Fatal 4 Way match to determine the #1 Contenders for the WWE Tag Team Titles: The Usos vs Primo and Epico vs Titus O'Neil and Darren Young vs Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd.

Brodus Clay vs David Otunga
Clay beat down Otunga in the corner until Otunga took out Clay's injured knee and started to work it over. Brodus started to mount some offense and knocked Otunga to the outside. Otunga refused to get back in the ring and was intentionally counted out. Otunga looked like he had something in mind.

WINNER: Brodus Clay

World Title Match: Sheamus (c) vs Dolph Ziggler
Ziggler asked for a kiss from Vickie and got one on the cheek. Sheamus went for a Brogue Kick with a playoff of Wrestlemania but Ziggler ducked out. Ziggler hit a nice drop kick and locked in a Sleeper hold. Sheamus put Ziggler on the ropes and knocked him to the outside. He hit Dolph's head on the ring apron then catapulted over the top with a shoulder tackle. Ziggler charged at Sheamus but Sheamus caught him with an elbow. Sheamus went to the top but Ziggler knocked him off and got the upper hand. Ziggler knocked in a headlock. My feed cut out for a little bit and it returned to have Dolph and Sheamus exchange near fall roll ups. Ziggler reapplied a chin lock with Sheamus fought out of. Sheamus hit some axe handles but Ziggler was able to reapply the sleeper hold. Sheamus caught Ziggler going for a crossbody and went for White Noise but Ziggler countered. Sheamus charged Ziggler but Ziggler went right into the ring post. Ziggler hit the fameasser for two.

Vickie complained to the ref, allowing Sheamus to go to the top. But Ziggler recovered and hit a top rope face plant for two. Ziggler went for another sleeper but went right into an Irish Curse backbreaker for two. Sheamus hit his rope punches. Sheamus hit the White Noise on Ziggler. Sheamus then hit the Brogue Kick for the win.

WINNER: Sheamus
Match Analysis: ***: Solid opener. The crowd was very much behind Dolph during the match. When you have a guy that they are trying to build up as the new face of Smackdown, you don't want him getting booed like that. I would have liked to see the match get another five minutes or so. Ziggler put on a solid showing. Hopefully he stays near the top of the card.

Backstage, John Laurinaitis tried to get Vince McMahon to stay in the back during tonight's cage match. Vince groaned. Josh Matthews asked John Laurinaitis what was going through his head. Laurinaitis ripped on Matthews for being a wrestler wannabe turned terrible announcer.

Tuxedo Match: Santino Marella vs Ricardo Rodriguez
Santino won. Ricardo was wearing Alberto del Rio underwear. Loud "BORING" chant during the match. What a waste of time.

C.M. Punk was interviewed. A.J. interrupted and wished him good luck with a kiss. Punk said luck was for losers and walked away.

Intercontinental Championship: Christian (c) vs Cody Rhodes
The two exchanged some offense early on. Christian threw Cody to the outside. Christian hit a drop kick through the ropes he went for a dive to the outside but Cody moved and Christian ate the floor. Cody worked over Christian back in the ring. Christian reversed a toss into the corner and went outside. He grabbed Cody's legs and went to crotch him, but Cody pulled him in and Christian's shoulder went into the post. Cody worked over Christian's shoulder. He put Christian on the apron and shoved him to the outside. Christian reversed Cody and tossed him into the steps, then hit a DDT on the floor. Christian took over back in the ring. Drop kick and a crossbody, but Cody rolled through and got a two count. Cody went to the top and took his time, allowing Christian to hit a top rope hurricarrana for two. Christian went for the Killswitch, but Cody countered with an Alabama Slam for two. Christian went for a Frog Splash but went right into Cody's knees. Christian reversed Cody's finisher. Cody went for a Disaster Kick and Christian ducked. Christian hit the Spear for the win.

WINNER: Christian
Match Analysis: ***: I thought this was on par with the opener. Crowd got into it at the end. I really liked the finishing sequence. This was the right booking decision too. Cody should be elevated up the card while Christian is good where he is as an upper mid carder. Solid match that I enjoyed.

