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The RAW Truth Review for 9/10/12

RAW is live in Montreal tonight. Bret Hart is there for the first time on WWE TV since the infamous Montreal Screwjob. So even though he has made amends with everyone involved, expect it to be brought up numerous times tonight.

I Don't Know If Even C.M. Punk Could Have Saved WCW
Bret Hart came out to a pretty loud ovation. Bret said that the last time he was in Montreal it was a pretty dark day. But Bret said it was the people of Montreal that got him through those dark days and he thanked the crowd for their support. C.M. Punk interrupted. Punk said that everything Bret Hart talked about was already overblown in his book. If he wrote a book, it would be called What If. What if C.M. Punk wrestled Bret Hart instead of Shawn Michaels. Hart said he would have beaten Punk in less than a minute. Punk said he would have beaten Bret and wouldn't have needed Vince's help. Punk said he would have changed the course of the WWE, there would be no Attitude Era, and he would have jumped to WCW. Hart said at least he showed up every night, unlike Punk last week. Punk said he was in a hurry to enjoy his day off. Punk asked if Hart asked Cena to be his white knight. Hart said he asked Cena to come out first as a show of respect. Punk said to not talk about respect, and if he knew anything about respect he wouldn't talk down to the WWE Champion. Punk said just like Cena, Bret Hart is over-rated and he will put Cena to sleep at Night of Champions. Hart said just like he is putting these fans to sleep right now. Punk said he will leave Cena a beat down shell of a man just like Bret Hart is.

Segment Analysis: Good opening exchange. You could tell that both men were enjoying themselves out there. Bret did a good job with some of his comebacks. Punk finally gets almost fully booed and it looks like the WWE has done its job of getting Punk over as a heel. Of course, he was also in Montreal. No mention of why Punk was with Heyman last week, but that is okay. Keeps the fans wanting to tune back to find out. Survey Says: 3.5/5

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth defeated Miz and Antonio Cesaro
Kofi hit a Swanton Dive to the outside off R-Truth onto the heels into commercial. Miz had control back from break until R-Truth hit a high kick on Miz and made the tag to Kofi who hit his high flying offense. Kofi hit a high crossbody off the top on Cesaro. Cesaro kicked out. After Cesaro tossed Truth out of the ring, he missed a punch and went right into Trouble in Paradise from Kofi for the win.

Match Analysis: Pretty average tag team match. Nothing new or different from a regular TV match. I don't like Cesaro being the one taking the pin, but it will be forgotten by most fans in a week. Survey Says: 2.5/5

They did this terrible deposition segment with Sheamus, David Otunga and Ricardo. It was awful.

Layla, Eve and Kaitlyn defeated Beth Phoenix, Alicia Fox and Natalya

Punk complained to AJ about him having a match tonight and Cena not having one. A.J. said he walked out last week, and now the WWE Universe gets to choose his fate.

Teddy Long Just Loves This Idea
The WWE Universe chose Randy Orton. The two exchanged rest holds early. Orton fought out of a headlock and went for a quick RKO but Punk backed off and took a break outside the ring. Punk started walking up the ramp but Orton ran and stopped him with a punch. Orton threw Punk back in the ring but Punk dropkicked his leg out and Orton fell off the apron into commercial. Punk continued to control the match back from break until Orton crotched Punk in the corner. Orton hit a superplex off the top for two. Punk hit a spinning kick but Orton came back with some clotheslines and a back drop. Orton went for his middle rope DDT but Punk hit a kick to the head and a springboard clothesline for two. Orton fought out of a GTS and hit a backbreaker. Orton hit his middle rope DDT and was ready to go for the RKO but Ziggler interfered. Orton got the better of Ziggler. Punk came back in but ate a scoop slam. Ziggler came back and took out Orton and the heels took control until Jerry Lawler came to his aid.

