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The RAW Truth Review for 9/3/12

RAW is in Chicago tonight, which means the crowd is guaranteed to make this a good show. Why doesn't Triple H come out and give a retirement speech tonight?

After a video recap of last week's happenings, we were showed Jerry Lawler and C.M. Punk brawling backstage. Punk took out Lawler with a weak kick to the face. Lawler basically ran into Punk's foot.

You Can't Turn C.M. Punk Heel In Chicago
Sheamus came out after the usual intro. He said everytime he comes to Chicago, the party never stops. Before he could talk about Alberto del Rio, C.M. Punk interrupted. Punk told Sheamus to stop trying to talk to his hometown. Punk said this is his hometown, and they can relate to him. Punk said Lawler got exactly what he deserved, and he got it Chicago style. Punk said Lawler has been running his integrity down for weeks, and he was going to teach Jerry Lawler respect. Until John Cena came along. Punk said that by disrespecting him Cena has turned his back on the WWE Universe. Sheamus said that if Punk wants to come in here and talk about being the best in the world and demanding respect, he did the complete opposite by disrespecting the World Champion. Sheamus invited him to the ring. Punk said at best, that makes him the second best in the world, so shut your mouth. Sheamus told Punk to turn around because it sounds like he is talking to an ass. A.J. came out and made two matches: C.M. Punk vs Sheamus and John Cena vs Alberto del Rio.

Segment Analysis: Sheamus seemed a bit flustered by the crowd, even though you would think he had to expect that would be the reaction he would get. Punk was great and had the crowd in the palm of his had as he always does in Chicago. Punk continues to justify his actions and stick to his beliefs. Survey Says: 3.5/5

Dolph Ziggler Defeated Randy Orton
Match Analysis: Orton kept getting the upper hand on Ziggler early. Everytime Ziggler thought he had him Orton countered back. Orton tossed Ziggler into the barricade a couple times before the break. Ziggler took control back from break and tossed Orton into the barricade. Orton regained control after a superplex from the top and hit his usual offensive moves. Orton hit his middle rope DDT and went for the RKO. Ziggler countered out. Orton went for a schoolboy counter but Ziggler rolled through and hooked the tights to pick up the win. Good TV match. Ziggler gets his win back after losing on Smackdown. Survey Says: 3/5

Anger Management: Daniel Bryan and Kane shared their anger collages. Bryan's just said yes and no. Kane's was blank. The Doctor asked if that is how Kane felt inside. Kane said he would show the doctor. He put the paper in a garbage can and did his fie motion and fire came out of the can. Bryan called him a teacher's pet.

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara Defeated Cody Rhodes and Tensai
Match Analysis: Very little action before the break. The heels had control of Sin Cara back from commercial. Cara eventually made the hot tag to Rey Mysterio. Rey hit a hurricarrana and a springboard plancha on Cody. Tensai broke up the pin attempt but Rey took out his knee then hit a 619. Sin Cara hit a missile drop kick. Cody came in with a faceplant suplex. Rey countered Cody and hit a 619 then tagged in Sin Cara who hit a Swanton Bomb from the top for the win. Another decent TV match. I think Mysterio and Sin Cara as a team is a good thing. It helps boost the Tag Team Division. Cody needs to get soemthing going though before fans lose interest. Survey Says: 3/5

Anger Management: The group stood up and did a circle of trust. Kane caught Bryan. Both men did not catch Harold however. Bryan and Kane both said that they think they finally understand each other.

C.M. Punk came out for his match against Sheamus in his jeans. Punk talked about how its Labor Day and there are people that probably took off from work. He said that is what he is doing tonight and walked away. A.J. tried to stop Punk but he said he has personal days and he is taking one. A.J. said she would find an opponent for Sheamus.

Sheamus Defeated Jack Swagger
Match Analysis: Swagger hung around with Sheamus in the early going. Sheamus ended up catching Swagger with a knee then won the match with a Texas Cloverleaf. After the match Alberto del Rio and Ricardo tried attacking Sheamus but were unsuccessful. Ricardo ended up shoving Del Rio out of the way of a Brogue Kick and took the kick instead. Felt like kind of a filler segment. Nothing much accomplished there. Survey Says: 2/5

Eve beat Kaitlyn. Eve was trying to be nice to everyone. She shook Kaitlyn and Layla's hand.

Jack Swagger said he didn't know what happened to him and he's taking some time off. A.J. said he can't leave. Punk, Brock Lesnar and Jericho all left. EXCEPT ITS YOUR FAULT JERICHO LEFT!!!

