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The RAW Truth Review for 4/2/12

RAW Review time. I expect the closure of everything Wrestlemania 28 tonight, and something to happen to set the stage for a Wrestlemania 29 match as well. Maybe a return? Time will only tell...

The RAW locker Room was gathered backstage when John Laurinaitis walked in. He made Santino vs Jack Swagger vs Dolph Ziggler for the United States Title. C.M. Punk walked in. He said everyone still considers John Laurinaitis a huge tool box. Laurinaitis called Punk a prankster, but Punk said he wasn't kidding. Laurinaitis made Punk vs Mark Henry for the WWE Title tonight.

Rock Has A Vision, That One Day...
Rock came out to a HUGE pop. The crowd chanted "You Still Got It." He said 14 months ago he came back to the WWE and he did it all, but it wasn't until last night when he stood victorious at Wrestlemania that he can finally say "Finally The Rock has come back, home." Rock said he had to thank John Cena. Last night John Cena brought it to Rock like never before. Rock wanted to thank Cena for giving him one hell of a fight. He wants to thank the people the most. Rock said years ago he got cut from the Canadian Football League, but tonight he stands before you as the People's Champion. Rock said that this isn't the end, this is just the beginning. A "YES" chant broke out, then a "Thank You Rocky." Rock said he had a vision last night; One day, Rock walks down the aisle as the WWE Champion. If you smell what he's cooking.

Segment Analysis: That was probably the best Rock promo since he came back. The crowd was crazy for him and they showed that they don't want him to leave. Rock saying he wants to be WWE Champion is interesting. He won't be around until SummerSlam at the earliest, but it gives us something to think about for the time being. Could Rock win the Royal Rumble and face Cena for the Title at Wrestlemania? Survey Says: 4/5

Triple Threat Match for the US Title. The heels took down Santino then did some show off moves. Santino fought back with punches. He tossed Dolph over the top rope before being clotheslined by Jack Swagger heading into commercial. Back from break the heels continued to work over Ziggler. Santino regained control, taking out Dolph and hip tossing Swagger. Santino pulled out the Cobra but Ziggler stopped him with a DDT. Swagger and Ziggler argued over who would go for the pin. Swagger hit a Belly to Belly on Ziggler, but missed a Swagger Bomb on Santino. Ziggler connected on a dropkick on Swagger but was tossed to the outside by Dolph. Santino hit the Cobra on Swagger for the win.

After the match the heels chased Santino up the ramp. Brodus Clay came out to save Santino. Dolph charged at Brodus but he ate a headbutt and took a nasty bump on the stage. Brodus, his dancers and Santino danced on the stage.

Segment Analysis: Well, it finally looks like the Funkasaurus has something to do. A feud with Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger will be good as it will allow Clay to work more in the ring and show off his abilities. The Triple Threat was ok. Santino still being US Champ is kind of meh but I can tolerate it for now. Hopefully Brodus works a longer match than normal now that he has a program in store for him. Survey Says: 2.5/5

Lord Albert Tensai
Back from break Lord Tensai made his entrance for a match against Alex Riley. Tensai, obviously Albert, elbowed A-Ri. He threw A-Ri into the corner. Tensai headbutted Riley in the corner. He hit a reverse backdrop then multiple elbows. Tensai sat on Riley's chest. Tensai hit elbows on the back of Alex Riley's head. Tensai hit a chokeslam powerbomb on Riley and the referee stopped the match. Tensai then applied a Claw on Riley after the match.

Segment Analysis: So Clay gets a feud because Lord Tensai is taking his place in squash matches. Tensai looked dominant, and the WWE did a good job of playing up his history in Japan. Strong debut. Survey Says: 3/5

What A Waste of Jack
WWE Title match time. Mark Henry threw down C.M. Punk early. Punk started kicking and punching Henry. Punk hit two dropkicks but was swatted away on the third attempt as Henry started working over Punk's back with stomps. Punk fought back with knees but Henry caught Punk with a clothesline. Punk jumped right into a bearhug but fought out with knees then took Henry down with some knees to the head. Punk jumped from the top but Henry caught him and threw him down. Henry went for a Vader Bomb on Punk's back but Punk moved. Punk went to the top again but Henry hit him down. The crowd has been continuously chanting "YES" for all of Punk's moves then "NO" when Henry hits a move.

Back from break Punk jumped from the top but was caught by a Mark Henry knee. Henry had a nerve hold on Punk. Punk fought out with a kick. Henry tossed Punk in the corner and charged but Punk moved and went into over drive with kicks and chops. He finally knocked Henry down and went to the top and connected with a Macho Man Elbow. Punk hit the running knee twice in the corner. He went for a bulldog but Punk threw him over the top rope to the outside. Punk was counted out. Henry hit the Worlds Strongest Slam on C.M. Punk on the mat.

