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RAW Review for 12/5/2011

Do You Want To Be WWE Champion? Then Come On Down!
RAW started with John Cena again. Cena kissed the WWE's Universe ass. He said they've earned the right to tell him how they feel about him. Cena said they've earned the right to chant "Fruity Pebbles" at him, and you can't find energy like that on any other show. Cena said he's been getting reactions like that forever, and it isn't a big deal to him. Cena said the only slapped that mattered last week was the referee's slap tat counted to 3 when C.M. Punk defeated Alberto del Rio last week for the WWE Title. Cena said he wanted another WWE Title match with C.M. Punk.

Alberto del Rio interrupted. He said he deserves another Title match, not Cena. ADR showed the clip of Punk using the exposed turnbuckle to get the win last week against him. ADR said he should be the new WWE Champion because of that. Vickie Guerrero interrupted with Dolph Ziggler. Vickie said Dolph deserves a Title shot. Dolph said he beat Randy Orton, is the longest reigning Champion in WWE, and has the best match on WWE night in and night out. Cena made fun of Dolph's past names. Dolph said it's not showing off if you back it up every night. Miz said he took out John Morrison & R-Truth, beat Cena at Wrestlemania, had a WWE Title reign longer than ADR, and doesn't need Vickie to get a reaction like Dolph does. John Laurinaitis interrupted. He said each man in the ring will face a Smackdown superstar, and if they win they are in the WWE Title match at TLC. Except John Cena, Cena's match is a "social experiment." Miz's match is first. He faces Randy Orton. Typical way for the WWE when they have multiple people they want to get involved in the Title picture. Dolph stood out and didn't look out of place at all. Survey Says: 2.5/5

Lets Keep Making Miz Look Strong! Oh Wait....
Back from break Miz worked over Randy Orton. He hit a neckbreaker for two. Orton fought out of a sleeper hold with a backdrop. Clotheslines than a scoop slam. Miz countered the middle rope DDT by tossing Orton over the top. Miz charged out of the ring but Orton caught him and hit a scoop slam. Wade Barrett came out. Orton stared him down. He put Miz back in the ring then chased Barrett, which got Orton counted out. Barrett than came back and took out Orton from behind. Miz can beat up Morrison and R-Truth, but he can't beat Orton clean. Way to continue Miz's strong push. Survey Says: 1.5/5

Promo for WWE Network, starting in April 2012.

Zack Ryder was backstage with John Laurinaitis. Ryder asked him about his online petition. Cena came in wearing Ryder's wig and sunglasses. Laurinaitis talked Cena's match later tonight, a "social experiment." Tonight Cena faces Zack Ryder. If Ryder wins, he gets a future United States Title match. If Cena wins, he gets put into the WWE Title match at TLC. Both men stared on in disbelief.

David Otunga talked to Kevin Nash backstage. At TLC, Nash takes on HHH in a Ladder Match, with a sledgehammer hanging above the ring. First guy to get it can use it. Nash is also in action tonight. Nash in a Ladder Match? This will be epic.

Taped Ribs? Is that Daniel Bryan or DDP?
Alberto del Rio was out next for his match. His opponent? Daniel Bryan. ADR worked over Bryan's injured ribs early. Bryan tried to lock in a submission but ADR countered by dropping Bryan rib first on the ropes. ADR immediately applied the cross armbreaker to pick up the in. Meh. Bryan's injured sure but they could have done better to protect him. At least ADR looked strong compared to Miz. Survey Says: 2/5

During a Divas of Doom promo, the 'It Begins" promo interrupted it. Apparently the announcers didn't see it. Kelly rolled up Beth to pick up the win.

How Could You Bro?
Cena got Ryder in an armbar early on. Ryder countered into a headlock. Cena got out, hit a hip toss, then applied a sleeper. Ryder countered out and hit a faceplant then applied a headlock. Cena powered out, but Ryder countered into a swinging neckbreaker for two. Another headlock. Cena countered out again, but Ryder hit a knee to the face on Cena than a missile dropkick for two. Ryder hit a tornado DDT for two. Ryder went for the Rough Ryder, but Cena ducked and went into CENA MODE. Ryder countered out of an AA than hit his knee to the face in the corner. He went for the Rough Ryder, but Cena countered into the AA for the win. Ryder seemed frustrated with Cena, asking how Cena could cost him his one shot at the US Title. Cena walked off apologizing. Alright match. You knew Ryder was jobbing, but it was better than the first two matches tonight. Still not saying much though. Survey Says: 2.5/5

Cena was backstage yelling at Laurinaitis to give Ryder a U.S. Title match. Laurinaitis said he could give him one more opportunity in another match, but Cena would have to give up his WWE Title match opportunity at TLC. Cena said he is a ten time WWE Champion, and he has had his opportunity. Now it is time for someone else to get theirs. Cena agreed to it. Laurinaitis said Ryder would have to wait to find out his opponent.

