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WWE RAW Review for 12/19/2011

Is This RAW or Ring of Honor?
RAW started with a drum roll. C.M. Punk's voice introduced RAW. He ripped on John Laurinaitis, then asked who won the Triple Threat WWE Championship Match at TLC. Was it Alberto del Rio? Miz? Or C.M. Punk? The correct answer? Me. Punk said. Punk said much to the chagrin of John Laurinaitis, he managed to retain the WWE Title. Punk said it is a Title not a lot of people expected him to hold. Much like the United States Championship match. He did another drum roll, then introduced Zack Ryder. Punk then did the drum roll for the World Heavyweight Championship. He introduced Daniel Bryan. Punk said who would have ever thought C.M. Punk and Daniel Bryan would be holding their brand's respective Titles in a WWE ring. Same with Zack Ryder. Punk said this was all crazy. Punk said he had nothing to say, but appreciated that these two busted their butts to get where they are. He handed the mic to Ryder.

Ryder said he called his dad and asked him if he was really U.S. Champ. Ryder said his dad said, "Woo Woo Woo, You Know It." Bryan said people didn't expect him to get to the WWE, let alone become World Champion. People told him he couldn't do it. Miz, Dolph Ziggler, and Alberto del Rio came on stage then walked to the ring. They tried to attack but failed. They regrouped, but Ryder did a back flip onto Ziggler. Punk and Bryan chased ADR and Miz to the stage. John Laurinaitis made a 6 man tag. He said consider it his gift to the WWE Universe. Fun opening segment. You never would have thought those 3 would be in the ring together with Titles like that. A surreal moment definitely. Survey Says: 4/5

The Barrett Barrage Can't Win Clean
Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton next. Orton put Barrett in the corner and got 5 punches in before Barrett escaped. Orton hit a dropkick for two. Barrett gained control and took action to the outside. He dropped Orton ribs first on the barricade, then kicked him the skull as we went to commercial. Back from break Barrett had Orton in a chinlock. Orton fought out and hit his usual moves. Orton went for the middle rope DDT. Barrett fought out and went for Wasteland but Orton countered into a backbreaker. Orton hit the middle rope DDT and went for an RKO, but Barrett thumbed him in the eye, causing a DQ. Barrett beat up Orton after the match. He hit his Black Hole Slam, which is apparently called the Winds of Change. Barrett got a table and set it up in the ring. Orton ate a boot, then Barrett hit Wasteland and put Orton through the table. Why didn't that happen last night? Barrett doesn't win, but takes out Orton after the match. Are we back to Orton not losing again? Barrett could have used another win, but I guess looks strong. Survey Says: 2.5/5

Alicia Fox beat Beth Phoenix, then told wished everyone a Foxy Holiday season. Whaa???

Jinder Mahal vs Sheamus. Mahal cut a promo in Indian on Sheamus. Mahal hit a couple of knees on Sheamus then put him in a chinlock. Sheamus powered out and hit some axe handles. He hit the Irish Curse, then the Celtic Cross for the win. Squash match. Sheamus continues to win.

Kane Loves Hate
John Cena came out to a strong negative reaction. Cena said he has a shocking announcement, so much so that if you have a heart condition you should muffle your ears. Some people hate him. Some are here, some are not, like The Rock. He understands why Rock hates him, but not Kane. Cena said if last week was a one time accident, then he will let by-gones be by-gones. If not, then they have business. And they should handle that business. Instead of Kane, Mark Henry came out. Henry said the business he should be concerned about is that if it wasn't for Kane, Cena would be the newest member of the Hall of Pain. Henry said he was here to address why he lost, and that Cena should kick rocks. Kane's pyro went off. Kane worked his way to Mark Henry, but stopped and stared at John Cena. Cena charged at Kane and clotheslined him over the ropes, but Kane landed on his feet and pulled him to the outside. Kane smothered Cena on the table, then ripped off Cena's "Rise Above Hate" t-shirt. That was, weird. So Kane refuses to rise above hate? Why do we care about that? Survey Says: 2/5

Primo and Epica with the super hot Rosa Mendes were in the ring waiting for the Usos. They did a Samoan war dance entrance that was very weird. The Spaniards had control early. The Usos tried fighting back, but Epico hit a backstabber for the win. More Rosa dancing please.

Cody Rhodes was interviewed backstage. Santino interrupted with a Christmas present, but it was a cobra in a picnic basket. Santino said beware. They wrestled after the break. Cody toyed with Santino early. Santino tried to fight back. He was going for the Cobra, but Cody hit the Alabama Slam for the win.

After Hornswoggle kissed Vickie, and a Zack Ryder promo, Big Show was interviewed. He said he had the World Title in his hands, then 9 years down the drain in 3 seconds. He was shocked when Daniel Bryan won the World Title, but it was him that encouraged Bryan to cash in his MITB Briefcase before Wrestlemania, and he congratulated Bryan. Josh Matthews said "Come on Show, you have the shortest World Title reign in WWE History, that has to anger you." Show did an angry face before leaving.

No John Cena In the Main Event Again? There IS A Santa Claus!
Six Man Tag Time. During Alberto del Rio's entrance, the creepy kids video played. The face Champions entered through the crowd. Punk and Miz started the match. Punk locked in an armbar then tagged in Bryan, who hit a drop kick. Miz tagged in Ziggler but was immediately taken down. Bryan tagged in Ryder, and they took out all 3 heels. All 3 faces did dives to the outside heading into break. Back from break it was Bryan and Miz. After a couple of kicks, Miz kicked Bryan in the leg then tagged in Del Rio who got some kicks in. Ziggler was tagged in and applied a chin lock.

The heels took turns working over Bryan. Bryan fought back with a kick to Del Rio's face, then tagged in Zack Ryder. He hit the Broski Boot to Ziggler. Miz eventually got control of Ryder. Ryder eventually tossed Del Rio over the rope and tagged C.M. Punk. Punk hit the knee to Miz then a running bulldog. He hit the Macho Man Elbow for two. Punk applied the Anaconda Vice but Ziggler broke it up. He was taken out by Ryder. Punk tagged in Bryan. Punk hit the GTS on Miz. Del Rio took out Punk. Del Rio threw Bryan into the ring post, but Bryan countered a cross armbreaker attempt into the LaBell Lock for the win. A good match and a good go-home show for RAW to head into Christmas. Survey Says: 4/5

This was more of a feel good show than a type of show with any kind of storyline advancement. The show was used to let everyone know that this is a new time in the WWE, with C.M. Punk and Daniel Bryan as their brands top champions. It was good seeing those two plus Zack Ryder in the ring to start the show. It was probably something most people thought they would never see in their life. Everything in between the beginning and end of the show was just meh, including the Kane/Cena stuff. If Kane isn't going to talk, then how will we know why he refuses to rise above hate? Most of it just seemed like filler, which is why I didn't rate most of it. It was one of those re-set shows with no advancement since the next PPV is a month away, and it did fine for the most part. It gets a 6 from me.

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