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RAW Thoughts for 10/17/11

It's The RAW Main Event Mexico Fans Always Dreamed Of!
John Laurinaitis came out. He told the Mexicans Rey Mysterio was returning, to San Diego to see his doctor for rehab. So he won't be in Mexico tonight. He said he felt like he made a mistake firing Jim Ross, so Laurinaitis welcomed Ross back as Cole bitched. Laurinaitis asked Ross to the ring, and hugged him immediately as Ross no-sold it. Laurinaitis showed Ross a clip of Cole singing "Goodbye" to Ross last week. Laurinaitis made a match: Del Rio/Cole vs Cena/Ross. Why? Why bring Ross back for a match if there wasn't some stipulation that would include him returning to announcing? Also, the crowd noise seemed pumped in. Why cut a long English promo like that in Mexico? Survey Says: 1.5/5

John Morrison: Jobber to the Stars
Six man tag. Orton/Sheamus/Morrison vs Henry/Christian/Rhodes. Orton and Christian started. Christian tagged out after Orton tagged in Sheamus. Sheamus dominated before Rhodes tagged in Henry. On the outside, Orton clotheslined Rhodes and the two fought to the back going to the break. They were still gone back from break. Morrison hit a few nice moves on Christian before Christian hit a neckbreaker and tagged in Henry. Morrison tried making a tag after escaping Henry's bear hug, but Christian pulled Sheamus off the apron and the two fought through the crowd, leaving poor John Morrison with Mark Henry. Henry elevated Morrison mid-air and connected with the World's Strongest Slam. Ok match, obviously setting up two matches for Vengeance and continuing Henry's dominance. Poor John Morrison jobs again. Survey Says: 3/5

The Bellas made sure John Laurinaitis remembered they were important to RAW. Then ADR complained about his match later, but Laurinaitis told ADR the winner of the match would pick the match stipulation at Vengeance.

Girl-Girl Spanking: TOTALLY PG!
Apparently it's Eve vs Beth at Vengeance. But it is Eve/Natalya tonight. Natalya spanked Eve. Eve later hit a moonsault on Natalya for the win. Eve could win on Sunday! #sarcasm Survey Says: 1/5

Ah Yes, We Have to Get An Immigration Joke In on the Show!
C.M. Punk came out to a good crowd reaction. Miz said they did something C.M. Punk didn't, remove HHH from power on RAW. R-Truth said they can't stand people who run their mouth. Truth told Punk to wipe the smile off his face. HHH came out before the break to back up Punk. Punk took it to Miz early. Punk worked over Miz with some kicks. Miz regained control in the corner. Punk started to kick back, but R-Truth grabbed Punk's leg with the ref distracted. Miz hit his turnbuckle clothesline then axe handle off the top. Punk fought out of a chinlock with a backdrop. Miz went to the top again but hit a roundhouse kick to the mid-section. Miz threw Punk to the outside where R-Truth hit Punk with a water bottle. HHH chased Truth to the stage, where Laurinaitis met him with some immigration agents. Laurinaitis said to stop the match and that HHH had to come with them. HHH decked Truth on the way out.

Back from break, HHH was shown being escorted from the building, with David Otunga having a smirk on his face. Miz broke out of a sleeper as Punk fought back. Punk hit the Macho Man Elbow and signaled for the GTS. Truth's interference backfired. Miz went for the SCF, but Punk threw Miz into Truth, then rolled up Miz for the win. Miz and Truth beatdown Punk afterwards until referees broke it up. Both men came back, however, and hit their finishers on Punk. The immigration thing was a dumb way to get HHH out of the match and allowed Miz and Truth to look strong going into Sunday. But it is still stupid to have HHH/Punk teaming and no stipulation added to this match. Just very little interest from me. But the match tonight was pretty good. Survey Says: 2.5/5

WWE Network was hyped. They asked the fans to vote for the name of the WWE Reality Show featuring WWE Legends living under one roof. Only if Iron Shiek is involved.

Wait, It's Ryder Doing the Squashing???
Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, and Vickie Guerrero came out. Vickie said he's considered a goddess in Mexico. Dolph told everyone they will never make it to America. Jack Swagger tried to sing the United States National Anthem, but was booed. Zack Ryder interrupted. He won a quick match with Swagger hitting two knees than the Rough Ryder for the win. Swagger and Dolph cornered Ryder before Mason Ryan saved him. Him and Ziggler fight after the break. Ryan threw Ziggler around. On the outside, Vickie slapped Ryan which angered him. He didn't break the refs count of 5, which got him DQ'd. He powerslammed Dolph after. Eh, Ryan can't wrestle but his power moves looked ok. Nice seeing Ryder get the win though. Survey Says: 2/5

Ross told Cena he was nervous backstage. But Cena told him not to worry about blowing Vengeance this Sunday. Ross said good, because he has always wanted to get his hands on Cole. Cole said he was going to wipe the mat with Ross, and he may just as well pin John Cena. He said his wife is Mexican, so the crowd has to cheer him.

Someone Get the 8,000 WATT SURGE LIGHT!!!!!
Tag main event. Ross slapped Cole after Cole talked some trash. Cole tagged in Del Rio, so Ross tagged in Cena. Cena controlled the action early until Del Rio side-stepped Cena who ate the turnbuckle. Cole worked in a cheap shot with the referee not looking. Del Rio got some kicks and a suplex in. Cena went for an AA but Del Rio countered into a pin for two. Cena countered out of a neck grip into an STF attempt, but Del Rio hit a spinning backbreaker, then a kick in the corner for two. Del Rio missed off the top, and Cena went into VINTAGE JOHN CENA MODE. Cena went for the AA, but Del Rio tagged in Cole. Cole begged for forgiveness, so Cena shook his hand then hit the AA. Cena tagged in Ross, who then locked in an ankle lock for the submission win. Del Rio tried to attack Cena after, but Cena hit an AA on the floor. Cena then hit a clothesline and nailed Del Rio with the steps. He counted to ten for a second time. Cena made his match with Del Rio Sunday a Last Man Standing Match. Oh boy. Match was ok, but why would Del Rio just give up like that, knowing that he could put the odds in his favor for Sunday? Survey Says: 2/5

I'm sure the Mexico fans enjoyed themselves, but I didn't. I thought it was a terrible sell job for the PPV this Sunday. No further build to Miz and R-Truth vs HHH and C.M. Punk. What gets accomplished if either side wins? And why the stupid immigration side story? Cena/Del Rio has zero interest from me. How do you book Cena to lose Sunday. Someone better call the National Guard. Or Del Rio better get some immigrants from Mexico to take back with him. Or get that 8,000 Watt Surge Light from Backlash a few years ago. The best build for Vengeance is Cody Rhodes/Randy Orton. The wrestling on the show was ok but nothing to save this show from a lack of storyline development or a sell job for the PPV. Also, why go so promo heavy in Mexico? Clearly the crowd wasn't into the promos as you could tell there were piped in cheers. This show gets a very low rating from me: 2.

And remember kids: John Cena may only be able to count to 10, but Count Dracula can go to 11 and beyond!

I guess I will have a PPV Preview up this week. NFL Review goes up early tomorrow.

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