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JC's Take: WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Preview

JC's Take: WWE TLC Preview

Hello everyone. Welcome back for my preview of WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs. This PPV is example number one of gimmik overkill. Three Ladder matches in one PPV is just way too much. There better not be another ladder match for 4-5 months. It's just way too much for one PPV. The matches all look like they could deliver and be quality, but it'd be nice if some of these matches were just standard wrestling matches. But this is the last WWE PPV of the Year, and last year they surprised us with Sheamus defeating John Cena in a Tables Match to win the WWE Championship. I don't see as big a shock coming in this PPV, but as I said, there are some quality matches to be had. Lets get right to the preview.

 Divas Tables Match: Natalya & Beth Phoenix vs Laycool

I'll give the WWE this much. At least they are trying something outside the box with the Divas. It's a little change up from the normal women's stuff we see on PPV. I do fear for the safety of Layool though. They are so small and fragile that they could be broken in half being put through a table. But it is nice to now see two divas working together to get after Laycool. I think the WWE is attempting to plant the seeds for a Laycool break-up down the line. It gets going more here because I see Natlaya and Beth winning this match. But after, I think Beth turns on Natalya and puts her through a table. This gives a nice fresh match-up between Natalya and Beth. They should be able to put on some good matches. Meanwhile, Laycool will try to get involved but will end up getting on each other's nerves while they do it.

WINNERS: Natalya & Beth Phoenix

Triple Threat Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Title: Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Kofi Kingston vs Jack Swagger

These three have had a nice program going on Smackdown for about a month. Dolph has had the title for awhile now, and I think it is time for a change of the guard, mostly because I think Dolph needs to be elevated farther up the card. With Vickie Guerrero, a heat magnet, with him he should be able to survive at least a month of a main event program. Plus, lets say Edge wins the World Title, there is history with Vickie and Edge. Plus Dolph can hold is own in the ring. The question is who do they put the title on. Kofi has had it before, so having it on him seems almost pointless. So that leaves Jack Swagger. Swagger has been floundering on Smackdown ever since his World Title run came to an end. He's looked better in recent weeks, but he could use the IC Title for a little bit to re-elevate himself. That's why I'm putting the belt on Swagger here. It gives him something to brag about and probably will re-push him up the card.

WINNER: Jack Swagger

#1 Contender for the WWE Title Ladder Match
Sheamus vs John Morrison

This is probably the most interesting match on the card, because it will tell us a lot about the future of the RAW main event scene. Sheamus and Morrison have had some good matches in their feud, and I don't see any reason why they can't have another good one here. Morrison is great with a ladder, and Sheamus seems like someone who can adapt to any type of match he is in. Sheamus seems to be getting the upperhand between the two recently. He won the King of the Ring Tournament, and he got the better of Morrison this past Monday on RAW.

But as I said, this match is the most interesting because it will tell us the future of the RAW main event scene. If Sheamus wins, it leads to a less predictable outcome of the Miz/Orton match. I don't really see the WWE wanting to do Sheamus/Miz, even at the Rumble. Plus they already did Miz/Orton at SummerSlam, and last year's Rumble. I think Sheamus winning would also mean we would get Sheamus vs HHH for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania. If Morrison wins, it means the WWE may finally be ready to get behind him as a main eventer. It would also lead to a nice short Miz/Morrison feud leading into the Rumble. The two have history so a backstory is not needed. But the WWE would need to do a good job of convincing us that Morrison belongs in a WWE Title match. He is good in the ring, but his promo work leaves something to be desired.

But it seems that at the Royal Rumble, the WWE is always willing to give somebody new a chane at the title. The Rumble match sells itself, and the more already made main eventers in it the better. Having Miz and Morrison in a WWE Title match at the Rumble is not the worst idea in the world, so I'm picking Morrison here. Plus the WWE doesn't have to worry about Miz/Morrison carrying RAW, because they still have Cena/Nexus and Randy Orton to carry the show.

Winner: John Morrison

Chairs Match: Wade Barrett vs John Cena

Remember when I gave this rivalry Feud of the Year. Yeah, I'm already regeretting that. This feud ahs quickly gone south. Ever since Survivor Series, the Nexus has been made to look absolutely horrible by John "Super" Cena. As I have said previosuly, it would have been so nice to have Cena off of TV for a month. It would give other people a chance to step up into the main event position. It could also make Cena's charater a bit more fresh once he did return to TV. Instead, Cena was back on TV a week after his "goodbye" speech after Survivor Series. It made Cena's speech, which seemed slightly believeable, look like an absolute farce. The quick hiring back of John Cena also essentailly spit in the face of everyone who bought Survivor Series to see the outcome of the "Free or Fired" match. Now it's back to business as usual for Cena and the WWE. It seemed like they were almost nervous to take Cena off TV, fearing a drop in ratings. But those are the risks you have to take to attract new viewers, build new stars, and make your product interesting again. But that's enough bashing of the angle, lets get to the match.

