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RAW Thoughts for 11/14/2011

Jim Ross Dancing? Stop the Show, It Can't Get Any Better
RAW started with Michael Cole coming to the ring. He called J.R. a Thanksgiving Float and then welcomed J.R. to the ring. The first challenge? Arm wrestling. Michael Cole stalled. J.R. won with ease. Cole said he intentionally gave up because of J.R.'s BBQ breath. Next was a dance contest. Cole danced with a scarf, J.R. busted a pretty good move. J.R. up 2-0. Last competition? Who Weighs Less. Michael Cole, 200 lbs. J.R., 239 lbs. Michael Cole says that he won.

C.M. Punk interrupted. He said Cole's time is up. Punk said that the entire Michael Cole Challenge was a waste of time. Punk said Cole's 15 Minutes of Fame is up. Punk said it feels like Cole has been out there for almost 6 hours. Punk said he will do whatever it takes to make the show entertaining again. John Laurinaitis interrupted. He said he was disappointed in Punk interrupting the Challenge, as his 38 thousand Twitter followers wanted to see it. Punk said screw Ace's Twitter followers. Ace made a tag match: Punk/Big Show vs Del Rio/Mark Henry. Cole then demanded an apology from Punk. Punk promptly put him in the Anaconda Vice. That segment was good for Punk bringing the truth, and J.R.'s dancing. Survey Says: 3.5/5

Mick Foley was shown arriving. He promised to make tonight a night neither The Rock or John Cena would ever forget. He said it was great to be back in Boston. He said the cheap pop never gets old.

It's Team Botch vs Team Unmasked
A tag match! Surprise! Kofi Kingston and Sin Cara vs Cody Rhodes and Hunico. Kofi and Sin Cara did two dives over the top rope to send us into a break. Back from break Cody was working over Sin Cara. The heels worked over Sin Cara before Cara tagged in Kofi. Chaos erupted. Sin Cara dove onto Hunico on the outside, but inside Cody hit an awkward looking Cross Rhodes on Kofi for the win. Basic formula match. Just average. Survey Says: 2.5/5

The Rock was shown arriving backstage.

Backstage, Santino was playing WWE 12. Then Zack Ryder showed up, they argued over who was better between Rock and Cena, traded some catch phrases, then Santino signed Zack Ryder's petition for a U.S. Title match.

Mason Ryan Is Getting Booed Badly at MSG
Vickie showed up. She said Christian is injured and won't be on Team Barrett. Dolph Ziggler interrupted and said it would be him replacing Christian, and that it should now be Team Ziggler because he is the best wrestler on the team and the United States Champion. He takes on Mason Ryan next. The match never amounted to anything. Ziggler got DQ'd after Vickie slapped Ryan. Morrison threw Ziggler back into the ring, where he ate a Master Lock PowerSlam.

Backstage, Mick Foley ran into Zack Ryder and signed his petition.

They Brought Foley Back For This?
Mick Foley entered. He said it's great to be back in the WWE. Foley said while he respects everyone opinion, he sees John Cena as one of the best performers in WWE History. He introduced Cena. Cena said he asked Rock to be his partner because he is the most electrifying man in sports entertainment. Foley said Cena and his relationship is based on mutual respect. Foley said he thinks Cena is one of the best ever. Foley introduced A John Cena "This Is Your Life" video package. Foley introduced Cena's Little League Coach. He said Cena struck out looking in the Championship game. Next was Bull Buchanon, known as B-2 when he was Cena's rap partner. That's when Cena was cool. B-2 said Cena was the best partner ever. He then ripped on Cena for becoming a big star and letting his life go down hill. Cena's dad was ten introduced. He yelled at the fans for booing his son. Foley said he had 5 more people. Rock came out, he Rock Bottomed Foley, and left. I guess that is Rock's way of saying enough is enough. That segment really did nothing for me. It dragged. Only worth it for Bull. Survey Says: 2/5

The Great White vs The Great Fake Tan
More Team Orton vs Team Barrett, this time Sheamus vs Jack Swagger. Even action before they went to break. Swagger took out Sheamus's leg then power tackled him. Sheamus fought back with a clothesline then some axe handles. Swagger tried to apply the ankle lock but Sheamus kicked Swagger out of the ring. He hit the Irish Curse backbreaker, then the Brogue Kick for the win. Sheamus continues to rise, Jack Swagger continues to decline. Survey Says: 2/5

Backstage Zack Ryder tried to get the Bellas to sign his petition but they were distracted by Alberto del Rio. They wanted to hang with ADR, but he said he had an important meeting with John Laurinaitis.

