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The RAW Truth Review for 2/4/13

Our WWE Champion may not be on the show tonight. That doesn't help Rock's popularity backstage or with the fans. Does it affect your thoughts on him?

The Real People's Champion
C.M. Punk came out and brought Justin Roberts into the ring with him. He had Roberts call him "The People's Champion." Punk said he didn't overreact last week, because no one has held anything as important as the WWE Championship. Punk said he acted like a normal person would act because he was screwed. The WWE Title was stolen from him by someone who doesn't deserve it. And now Punk said he is getting questions after last week's video of Paul Heyman. Punk asked some fans and Michael Cole if they saw him in the video last week. Cole said he wasn't. Punk said if Paul Heyman says it wasn't him then it wasn't him. Punk said Vince has the cash to hire actors to make it a fake. Vince has the money to hire actors and make a video to his liking. Punk said Vince getting his hip broke is exactly what he deserved. Punk said in two weeks he gets back what Rock stole from him, the physical belt that Rock carries around while he continues day 442 of his WWE Title reign.

Booker T came out. He stumbled over his lines. He said the WWE Universe will decide who C.M. Punk faces tonight from his past Wrestlemania opponents: Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton or Chris Jericho.

Segment Analysis: What else can you say about C.M. Punk when it comes to his promo work? Punk knows how to get his point across and does it effectively. You never know, it could be the start of some growing tension between Punk and Heyman down the line. Punk is the best heel the WWE has had in some time, even if he gets some cheers from fans. Segment Analysis: 3.5/5

No More Ryback Stand Up?
Ryback vs Antonio Cesaro. After a poke in the eye from Cesaro, Ryback came back with a hip toss/leg drop combo. Ryback hit some kicks in the corner. Cesaro tried leaving but Ryback tossed him back in. Cesaro came back with multiple kicks. Ryback bounced off the ropes and hit a Lou Thesz press. Ryback charged at Cesaro and ate the ropes into commercial. Back from break Ryback fought out of a headlock and started a comeback. Cesaro was tossed back into the ring. He dropped Ryback on the ropes then dropkicked him off the apron. Cesaro threw Ryback into the ring post then into the steps. Ryback got back in at 9. Cesaro hit a knee off the ropes for two. Ryback caught a charging Cesaro with a knee then a back drop. Ryback hit the Meat Hook clothesline. Cesaro tried to bail, but Ryback stopped him. Cesaro hit a boot to the face but Ryback caught him with a powerbomb. Ryback hit another clothesline then Shell Shocked for the win.

Match Analysis: Ryback did not look good in an extended match here. Some of the new spots on offense he tried did not look good, especially that initial leg drop. Cesaro is a good guy to work with, but Ryback looked winded after the match and it is not a good sign going forward. Survey Says: 2/5

A Shield promo aired. After, Cena was in Vickie's office. She said she heard Cena was going to call out The Shield by himself. She asked if he had a death wish. He said The Shield had to be stopped.

Jack Swagger made quick work of Santino with the Ankle Lock, now called the Patriot Act. Swagger as an angry ass kicking heel can work. Too bad the WWE will kill the idea in a month.

Forced Applause Please
Cody Rhodes vs Alberto del Rio. Del Rio dropped Rhodes and caught Cody with a kick. Rhodes slapped Del Rio and Del Rio immediately went to work with multiple kicks. Cody caught Del Rio with a knee drop, but Del Rio started coming back and hit a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Del Rio caught Rhodes with a kick to the head for two. Del Rio charged at Cody but Cody caught him with a Disaster Kick for two. Del Rio countered a Cross Rhodes attempt and applied the cross armbreaker. Cody tapped.

After the match, Del Rio thanked the fans for their support. He appreciates the hard working people in the world. He told Big Show he was going to make him pay. Big Show appeared via satellite. He said he was there so he didn't tear Del Rio apart. Show said he wanted a rematch at the Elimination Chamber. He told Del Rio to sign the contract, then sent over to the hotel. And Del Rio better not try to find him, or he will pay.

