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The RAW Truth Review for 5/14/12

Its the RAW Truth Review starring Justin C. I'm sorry if you were expecting Brock Lesnar.

Triple H ran in to John Laurinaitis backstage. Laurinaitis apologized for Brock attacking him. Laurinaitis asked if he had anything to say. Hunter said he would say what he had to say in the ring.

Law And Order: In A Wrestling Ring!
HHH came out and they recapped Lesnar's attack on HHH. HHH said that he is offended by Brock Lesnar by saying he had to bring legitimacy back to the WWE. HHH said that Lesnar is offending everyone with what he has been saying. HHH said he is embarrassed because he bought into Brock Lesnar's crap, just like he did in 2002. HHH then went on to bury Lesnar and his UFC career and talked about John Cena beating Brock Lesnar. And when Cena beat Lesnar John Cena quit again.

Paul Heyman came out. Paul said he was putting the classic spin on things when HHH loses his top star. Paul said he didn't get the seriousness of Brock Lesnar. Why doesn't HHH like a fighter coming into an entertainment company and fighting? Heyman served HHH with papers. Heyman said he was sad to see HHH back down and be a disappointment again. HHH grabbed Heyman by the mouth. Hunter threw down the papers and told Heyman to tell Brock that he will get everything he deserves. Heyman then said he would sue Hunter for assault.

Segment Analysis: Did you hear how little of a reaction Hunter received during that promo. Triple H hasn't cut a good promo in years. It was so boring that the audience didn't care. And of course he tried to bury Brock Lesnar. Heyman tried to save it, but even he seemed a bit tame during it, almost like he was being held back. Terrible start to RAW. Survey Says: 2/5

WWE Champion at the 9:30 Mark? Who Says Ratings Don't Matter!
Tag Team Match: C.M. Punk and Santino vs Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes. Punk and Rhodes started. Cody worked on Punk's left arm but Punk countered with a bodyslam. Punk tossed Cody threw the ropes then tossed Bryan over onto Cody. Punk hit a suicide dive to the outside. Santino tried but ran into the ropes, intentionally. Back from break Cody Rhodes was working over Santino. Cody caught Santino with a right hand and tagged in Daniel Bryan. Bryan hit a corner drop kick. Bryan hit multiple knee drops then tagged Cody back in. Cody hit a front suplex then tagged Bryan in again. Bryan hit some kicks and applied an armbar. Constant tagging in between Rhodes and Bryan. Santino dove for a tag and missed the first time, but eventually got the tag.

Punk hit a springboard clothesline then a running high knee and bulldog on Rhodes. Punk caught Cody with a kick to the head. Daniel Bryan broke up the pin and Punk went for a GTS on Bryan, but Bryan got out of it and left the ring. Punk threw Cody into the corner and avoided a Cobra, but walked right into a GTS giving Punk and Santino the win.

Segment Analysis: The match wasn't bad, but having your WWE Champion on at the 9:20 mark after the opening segment is a sign they weren't happy with Punk losing viewers at the end of the show last week. Punk getting the win leaves the door open for Bryan to win on Sunday, but I don't think it happens. I'm assuming we will also get Santino/Cody based off the announcers talk during the match. Match was a standard WWE tag match with some comedy. Survey Says: 3/5

Beth Phoenix beat Alicia Fox with Layla watching. Beth went to attack Alicia after but Layla stopped her.

After a recap of John Laurinaitis and the Big Show stuff AGAIN, Laurinaitis and David Otunga came out to watch Big Show/Kane. Show applied a headlock early. Kane fought out in the corner. Kane hit a crossbody for two. Show fought out of a chinlock but missed a Vader Bomb. Show caught Kane off the the apron and tossed Kane over the top rope. Show hit a spear on Kane on the outside. Back in the ring, John Laurinaitis interrupted and demanded an apology. This allowed Kane to hit a chokeslam for the win.

Laurinaitis demanded Big Show to get up like a man. Laurinaitis asked if it was wise to make fun of his voice. He demanded a good apology otherwise Big Show would be fired. Show said he's been thinking long and hard about what he was going to say. Show said he's seen it all since starting in WCW. Show said he also loves what he does. He asked Laurinaitis to not fire him over something petty. Show said if him imitating his voice offended him, then he apologizes. Laurinaitis said that it was passionate, but he didn't hear Show say he was sorry. Laurinaitis asked Big Show to get on his knees and beg him for his job. Show fought with his decision. He asked to not get on his knees. Laurinaitis said he will reconsider. Laurinaitis walked to the ramp and said he already reconsidered. He was going to fire Big Show but Show dropped to his knees and apologized. Laurinaitis still fired him anyways.

