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RAW Thoughts for 10/3/2011

RAW is Already Ripping Off Monday Night Football
RAW started with no pyro. Instead it started with a Randy Orton entrance, with Drew McIntyre already in the ring. Orton took the action outside and threw McIntyre into the barricade. McIntyre gained control with a good boot to Orton. Orton fought back and threw Drew into the corner, but McIntyre countered again with a boot to the face. McIntyre went for a splash from the top but Orton caught him with a boot to the face. Regular Orton offense. Bodyslams then middle rope DDT. An RKO finished Drew off. Drew stirred up after the match then ate another RKO.

After the match, Mark Henry came out and showed off the World Title. Orton and Henry started to brawl. Security and John Laurinaitis tried to break it up. The brawl didn't stop til Orton dumped Henry over the barricade. With so many guys in the main event, why not start with the main Smackdown feud. Just basic reinforcement of the Smackdown storyline. About average. Poor Drew is officially a jobber. Survey Says: 2.5/5

John Morrison: Welcome to Jobbersville
Mark Henry was in the ring waiting for an apparent match, with John Morrison. They advertised Big Show's return Friday on Smackdown. Henry dominated early. John Morrison countered a World Strongest Slam with kicks and Starship Pain, but only for two. Henry eventually hit a World's Strongest Slam for the win. He hit another Slam after the match. After the match, Henry said he was done with Randy Orton. He then told Big Show that he's not afraid of him, and he will be waiting on Smackdown. More continued dominance for Henry. Nothing should change anytime soon. Survey Says: 2/5

Backstage, Vickie Guerrero was with David Otunga, Cody Rhodes, Alberto del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, and Christian complained to John Laurinaitis about unsafe work conditions. They were going out to the ring to complain. Laurinaitis texted someone.

Someone Call Clarence Mason!
In ring, Del Rio complained about the shenanigans from Hell in A Cell. Christian complained about the unsafe working conditions. Cody said all of this was about HHH's enormous ego. Dolph said they were taking actions into their own hands. Swagger says his family and friends are concerned for him. Vickie said she felt vulnerable as a woman in these conditions. Otunga talked about taking action before HHH interrupted. He asked what happened to this place, when everyone used to fight like men. HHH said he didn't care about their lawsuit or Miz and Truth's, he just can't wait to see those heels in the ring against the faces they face later tonight. It got the point across about their being unrest in the locker room, but it could have been done better. Everything was just done too much in unison for my liking. Survey Says: 2/5

This Tag Match Again?
Kelly flipped shit on Beth on the outside, throwing her into the announce table. Whatever. Survey Says: 1/5

Johnny Ace apologized for not doing his job yesterday to HHH. He said HHH needed to ask the RAW Locker Room for a vote of No Confidence. HHH grabbed Laurinaitis by the tie and told him to bring the locker room to the ring later, and make sure he is there too.

They showed a deleted scene from Fast Five starring The Rock.

In ring, Jinder Mahal cut a promo in his native language. Santino interrupted, they spoke jibberish, then Santino won a short match with The Cobra. Nice to see Santino back for some comic relief.

A Brodus Clay video package aired, then they recapped the Miz/R-Truth attack from Hell in A Cell. A YouTube video of a Truth and Miz apology was shown. They complained about HHH's attack on them, and how they are getting attorneys involved.

I'm Starting to Think We're in the Wild West
Twelve man next. C.M. Punk came out selling the effects of Hell in A Cell. John Cena came out next, not selling the effects of Hell in A Cell. I was a bit distracted during this because of a very gruesome injury during the Monday night game. I came back to see a standoff then a commercial. Back from break Kofi and Cody were dueling in the ring. The heels took turns working over Kofi. Kofi finally made the hot tag to Evan Bourne. Bourne hit a knee then Air Bourne on Swagger. Vicki put Swagger's leg on the ropes, which the ref caught. He tossed Vickie.

Back from break, the heels were now working over Evan Bourne. Bourne eventually hit a DDT on Del Rio. Bourne then tagged in Cena, who hit his usual offense on Del Rio. Cena went for the AA, but Del Rio countered with a knee drop to the arm. Swagger tagged in and hit a Swagger Bomb on Cena for a two count. He went for another one but Cena moved. Swagger tagged in Dolph, Cena tagged in Sheamus. Del Rio knocked Sheamus off the apron. Ziggler hit the leg drop on Sheamus, but he kicked out. Everyone hit a move on someone before Sheamus connected with the Brogue Kick on Ziggler for the win. Even though I missed the first half, that was a fun match. It was nice to see Sheamus, not Cena, get the win for his team. I think Sheamus is in line for a big push as a face. It was also nice to see such a long match on RAW for a change. No one really looked bad, and they hid the two worst guys in the match, Otunga and Mason Ryan, really well. A nice change of pace. Survey Says: 4/5

The Cheese Stands Alone
Time for Triple H's Vote of Confidence. Triple H said the job was more difficult then he thought it would be. He was given it. He said Miz & Truth should apologize for being a bunch of babies. Triple H admitted to being old school. He likes seeing people beat the hell out of each other. Wade Barrett spoke first. He talked about how the chaos sucks. HHH said Barrett only hates the chaos because he isn't leading it. Mike Chioda talked up for the refs. Beth spoke up for the Divas and talked about how they are worried something could happen. Jerry Lawler said he did agree things were getting out of control. But it wasn't HHH's fault, it was somebody elses. Someone behind the scenes. Lawler said HHH is in charge, and he's the reason for all of this. Everyone voted No Confidence. Everyone walked out: faces, heels, divas, refs, announcers, cameramen. Jim Ross was the last one to leave. HHH stood alone in the ring when John Laurinaitis walked onto the stage, then promptly walked away. It was a different ending. Obviously there is now a power struggle being foreshadowed. Who is going to replace HHH? More questions remain. It was a unique ending to RAW. Survey Says: 3.5/5

The first hour of RAW was very underwhelming and not newsworthy at all. The 12 man tag was a nice change of pace from the norm on RAW as it went on for over 20 minutes. There was good action in it too, and it was nice to see Sheamus pick up the win for his team rather than John Cena. The HHH angle was a good way to end the show to leave viewers wanting to tune in next week. It was a nice touch seeing the faces debate whether to stay, and Jim Ross reluctantly leave as well. The fact that they left the viewers with a hook for next week is a good thing. But absolutely zero push for their PPV in 3 weeks wasn't good. The 12 man and the final segment alone give this show a 6.

That's all from me tonight. NFL Week 4 Review tomorrow.

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