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Re-Booking the RAW Main Event Scene

Let me start of by saying one thing: Unlike a lot of people, I don't absolutely hate where this entire Triple H/COO/Walk Out storyline is at right now. The WWE could be in a lot worse shape right now. Some people hated the walk out. I didn't. It was something different. Some say the babyface wrestlers are made to look like wimps by doing this. I don't think that at all. To me, that is just marks over-analyzing things. If you don't like the place and/or environment you are working in, you do something about it. In this case, it was unified showing of no confidence in Triple H. I also like the uproar Miz and R-Truth are causing. Their arrest scene from Hell in A Cell is something that brought back shades of the Attitude Era with cops taking them off in handcuffs.

But, to say that the WWE didn't screw a few things up during these past few months would be wrong. For one, they brought back C.M. Punk too soon. They also hot shoted the WWE Title one too many times, which just makes the Title look like a toy prop rather than something with meaning too it. And while I'm still waiting to see where the walk out storyline is going, it could have been played out longer or been held off for a bit or not done at all. So, with that being said, I'm going to re-book the WWE, starting from after Money in the Bank. I would keep the ending of Money in the Bank exactly as it was, with C.M. Punk leaving as WWE Champion.

-After Money in the Bank, Vince McMahon announces a WWE Title Tournament to name a new Champion. Instead of having two rounds of matches in one night. The end of the night ends with Vince McMahon in the ring, about to fire John Cena. But Triple H comes out and announces that he is COO, and Vince has been relieved of his duties. The next week is the semi finals and finals of the WWE Championship Tournament. But instead of Rey Mysterio winning, it is Alberto del Rio. As Del Rio is celebrating his Title win, Triple H comes out at the end of the show to congratulate him. He also names ADR's opponent for SummerSlam, a man who was held out of the Tournament and has every right to have his re-match for the WWE Title. Obviously, that man is John Cena. Triple H, meanwhile, doesn't get too involved with things yer as COO. He just sits back for a while and makes some few minor changes.

-At SummerSlam, Del Rio and John Cena go one-on-one. I would book it very similar to their match at Night og Champions. In the end, however, Ricardo's interference backfires, and Del Rio eats an AA and John Cena picks up the win. The next night on RAW, Rey Mysterio has his match for the WWE Championship with John Cena. Cena wins, and at the end of the match, C.M. Punk returns and has his staredown with John Cena to close RAW. I know they wrote off Rey Mysterio with his match against Alberto del Rio, but you could do that the next week with Del Rio taking out Rey by a vicious attack. I would probably keep Del Rio off of RAW after SummerSlam then have him attack Rey the next week.

-Night of Champions arrives and we get Punk/Cena 2. Having this match here probably would have helped spike the buyrate a bit more than Punk/HHH did. HHH is still the special guest referee. During the build to NOC, Miz and R-Truth are still going on about their Conspiracy angle. During the match, Miz and R-Truth make their way down to the ring. HHH goes out to stop them. During this time, Cena gives Punk an AA and has him pinned, but HHH is distracted. After Cena pleads his case, Punk hits the GTS on Cena for the win. Miz & Truth go for a post match beatdown on Punk, but HHH, Punk, and Cena all fight them off. As Punk stands alone in the ring, Kevin Nash appears and Powerbombs Punk, allowing Del Rio to come out and cash in his Money in the Bank contract on Punk and regain the WWE Championship.

-With only two weeks to book Hell in A Cell, Triple H still announces the Triple Threat Match. Kevin Nash still states that he received a text message saying to take out the winner of the WWE Championship match, but instead of not saying who, Nash says it was John Laurinaitis. Laurinaitis denies it. HHH warns Nash to stay away from Hell in A Cell. On RAW, Miz & Truth attack Cena and Punk again. HHH suspends Miz & Truth for their actions at NOC and RAW. At Hell in A Cell, Del Rio retains the WWE Title just like he did at the PPV. With the Cell raised, Cena makes his way back in, but so do Miz, R-Truth, and Kevin Nash. WWE officials, security, and superstars try to get in to the Cell, but are unable to until the bolt cutters arrive. Nash, Truth, and Miz surrender and are arrested. Surprisingly, however, Del Rio is left untouched by the attack. But no one notices because of the chaos the three men caused.

