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The RAW Truth Review for 3/26/12

It's time for another RAW Review, the last one before Wrestlemania. Get ready for a lot of promo packages and heavy hype heading into Mania, as well as a likely physical confrontation between The Rock and John Cena.

Wrestling? To Start The Show?
An actual wrestling match to start the show? Kane/Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton/Sheamus. Orton and Bryan started, with Orton doing his version of the Garvin Stomp. Bryan ate a clothesline. Orton tagged in Sheamus but Bryan immediately tagged in Kane. Sheamus chopped Kane's leg but Kane countered with a back drop. Sheamus caught Kane with a knee then hit a top rope battering ram. Sheamus charged at Bryan but Bryan jumped off the apron. Kane hit an upper cut that sent Sheamus to the outside, then Bryan hit a jumping knee drop off the apron on Sheamus heading into commercial.

Back from break Bryan had a headlock on Sheamus, but Sheamus powered out and Bryan missed a charge in the corner. Sheamus tagged Orton and he worked over Bryan and hit the Middle Rope DDT. Kane saved Bryan and Kane and Orton brawled on the outside. Bryan got Orton from behind, then tagged in Kane. Kane hit a charging clothesline in the corner. Orton caught Kane with a boot in the corner, but he walked right into a side slam by Kane. Kane hit a top rope clothesline. Kane was ready for a chokeslam, but Orton hit a dropkick. Both men made tags. Sheamus hit some punches then the Irish Curse Backbreaker. Orton and Kane got involved. Sheamus and Orton clotheslined Kane over the top. Orton went for an RKO on the outside by Kane shoved Orton into the ringpost. Sheamus had a Brogue Kick lined up, but A.J. came in to stop him. As the referee moved A.J. away, Bryan ducked a Brogue Kick and Sheamus ended up in the ropes. Kane chokeslammed Sheamus and Bryan scored the pin for the win.

Match Analysis: Good match to start RAW. There is usually very little wrestling on the go home show for Wrestlemania, but this was a decent match. Sheamus taking the pinfall makes it likely he will win at Wrestlemania. It will be interesting to see what role A.J. plays. All four men involved in the match but in a solid effort. Survey Says: 3.5/5

Santino vs Otunga: This Time It's Personal!
Michael Cole was in the ring with a Team Johnny Shirt. He is apparently the official announcer for Team John Laurinaitis. He introduced Ace. Ace introduced his flag bearer, Vickie Guerrero, then David Otunga. Booker T introduced Teddy Long. Long introduced Santino for another Santino vs Otunga match. Santino won in a few minutes with the Cobra after a distraction from Hornswoggle. Santino was going to hit the Cobra on Laurinaitis, but Miz came in and hit the Skull Crushing Finale on Santino. Laurinaitis made him a member of Team Teddy, then corrected himself and said Team Johnny.

Segment Analysis: Well, there is Miz's spot on Wrestlemania. Still don't care. It is pretty much just a side show comedy match at this point with all the flag bearers and captain nonsense. And come on, when you look at the teams, Team Laurinaitis is stacked compared to Team Teddy. Survey Says: 1/5

There was a very good Triple H/Undertaker promo. Great work by the WWE crew again.

Kelly Kelly beat Eve after Eve missed a moonsault.

C.M. Bastard
C.M. Punk came out for his match against Christian. Chris Jericho appeared on the Tron. He said he is winning Sunday, and he will expose Punk as the fraud he is. Jericho said he found out some facts about his mother, but she actually isn't an embarrassment. But their wedding happened after Punk's birth date, which makes Punk a bastard. Christian jumped Punk and tossed him to the outside, but Punk caught him with a knee and then bashed his face on the announce table. He started elbowing Christian's chest repeatedly. Punk dropped Christian head first off the steps, then locked in the Anaconda Vice. Punk screamed "This Is You Jericho."

Segment Analysis: Well, they did a good job of showing that Punk has snapped and is hell bent on taking out Chris Jericho this Sunday. But it also could cause Punk to lose focus and Jericho to take advantage. Jericho not appearing means that it leaves the ending open ended. This has been the best built feud heading into Wrestlemania, as you can actually feel the hatred between both men. It feels more real than Rock/Cena does. Poor Christian, a bad haircut and he gets beaten to a pulp. Maybe he isn't really ready to wrestle. Survey Says: 3/5

Brodus Clay defeated Curt Hawkins in a squash. But who cares: FUNKASAURUS!

