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WWE Vengeance Preview

I wouldn't give you the John Cena poster from Hell in A Cell, but I will totally give you this Mark Henry poster. Hope it gives you nightmares, or makes you watch the movie Predator. Either one works for me.

This Sunday the WWE presents us with Vengeance on PPV, their third PPV offering in the last five weeks. In my opinion, it's the weakest built of the three. Hell in A Cell came close, but at least they built that for two weeks. It seems like the WWE only put one week's worth of full focus into Vengeance. No match really stands out or appeals much to be except Randy Orton/Cody Rhodes. I'm only interested in HHH/Punk vs Miz/R-Truth to see if it leads to anything big, which it probably won't. Both Championship matches do nothing for me. It's the first time I haven't been interested in what Mark Henry is doing in months.

Now, even with my lack of interest in the show, there still should be some solid wrestling on it. Every match has some good potential, with the exception of the Divas and Henry/Big Show. But in order for me to buy a PPV, I want to believe that there will be solid wrestling, a compelling build, and something interesting or big possibly going down. Unfortunately, I think only the first of those three options will happen. I will find a way to watch it and write a review for it, but I'm not expecting much from a storyline perspective.

This PPV is also the perfect example of why the WWE has too many PPVs. Another WWE Title change here would just be ludicrous and de-value the title even more. I've always said that I would personally do 8 PPVs a year, but I understand that the WWE would want to do them once a month. But 3 PPVs in 6 weeks time is just ridiculous. It makes RAW seem more important. People don't think anything big will happen during the RAWs and Smackdowns in between these PPVs. Or, too much will be shoved into one show just like on the RAW where Triple H was forced out of control of RAW. PPV buys aren't getting any better. Why have more?

But enough of that rant, lets get into the PPV Preview.


Divas Championship: Beth Phoenix (c) vs Eve

First let me say that I am thoroughly disappointed that we did not get Kelly/Beth IV at this PPV. I was really expecting a Best of 7 series with the conclusion being a 60 Minute Ironman Match. But unfortunately, that fantasy will not happen. Instead, Eve steps in and challenges Beth for the Divas Title this Sunday. I'm surprised there was no rematch for Kelly in all seriousness. Why all of the sudden jump to Eve? Kelly turning heel? Doubt it. And I doubt Eve wins the Title here either. No reason for Beth to lose it so quickly. Beth wins with the GlamSlam and continues her hopefully lengthy reign.

WINNER: Beth Phoenix

Christian vs Sheamus

There are still some lingering problems between these two, so Teddy Long made a match between these two for this Sunday on Friday's Smackdown. Sheamus came out on top at Hell in A Cell. Normally that means Christian should come out on top this time, but Sheamus is too hot of a character right now to have him lose any momentum. I think Sheamus is doing great as a face, and he may be in line for a mega push in the months to come and leading up to Wrestlemania. He's very over with the crowd and he is a great worker in the ring. Christian is the ring savy veteran who knows how to work in the ring with anyone he has a match with. Christian can absorb another loss and still get his heat back through some dastardly heel actions and on the mic as well. Sheamus will get a match with Mark Henry sooner rather than later, and I think it happens either at Survivor Series or TLC. Sheamus picks up another win here. Hopefully these two get a 15 minute match.

WINNER: Sheamus

United States Championship: Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Zack Ryder

Another match made on Smackdown this Friday, by Smackdown GM Teddy Long. Wait, why is Teddy Long making matches that involve two RAW Superstars? Where is John Laurinaitis to put a stop to this? Anyways, it's the biggest match in Ryder's career. People have been clamoring for him to get on TV for months, and now he finally has his opportunity. Ryder surprisingly squashed Jack Swagger on RAW, then came out on the winning end of his tag match on Smackdown. Ziggler, meanwhile, has been getting more time on the mic, which is a good thing. He's coming off as a cocky heel who is super full of himself, but can also back it up in the ring. Ziggler deserves a main event run, but I don't see that happening on RAW anytime soon with the amount of talent above him on the show. He's someone who should have never moved to RAW. I think Ziggler retains the Title here, mostly because the WWE loves toying with their Internet fans. Just when they think Ryder is in line for a push, they take it away from us and give it to Mason Ryan instead.

WINNER: Dolph Ziggler

Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes

This actually the match I'm looking forward too the most. I've loved the build for it, and I'm sure there are some people out there that haven't even recognized how good it has been. About a month ago Orton attacked Rhodes on an episode of Smackdown. He attacked Rhodes with the ring bell which left Rhodes with 9 staples in the back of his head. Ever since then Rhodes has been trying to get back at Orton. Two weeks ago Rhodes was finally able to extract his revenge, attacking Orton and putting a paper bag on his head. Then Rhodes cost Orton the World Heavyweight Title on an episode of Smackdown. The two brawled to the back on this past week's episode of RAW.

The reason I've loved the build to this so much is because Rhodes has looked like such a threat and a serious player throughout. He doesn't looked out-matched by Orton or out of place, he looks like he belongs out there with one of the WWE's big boys. Rhodes also scored big points with me by bringing back the old school Intercontinental Title. It's a shame that the Title isn't on the line here. I think that it would be a big boost to the Title's value having Orton fighting for it. Sure Orton doesn't need it, but it would make the IC Title seem more relevant than it has in years. That's only a minor thing to me though. As I said in the intro, I think this is the best built storyline on the show, and it is the match I'm looking forward to the most.

