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RAW Review for 11/21/2011

Time For Change, Part 2?
RAW started with C.M. Punk. He told a story about how he said in 1st grade he wanted to be a professional wrestler when he grew up. He said it was a very special moment, him winning the WWE Title at MSG. And he did it on his own terms. Punk said the game of "hot potato" with the WWE Title was over. Punk sat Indian style, and said he wanted to be an agent of change again in the WWE. He asked where the ice cream bars are. He also said he wanted to mae Interim RAW GM John Laurinaitis "Former" RAW GM John Laurinaitis.

John Lauriniaitis came out to congratulate Punk, and said he doesn't understand why Punk has an issue with him. Punk called Laurinaitis a coward. He said Laurinaitis would smile to his face and still try to undermine him. He called Laurinaits a soul-sucking, middle management, douchebag stooge. Laurinaitis said he's actually upper management. Laurinaitis also said he can be just as cool as Punk. He announced Punk vs ADR for the WWE Title next week. This week, Punk is taking on Dolph Ziggler nice. Punk said Laurinaitis doesn't listen to the WWE Universe. They don't want Punk vs Ziggler, they want Ziggler vs Ryder. Laurinaitis said Ryder is facing Alberto del Rio tonight. Punk said this week he will beat Ziggler, then take care of Del Rio next week. And some time soon, someone will beat some sense into Laurinaitis. Fun opening segment. Punk was good on the mic and Laurinaitis was good in his role as the heel GM. These two have a good give and take with each other. Survey Says: 4/5

They played a clip from after Survivor Series of the MSG crowd chanting for Zack Ryder when The Rock was thanking the fans. Rock said he is a fan of Ryder too.

Woo Woo Whooped!
Ryder interrupted Ricardo's entrance of Del Rio. ADR worked over Ryder's arm. He charged Ryder in the corner but Ryder lifted his knees to the face of ADR. Ryder hit the kick in the corner. He went for the Rough Ryder but ADR countered by throwing Ryder into the turnbuckle. ADR locked in the cross armbreaker for the win. Short match. Kind of a let down for Ryder fans, but they needed to re-establish ADR as a threat. Survey Says: 2/5

Hey, What Was That YouTube Link?
Sheamus beat Jack Swagger in another short match. It was very similar to last week. Swagger tried to apply the ankle lock, but Sheamus countered out of it and connected with the Brogue Kick for the win. Survey Says: 2/5

I was more distracted in this match with a YouTube link that appeared in the WWE Twitter corner before the match. Here it is: Undertaker? Chris Jericho? STING? Let the speculation begin...

Kevin Nash came out on stage. Couldn't walk to the ring. Nash said MSG holds sweet memories to him. It should have been them taking on Rock and Cena last night. Nash said the Kliq isn't around anymore, and it is HHH's fault. Nash said he is the sole survivor of that group. Weird. Just a way to get Nash on TV I guess.

Cody Rhodes Is Evil Mwwahahahaha!
Cody Rhodes happened to be in the ring. He talked about being unhinged by Randy Orton and how he's not afraid to be him anymore. Cody said he's unbeatable. Santino came out for a match. Santino went for the Cobra and missed, allowing Cody to hit Cross Rhodes for the win. After the match, Cody confronted Booker T and told Booker he could hear him talking bad about him in the ring. Cody then threw a cup of water in the face of Booker. Looks like the start of Booker T's last in ring run. Survey Says: 2/5

Dolph Ziggler was interviewed. He said he was the only person last night to win two matches, and he is the new face of the WWE.

Now This IS Wrestling!
Punk/Ziggler time. The two exchanged headlock variations early as well as some mat submissions. The two did some rope counters before Ziggler slid to the outside. The two exchanged control on offense. Ziggler worked over Punk on the mat with some kicks and punches. Punk countered into a backslide for two, but Dolph came right back with a clothesline then back into a chinlock. Punk got out with a backdrop. Punk had Ziggler lined up for a knee into the corner, but Vickie distracted Punk by blowing a kiss. Punk went for the knee again, but missed and ended up on the outside heading into the commercial.

Dolph had control back from break, but Punk fought back with some punches and kicks, then a neckbreaker for two. He picked Ziggler up for the GTS, but Ziggler countered into a sleeper hold. Punk countered again into the GTS, but Ziggler countered into a pin attempt, but the referee saw Ziggler's feet on the ropes. Punk did the same thing except with his hands and the ref caught him as well. Punk hit the high knee in the corner then a bulldog for two. Punk went for the Macho Man Elbow, but Ziggler rolled away. Ziggler then connected with a nice drop kick for two. The two fought on top, Punk threw off Ziggler, then hit the elbow drop for two. Ziggler countered a GTS into a frontslam for two. Ziggler went for the ZigZag and missed. Punk hit the GTS for the win. It looked like Punk was suppose to catch Ziggler but missed. Very good match with arguably the two best workers in the WWE right now. Survey Says: 4/5

A Kane promo aired.

Big Show talked about Mark Henry taking the easy way out to protect his World Title. Show told Henry when he came back, he had something waiting for him. Show then made a fist. Whatever.

Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox were backstage playing WWE 12. Then Beth and Natalya showed up. They said their characters would beat up Kelly and Alicia's. Ok.

Lets Hope The Barrett Barrage Buries Orton!
Wade Barrett took on Kofi next. Barrett dominated for the most part and had Kofi set up for Wasteland, but Randy Orton came out. Barrett bailed out of the ring and stared at Orton as they went to commercial. Back from break Barrett had control over Kofi. He hit a nice tilt-a-whirl slam then a boot in the ropes for two. Kingston fought back. He hit a flying crossbody then the Boom Drop. Kofi hit his spin kick in the corner, but when Kofi went for a Springboard on the ropes, Barrett knocked him off. Barrett hit Wasteland while staring at Orton at ringside for the win. Fun match. I love Barrett's continued dominance. Survey Says: 3/

Only John Cena Could Make This Show Bad
John Cena came out and talked about the happenings of Survivor Series. Cena talked about how he is glad the WWE Universe is honest about their feelings on him. Cena said The Rock proved he never lost it. Miz and R-Truth interrupted. They asked Cena if he heard the people chanting against him last night. Miz said last night no one wanted to see him. Truth said Cena is going down at Wrestlemania. The Cenation is going to become the "See Ya Nation." Cena said no one cares about Miz and R-Truth. Cena said Miz thinks R-Truth is just a crazy idiot. Cena said R-Truth thinks Miz is a pompous stuck up wannabe. Cena left as Miz and Truth argued. They shoved each other. Miz said they should go get Cena. They went up the ramp, then Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale on R-Truth on the ramp. That segment seemed pointless, unless someone is going to vanish for 30 days. Cena buried both men anyways. Survey Says: 1.5/5

This was a very good show up until the last segment. Punk/Ziggler was great, and Barrett/Kofi was good as well. The action was good. The Punk/Laurinaitis interaction at the beginning was fun. Laurinaitis is good in his role as the heel authority figure. The continued push of young talent like Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes is great. Of course, there will be talk about that YouTube video that I linked above. I'm saying Chris Jericho. It seems to early for The Undertaker. The last segment just seemed pointless and a way to get John Cena on TV. It didn't do anything. I'm still giving the show a 7. It was an 8 before the Cena segment.

NFL Review/Picks up tomorrow.

And remember kids, if your 1st grade teacher laughs at you for wanting to be a pro wrestler, you have C.M. Punk's permission to knee them in the face.

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