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5 Things I Would Like To See in the WWE in 2013

Its a new year. But can we expect new things from the WWE? Every year we go into Wrestlemania season with a renewed sense of optimism. That has definitely been the case the last couple of years with the return of The Rock and then the build up to Rock/Cena last year. This year could be more entertaining with Brock Lesnar and the push of C.M. Punk. But it could also be the WWE just staying the course and going with rematches of past main events, something I am in no way in favor of.

At the beginning of every year, I like to give a list of ideas of things I would like to see happen in the WWE. How many of these ideas will come to fruition? Probably not many. The WWE likes to stick to the same basic script when it comes to TV shows. Shove their top babyface stars down our throats and force us to watch them. It is reasons like that why we hate John Cena and are starting to get sick of Sheamus act. The WWE needs to take some risk and think outside of the box every once in a while.

I say it every year, but Wrestlemania season is more important to the WWE then they tend to realize. Lots of fans come back during this time. Fans who only tune in to see the Rock's and Brock Lesnar's of the wrestling world. That is why the WWE needs to use this time to make those fans care about the Daniel Bryan's and Dolph Ziggler's of the world. Make those characters appealing to part time fans and get them to stay around past Wrestlemania. But that is another topic to talk about at a later time.

For now, however, lets dive into some of the ideas I have for the WWE this year.

1. Give Dolph Ziggler The Keys To The Main Event Scene
This may be the easiest one to talk about. Sometime in 2013, Dolph Ziggler will be given a World Title run. When and where it will begin remains a big question, but it is coming. And Dolph Ziggler has shown that he belongs at the top. His current program with John Cena solidifies that belief. Ziggler has been the best part of this terrible storyline and has made it watchable. I'm actually looking forward to his pairing with A.J. I think, if done right, the two could become the next top couple in the WWE similar to Edge/Lita. The WWE has changed their mind numerous times with what to do with A.J. But I like her pairing with Dolph and thing it could do great things for both of their careers.

Once Dolph gets the World Title, it is vital that the WWE just doesn't treat it like another typical MITB cash in. There's no reason Ziggler shouldn't be at the top of the WWE for the majority of 2013. There are plenty of great programs Dolph can have as World Champ. I could see a great program with Daniel Bryan down the line. I think a face Alberto del Rio would be a good match-up for Ziggler. I know some people have talked about turning Ziggler face, but I think his character and persona work better as a heel. People will still cheer for him. But people boo Cena and the WWE still considers him a face to.

The WWE needs a new top star, and I could see Ziggler being that guy. Even as a heel, Ziggler could get over huge. The fan reaction whenever he is out there shows they are ready to accept him as a main eventer. Now it is up to the WWE to treat him like one. Ziggler should get a good World Title run. Hopefully, he turns into Edge and uses his MITB win to launch his main event career. We don't want to see Ziggler have a Jack Swagger MITB Title reign. Ziggler has improved on the mic and is one of the best workers the WWE has in the ring. Dolph deserves to be in the main event, and he shouldn't leave it once he gets there.

2. Push Daniel Bryan As A Face
In my Year End Awards on Pulse Wrestling, I gave Daniel Bryan my award for Most Improved. As I said, Bryan didn't need to improve at all as a wrestler. He's already very good at that. But as a character and personality, Bryan has grown by leaps and bounds. Picture Bryan when he came into the WWE. He wasn't that well versed on the mic and didn't have much to his character. Now? His character is one of the more over ones in the WWE. His pairing with Kane has been great and has done wonders for both of their careers.

But like most tag teams, they must come to an end at some point. The team of Hell No has gone about as far as it can. The face side is lacking in the WWE. After John Cena and Sheamus there isn't much left. Randy Orton is more than likely turning heel soon. You don't know how long Ryback will last. Daniel Bryan should be the next in line to get a top run as a face. As I stated in my first point: I would really like a Daniel Bryan/Dolph Ziggler feud. I think it would be very entertaining and the matches would be great. And there's already some back story if they continue to keep A.J. with Dolph Ziggler.

We always push for the WWE to try something new. If I am the WWE, I would strike while the iron is hot. Bryan is still over with the crowd and I can't see that changing any time soon. I don't think they will push Daniel Bryan in time for a Wrestlemania World Title Match, but I could see Bryan getting some World Title matches come May or June.

3. Move RAW Back To 2 Hours After Wrestlemania
This is something I don't see happening because I'm sure the USA Network would be against it. But the three hour RAWs continue to over expose the WWE product. I'm all for keeping RAW at 3 hours for time being because you are going to have a lot of things going on with Wrestlemania season around the corner. It will be tough to fit everything involving The Rock, Undertaker and Brock Lesnar into three hours. Undertaker's entrance sometimes feels like it takes up a whole hour by itself.

But heading back to a two hour format after Wrestlemania makes sense. Typically, May-June time in the WWE can be a real lackluster time for the product. There are things the WWE can do to change that, but that is always the feeling. Going back to two hours can allow you to focus on the main points of a storyline and not drag out segments. You can still have two 10-15 minute matches on each show. It is all about putting out your best talent and not over-exposing them. With the amount of hours the WWE already has of programming, cutting back one hour shouldn't hurt it.

4. Get Brock Lesnar To Agree To A New Contract
It was great to see Brock Lesnar return to the WWE. His match with John Cena was a Top 3 Match of the Year. His program and subsequent match with Triple H was not so good. Who is excited to see HHH/Brock 2 at Wrestlemania??? What is that, crickets I here?

There are a good handful of matches that Brock Lesnar can have with current guys on this roster. There's Sheamus, C.M. Punk, and Randy Orton just to name a few. There's also a potential match with The Undertaker and Rock. If you ask me, all of those matches sound better than HHH/Lesnar 2. But in order to get some of those matches, the WWE needs to sign Lesnar to a new contract and also get more dates out of him. I understand Lesnar does not want to work a full schedule, but is it really that hard to get some more dates out of him? Lesnar improved the buyrates of the two PPVs he was in. There's already a tied in storyline with Punk and Lesnar when it comes to Heyman. Putting Sheamus up against Lesnar and making Sheamus a serious face again would be great considering the current state of his character. There's a lot of potential out there for Brock Lesnar matches, and the WWE would be wise to try and capitalize on them.

5. Slowly Phase John Cena Out of the Main Event Picture
Eventually, the WWE will have to face facts. John Cena is in his late 30s and isn't getting any younger. And from everything that you read about him, the guy is working pretty banged up. If I'm the WWE, I would even consider giving Cena some time off after Wrestlemania. Unless, of course, he is winning the WWE Title. Then you really can't give him any time off.

Sooner rather than later, the WWE will need to find their next top star. I don't know who that is going to be. It could be Sheamus. It could be Ryback. The WWE will have to pick that man eventually. But while the WWE decides who to make their next top star, the WWE should slowly start to take John Cena away from the main event scene. I understand that he is your big money maker, but would you rather have your money maker around for a few more years or be one injury away from ending his career? There is really not a lot left for John Cena to do in the main event picture. He's done about everything he can. The less we see Cena in the coming year, the more appeal he has as a big act when he does show up. Cena could still draw money, but it would have to be in the right setting. If the WWE wants their fans to take more stars as main event level talent, they need to phase Cena out of the main event picture or make him a part time wrestler.

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