Now, having said all of that, I don't think I will like the outcome. I think it would be a huge boost to have Cody Rhodes win here, but I don't think that is happening. Rhodes is a future main event player no doubt, and his time will come. But Orton has lost rather cleanly the last two PPVs to Mark Henry, so in the WWE's eyes he needs to get his wins back. Orton wins with the RKO.

WINNER: Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Championship: Mark Henry (c) vs Big Show

Well, the WWE has done it. They finally don't have me interested in something Mark Henry is doing. I know, or at least I hope, this is just a short term thing before the build to a decent program at Survivor Series. Henry has been continuing his dominant reign as World Champion, and now he gets to face the very first man he inducted into his Hall of Pain. Now Big Show is back, and he is out for revenge. And what better way to get revenge then by taking the World Title away from Henry. Big Show was a RAW wrestler, but he was just granted a World Title shot by Teddy Long right before he was about to injure Henry with a chair, the same way Henry did to him.

Luckily for us, however, we don't have to worry about Big Show winning the World Title here. At least I hope not. There's no reason to have Big Show be the person to take the World Title from Mark Henry. Show doesn't need it. The match itself won't be pretty either. Expect a lot of power moves here, and also a lot of slow moments. But in the end, Mark Henry ducks a KO Punch from show, then hits the World's Strongest Slam for the win. He hits another after the match through the Spanish announce table too. Mark Henry's World Title reign continues, as it should.


C.M. Punk & HHH vs Miz & R-Truth

This match is a bit of a conundrum. I think it will be good from a wrestling standpoint, but storyline wise it is just a jumbled up mess. A month ago, HHH & C.M. Punk hated each other and were fighting on PPV. Now? They're partners against the two guys who interfered in their match at Night of Champions. It just seems like that the entire build of Punk/HHH at Night of Champions was an entire waste of time. But the WWE doesn't care about that because they already have your money. I thought Punk/HHH could have been built to something huge, maybe even at Wresltemania. But that is all a second thought now as they are now partners in this match.

Miz and R-Truth are back on PPV, albeit legally this time. At Hell in A Cell, the two caused havoc after the WWE Title match. They took out wrestlers, referees, and camera men before surrendering peacefully. But once John Laurinaitis took over RAW, he re-hired the two and now they are facing HHH/Punk at Vengeance. The Miz/R-Truth beatdown at the end of HIAC was cool and something different that we haven't seen in a while. But now? Miz and R-Truth are just back to normal superstars kissing up to John Laurinaitis just like normal heels do. In my opinion, their luster is gone.

Who wins this match really depends on where this storyline is going. One would assume that the big 5-on-5 match at Survivor Series will be for who has power in the WWE, and one team will be Team HHH, probably lead by HHH/Rock/Cena. And if we are getting to a fight for power in the future, there is no reason for team HHH/Punk to win here. If the storyline wasn't so screwed up, this would be the obvious place for HHH or Punk to turn. But with everything that has happened, it wouldn't make any sense. But the WWE would find some way to justify it if it did. What really happens? Mis-communication between Punk and HHH. Punk gets poked in the eye and goes for a roundhouse kick, but R-Truth ducks so Punk takes out HHH by accident instead. Truth takes out Punk, then Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale on HHH for the win.

WINNERS: Miz & R-Truth

WWE Championship: John Cena vs Alberto del Rio (c)- Last Man Standing Match

I would like to thank John Cena for the math lesson this past Monday on RAW. Who ever knew that counting to ten would be so boring! One way or another, this will be the end of this feud at Vengeance, at least the WWE Title portion of it. Cena is teaming up with The Rock at Survivor Series, so that means either he is going in WWE Champ or Alberto del Rio is retaining and moving on to someone else after Vengeance.

This program just hasn't interested me too much. And it isn't just Cena. I don't think Del Rio and him work well together. Del Rio' last WWE Title reign lasted only 5 weeks. If he loses here, that means it only lasted 3 weeks? Two reign totally 2 months isn't great. It is also demeaning to the WWE Title. Alberto del Rio is a great act. Having Ricardo by his side is just gravy. Del Rio deserves a longer reign as WWE Champ then his first one, so I really hope they don't end it here.

But of course we can't count out that John Cena guy. But having the WWE Title on John Cena going into Survivor Series would be pointless. Sure, it could make people think that Rock/Cena at Wrestlemania might be for the WWE Title. But that would be a waste of another match. That match is big enough by itself on its own, no need to have the WWE Title around. Same thing with Survivor Series. That 5-on-5 match will be big enough, let the WWE Title have its own match with Alberto del Rio.

The Last Man Standing Match stipulation obviously favors Cena. The only thing that can obviously effect Cena in these matches is an 8,000 WATT SURGE LIGHT! If Del Rio sees one of those, he should use it to his advantage. But since Cena needs 5 opponents at Survivor Series, lets say there is a good old fashion beatdown at the end of this match. Miz, R-Truth, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, and Jack Swagger come out to beatdown Cena. They all hit their finishers, and Cena stays down for the ten count. Del Rio retains the WWE Title.

WINNER: Alberto del Rio

That's a wrap from me. Hopefully, after Vengeance, the WWE rights the ship as we start the build to Survivor Series. It has the potential to be the biggest event of the year.

I will have a review of Vengeance up late Sunday after the PPV or Monday.

Until next time,
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