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JC's Take: WWE Week in Review 11/29-12/5

JC's Take: WWE Week in Review

Hey everyone, welcome back for my review of this past week's action from the WWE.

-Well, I guess we can start with crowning of Sheamus as King of the Ring. I guess I understand why they picked Sheamus to win. He's lost some of his heat in recent weeks and what better way to get that heat back than to have him win the KOTR Tournament. I just don't like it because I think the crown would have been better suited for either Alberto del Rio, Daniel Bryan, or John Morrison. This tournament is better to be won by someone who needs to be elevated to the main event scene, rather than someone who is already their. I also didn't like how short the matches were. On a 3 hour show, there is no excuse for a John Morrison/Alberto del Rio match to go less than 5 minutes. It would have been nice to see all the matches in the tournament come close to the ten minute mark. I also don't like Sheamus winning because it is just adding on to the eventual return of HHH. The King of the Ring vs The King of Kings. I don't think it was really needed. I understand why Sheamus won, but I don't agree with it.

-I liked the Miz's first night as WWE Champion. His opening promo was effective. I like how he said that not everyone can live out their dream, only he can because he is that good. That's an effective way to get heat on you. I was ok with his interaction with Jerry Lawler, and his TLC Match with him. I know people are complaining with how Michael Cole helping him was the only reason he won, but that's how a heel operates. He does anything he has to in order to win. The match told a great story, and at times throughout the match and the show you actually believed Lawler might win. Lawler deserved this one shining moment because he has been such a great asset to the company over the years. His announcing has gone downhill, but he's been a company man for quite some time. Hopefully he finally gets a Wrestlemania match this year. As far as Michael Cole goes, hopefully this is leading to the eventual return of Jim Ross to the play-by-play position, and Michael Cole as an effective heel manager/character. It seems like the only logical choice. As far as the Miz, I'm assuming he still gets Randy Orton at the TLC PPV. Hopefully it's just a one-on-one match, instead of a gimmicked match. If it does lead to a gimmick match, expect it to be a Tables match.

-Also on the commentary front, I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying C.M. Punk on commentary. His wit and sarcasm is great. I also like his insider one-liners, like the one's about Alex Riley's DUI arrest and alluding to Pat Patterson's sexuality. I also loved his "this isn't the Spanish announce table" and "he spilled my diet coke" lines from John Cena's attack on Nexus last week. I just hope I don't love his commentary too much, because he is so good in the ring that I eventually want him to return there. This is just further evidence of how good C.M. Punk is.

-Now on to this whole mess that is the John Cena/Nexus angle. First the positive. It is nice to see more of a wild side to John Cena. And it's nice that they had some continuity to why WWE security didn't stop Cena from attacking Nexus. But having Cena there last week just completely kills what they did the prior week. At Survivor Series and the RAW after, they actually made it seem as if Cena was gone for a long time. Cena gave a nice speech on RAW saying how he was gonna spend time with his mother and family, and it was actually well done. But to have him show up the next week as if that whole speech was a farce is just plain stupid. And to add to the fact, Cena is just continuously taking away any heat the Nexus had left. The group just looks weaker and weaker every week. I'm starting to doubt the conclusion of the Nexus angle. Hopefully Otunga's "plan" he came up with last week is good, but I have my doubts. Nexus needs to do something to get their heat back and fast, but for some reason I don't see that coming anytime soon.

-Smackdown meanwhile continues to just keep going in circles. We continue to get the stupidity that is this entire Edge/Kane/Paul Bearer angle. Wasn't Edge suppose to be on a crusade against this kind of stuff? Edge won a singles match between the two this week, which means he was able to pick the stipulaton for their World Title Match at TLC, and of course he picked a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match. I really hope this match is the conclusion of the feud between these two. Smackdown needs a shake-up. Hopefully Edge wins and moves on to a feud with Alberto del Rio or Jack Swagger, maybe even a one month feud with Dolph Ziggler leading into the Royal Rumble. Hopefully Kane gets Paul Bearer back. How come he hasn't tried calling the authorities? You think they would make Edge give Bearer back.

-It also appears will get the end of the Rey Mysterio/Alberto del Rio feud at TLC. The two had a nice promo exchange to open Smackdown. Hopefully their fight at TLC ends their feud, as I think it is time for both of them to move on. del Rio has almost nowhere to go but right to a World Title feud with Edge. Rey seems to be in a bit of limbo. I could see him wrestling random mid-carders until the Rumble, then probably having some kind of long-term feud after. It's just that Rey has been around so long that anything he does isn't fresh anymore. After the annual WWE Draft, he'll probably get some fresh faces to feud with, but it's still a few months away. But Smackdown needs to be switched up a bit.

-The one positive about Smackdown is that the mid-card continues to have good matches with each other. Kofi Kingston and Jack Swagger had a nice match for the #1 Contender Slot for the IC Title. There was a nice tag match between Kaval/MVP and Dolph Ziggler/Drew McIntyre as well. Cody Rhodes is also capable of having a good match. The problem is that it's just the same opponents wrestling each other every week. While good wrestling is nice, a switch-up is necessary at times.

Other WWE Notes:
-MVP asked for and was granted his release by the WWE. Good for him. He wanted to get out and got when he wanted to on his terms. It's always better to leave that way rather than being released or fired by the company. I always felt more could have been done with MVP. I liked him better as a cocky heel, and I think he really could have been an effective heel champion, even if it was just for a couple of months. He has the mic skills to be a champ. But there was always questions about his work ethic, the same that there were wtih Carlito. Hopefully MVP finds success in his next step, but if it's to TNA I highly doubt he will.

-I'm curious to see where they are going with that short Ted DiBiase segment from this past week. He slowly stared at a fake WWE Title, then told Maryse to "SHUT UP" when she was laying in to him about accomplishing nothing yet. DiBiase is a solid in ring worker but still has room for improvement. The problem is they need to give the fans a reason to care about him. Being the son of the Million Dollar Man just won't cut it. We, as fans, need a reason to hate or like him. Your family's past won't cut it most of the time. Hopefully this leads to a serious program for him down the line.

-Hopefully the return of Beth Phoenix breathes some new life into the Women's Division. She's a talented worker capable of putting on a good match. I'm assuming that after she helps Natalya dispose of Laycool she will turn her attention to Natalya and the Diva's Title. Both women are capable of putting on a good match and they should have good chemistry in the ring.

-Next week is the WWE Slammy Awards where they give out 'awards" for various categories. This is what I'll be writing about Wednesday. I probably will give my own picks for the WWE's categories, and then add a few categories of my own. But another 3 hour RAW? Couldn't they have done a better job of spreading these things out instead of saving so many for the end of the year?

-That's all for today. NFL Review tomorrow.

Until next time,
Justin C

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