Segment Analysis: Man I can't wait for Big Show/John Laurinaitis at the PPV this Sunday. Wait, you mean they aren't wrestling? Then what was the point of that segment going on way too long? Surely this is leading to people thinking John Laurinaitis is abusing his power again, which could lead to the return of Vince McMahon. And wasn't HHH still in the building? I've been down on Big Show for a while now, and this segment didn't help anything. I was laughing a bit more than anything. Just went on way too long and I didn't really care. Survey Says: 1/5

Six Man Filler Action!
Six man tag time. Brodus Clay, R-Truth and Kofi vs Miz, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger. The faces cleared the ring early into a commercial. Back from break Dolph had R-Truth in a head lock. Truth fought out but ate a drop kick for two. Miz went to work on Truth and applied another headlock. Truth eventually tagged in Kofi and Kofi hit his normal offense. Kofi hit the SOS on Miz but Swagger and Ziggler broke it up. They were cleared by Kofi and Brodus. Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise on Miz and Brodus hit his splash for the win.

Segment Analysis: Basic stuff. All of this seemed more like filler then anything else. Not too much to see here. Survey Says: 2/5

Backstage A.J. wished C.M. Punk good luck on Sunday. Punk said he didn't want to get involved with whatever was going on between her and Daniel Bryan. And said he found her kind of a psycho.

Smackdown Getting Top Bill Over RAW? What Is This?
Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho with Sheamus on commentary. Orton hit a shoulder tackle and hip toss to start then a dropkick. Orton clotheslined Jericho over the top into commercial. Back from break Jericho had a headlock applied. Orton fought out but ate a running knee. Orton fought back but ate a boot in the corner then a missile drop kick for two. Orton countered a Lionsault with knees to the ribs. Orton went into his usual offense before Jericho dumped Orton to the outside. Jericho then threw Orton into Sheamus. Sheamus clotheslined Jericho on the outside giving Jericho the DQ win. Officials came out to separate Orton and Sheamus from brawling.

Segment Analysis: OK match. I'm surprised this got more of a billing than the WWE Title match this Sunday. I still think Sheamus walks out World Champ. I could see Orton/Sheamus at the next PPV, they seem to be building towards that. Just like this RAW, a whole lot of meh. Survey Says: 2.5/5

More Promos!
John Laurinaitis came out. He said everyone that likes John Cena is a loser. Cena lost to Rock. Laurinaitis said he was better than Brock and Rock combined. He said if there wasn't losers like you, there wouldn't be winners like him. John Cena came out. Cena mocked Laurinaitis voice but didn't get fired. Cena called Laurinaitis a douchebag. Cena said everything Laurinaitis has tried to do has failed and called him a loser. Cena kept interrupting Laurinaitis with Ace Ventura mimicking. Cena said in Laurinaitis rise to power he has stepped on everyone. Cena asked the crowd how bad to people want to beat John Laurinaitis. They chanted YES. Cena went on about Pittsburgh and continued to interrupt Laurinaitis. Cena tossed a puck at Laurinaitis and told him to go puck himself. Laurinaitis began to talk but Eve came out and handed him something. The note said the match is one on one, and anyone who interferes will be terminated. And if John Laurinaitis loses, he is fired. Cena asked Laurinaitis what his big announcement was, then Laurinaitis slapped him across the face to end the show.

Segment Analysis: Well, they gave people a reason to care about this match on Sunday, but it was another awful promo that we had to sit through. Cena was back to unbearable Cena with his constant interrupting of Laurinaitis. I already have a feeling I know how the match ends, but I will save that for my PPV Preview. A bad ending to a bad RAW. Survey Says: 1.5/5

If nothing gets over a 3 in my ratings, then you know this was a bad RAW. We had to sit through 3 promos that were all terrible. The Big Show segment went on way too long and took away from the PPV build for this Sunday. I give the WWE credit for actually making people care about the Cena/Laurinaitis match now. But it is a shame that they buried the WWE Title match like they did no this show. People are suppose to care about that match after the crap build it got on this show? Over the Limit was going to do bad PPV buys already, and this show probably made it worse. And of course, C.M. Punk and Daniel Bryan will get the blame instead of John Laurinaitis, John Cena and the terrible booking. This show gets a 2 from me.

PPV Preview later in the week.

And remember kids, being the best in the world sometimes means you get less TV time for a guy who has done nothing of note in the last 10 years.

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