-With Vengeance approaching in three weeks, it is still too short of a time to lead to something big. Some people begin to question whether or not HHH can be COO. HHH makes Cena/Del Rio at Vengeance, as well as Kevin Nash/C.M. Punk with two stipulations: If Nash wins, he gets a contract. If Punk wins, he gets a WWE Title shot at Survivor Series. Triple H warns Miz & Truth not to interfere or their indefinite suspension turns into a permanent firing. Punk defeats Nash. In the WWE Title match, two men in masks and hoodies jump Cena with the ref down, and put Del Rio on top of Cena for the win. Triple H rushes the ring to try to prove that it is Miz & R-Truth, but Truth and Miz come in through the crowd and stare down HHH as he watches on in shock not knowing what to think.

-With Survivor Series approaching, John Cena starts to interact with The Rock more. But he also has a problem with Miz & R-Truth. The Rock says that he agrees with Cena that Miz & R-Truth need to be stopped. The two men from Vengeance and Miz and R-Truth jump Rock and Cena in the ring. As the show ends, it is revealed that the two men are Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett. The next week on RAW, HHH announces that at Survivor Series it will be the team of Miz/R-Truth/Nash/Rhodes/Barrett against a team of Rock/Cena and whoever else they recruit to join their team. If Miz and Truth's team wins, they get their jobs back. Rock and Cena choose Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, and Zack Ryder. As HHH continues to point the finger at Laurinaitis, C.M. Punk begins to question whether HHH really is the one to look at here.

-Survivor Series arrives. During the WWE Title match, Punk hits the GTS on Del Rio for the apparent win, but the referee misses Del Rio's foot on the ropes. HHH comes out and points it out on a replay to the referee. He orders the match re-started, and Del Rio picks up the win with the cross arm breaker after Punk puts up a valiant fight to get out of it. The 5-on-5 match gets down to Rock/Cena against Miz/Truth/Nash. Nash gets eliminated after an AA/People's Elbow combo. All four men left are in the ring. Cena goes for a shoulder tackle to Miz but he ducks, and Cena takes out Rock instead. Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale and Rock is eliminated. Cena gets Truth to tap out to the STF. While it is down to Miz and Cena, the ref gets taken out by another missed Cena shoulder tackle. HHH comes out to get a better look. With both men down, HHH enters the ring. But instead of taking out Miz, HHH pedigrees Cena and throws Miz on top for the win. Punk comes out to take out HHH, but Del Rio attacks and the rest of Team Miz comes out. The show closes with HHH, Miz, R-Truth, Nash, Alberto del Rio, Cody Rhodes, and Wade Barrett standing in the ring, arms raised, as the New Corporation is formed. HHH fires Laurinaitis the next night as he wants total control over the WWE.

-At TLC, Punk upsets Del Rio in a Ladder Match to win the WWE Title. Despite HHH's best attempts, Punk retains the Title at the Royal Rumble before finally losing it to Del Rio at Elimination Chamber. Cena and Rock team again at the Royal Rumble to take on Miz and R-Truth, but this time it is Rock who accidentally takes out Cena and allows Miz and Truth to pick up the win. Of course during all of this Punk continues to go at HHH on the mic. Punk challenges HHH to a match at Wrestlemania, but HHH says he has to go through Miz, R-Truth, Cody Rhodes, and Wade Barrett to get to him. Punk does successfully, and we get the FIRST Punk/HHH match at Wrestlemania, with HHH's COO Title and Punk's job on the line. Del Rio takes on Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. Cody Rhodes & Wade Barrett team up to take on Sheamus & Sin Cara. And Miz? He challenges The Undertaker.

-So if I had booked the WWE, my Wrestlemania would look like this:

The Rock vs John Cena
C.M. Punk vs Triple H: IF Triple H loses, he is forced out as COO
WWE Championship: Alberto del Rio vs Randy Orton
World Heavyweight Championship: Mark Henry vs Daniel Bryan
The Undertaker vs The Miz w/R-Truth
Sheamus & Sin Cara vs Wade Barrett & Cody Rhodes

Throw in some mid-card and Divas matches, and there is your Wrestlemania. Again, this obviously won't happen because I didn't book the WWE this year. As stated earlier, I have no problem with the walk out angle. I just would have done things differently. I hope you enjoyed this piece. I had a fun time writing it.

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