The problem with this match is that no matter who wins, I still see the feud continuing into the Royal Rumble, because neither man has an opponent waiting for them. Cena has been made to look good since after the Survivor Series. Usually when that happens, you can expect the opponenet to win. But that is not the case with Cena. Cena is made to look good almost all of the time, which is why him joining Nexus was something different, and made people actually sympathize with him. The Nexus, sans a beatdown on Cena mid-show last week, are slowly losing any heat they had left. A win here for Barrett would do him wonders in regaining his heel heat. I'm afraid to pick Barrett because this is Cena's PPV return match, but I think it has to happen. They can drag this thing out until the Royal Rumble and have the final blowoff there, which is why I see Barrett winning here. It would make no sense to have Cena win here, then again at the Rumble. But this is the WWE creative team, so logic is out the window. But I'm still picking Barrett.

WINNER: Wade Barrett

WWE Championship Tables Match
The Miz (c) vs Randy Orton

This match is simple: put your oppoenet through the table, win the match. I think the reason this match is a Tables Match is simple: to protect Randy Orton. They want Orton to take a clean pinfall here. They still want to attempt to maintain his "badass" face persona. The Miz has been a refreshing change atop the WWE. He doesn't look out of place one bit. It's also nice for the WWE to be getting all of this publicity out of Miz's title run. He's been doing interviews all over, including ESPN. That's alot of publicity for a title change. I think the Miz can hold onto the title until Wrestlemania, but it is all up to the WWE to keep faith in him as champ.

I think the outcome of this match is simple. The WWE shouldn't take the title off of Miz this early. It's not like he looks out of place with it. It would make The Miz look weak and leave him aboslutely no credibility. He has to have an extended title run, and by extended I mean at least a couple months, to make himself look good as champ. It didn't help that it took Alex Riley and Alberto del Rio to help him beat Rey Mysterio on RAW Monday. It would be nice to see him at least win a couple matches with no help. Sadly, I think that won't be the case here. I'm sure Alex Riley will attempt to get involved, and I can also see Michael Cole playing into the finish of the match. Either with their help or not, the Miz is walking away with the WWE Title here. Orton enters the Rumble, and Miz gets Morrison.


Fatal 4 Way TLC Match for the World Championship
Kane (c) vs Edge vs Rey Mysterio vs Alberto del Rio

Sorry, but this is  a Smackdown spoiler considering I think I'll have this blog up about 30 minutes before the official announcement. Apparently, the word going around is that the two matches were combined because they were worried about running over time on the PPV. They also felt Kane was too limited to put on a good TLC match with Edge, so they decided to include Rey Mysterio and Alberto del Rio. I don't mind the move. Rey/del Rio and Kane/Edge have been the two top feuds on Smackdown all fall, so putting them together into one match isn't the worst idea. Mysterio and Edge should be able to pull off some good spots, and del Rio is no slouch so he should do well too. Kane is ok but a TLC match isn't his specialty, but he is more than capable of holding his own in this match. I feel like this match will go on last, especially if they want to space out the three ladder matches on the PPV.

Now, onto who wins. I think Kane is the first person you can eliminate. He's had a decent run with the title, and it was nice to finally see someone hold the title for an extended period of time. Yes, by today's standards, 5 months is extended. But it is defeinitely time for a change at the top. Rey Mysterio would be the next person I would eliminate. He doesn't need the title, and he is injured so much lately that putting it on him would probably have more risks than benefits. Plus both of his previous title runs have to be considered disappointments, so I don't see why a third is needed. That leaves us with Edge and Alberto del Rio. I think these two are starting a feud after this PPV, so it all depends on how the WWE wants to book it. Do they want Edge chasing the title? Do they want both of their champions to be up and coming heels rather than established main eventers? I don't know if the WWE wants to take that risk. I would, but I don't work for them. Surprisngly, Edge hasn't held a World Title since June 2009. He fought for it earlier this year, but never won it. That's why I think Edge wins here. The WWE will want to send the fans home happy, and this is their best opportunity to do it.


That's all for today and the week. I'll be back with a review of this PPV Monday.

Until next time,
Justin C

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