Primo and Epico vs Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel vs Darren Young and Titus O'Neil vs The Usos: #1 Contenders Match for the Tag Titles
The Usos had the advantage early on and cleaned house. Justin Gabriel and Darren Young ended up in the ring and Gabriel caught Young with a dropkick. Epico tagged himself in and they took control of the match. Gabriel rolled out of the way of a Primo dive and tagged in Tyson Kidd. Primo hit a backstabber but O'Neil broke it up. The Usos took out O'Neil with a double kick, then hit dives to the outside. Tyson Kidd then hit a hurricarrana on Primo to the outside onto everybody. A.W. tossed Primo back into the ring, and Darren Young hit his finisher on him which was a toss in the air onto Young's knees. Epico tried to break it up but A.W. stopped them. Young and O'Neil win.

WINNERS: Titus O'Neil and Daren Young
Match Analysis: *1/2: So A.W. turned on Primo and Epico? They were barely on TV anyways so why should people care? Not a lot to the match. One cool spot and Young's finisher looked devastating. But why should we care about the Tag Titles? The WWE hasn't geared us to care about it.

Triple H came out. He said all he ever wanted to do was be in the ring because he never wanted to have a real job. And now he's in a suite and has been having to deal with the corporate lawsuits Paul Heyman has thrown on him. But it all lead to a good idea HHH had. Triple H said he likes to fight, and Brock Lesnar said he likes to fight too. Triple H said his arm is almost 100%, and it should be good by say SummerSlam. HHH said they should put aside all the lawsuits and legal stuff. Triple H said lets fight. He challenged Brock to a match at SummerSlam. So that was all? Okay.

A.J. wished Daniel Bryan good luck and kissed him on the cheek.

Divas Championship: Layla (c) vs Beth Phoenix
Layla stole Beth's hair thing and Beth chased Layla around the ring. Layla hit a face plant in the ring. Beth tossed Layla over the ropes onto the apron. Beth missed a spear through the ropes and Layla caught Beth with a kick to the face. Beth recovered and knocked Layla off the ropes going face first onto the apron. Beth took advantage in the ring. Beth hit a powerslam that got only a two. Layla countered another powerslam attempt into a DDT for two. Layla hit her neckbreaker for the win.

Match Analysis: *: Not as good and slow moving compared to their match last month. Crowd was dead for it.

A.J. made out with Kane after wishing him good luck.

Sin Cara beat Hunico. A loud "WE WANT RYDER" chant broke out during the match. Typical Sin Cara match.

WWE Title Match: C.M. Punk (c) vs Daniel Bryan vs Kane
Kane went to chokeslam both Punk and Bryan but both fought back with kicks to Kane. Punk and Bryan exchanged punches then Punk tossed Bryan to the outside. Punk was going for a dive but Kane caught him with a clothesline. Bryan took Kane to the outside, then Punk hit a dive from the top outside on both men. Punk applied a headlock on Bryan. Bryan tossed Punk into the ropes and Kane dragged him out of the ring and tossed Punk into the barricade. Bryan hit a drop kick on Kane but Kane caught him with an upper cut. Kane then rammed Punk into the ring post.

Kane worked over Punk in the ring with Bryan still selling on the outside. Punk caught Kane with a boot in the corner but Bryan came and took Punk out with a high knee. Bryan caught Kane with a kick to the face that took Kane out of the ring. Bryan then went to work on Punk. Bryan went to the apron but Punk knocked him down. Punk and Kane both tried to superplex Bryan. Punk and Kane ended up fighting each other and Bryan caught both of them with a double drop kick. Bryan worked over Punk with kicks. Punk caught Bryan after a few. Punk hit high knees on Bryan and Kane. Punk went to the top but Bryan caught him this time. Kane got Bryan on his shoulders. Punk hit the Doomsday Device on Bryan then clotheslined Kane out of the ring. Punk hit the Macho Man Elbow n Bryan for two.