Segment Analysis: Match was too short to amount to anything. And the promo afterwards? That was even worse. It seemed way to forced from Del Rio and was basically him begging the fans to cheer him. And the Big Show stuff? It telegraphed what will happen later. Not a strong segment for the 9 p.m. start. Survey Says: 2/5

Backstage Daniel Bryan told Kane to stay backstage for their his match with Rey next. Bryan started the match off with some kicks then hit a knee to the gut for two. Rey started to fight back but Bryan knocked him off and he was caught upside down in the corner. Bryan hit some kicks, but Rey moved and Bryan charged and went right into the post. Back from break Bryan worked over Rey's arm. Rey started coming back with a seated senton then a hurricarrana. Rey got Bryan in the 619 position, but Bryan countered into a No Lock attempt. Rey countered into a pin attempt for two. Rey eventually hit the 619. Rey went for the splash from the top, but Bryan moved and applied the No Lock. Rey tapped out.

After the match Mark Henry came out. He threw Bryan into the barricade then hit a running powerslam on Rey in the ring. Sin Cara came out. Henry caught him and hit the World's Strongest Slam on him. Henry then hit the WSS on Rey followed by a Vader Bomb.

Segment Analysis: The match between Rey and Bryan was a decent short match. The return of Mark Henry was kind of surprising. Thought there would at least be a video package. Henry looked strong dominating everyone. I'm assuming he gets added to the Chamber Match. Henry had a good heel run before his injury. Hopefully he gets close to it again. Survey Says: 3/5

Kane and Bryan argued again backstage, while a waiter brought Big Show food in his hotel room.

Break Up That Tag Team Division
Sheamus vs Kane. Both men exchanged punches in the corner. Kane caught Sheamus with a clothesline then an uppercut in the corner followed by a sideslam. Kane went to the outside but Sheamus shoved him into the barricade. Sheamus hit the Irish Curse backbreaker in the ring then a knee lift. Sheamus clotheslined Kane to the outside but he landed on his feet. Sheamus caught Kane in the ropes and hit his corner punches, but Kane countered out of them. Sheamus ducked Kane's clothesline from the top. After multiple counters, Kane finally hit a DDT. Daniel Bryan ran out and yelled at Kane again, asking him where he was when Mark Henry attacked him. Kane shoved Bryan off the apron, then walked right into a Sheamus Brogue Kick giving Sheamus the win.

Match Analysis: Again, too short for the match to be anything more than average. It obviously looks like we are getting to the eventual Bryan/Kane break-up. It is something that should have been done at least a month ago. Looks like we are getting Bryan/Kane in a feud, probably at Mania. Survey Says: 2.5/5

Brock Lesnar: Home Decorator
Miz came out for MizTV. Paul Heyman immedaitely interrupted him. Heyman said he was here to clear his name, not have Miz dirty it more. Heyman wished Vince well, but Miz didn't buy it. Heyman said he didn't know anything about Lesnar last week on RAW. Miz called Heyman the most committed liar he has ever met in his entire life. Miz brought up The Shield tape, but Heyman went on a rant about C.M. Punk being screwed out of the WWE Title. Miz told Heyman he was crowding his space. Vickie came out. She said she is the one who brought Brock Lesnar back. She was secretly negotiation with Brock for awhile. She said she thought it would impress Vince and make her permanent GM. Vickie started crying. Heyman asked for a Moment of Silence. Vickie said they should pray for his well being. Miz said that being permanent GM is just a pipe dream. Miz started laying into Heyman and Vickie when Brock Lesnar came out. Miz shoved Lesnar but Brock clotheslined him and threw him out of the ring. Brock destroyed the set. Miz tried coming back but Brock caught him with some knees than an F5. Heyman begged Lesnar to stop.

