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JC's Take: WWE Week in Review: 12/6-12/12

JC's Take: WWE Week in Review

Hey everyone, welcome back for my WWE Week in Review. Lets get right to it!

-I have to start with the abomination that has become the Cena/Nexus angle. It has gone from entertaining to just plain stupid in a matter of weeks. The Nexus is on life support and is in danger of losing any heat that they had left. John Cena has made them look absolutely horrible in the last two weeks. They've almost been reduced to nothing but jobbers. Something drastic needs to be done to save the Nexus. If it wasn't for them having two new T-shirts, I would think they'd be in danger of being disbanded. Wade Barrett is the one on the ropes this week. The rest of the Nexus has given him an ultimatum: rehire John Cena or get kicked out of Nexus. Essentially, wasting the previous month of storylines revolving around the decision John Cena had to make in the Survivor Series main event, and slapping in the face of everyone who ordered the PPV to see it. Cena has made his "goodbye" speech from RAW three weeks ago look like a farce. He was suppose to go spend time with his family but is back in a week? What a family man Cena is! The bottom line is this: something has to be done to save the Nexus angle and regain their credibility. If not, they turn into another victim of the great Super Cena.

-For the second week in a row I like the development I've seen in the Miz as WWE Champion. He does not look out of place at all with the belt. He fits right in. I'm hoping this angle with Randy Orton is only a temporay one month thing. Not that I don't like it, I would just prefer to see the Miz face a handful of people before he loses the title. The opening segment from RAW this past week was very good. Everyone played their parts well. Michael Cole is a heat magnet. On, Wade Keller wrote a very good column about the possibilites that lie ahead for Cole. He made a nice comparison to the Mr.McMahon character from the Attitude Era. Cole will never be as good as that, but he could get very close. I hope sooner rather than later they take him out of the announce position permanently and make him either a manager or authority figure. I'm interested to see how his interactions with the Miz play out. I do think in the end Orton/Miz doesn't go past TLC, and Miz gets a new opponent for the Royal Rumble. My hope is that it is something really fresh and new to the title scene, like Daniel Bryan or John Morrison.

-I'm almost to the point where I am begging for HHH to comeback sooner rather than later. This King Sheamus thing seems a bit too comedic. I didn't mind his interaction with John Morrison on RAW, and I've liked this little mini program they've had going the last couple of months, but Sheamus just looked goofy in that King outfit. I'm sure the rubber match of this serious will take place at TLC. I'm assuming Sheamus gets the win, making him look even stronger and more of a challenge for HHH when he returns. I will say I do like the improvement I've seen from John Morrison in this program. He's still just ok on the mic, but him and Sheamus have had some good matches. Hopefully 2011 is finally the breakout year for John Morrison.

-Over on Smackdown, it appears that we have FINALLY seen the end of Paul Bearer as a character. He can survive being buried in cement, but he can't survive a fall from a ladder. But because it's PG now, he didn't look like someone who had just fallen off a ladder onto concrete, he looked more like a guy that got knocked out. It's really sad that this Kane/Edge program had to be more about Paul Bearer than the World Heavyweight Championship. The title has seemed secondary in this feud. Edge has gone from leading the crusade against stupidity to being the main culprit in one of the stupid angles in the company. Hopefully this feud ends at TLC, and both men move on to different opponents. What would be next for Kane is unknwon, but Edge can probably have a good program with either Alberto del Rio or Jack Swagger, maybe even Dolph Ziggler. Kane has done ok as champion, and it's nice to see the title on one person for such an extended period of time. But it's time for both to move on.

-I'm assuming we'll also get the end of the Rey Mysterio/Alberto del Rio feud at TLC. The two have put on some good wrestling matches in their program. It was also nice to see Rey have a fresh opponent for once. I think the future is bright for del Rio, and I'm assuming he'll get a World Title run in 2011. With this match being a Chairs Match, I could see del Rio putting Rey out of action with an injury, giving Rey some time off and getting even more heat on del Rio. Rey deserves the time off, and del Rio deserves the push.

-Smackdown also really needs to elevate new talent up to the main event level. Their whole mid-card seems capable of at least getting a tryout for a main event push, because really, what harm could it do? Smackdown hasn't had great ratings since its move to Friday night, so something new wouldn't seem like it would kill the ratings that much. If Edge does win the World Title at TLC, I'd love for him to work a one month feud with Dolph Ziggler. They have the automatic connection with Vickie Guerrero, and she gets so much heat on her from the crows that she alone could probably make the program work. I also think Jack Swagger and Kofi Kingston should get another chance at the top level on Smackdown. As I've said in previous weeks, Smackdown needs a shake-up, and elevating mid-card talent to the main event level could be the start.

Other WWE News & Notes
-Tonight is the WWE's version of the Slammy Awards. Most of you have read my version of the 2010 Awards, but since the WWE has their own awards, I guess I'll post my predictions for those. They've apparently changed as I was typing this blog.

Shocker of the Year: Nexus debut slightly over Miz cash-in
Knucklehead Moment of the Year: Santino gets outdanced by Kozlov
Despicable Me Award: C.M. Punk sings "Happy Birthday" to Rey Mysterio's daughter
Guest Star Shining Moment: William Shatner sings WWE star entrances
Holy %&^*%&* Move of the Year: Randy Orton delivers flying RKO to Evan Bourne
"Oh Snap" Meltdown of the Year: Edge destroys the RAW G.M.'s computer
WWE Moment of the Year: Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels; HBK's last match
Superstar of the Year: John Cena; I'd still go Randy Orton, but I don't control that vote

Awards with no nominees to be announced tonight:
Diva of the Year: Determined by the winner of a diva battle royal tonight
WWE Universe Reaction of the Year, "And I Quote" Line of the Year

-Lots of talk this week about who will be the inductees for the Class of 2011 WWE Hall of Fame. When coming up with the inductees, you have to remember that this year's Wrestlemania is in Atlanta, and that was the heart of WCW territory during that company's run. I'm sure the class will contain many old WCW alum. I'm assuming the Four Horsemen will be inducted as a group: Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham, and manager J.J. Dillon. Ole Anderson might be there, but I believe he is on bad terms with WWE. I may be wrong though. Bill Goldberg is a possibility. Atlanta is his hometown, but I'm reading that may be unlikely. I'm sure Vince would love to try and get Sting for induction, and maybe even one match at Mania, but it all depends on his contract situation with TNA. Other possibilities include Lex Luger, Rick Rude, Ron Simmons, Vader, Michael Hayes and the Fabulous Freebirds and the Rock N Roll Express. But I think in the end, the headliner will be Shawn Michaels. Vince will have some WCW inductees, but he'll make sure that one of "his" guys is the main attraction. I think WWE would be smart to wait a year on Michaels and maybe do it next year in Texas if Mania is there, HBK's home state, but I doubt Vince will wait that long.

-I think it's nice that RAW seems to be trying to get more character development in their mid-card. Daniel Bryan has this added "twin magnet" or "girl magnet" gimmick. Ted DiBiase Jr. seems to breaking away from Maryse. I really hope they give him a mean streak. Tyson Kidd has a new bodyguard. I think giving him a bodyguard shows the faith that creative has in him. This is completely different from what is going on over on the Smackdown side. And with the elevation of The Miz, John Morrison, and even Wade Barrett from the mid-card to semi-main event this year, the RAW mid-card has to like their chances more than the Smackdown mid-card at getting a main event push.

That's all for today. NFL Review tomorrow, NFL Picks probably late Wednesday, TLC Preview either late Thursday or early Friday. Work Schedule is throwing me off a bit this week.

Until next time,
Justin C

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