Punk went for a GTS on Bryan but Kane caught him with a boot. Kane ducked a Punk splash and Bryan hit a top rope headbutt for two. Bryan knocked Kane off the apron. Bryan applied the YES lock, but Punk countered into a pinfall attempt for two. Bryan caught a GTS from Punk, but Kane pulled Bryan out of the ring. Kane hit his clothesline from the top. Punk countered a chokeslam attempt into a DDT for two. Punk hit the Elbow drop on Kane but couldn't hit the GTS on Kane. Kane hit a chokeslam that got only two. Kane went for a Tombstone but Punk threw him off. A.J. was running down and Kane went right into apron who was on the apron. The mini distraction allowed Punk to hit the GTS on Kane for the win.

Kane carried A.J. to the back, but A.J. looked back and smiled the whole time looking at Punk.

Match Analysis: ***3/4: Very good triple threat match. Kind of surprised Bryan was a non factor at the end. While the PPV hasn't been strong, the booking has at least been smart. Punk wins and Kane takes the fall, leaving the opportunity for a rematch down the line. Very good action throughout with everyone looking strong at various points. The angle was strong going in. Solid match and the bright spot of a down PPV so far. Looks like A.J. knows what she's doing. Solid action.

Ryback beat some jobbers.

Steel Cage Match: Big Show vs John Cena
Big Show took control early and threw Cena into the cage. Show went for a KO Punch but ate the cage. Cena tried going over the top but Show pulled him down and went back to work. Show missed a punch in the corner and Cena hit a drop kick. But Cena couldn't get to the door in time and Show took control again. Show hit a clothesline. Show slowly worked over Cena, kind of killing the crowd. Show hit a splash in the corner. Cena tried fighting back and went for an escape again, but Show stopped him. Show hit a Vader bomb for only two. Show went to the top rope and walked to the middle and went for an elbow but Cena moved. Show tried crawling out the door but Cena pulled him back in. Cena countered a chokeslam attempt and tossed Show into the cage and hit a shoulder tackle for two. Cena went for the cage but Laurinaitis threw the ref down. Vince threw Laurinaitis away. Vince opened the door but Laurinaitis ran into Vince, closing the door into Cena. Show hit a chokeslam for two. The ref was knocked down. Show hit the KO Punch on Cena. Show went to walk out but Brodus Clay was waiting for Show outside the door with a chair. Santino, Ryder and Riley all tried stopping Show from climbing out but they couldn't. Kofi Kingston knocked Show off with some kicks. Cena hit the AA on Big Show. Cena climbed over the cage. Laurinaitis tried hitting Cena with the crutch, but Clay grabbed him. Cena went over the top before Show could get out the door to win.

After the match, Vince fired Laurinaitis and Cena hit the AA on him through the table.

WINNER: John Cena
Match Analysis: **: That was an over-booked mess. Cena overcomes the odds at all times, but this time he needs help? Hey, maybe things will look up for Brodus Clay now. But the match itself was very slow moving and too Big Show sided. The outside interference probably masked that and there was a lot going on in the final five minutes, but it didn't make up for the first ten that was very slow. That's the thing about Big Show: Good in the build up, bad in the actual match. So John Laurinaitis finally loses his job. Its the ending that will at least get people to tune in next week.

This was very much a one match show. While the World Title and IC Title Matches were good, they just weren't PPV worthy and seemed like longer matches you could see on RAW or Smackdown. Everything else on the show seemed like filler. The Tuxedo Match was terrible. Ryback and Sin Cara continue to do the same thing every show. A.W. turned on a team he barely ever was associated with. The Cage Match was slow and boring and an over booked mess. The Triple Threat Match was the only thing worth seeing on this PPV. Solid action throughout and the ending fit into the storyline well. I won't go on with all the negatives or repeat myself. I'm giving the show a 3.

Live RAW Review tomorrow night. Pray we don't get the laptop back.

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