They reshowed Kelly's Maxim stuff. Then she beat Natalya with a roll up.

Backstage, John Laurinaitis was on the phone with Brodus Clay. Ace said he didn't want Rock to over-shadow Clay, so they will hold his debut off another week. ADR showed up. He said he doesn't think Punk will make it to Survivor Series. Laurinaitis said Punk will cause more trouble if he is WWE Champion.

After recapping the Survivor Series card, ADR jumped Punk backstage.

Maybe Big Show and Mark Henry Should Just Wear Shirts All The Time
Tag match featuring the Survivor Series Title matches next. Punk tagged in Big Show, so ADR immediately tagged in Mark Henry. Henry won a couple early tests of strength. Show fought back, but Show couldn't bodyslam Henry. Henry tagged in Show and worked him over with some kicks. Henry tagged back in. Back from break the heels continued to work over Punk. ADR hit a til-a-whirl backbreaker then worked over Punk's arm. Punk fought back with some kicks to ADR then Henry. Punk went to the top, but Henry caught him and hit the World's Strongest Slam. Show knocked Henry out of the ring, but ADR snuck in and got the pin for the win. ADR applied the cross armbreaker after the match until Big Show scared him off. Another basic tag. I think they did a good job of selling ADR/Punk. Survey Says: 3/5

Santino came out and talked about how he almost won the Royal Rumble, and how he will return to Boston a Champion next time. He sucked up to Boston. Kevin Nash came out. He asked Santino to do his trombone dance, then Nash booted Santino. Nash complained about not getting a job again, then powerbombed Santino. Nash will probably do this until HHH comes back.

Both Teams at Ringside? I Wonder What Could Possibly Happen?
Next was Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett. Both men brought out their Survivor Series teams. After the break Barrett took control early. He hit a nice sidewalk slam. Some kicks in the corner from Barrett and then he applied a sleeper hold. Orton fought out with a backdrop then his normal Orton offense. He was setting up the RKO before Cody Rhodes jumped in. All 10 men jumped in. Orton hit an RKO on Hunico, then Mason Ryan tossed him onto the rest of the heels outside. Who would have thought that was going to happen? Survey Says: 2.5/5

FINALLY! Someone Points Out Cena's Fans Haven't Gone Through Puberty!
Rock came out and talked about everything he did today, but he was still excited to be in Boston. Rock said the only problem with Survivor Series is that it is in 6 days and not tonight. Rock said moments like this drive him. Rock said he ain't waiting six days until Survivor Series. He wants to give an ass whopping to Awesome Truth right now. They came out. Truth said RAW getting rocked is a joke, and every time they are on the show, RAW gets Awesome. Truth was ready to fight but Miz stopped him.

Cena came out again. Cena said you will have to excuse his partner because he has only brought it via satellite. Rock said you will have to excuse his partner, because he is not used to having people support him that have gone through puberty. Rock said Cena needs to stop worrying about rising above hate and worry about his foot going into Cena's lady parts. Miz told them to shut up. Truth told Rock and Cena to have a blast, and they will see them Sunday. Rock and Cena attacked. Rock Bottom to Truth. Cena had Miz up for an AA, but Rock pulled Miz off and Rock Bottomed Miz instead. Rock left as him and Cena stared at each other to close the show.

Ok, Rock was typical good Rock. But why do I want to buy the PPV Sunday when it is clear that Miz and R-Truth have not looked like a threat during this whole feud. I know Rock and Cena can't co-exist. I don't want to buy the PPV for that. It was a good end, but I would have much rather seen Miz and R-Truth end the show on top than Rock and Cena. Survey Says: 3/5

I thought this was a slightly above average episode of RAW. The action was ok. Nothing to right home about. The build to Survivor Series was just ok as well. I liked the Alberto del Rio/C.M. Punk stuff. They have built up Del Rio nicely in this feud. The faces pretty much looked dominant in the ten man build, and the big scuffle at the end is typical WWE. And as I said above, I would have much rather seen Miz and R-Truth end the show on top than Rock and Cena. Have a mis-communication between Rock and Cena end with Miz and Truth standing tall and looking like they have a chance on Sunday. I'm still watching Survivor Series on Sunday, but if I'm the WWE, I want people to think that Miz and R-Truth have a chance on Sunday. This didn't do that for me. I'm giving the show a 6.

And remember kids, your lady parts are valuable assets. A boot to them and forget about having children.

NFL Review tomorrow.

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