A new Kane promo aired. This time he was shown wearing his old mask.

Zack Ryder was out for his next match, a No DQ Match vs Mark Henry. Henry dominated Ryder. Ryder tried to fight back, bashing Henry's injured ankle into the ringpost. He hit his knee to the corner, but Henry shoved him away. Cena came out, hit an AA on Henry, and put Ryder on top of him for the win. That was stupid. Ryder looked weak, and so did Henry. Survey Says: 1/5

Vickie said she couldn't get Laurinaitis to reverse the decision, but she did find out Ziggler's opponent for later: Sheamus. Dolph said he didn't want Jack Swagger at ringside.

Kevin Nash vs Santino. Nash hit a side slam than a boot, then finished Santino with a powerbomb. Nash grabbed the sledgehammer after and went to hit Santino, but he held back.

Are Faces The Heels Tonight?
Sheamus/Ziggler. Sheamus hit a shoulder knock down but Dolph came back with a dropkick. Sheamus came back with his chest punches and then hit a back drop for two. Ziggler countered with a neckbreaker for two then applied a sleeper hold. Sheamus hit some axe handles then some head butts in the corner. Sheamus set up the Celtic cross but Ziggler countered out of it as Sheamus missed a charge in the corner. Zack Ryder came out to the ring. It distracted Ziggler, allowing Sheamus to hit the Brogue Kick for the win. So it is ok for faces to distract heels. but not the other way around? Faces are being booked as heels tonight. Survey Says: 1.5/5

All 3 men arrived for the contract signing. Punk moved the tables and chairs. He said contract signings are the biggest cliche in wrestling. Punk said Laurinaits can play Jack Tunney, they can sign the contract and get to brawling like normal. Laurinaitis said that the match at TLC will be a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match. Punk said all he has to do is beat they guy he's beaten twice and the guy that lost at Survivor Series. Miz asked if he's seen what he's done lately. He taken out Miz and R-Truth. Punk asked where he took them out to, the new Twilight movie. Miz said he took them to the stage and forced Morrison to get fired. Laurinaitis then looked right in the camera and wished John Morrison the best in his future endeavors. HA.

Miz said he's the most WWE Champion in WWE History, and that will make the WWE Title relevant again. Alberto del Rio chimed in. ADR said he's done everything this year, and he will win back the WWE Title. ADR was going to say why, but Punk stopped him and said if he was going to say because it is his destiny he was going to start drinking. Miz said that the one thing him and ADR agree on is that Punk is not leaving TLC WWE Champion. Everyone signed the contract. Laurinaitis wanted a photo, but Punk refused and started brawling. Punk ended up hitting a bulldog on ADR threw the table, then a GTS on Miz. Punk stood tall to end the show. Punk saved that from being a train wreck of a show, but it isn't saying much. Weird seeing Punk take out both men heading into TLC. Survey Says: 3/5

This was a down show compared to the last two weeks. No good wrestling on the show. They are rushing to get to TLC, so they had a lot to fit in to make people care about the PPV in two weeks. Of course that is no one's fault but the WWE's. The faces were made out to be total heels tonight, with Cena and Ryder interfering in matches to help other faces win. Miz didn't look strong after doing so the last few weeks. They did it with Alberto del Rio, but he's almost beyond repair at this point. Dolph Ziggler stood out in the beginning promo which was good. Cena's weird emotional trip continues and I still don't know exactly where it is going. Is Cena really not going to be on the PPV? And Nash/HHH in a Ladder Match: Epic. This show gets a 3 from me, for Punk and for Laurinaitis wishing John Morrison the best in his future endeavors.

And remember kids, cheating for your friends is cool, as long as you are the good guy in the situation.

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