Segment Analysis: I wish the build up to Lesnar kicking Miz's ass would have been better. It was a weak exchange. Brock Lesnar is the perfect guy to be a monster heel. He just LOOKS like an ass kicker. And he plays his role great. Heyman has been good in his act of pleading with Brock to stop and not do anything. It shows he can't control Lesnar and he knows it. Survey Says: 3.5/5

AGAIN? Yes Again
Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett. Orton clotheslined Barrett out of the ring. He dropped him on the barricade a couple of times. Back in the ring Barrett caught Orton with a clothesline into the ropes then one that took Orton over the top. Orton fought out of a headlock and went into ORTON MODE. After the middle rope DDT, Barrett rolled to the outside. Orton threw Barrett into the ring but he walked right into a blackhole slam for two. Barrett missed a kick and Orton hit an RKO for the win.

Match Analysis: The WWE really needs to mix up their mid-card matches more. Seeing these guys fight so many times just becomes mind numbing after awhile. Survey Says: 2/5

A Real Wrestling Match?
Jericho vs Punk. Jericho hit some chops on Punk then took him down with an elbow. Punk caught Jericho with a running knee. Punk applied an armbar but Jericho got out of it. Punk ran right into a boot from Jericho. Punk went for a tilt-a-whirl DDT but Jericho countered and clotheslined him to the outside. Jericho hit a baseball slide. Punk caught Jericho and dropped his neck on the ropes. Back from break Punk had control over Jericho. Jericho fought out of a headlock and then ducked Punk's springboard clothesline. Jericho got some offense in and hit a bulldog. Punk missed his running high knee. Jericho hit a hurricarrana off the top rope. He went for the Lionsault, but Punk caught him and went for a GTS. Jericho countered and went for the Walls, but the two exchanged roll up pin attempts for two.

After a reset Punk finally hit his running high knee. He missed the elbow off the top. Jericho connected on the Lionsault for two. Punk surprised Jericho with a kick to the head for two. Punk locked in the Anaconda Vice but Jericho found his way to the ropes. Punk went for the GTS, but Jericho countered into the Walls of Jericho. Punk got to the ropes. Punk couldn't lift Jericho for a GTS. Jericho went for the Walls but Punk threw him into the corner. Punk threw Jericho into the post then hit the GTS for the win.

Match Analysis: Another great match between these two. Two of the best ever in the ring. Was really surprised with the clean win for Punk. Was expecting a Ziggler run in at some point. Punk picks up a needed win to make him look strong heading into the Chamber rematch with Rock. Jericho can absorb the loss because he is used to taking them by now and the fans will still buy him as a competitor in the ring. Survey Says: 4/5

The WWE announced Bruno Sammartino as the next inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Alberto del Rio attacked Big Show at the hotel. Show dominated until Del Rio took him out with a fire extinguisher.

And This Leads To???
Brad Maddox was in the ring. He said he was manipulated by Paul Heyman and that he is an innocent victim. Maddox said that he is the real hero and it will be him who teaches The Shield about justice. The Shield came out and said that Maddox didn't know a thing about justice, and that maybe Brad Maddox didn't believe in The Shield. The Shield took out Maddox. John Cena, Ryback and Sheamus came through the crowd. Shield went to leave up the ramp but various wrestlers stopped them. The faces gained the upper hand in the ring and The Shield retreated through the crowd.

Segment Analysis: Well that was better than The Shield getting taken out completely by all 3 faces. Retreating was the best thing to do. But seriously, will they just announce the match already. We are less than two weeks away from the Elimination Chamber and no announcement yet? Even if the PPV is being sold on Rock/Punk 2, it still needs to be announced soon. Survey Says: 2.5/5

Kind of a ho-hum show. There were some bright spots. The Jericho/Punk match was obviously the highlight of the night. Best match on RAW in quite some time. Punk had another strong promo at the beginning of the show as well. Mark Henry made a nice return as well. You would have to assume he is going into the Chamber match. Brock Lesnar again looked like a major ass kicker. But the show just had too much filler on it for my liking. They also repeated two matches that we have seen a lot of on WWE TV recently. The negatives out weighed the positives. But I'll give the show a 4.

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