John Laurinaitis came out and promised Punk a "Natural Disaster" in his future. Jericho came out and mocked C.M. Punk. He said he drinks but never in an excess and never drinks and drives. Jericho told Punk he was going to make him take his first drink. He proceeded to pour a bottle of Jack on him. Jericho slipped then threw another bottle by his head.

Segment Analysis: The match itself was pretty good. It was a good big man vs wrestler match. Punk sold well and Henry held up his end as well. Solid match. The post match was very good. Jericho did a great job of bashing Punk and it was a strong angle to continue this program. Jericho didn't wallow in defeat but instead moved on and made sure Punk did not forget him. Can't wait for this feud to continue. Survey Says: 4/5

Way To Go Vince
Sheamus came out to a handful of boos. Before he could say anything, Alberto del Rio came out. ADR said that Sheamus will lose the World Title just as quickly as he won it to him. Sheamus said these people don't want to see him talk, they want to see him hit the Brogue Kick on someone in the face. ADR said he isn't looking for a fight because he already has one. ADR is fighting on Smackdown against Sheamus, and if ADR wins he gets a future World Title shot. ADR tried talking but his mic gave out. He switched with Ricardo but turned around right into a Brogue Kick. The crowd chanted for Daniel Bryan the whole time.

Daniel Bryan watched on backstage. Josh Matthews asked how he was feeling but didn't say a word.

Segment Analysis: The crowd is letting Vince McMahon know how much he screwed up last night. You can't book a World Title match like that. Ever. I'm actually interested in a Sheamus/Del Rio feud, but the crowd is going to shit on it until Daniel Bryan gets involved. It was a decent exchange. Survey Says: 3/5

Cody Rhodes vs Kofi Kingston. Cody hit a clothesline but ate a Kofi knee in the corner. Kofi hit a flying crossbody but Rhodes counters a charge and hit a Disaster Kick. Big Show's music hit ans he told Cody he had something to show him from Wrestlemania. It was Show knocking out Cody. Cody turned right around into a Trouble in Paradise Kick and Kofi won. Not bad storyline continuation.

Backstage, Abraham Washington offered to be Mark Henry's mouthpiece. He said he'd consider it.

Eve came out and said last night she had her Wrestlemania moment. She manipulated Zack Ryder and it was so easy. But it's easy for her to manipulate any man except John Laurinaitis because powerful men can't be manipulated. Now lets hear it for People Power!

Zack Ryder vs Miz. Ryder took it to Miz early but Miz caught Cena with a boot. Miz applied a chinlock. Ryder fought out and hit the Broski Boot for two. Miz countered a Rough Ryder into a Skull Crushing Finale for the win. Jobbers Gotta Job Zach.

Here Comes The Pain
Cena came out very serious. He said he never thought of losing, and the only thing to do is to do it right. Cena said he talked a lot and that anyone else in his shoes would be making excuses but not him. He meant everything he said. He said he never thought for one second he was going to lose, because if you think that you already lose. But there would be questions on how he would react. The crowd chanted "YOU'RE A LOSER." Would this finally be the day he lashes out at the WWE Universe? Cena said it will not happen. He's a man, he was beaten, and he will own up and admit defeat. He said last night will not be the last moment of his career. Cena said he worked his ass off to be the best he could be. He's not here to call out The Rock. That's settled. But he did want to invite him back to the ring. He wanted to show Rock he respected him and to shake his hand. Cena said the last year has been exhausting. Cena played along with "YES" chant and said Daniel Bryan owes him one. Cena asked Rock to come out.

Suddenly, Brock Lesnar's music hit. Lesnar walked out on stage as the crowd went crazy. He walked to the ring and stared Cena down inside. Lesnar offered a handshake to Cena, but Lesnar pulled him in and hit the F5 on Cena. Brock kicked Cena's hat and posed on the apron as the show went off air.

Segment Analysis: Well, we thought it would happen at Wrestlemania, but it happened tonight, and by gawd it was a great moment. Seeing Lesnar and Cena stare each other down was a great moment. When does the match happen? My guess is SummerSlam. But can they hold it off that long? At least Cena was serious in his promo and not all joking and what not. A memorable ending to a very good RAW. Survey Says: 5/5

This was a good show due to a number of factors. The crowd was great all night with the Daniel Bryan chants. They let Vince know how much he screwed up last night. A great crowd makes a show so much better. The Punk/Henry match was actually quite good, as was the Jericho stuff after. The Rock's promo was very good as well. There was nothing terrible on the show. It will be nice to see Brodus Clay in an actual program. Lord Tensai looked dominant. It all adds up to a good show. And the finish was the perfect ending to Wrestlemania week. Brock Lesnar being back means big things for the WWE. I'm giving the show a 10. There was not a single moment I thought was un-entertaining.

And remember kids: If you make it big somewhere else, your old boss will always want you back.

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