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RAW Thoughts for 11/7/2011

Cena Opening Segment 24308705827829
Cena said it was a pumped crowd tonight. He said Rock's not there, but tonight he is teaming with a future Hall of Famer. Miz and R-Truth interrupted, and said that since Cena isn't teaming with them it can't be the case. Miz said the beat down last week will never happen again. Truth said he couldn't stand all the Little Jimmys laughing at him. Truth said Cena is getting a beat down at Survivor Series and tonight. Miz and R-Truth went in for a beat down before Zack Ryder made the save. I guess Ryder is Cena's partner. Almost a repeat of last week. Blah. Survey Says: 2/5

The Shaman of Jobbing
Ziggler/Morrison next. Lots of basic mat work early. Morrison hit a kick on Ziggler sending him to the outside, but Ziggler caught him with a quick clothesline. Back from break Ziggler was still in control. Ziggler hit a standing dropkick for two. Ziggler taunted Morrison a bit. Morrison tried to fight back a couple of times but Ziggler took care of them. Morrison finally countered a dropkick into a catapult to the turnbuckle. Morrison hit a twirling DDT for two. Ziggler countered a Starship Pain attempt into a sunset flip for two. Morrison hit a kick and had Ziggler pinned, but Vickie distracted the ref. Ziggler rolled up Morrison, but Morrison countered with a roll up for the win. Fun match. Maybe they will start a winning streak for Morrison? Doubt that. Survey Says: 3/5

Mason Ryan beat JTG with a Full Nelson Powerslam. He's not getting over WWE, no matter how hard you try. He just doesn't have it.

Michael Cole said no "Michael Cole Challenge" tonight. Jim Ross had too much of his BBQ Sauce at the airport, and when TSA took it he threw a fit and was detained.

Trying to Re-Establish Your WWE Champion
Alberto del Rio vs Kofi Kingston. ADR took it to Kofi early, selling frustration from last week. Kofi went for Trouble in Paradise but missed. ADR threw Kofi into the post. He locked in the cross arm breaker for the win. ADR reapplied it after the match. C.M. Punk came out, then they went to break? Weird.

Back from break, ADR questioned Punk's manhood. He called Punk a coward for getting his WWE Title match the way he did. ADR said no one cares about Punk just like no one cares about Liverpool. ADR said John Laurinaitis told him he could cancel his WWE Title match with Punk if he wanted to. Punk said he didn't know he had to ask ADR politely, so his bad. But Punk thought cheap shots were how stuff is done around here. Just like ADR did at SummerSlam with his MITB contract and at Hell in A Cell with a lead pipe. Punk called ADR one dimensional. Punk said at Survivor Series, he is going to make the WWE Title interesting again. ADR asked once more if he would cancel the match. Punk said no, so ADR attacked. Punk countered the ADR into the Anaconda Vice. Ricardo broke it up, then ate a GTS as ADR ran off. Well Punk contradicted himself a bit with the MITB cash in stuff, but he said it's the norm around here now so I guess it balances out. The crowd was massively behind Punk too. Good segment that added a new layer to the feud, with Punk calling ADR boring and one dimensional. Survey Says: 3/5

Jack Swagger got his win back from last week over Santino with the ankle lock. Just seemed like filler and a way to get these guys on TV, similar to the Swagger/Bourne stuff from earlier this year.

Kelly Kelly Like We've Never Seen Before? You Mean She Won't Sleep With Anyone?
King introduced Kelly Kelly, who will be on the cover of Maxim this month. Kelly said she did a lot of growing up (and sleeping around) since she came to the WWE. Beth Phoenix and Natalya came to the ring and mocked her. Kelly said she wouldn't interrupt them if they got on the cover of National Geographic. Nattie and Beth said they were going to make an example of Kelly, who isn't what a WWE Diva should be. Eve and Alicia Fox made the save. Then they revealed the cover. Not bad. Survey Says: 2/5

Kevin Nash: Best in the World (can't type that with a straight face)
John Laurinaitis introduced Kevin Nash. Nash said he doesn't own anyone an explanation except HHH. Nash said he should have buried HHH in 1995, but HBK told him to let him into their Kliq. Nash said he got the biggest pop at the Royal Rumble. Then he called HHH to put a match together, but got no response. Nash said he is still the best in the business, and he can be World Champ if he wanted to. Nash said he thought about what it would be like to hit HHH with the sledgehammer. He said he made a main event match with what he did. Nash said he showed everyone how to play the game. Nice closing line. Nash saying he was still the best in the business was funny. Nothing bad from Nash. Good set up. Survey Says: 2.5/5

John Laurinaitis was talking backstage with David Otunga. Laurinaitis said he's saving Brodus Clay's debut for America. C.M. Punk interrupted. David Otunga said he couldn't see a WWE Champion being someone who looks like they could work at a gas station. Punk said "Do you want regular or unleaded?" Then Punk attacked, but ADR stopped him and put Punk through a table of refreshments. Refs broke it up.

You Mean Ryder Didn't Get Pinned???
Tag main event next. Cena started the match for his team before a big "We Want Ryder" chant broke out. Cenag main event next. Cena started the match for his team before a big "We Want Ryder" chant broke out. Cena tagged in Ryder. He worked over R-Truth before throwing him to the outside heading to the break. Back from break Ryder tagged in Cena who was immediately worked over by Miz and R-Truth. Truth worked over Cena with some punches, then a sit down slam. Miz hit a high knee. Miz and Cena went for a double team move in the corner, but Cena moved and tagged in Ryder. Ryder and Cena hit matching knees in the corner. Ryder went for the Rough Ryder but Miz countered and Truth hit a punch. The heels worked over Ryder. Miz hit his corner clothesline. Ryder eventually made the tag to Cena who went into CENA MODE! Him and Ryder hit double five knuckle shuffles. Miz countered an Attitude Adjustment with a kick to the face. Miz pinned Cena, and Truth held down Cena's legs for the win. OK match, weak way to try to get Miz and R-Truth some heat back. Survey Says: 2.5/5

I thought this was a slightly above average RAW. The Morrison/Ziggler match was good. I liked everything involving C.M. Punk and Alberto del Rio. They did a good job of bringing a meaning to their feud which was lacking in the first couple of weeks. Punk was on his normal game. Kevin Nash was good for what he was. Hopefully his eventual match with HHH isn't terrible. Thank god The Rock is on next week, because I don't know how much more of this stuff I can take without him involving Cena. Rock needs to add a piece to this program with Miz and Truth that is sorely missing. I like Ryder but long run what he did tonight won't mean much. Good show though. Even the Divas stuff was passable. I'm giving it a 6.

And remember kids, becoming an Internet sensation gets you main events with John Cena. You've been warned.

NFL Week 9 Review up tomorrow.

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