Back from break, a tag match was made. Ziggler worked over Lawler. Lawler eventually fought out of a head lock with a back drop. Lawler made the hot tag to Orton. Orton went for his middle rope DDT but Ziggler tossed him over the ropes. Paul Heyman walked to the ring and him and Punk talked on the outside, ignoring what was going on. Orton hit an RKO on Ziggler. Heyman and Punk continued to talk and left.

Segment Analysis: The action was definitely good, especially in the singles match between Orton and Punk. The tag match was made just so Orton or Punk didn't have to take the pin. Unfortunately, Ziggler did. I don't know about the Heyman/Punk stuff. Punk was not intersted during the tag match and ignored everything once Heyman came out. Odd but interesting. Survey Says: 3.5/5

Backstage Matt Striker asked C.M. Punk and Paul Heyman what their relationship was. Punk said he was a Paul Heyman guy and left.

After a recap of the Hug It Out stuff from last week (which WWE production crew made more epic then it had any right to be) Kane and Daniel Bryan were in the back. Dr. Shelby came in and said he had a plan that would either rid them of their anger or throw them into an eternal dark abyss.

Heath Slater wanted a fight with Zack Ryder. Instead he got a match with Ryback, which Ryback won.

Prime Time Players came into A.J.'s office. She said they weren't the #1 Contenders for the Tag Titles, and if they wanted to be, they would have to beat Kane and Daniel Bryan tonight.

A.W.? I Think The Prime Time Players Need Clarence Mason
The PTPs took control over Bryan. They both went from one move then back to a rest hold every time they were in the ring. Bryan tried fighting back on O'Neil with some kicks but O'Neil hit a backbreaker. Bryan fought back and refused to tag in Kane. Something happened with Jerry Lawler that distracted the crowd and took away from the match. Kane tagged himself in. Kane hit a chokeslam on Young and tossed O'Neil over the ropes. Bryan tagged himself in. Kane was pissed and chokeslammed Bryan onto Young. Bryan pinned Young.

Match Analysis: Whatever happened with Jerry Lawler distracted the crowd from the match. The match was okay. It sucks to see the Prime Time Players get shafted like that because I like their gimmick, but Bryan and Kane are the hotter commodity right now and they get the spotlight. Survey Says: 2.5/5

Alberto del Rio beat Tyson Kidd.

Sheamus beat David Otunga. He hit a Brogue Kick after. Booker T came out and said Sheamus would be stripped of the World Title if he uses the Brogue Kick again.

Jerry Lawler is still in the back, apparently receiving CPR. Cole was quiet the whole match.

Jerry Lawler has received oxygen and is being taken to a medical facility. He is breathing on his own.

Cody Rhodes beat Rey Mysertio after a distraction from Miz. Cody took out Miz after the match.

Bret Hart said he sees a lot of himself in John Cena, and a lot of the old Shawn Michales on C.M. Punk. Cena said Hart stands for something. Hart asked Cena what he was going to do to shut up that phony little punk. C.M. Punk came out. He said he was better than everyone. He surpassed Cena just like HBK surpassed Bret. Cena said for 300 days Punk has been Champion and the WWE Title has been irrelevant just like him. There was one night when he made a difference and that was when his mic was cut off. But after Punk won the WWE Title there was no change. Cena said he did everything as him, but Punk has taken many different paths because he has yet to find himself. And it is all about the WWE Title for Punk, and keeping it at all costs. Cena began talking French. Punk said he lowered himself to these people. Cena said enough. He said at Night of Champions Punk says he is going to win, but Cena is just going to kick his ass. The two stared down each other. Punk went to punch Bret but Bret blocked it and hit Punk.

Segment Analysis: That was actually a pretty good go home promo that just suffered from bad events. Mind hasn't been in the show a lot. But a solid ending. Survey Says: 4/5

It is tough to rate this show after what happend. And I am not going to. I thought it was a slightly above average show. Punk was good and the final promo was as well. But you could tell everyone was shaken after the Lawler incident. Good to hear he seems to be improving. God Bless Jerry.

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