Anger Management: Kane and Daniel Bryan appeared to bury the hatchet, but they started arguing over who could beat the other. They told Harold to shut up. Dr. Shelby flipped out on them and left.

Matt Striker went to ask Del Rio how Ricardo was. David Otunga came out and said his client has nothing to say at this time.

Ryback defeated Jinder Mahal

Two Out Of Three Hugs Match?
The WWE Universe voted for Daniel Bryan and Kane to hug it out. Bryan eventually hugged Kane but Kane did not hug him back. Kane then hugged Bryan but he did not return it. The third time worked. The two then exchanged some excessive bro taps before they started fighting. Kane threw Bryan into the barricade multiple times. Kane hit Bryan with a chair then a chokeslam. Kane put the chair around Bryan's head and went to the top rope. Referees tried to stop him. Bryan eventually hit Kane with the chair.

Segment Analysis: That segment was funnier then it had any right to be. These two have great chemistry together. Hopefully it leads to something. Survey Says: 3/5

Antonio Cesaro defeated Santino to retain the US Title.

Zack Ryder defeated Heath Slater in a match that happened because of Twitter.

Oh Great, Another GM Losing Control Angle
After the match, Vickie came out and said she wasn't leaving until A.J. came out and apologized. Vickie started having an imaginary conversation with A.J. until she actually came out. A.J. said the Board of Directors wanted her to apologize, so she did. Vickie demanded a sincere apology. A.J. apologized again. Vicke then slapped A.J. twice and skipped off. A.J. went crazy in the ring, screaming and throwing a chair.

Segment Analysis: This again? Can't we just have one person stay in charge for over two months. This is getting ridiculous. The Board of Directors wants A.J. to apologize but they are ok with Vickie slapping her. I'm over-thinking this I know, but I don't want a continuous revolving door of GMs. Survey Says: 1/5

Now You Have My Attention...
Alberto del Rio defeated John Cena in a Falls Count Anywhere Match
Match Analysis: The match started back from break with Del Rio hitting a backbreaker. Del Rio had control until John Cena caught Del Rio mid air with a drop kick. He then went into CENA MODE. Del Rio countered out of an AA and thre Cena into the steps outside. Cena countered with a shoulder tackle and took apart the announce table, but Del Rio came flying in with a kick to the head. Del Rio threw Cena into the ring post. Cena ducked a chair shot and tossed Del Rio over the barricade. Del Rio went for an AA threw the table, but Del Rio countered with a back drop through the table that only got a two count. Del Rio trash talked Cena and went for the cross armbreaker, but Cena countered into the STF. Del Rio hit Cena with the mic. Del Rio charged at Cena but went flying out of the ring. They brawled backstage. Cena AA'd Del Rio onto some crates, but Punk hit Cena with a kick to the head and put Del Rio over Cena to give him the win.

After the match, Punk dropped Cena on the hood of the car and said "Respect." As the car pulled away, Paul Heyman stuck his head out of the driver's side window as the car pulled away.

The match was a very good brawl by both men. The ending will be a big talking point for the coming week and it will get fans tuned in next week. It is smart on the WWE's part, especially with Monday Night Football starting next week. Strong ending. Survey Says: 4/5

This show had its moments. The wrestling was solid on the show with Ziggler/Orton, the Tag Match and the main event all delivering good wrestling. The Daniel Bryan/Kane stuff was funny as well. Everything else just felt like filler, however. And that is going to be the problem with these 3 hour RAWs. Half of it could be good, and the other half will just seem like filler. I really don't want to see another angle over the control of RAW. It has been way to over done in the last year. The Paul Heyman ending was a strong way for the show to end. I'm going to go ahead and give the show a 5.

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  1. Thanks for the great Raw review, JC. I was in the middle of last nights show when I got called away to take care of some work for DISH. Before I left I made sure my Hopper was recording the show; I just finished watching the episode a little while ago. First, you can’t say that AJ caused Jericho’s kayfabe departure because everyone knows he thinks he’s a Rock and Roll Star now and he has to go on tour to support the new album. Next, the show it self was ok. The Anger Management bit has had some really funny moments but its time to bring it to a close. I was really looking forward to a Punk/Sheamus match; Punk bailing on the match was expected during his heal turn but I would like to see a champion versus champion match in the near future. I hope they keep the ball rolling with Friday’s episode of Smackdown being more or less Raw Recap free.