Friday, April 13, 2012

The Future of Daniel Bryan

Well, it has happened again. Congratulations Daniel Bryan. You have gotten over with the crowd despite the WWE not wishing you to. And because of that, I fully expect them to screw you up as a character and bury you sooner rather than later. Do I agree with this? No. But if Zack Ryder is any indication, Daniel Bryan better watch out.

Now Ryder got over because of his Internet show. Marks loved him and started cheering for him whenever they found the opportunity to. Ryder was pretty funny in his Internet shows and fans wanted to see him on TV on a regular basis. Things started off well at the end of 2011, but they quickly evaporated come 2012. Ryder was made out to look like a bitch during the entire John Cena/Kane feud. He was the guy we were suppose to feel sorry for and make us want to cheer for John Cena against the evil Kane. But during the entire process, Ryder looked like a complete joke. And he still does on TV today. He jobbed at Wrestlemania, has been made to look like a fool with Eve, and lost to the Miz in quick fashion this past week on RAW. Ryder wasn't made by the WWE, Ryder made himself. The WWE usually doesn't like that. If you weren't hand picked by them, then you aren't suppose to get over.

Now, Daniel Bryan has to watch out. At Wrestlemania, he lost to Sheamus after one Brogue Kick. Even before the match, fans were clearly behind Bryan with all of the "YES" chants and signs. I'm sure it wasn't the WWE's goal for the fans to get behind Bryan after that. Now, the WWE still has no one to blame but themselves. Had they booked Bryan in a regular match and he lost, they wouldn't have had to deal with this problem. But if Zack Ryder showed us anything, its that getting over against the WWE's wishes could lead t bad results for Daniel Bryan.

The WWE has shown their support for the "YES" chants and Bryan by making a "YES" t-shirt. The shirt is already on back order on That's a positive sign for Bryan. It is also a reason why I believe the WWE should not bury Bryan. Instead of having him lose every week, have get over as an even stronger wrestler than he once was. Bryan is completely different from Ryder. Bryan is a serious, hard working character that can back up anything he says in the ring. Ryder is pretty much a goof mid-carder that is a likable act and over with the fans, but he could never be taken seriously in the ring.

If anything, the WWE needs to take advantage of Daniel Bryan while the iron is still hot. Ryder was never going to get to the main event or World Title scene. Bryan has already been there and has shown he can handle himself at the top. Bryan has went from a face with no character with no meaning to a heel with a mean streak and an "I'm better than you" type of attitude. Bryan's interactions with A.J. while the two were together were great. The way Bryan treated A.J. made you feel terrible for A.J. and made you want to smack Bryan across the face for the way he treated her. Bryan is an a completely different league than Ryder, and the WWE can't just send him to obscurity because he has gotten over.

So what exactly should the WWE do with Daniel Bryan? Well, they shouldn't bury him. That might be the dumbest thing the WWE could do in this situation. If anything, the WWE has completely ruined Bryan on Smackdown. Sheamus is the new star of that show, and I expect him to have a long Title run. Bryan isn't going to be doing anything over there anytime soon. If the Draft is still going to happen, I really think a move to RAW should be in order for Bryan. And one of the first things Bryan should do is enter into a proper program with C.M. Punk. The two put on a couple of good matches awhile back, but the finishes were ruined because they were a part of that terrible GM storyline that we had to endure. I would anticipate the C.M. Punk/Chris Jericho program to end soon. Is there anyone else ready to step up and challenge Punk? I wouldn't throw Brock Lesnar out there right away. Dolph Ziggler has been done, and he's practically a jobber right now. I would still keep Cena away from the Title scene. A move to RAW for Bryan would make the most sense, and a program between these two would be great. Two PPVs of these guys having matches? Works for me.

There is no denying that Daniel Bryan has grown as a character in recent months. I don't think anybody expected him to win Money in the Bank in July, and it was a pleasant surprise when he did. Since winning the World Title, Bryan has grown leaps and bounds as a character. I never thought he would be as good on the mic as he is. Bryan never showed that in his early WWE days. We always knew that Daniel Bryan could work in the ring, but I never knew he could be as good on the mic as he is. He isn't a flashy promo, but he gets his point across in an "I'm better than you and I know it" type of manner. Bryan has become a success in the WWE, and he needs to continue to be at the top of the WWE  for the foreseeable future.

If the WWE thinks the fans were outraged after Wrestlemania, doing anything to demote Daniel Bryan will just infuriate the fans even more. These "YES" chants were not a temporary one week thing. Bryan's act has grown n the crowd and they are enjoying him as a character. If anything, the "YES" shirts will just continue to encourage the fans. But the WWE has already showed signs of cooling on Bryan. He was barely on RAW after Wrestlemania and he wasn't even on this past week's show. And if you think Bryan is winning the World Title back at Extreme Rules or Over the Limit, you've got another thing coming. Bryan isn't beating Sheamus, and I will be legitimately shocked if he does.

So what is the point of this piece? It is to warn you, the fans, that the WWE may "Zack Ryder" Daniel Bryan's push sooner than you think. But it is also to let everyone know just how well Daniel Bryan has done since taking over as World Champ on Smackdown and being used as a main event talent. Daniel Bryan has become one of the best characters on WWE TV, and I hope I continue to see him at the top of the WWE for the foreseeable future. Thank You Daniel Bryan for keeping me entertained every time you our on TV. Have you done your job well? I think I can answer that question in one word.


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