Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NFL Week 2 Review

Hello everyone. Wrestling done for the day. Time to review Week 2's NFL action.

Team of the Week: Detroit Lions
That wasn't a beat down the Lions gave the Chiefs, it was a crucifixion. The Lions just steam rolled the Chiefs in every aspect of the game this past week. The Lions look for real. Sure the Chiefs may not be the team they were last year, but they are certainly better than they showed this past week. Everyone in the NFC needs to be weary of the Lions this year. Right now, there's no reason to think they won't be a playoff team this year. They have two big road games coming up, at Minnesota and Dallas, before returning home for a Monday night game against Chicago. There's really no reason to think the Lions couldn't be 4-0 heading into their showdown against Chicago.

Game of the Week: Buffalo Bills 38  Oakland Raiders 35
It was really only a game in the second half, but it was one hell of a half of football. Down 21-3 going into the half, nothing appeared to be going right for my Bills. But suddenly, the offense showed up in the second half and just torched the Raiders defense. Ryan Fitzpatrick tore apart the Raiders secondary, and Fred Jackson showed why he deserves to be the feature back of the team. The Raiders played one hell of a game as well. They have just as bright a future as the Bills do. The Bills real litmus test will be a home game against the Patriots this Sunday. The defense will need to step up its game if they want to hang with Tom Brady & Co.

Goat of the Week: Minnesota Vikings
Nothing appears to be going right for the Vikings this year. Up 17-0 at the half, the Vikings allowed Tampa to work their way back in the game, and win 24-20. Donovan McNabb has looked awful in his first two games. If it wasn't for Adrian Peterson, the offense would be non-existent. The defense has played well for the most part, but they shouldn't have let the Bucs drive down the field like they did to take the lead. With the Packers & Lions looking strong, and the Bears no slocuhes either, it could be a long season for Vikings fans.

Other Week 2 Thoughts:
-The current leaders in the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes? It has to be the Kansas City Chiefs. They've looked awful in their first two games, scoring a combined 10 points. They've lost their best player on offense (Jamaal Charles) and one of their best playmakers on defense (Eric Berry). Todd Haley was already on the hot seat at the beginning of the year and you better believe someone has a torch under it now. Even with the Colts having a down year, they still will probably win more games than the Chiefs at this point. The two team play each other in Week 5, the loser takes the lead in the Luck Lottery.

-What the hell happened to the Ravens this week? While expected the Titans to keep the game close, I didn't expect a double digit win by the Titans. I thought for sure the Ravens would just constantly pressure flat-footed Matt Hasselbeck all day, but they didn't. This is a pretty sizeable step back  for the Ravens. After curb-stomping the Steelers in Week 1, everyone expected them to run by the Titans in Week 2. While the Steelers were busy showing they still are a force to be reckoned with, the Ravens showed they still have some kinks to work out, and that the AFC North is still a dog fight between the two.

-Another surprising team? The Washington Redskins. The Skins are 2-0 and look like a different team this year. Rex Grossman has been adequate on offense and hasn't shown the "Bad Rex" side of him that he is known for. If Mike Shanahan can continue to keep Rex under control and find a way to keep his team in games, the Redskins may be a playoff contender come the end of the year.

-Despite the Packers 2-0 start, it may be time to worry about their secondary. Getting torched by Drew Brees is one thing, but being torched by Cam Newton is another. Sure Newton threw for over 400 yards against Arizona, but the Cardinals secondary is bad. The Packers have one of the best defenses in the league, they shouldn't be giving up 400 yards to Newton.

Hey I'm Just Sayin...
-Maybe the Dolphins should petition to play all 16 games on the road.

-Tim Tebow at WR. There. Happy Broncos fans?

-Can the Pats put Vince Wilfork at full back?

-Punting down 12 half way through the 4th? Does Steve Spagnulo want to win?

-How about you wait til the end of the game to point at the score board Mike Vick.

-I guess Al Davis didn't allow Hue Jackson to read the new NFL Rule Book.

My Top 5
1. New England Patriots
2. Green Bay Packers
3. Houston Texans
4. New York Jets
5. New Orleans Saints

My Bottom 5
28. Minnesota Vikings
29. Miami Dolphins
30. Indianapolis Colts
31. Seattle Seahawks
32. Kansas City Chiefs

Three Games I'd Like to See Next Week
New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills: Time to see just how for real the Bills are.
Houston Texans vs New Orleans Saints: The first true test for the new and improved Texans.
Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears: Bears can't fall two games back in NFC North, even this early.

Until next time,
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