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WWE Raw Review 11/28/2011

How Did That Slap Taste Cena?
Piper talked about the energy of the fans, and how the energy of them drives them to doing what he did when he was an active wrestler. He called out John Cena, who he said doesn't get the fans energy. Piper talked about the fans reactions toward Cena. Cena questioned Piper about the energy of the fans. Piper brought up legendary names that got all cheers. Then he said John Cena, which got a mixed response. Cena said he used to it by now. Cena talked about how he doesn't care what the fans think. There's a group of people who hate him, but he does what he does for the kids, for the WWE Universe fans that respect him and love him. Piper told Cena that if he doesn't get everything off his chest with the fans that hate him, he will regret it and live in denial the rest of his life. Cena told him he's in a good place. Piper slapped him and told him to feel the energy. Cena handed Piper back his Hall of Fame ring and walked out. So they are trying to make fans think Cena is going to go off and turn heel? Nice try WWE, but I'm not buying it. But it was a strong segment that probably got some fans to buy into it. Survey Says: 3.5/5

They showed John Morrison talking to Alex Riley. Match with Miz is next.

Wishing John Morrison The Best In His Future Endeavors
As Morrison came to the ring, he was attacked by Miz with a lead pipe. Morrison still walked to the ring. He tried to get the better of Miz, but Miz attacked his leg. Miz grabbed a kendo stick and used it on Morrison. Morrison grabbed the stick though and started beating Miz. Morrison followed Miz up the ramp. Morrison went to hit Miz, but Miz threw him into the WWE logo. Miz delivered a Skull Crushing Finale to Morrison. The ref stopped the match. and named Miz the winner. Morrison was stretchered away as John Laurinaitis came out and checked on him. Morrison is done with the WWE, for those that don't know.

Miz took the mic. Last week, R-Truth. Tonight, John Morrison. Next week, we'll see. Miz said the only person who can make this kind of impact is him. Because he's the Miz, and he's awesome. Trying to re-establish Miz and book him like he should have been booked as WWE Champ? We will see where this goes. Survey Says: 2.5/5

Divas Time. Another subliminal message in the Twitter box. Kelly and Alicia Fox beat the Bellas. Beth Phoenix and Natlaya randomly ran around the ring.

Backstage, John Laurinaitis told David Otunga Brodus Clay's debut is pushed back another week. Laurinaitis said it would only anger him more. Alberto del Rio walked in. Laurinaitis asked Del Rio if he was ready for his match. C.M. Punk came in. He said he did a Google search on Laurinaitis and spineless, and 156,000 hits came up. He said Del Rio and boring came up with 918,000 hits. Punk told Otunga that when he typed his name into Google, the only thing that came up was Jennifer Hudson. This all lead to Laurinaitis saying if Punk got intentionally disqualified, he would lose the WWE Title.

Orton Putting More People Over? WHAT DA HELL???
Wade Barrett came to ringside to do commentary for the Randy Orton/Dolph Ziggler match. They did a quick exchange before restarting. Orton hit a hip toss then did a Garvin stomp. Orton went for the knee to the head but missed. Ziggler hit a dropkick on Orton sending him to the outside. Ziggler worked over Orton in the corner. Neckbreaker by Ziggler. Ziggler went to the top but Orton knocked him off. Superplex by Orton. Back from break, Orton fought back with typical Orton offense.He went for the Mid Rope DDT, but Ziggler countered out. Barrett went on the apron but Orton drop kicked him off. This allowed Ziggler to hit the ZigZag for the win. Not as good as last week, but nice to see Ziggler get the win. The Barrett/Orton saga continues. Survey Says: 3/5

Daniel Bryan: Serious World Title Contender?
Michael Cole was in the ring with Daniel Bryan. Cole said he was given a World Title match, but Bryan said that he earned it by winning a Fatal 4 Way. Bryan called Cole the worst announcer in the WWE. Bryan asked for Cole's respect. Cole called him a hypocrite for attempting to cash in MITB last week. Cole said he would have stripped Bryan of his MITB briefcase. Bryan said he saw an opportunity and he took it. Bryan said he's taking the World Title Tuesday on Smackdown. Mark Henry came out and criticized Teddy Long for making him defend the World Title in a steel cage. Henry said Bryan can't beat him. Bryan came up the ramp and kicked Henry's injured leg. Nice build for tomorrow. Bryan came off a bit heelish at the end. Kind of threw me off there. Survey Says: 2.5/5

Zack Ryder beat Jack Swagger with the Rough Ryder. Nothing too much here. Ryder rebounds nicely after last week's squash to Del Rio. Swagger continues to flounder.

Mick Foley came out and did a Christmas poem about tomorrow's Smackdown.

Josh Matthews interviewed C.M. Punk. Punk said it is clear that Laurinaitis is starting from the bottom. Punk said after tonight, Laurinaitis can kiss his bottom. Which means he can kiss Punk's ass.

Kiss My Butt Funkhouser!
WWE Title time. Del Rio worked over Punk's arm early. A couple arm holds to set up the cross armbreaker later. Punk regained control and tossed Del Rio to the outside. Punk hit a dive on Del Rio heading into commercial. Back from break, ADR had control after knocking Punk off the top during the break. More arm work from Del Rio. Del Rio hit an axe handle to Punk's arm off the top rope. A couple long arm locks from Del Rio. Del Rio went to the top again but Punk caught him with a kick. The two exchanged punches and kicks. Punk went for his running bulldog but ADR countered into his knee drop armbreaker for two. ADR countered a GTS attempt into a pin for two.

ADR tried tu undo the turnbucble pad. The ref caught him. Ricardo got a chair. ADR hit the chair on the mat, then tossed it in Punk's hands. Punk tossed it back and went to the ground. The ref saw this and went to DQ ADR, but Punk rolled him up for two. ADR hit the backbreaker for two. ADR took Punk to the turnbuckle, but Punk countered and dropped ADR on the exposed turnbuckle and pinned him for the win. Ricardo argured, but ate a GTS for his troubles. Alright match. Not as good as Survivor Series. ADR was in control for the most part while Punk fought back. Something will probably come from the finish, and we will see another match between these two. Survey Says: 3/5

Another above average episode of RAW. They're trying to rebuild The Miz, which is a good start to a supposed main event push. Ziggler going over Orton was nice to see. They did a strong sell job for the live Smackdown tomorrow night. They built up Daniel Bryan about as well as they good. Nothing really advanced much on the RAW side. They are trying to get people to buy a potential John Cena heel turn, but I'm not believing it. It seems like they are just throwing Cena out there so he can get on TV because he has nothing going with anyone currently on the RAW roster. Punk and Del Rio seem destined for a rematch, so it leaves nothing currently for Cena at TLC. But I think RAW has been better because of it. Don't over expose Cena. Let some others take the spotlight. I'm giving RAW a 6. Good action albeit short, but few new storyline developments.

NFL Review tomorrow.

And remember kids, walking away after getting bitch slapped will get you ridiculed at school. Don't back down, don't rise above hate. Put your boots to that kid's ass.

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