What Are "Tag Team Champions?"
Big Show came out to take on Primo. Show hit a few slaps and then a chokeslam for the win. They announced during the match that Christian is out this Sunday. Primo ate a chokeslam as well. Cody Rhodes came out. He said not to chase him because he wouldn't catch him. Cody said after Wrestlemania, they are going to make Big Show's name a verb. I hope I don't Big Show on a test, or take a Big Show. That's pretty funny. This is a very underrated program heading into Mania. Cody has been tremendous. Survey Says: 3/5

C.M. Punk was interviewed. He said his family is off limits. He isn't a bastard, he is the best in the world.

Mark Henry beat The Great Khali, then Booker T saved Teddy Long from a Mark Henry attack and joined Team Teddy. Yawn.

Finally These Two Bring It
Rock came out. He talked about how he thought Wrestlemania 20 was going to be his last Wrestlemania ever and ever since people have been asking when he is going to comeback. He talked about his dentist asking, and celebrity starlets. Rock said that he didn't know when he was coming back until last year in Atlanta at Wrestlemania 27 when he delivered a Rock Bottom to John Cena. The next night, he made history by making the challenge to John Cena. He said there is only one man that the fans wanted to see him face, and that man is John Cena. He talked about Cena becoming the heart beat of the WWE since he left, but he's never faced anyone like The Rock.

John Cena interrupted. Cena said he doesn't need a crystal ball to find out that he is getting booed at Wrestlemania. Cena said Rock is half right. Rock will never see anything like John Cena. Cena has listened to Rock trash talk for a whole year. Cena said Rock isn't the first to talk trash. He said when people wanted to make a name for themselves in this business when Rock left, they came after him. Cena said you can't look past the pure emotion every time Cena walks into the ring, as evident by the "Lets Go Cena, Cena Sucks" chant. Cena said unlike every other star, he hasn't turned on the WWE Universe. He rises above, and wins. And he knows he will win at Wrestlemania, whether people like it or not. Cena said he's been an active WWE member longer than Rock, and he loves being a part of it. Cena said WWE is still his life after Wrestlemania, but Rock stars in G.I. Joe. Cena said he has to win this match more than anything.

Rock said this is as important to him as it is Cena. Rock said he ain't no visitor to the WWE. Rock said he helped build this house. Rock said Cena hasn't had an opponent he can't overcome, until The Rock. Rock said on a professional level, he needs to beat Cena to become the greatest WWE superstar of all time. On a personal level, Rock just doesn't like Cena. And in six days, he is going to give Cena the ass kicking of a lifetime. Everyone knows it.

Cena said it doesn't matter what Rock thinks. Cena said at Wrestlemania, he will be the guy with his hand raised high standing over Rock's carcass. The show ended with the two staring each other down. Abrupt.

Segment Analysis: I'm really surprised they didn't go with the pull apart brawl to end the show. Save all the physical confrontation for Mania. That was smart on their part. That was their best promo between the two so far, but was it enough to sell Wrestlemania? They did a good job hyping  up how big the match is for both of them and why neither could lose. The match has a big time feel to it. I still think the build slightly disappointed, but it definitely has a main event, once in a lifetime feel to it. Survey Says: 3/5

Comparing this to last year's go home show, this was not a good RAW. While most of the stuff was okay, the closing sell wasn't as strong as last year. Rock/Cena has the big time feel to it, and Punk/Jericho is personal, but the show overall was lacking. Maybe it is all of this Team Teddy/Team Laurinaitis stuff dragging me down. The opening match was good, but everything else outside the Punk stuff and Rock/Cena seemed like filler. The show wasn't strong and if I was someone on the fence about ordering Wrestlemania, it wouldn't have done much for me. I'm giving the show a 4.

And remember kids, being born a bastard can be a good thing. You can become a WWE Champion! See, sex outside of marriage is a good thing kids.

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