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The Three Most Likely Endings for Rock vs Cena

Its getting hard to believe that we are only three weeks away from a match that was made almost a year ago. In the two weeks we have gotten of Rock/Cena promos so far, I feel confident in saying that they have not disappointed yet. Two weeks ago, The Rock was owned by John Cena. Cena just looked more confident and unafraid, and actually looked like he belonged in the same ring with Rock. While who got the better between the two this week is in the eye of the beholder, I personally think Rock did. Rock's "History" promos were very entertaining, and it was The Rock of old that we all liked growing up as wrestling fans. Cena wasn't bad. He was still better than he has been in recent months.

Cena's cockiness has been a big part of this feud. He doesn't come off as intimidated in any of his promos. There are some people who think Cena smiling during all of Rock's promo comes off bad. I don't. You want Cena to be a heel? He IS being a heel when he smiles in the face of Rock. Cena comes off as not caring what The Rock says. He doesn't care what the fans think either. Cena knows how good he is, and he is going to show you.

The WWE is trying its hardest to make it seem like that John Cena is just as good as the Rock. They are trying to get a split crowd in Miami. That is why many people thought Rock's notes and him stumbling over his lines two weeks ago seemed a bit planned. I'm in the camp that it was. When has Rock ever used notes before? They were noticeable the second he came out. And when has Rock ever stumbled over his lines? I think the goal of that first promo was for Cena to come out strong, and for Rock to look legitimately rattled by John Cena. It is a smart attempt at booking, but the WWE will never get a split crowd in Miami, Rock's hometown. Rock will get cheered heavily, Cena won't. Rock could come out and throw live pythons into the crowd. He's still getting cheered.

Now while we are enjoying the build to Rock/Cena, everyone is wondering the same thing: What will the outcome of the match be? So many things could happen during the build to this match, but in the end, all fans will remember is who came out on top at Wrestlemania. The match will have one of the better crowd reactions of all time. Will it top Rock/Hogan from Wrestlemania 18? Doubtful. But it could come close. But the outcome of this match will pretty much decide how the WWE books itself going forward. The Rock is rumored to be a part of Wrestlemania 29 already, so how does that affect things? To me, there are five possible outcomes to Rock/Cena. There has to be a winner, no matter what. No draws or no contest. I question the WWE's decision making sometimes, but I don't think they are that stupid to do something like that. So here are five possible outcomes for this match:

1. John Cena Wins Clean
To me, this seems like the outcome most likely to happen. I know this isn't the result most fans would like to see, especially those in Miami. I can pretty much guarantee that the pro-Rock crowd in Miami would absolutely crap on this ending. They might go as far as throwing things in the ring, especially if the two shake hands at the end of the show. These two have been tearing each other apart so much that a handshake would just seem way too forced, and I'm sure neither man wants to do that anyways.

The reason this seems like the most likely outcome is pretty easy to see. John Cena will still be around full time after this match, presumably. The Rock, even if he has agreed to wrestle another match or two, will be gone in the weeks after Wrestlemania. If Rock wins, it pretty much shows that Cena is not on his level, and that the past crop of WWE wrestlers is superior to this generation. If Cena wins, he can walk around with relief of his shoulders and call himself one of the greatest WWE stars of all time. Plus, beating Cena becomes even more of a statement, whenever he loses.

It's simple math: Cena is the present and the future. Rock isn't. Cena winning clean makes the most sense, whether fans want to see it or not. Odds of Happening: 8:1

2. The Rock Wins Clean
If the WWE wants to send the people home happy, then this would be the outcome to expect. The crowd in Miami will be firmly behind The Rock. He will get the cheers, Cena will get the boos. The WWE likes to send fans home happy at Wrestlemania, and Rock winning would do that. There are a couple of different reasons why Rock winning could happen. The first, and main reason, would be that it was the WWE that asked The Rock to come back last year at Wrestlemania. It wasn't Rock who came back because he wanted too. Because of that, I'm sure Rock will have a little bit more pull with Vince McMahon than John Cena would at this point. Sure Cena is the top star, but Rock is THE star. Rock is the reason that this Wrestlemania will do 1 million buys. If it wasn't for The Rock, last year's Wrestlemania wouldn't have done a million buys. Rock has some pull here, and I'm sure he won't be afraid to use it.

Another reason for Rock winning would be the possibility of a "Best of 3" series between these two. Whether it be at the next three Wrestlemanias, or this Wrestlemania then SummerSlam then next year's Wrestlemania. It is possible. If you have The Rock win the first one, it gives Cena the need to have a rematch. Cena could go intense, saying he wants to beat The Rock and has to beat The Rock and he won't do anything else until he does. Rock winning could also be used as a way to give Cena some time off, which I thinks he desperately needs. I know he makes the WWE money, but Cena is stale. With C.M. Punk, Randy Orton and a returning Rey Mysterio, there is plenty of face power to keep things going. Cena could re-charge, and maybe be fresh in the eyes of fans when he comes back.

Rock winning is possible, and my second option of happening. If the WWE cares more about sending the fans home happy then long term booking, this is the likely outcome. Odds of Happening: 12:1

3. John Cena Turns Heel and Wins
How long have we been clamoring for this to happen now? Four years? Everyone and their mother has wanted John Cena to turn heel for ever. It would freshen up his character. It would change the face of WWE TV. It would make the product interesting to watch again. From a behind the scenes perspective, there are many reasons not to do it. Cena makes the WWE a ton of money as a face from merchandise and publicity appearances. Plus he's a huge part of the WWE's Make-A-Wish contributions. Do we want to see young Cena fans crying in their Fruity Pebbles Monday morning?

So why is this possible? Well, Cena has been acting more like a cocky heel lately. And even when you take that away, just look at his empty arena promo he did this past week. How he talked about how much he needed to beat The Rock to cement his legacy. That kind of sounded like Steve Austin before Wrestlemania 17, talking about how much he needed to beat Rock and win the WWE Title. Just imagine if there is a surprise announcement before the match that it has become a No Disqualification match.

How they would go about turning Cena would be interesting. Would they use Vince McMahon again. Or what about John Laurinaitis? Personally, I would love to see Triple H align with Cena. How they would go about making it a heel combination long run would be interesting. If HHH is turning into a businessman and is concerned about his "brands," he would want nothing more than to help John Cena beat Rock. A HHH-Cena power trip would definitely make for a new dynamic on TV. Plus, heel Cena makes any program he enters into new and fresh. I would love to see it happen, but I will still be shocked if the WWE ever turns John Cena heel. Odds of Happening: 30:1

So how do you want Rock vs Cena to end? One of these three endings? Something different? Let me know.

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