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The RAW Truth Review for 4/30/12

Another RAW, another live review from me. Will the WWE find a way to lessen the luster of Brock Lesnar yet again? Read on and find out!

RAW started with a replay of Cena's promo to close Extreme Rules set to sad music. After the intro a graphic played saying "RAW SuperShow Staring Brock Lesnar."

Time to Re-Negotiate
John Laurinaitis came out to start the show. He said he revolutionized everything last night. He said everyone in the WWE Universe should thank him for bringing in Brock Lesnar and making John Cena a mere mortal. He stumbled over his lines. He said Brock brought back legitimacy to the WWE and introduced him. Brock said last night the world got to witness first hand him bringing the pain, exactly what he was going to do. John Laurinaitis agreed, but before he could go on Triple H's music played.

Triple H said he was out here to do what John Laurinaitis doesn't have the guts to do. Hunter said the days of Brock holding up the WWE are through. No plane, no limo unless he pays for it. He said no one holds down the WWE. Hunter told him he has to live up to his original contract, not the demands he bullied Laurinaitis into last week. Laurinaitis said he has the power to negotiate contracts, but HHH said he wasn't going to approve it. HHH said that he wants Brock here, as does the WWE Universe. Opinions aside, they want to see him. But it is going to be to his original contract. HHH said if Brock wants to take his ball and pack it up with his loss to John Cena, that's fine. Laurinaitis tried interrupting but HHH told him to Shut Up. Laurinaitis tried interrupting again, and HHH turned around to address him. Lesnar jumped him and the two brawled. Lesnar eventually applied the Kimura lock again and they sold that HHH's arm was broken. Sheamus, R-Truth, Big Show and Kofi Kingston came down to make the save. Lesnar walked off.

Segment Analysis: That started off with HHH burying Lesnar, which I was afraid of. But in the end it turned out strong and made Lesnar look like a force again. Obviously, I would say its building to HHH/Lesnar. Lesnar needs to work on his facial expressions, because it looked like he was about to cry. HHH did a good job selling the injury. Good to start to the Lesnar rebuild. Survey Says: 3/5

Eve came out and said tonight there will be a beat the clock challenge and whomever wins their match in the quickest time faces C.M. Punk at Over the Limit. Santino vs Miz started.

A Jobber No More?
Miz had control early with some basic offense. He charged at Santino in the corner but Santino moved and scored a two with the roll up. Miz regained control and hit his corner clothesline. He hit an axe handle off the top rope for two. Santino fought out of a headlock then hit his hiptoss and headbutt. Miz ducked the Cobra attempt and eventually caught Santino with a Skull Crushing Finale in 4 minutes, 18 seconds for the win.

Match Analysis: Basic match. Nothing flashy. We know Miz isn't winning this. Survey Says: 2/5

Layla retained the Divas Title against the Bellas. She drop kicked one of them, the other fell out of the ring, and Layla pinned the other for the win.

You Need To Count Faster
Big Show vs Chris Jericho. Show started with some chops and a running splash into the corner. Jericho hit a drop kick on Big Show's knee for two. Show caught Jericho with a chop after he jumped off the top rope. Jericho moved out of the way of a Vader Bomb. Jericho hit a Lionsault for two. He went for the Walls but Show countered with a small package for two. Jericho countered a chokeslam attempt with a DDT for two. Show countered with a knockdown for two. Jericho ducked a KO Punch, but Big Show caught Jericho attempting a Codebreaker. They tumbled to the outside. Jericho ducked a charge and Show went over the barricade. Jericho got back in the ring but the ref's 10 count was slow, so the clock expired before 10. It seemed like a mess up. Back from break, they said Miz still won. Jericho didn't beat his time.

Match Analysis: I'm pretty sure the ending was screwed up. The ref was trying to say there was still one second left, but they said time ran out back from break. This is what happens when there is three seconds between each count by referees. It needed better timing. Bad botch. Survey Says: 2/5

Brodus Clay beat JTG. Can we get a program for him already?

Eve tried to calm John Laurinaitis down and asked him who John Cena's next opponent was gonna be. He said he knew and Cena wasn't going to like it.

Randy Orton vs Jack Swagger. The two exchanged offense early. Swagger connected on a Swagger Bomb for two. Orton countered a gut wrench into a backbreaker for two. Swagger ducked a clothesline and chop blocked Orton's leg. Swagger took control with some submission holds. He went for a Swagger Bomb again but Orton caught him with a kick to the gut and hit his signature offensive moves. Orton went for an RKO but Swagger countered with an ankle lock. Orton countered out and Swagger went into the turnbuckle. Orton hit the RKO and won with 2 seconds left.

Match Analysis: Best of the bunch so far. Decent counters throughout. I find it hard to believe Orton wins it, but you never know. Survey Says: 2.5/5

There's Still A Tag Team Division
A Tag Title match? R-Truth got the better of Primo early. Truth caught Primo with an uppercut and he went to the outside heading into commercial. Back from break, Primo caught R-Truth with a clothesline and tagged in Epico. The tag champs worked over R-Truth. Eventually Kofi was tagged in. Kofi hit the Boom Drop on Primo. Rosa distracted the ref. R-Truth dropped Primo on the ropes and Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise for the win.

Match Analysis: Nothing to it. I guess it was time for a Tag Title change? I don't know. Does anyone care. How long until R-Truth gets suspended. That seems to happen when you become partners with Kofi. Survey Says: 2/5

A.W. and Primo, Epico and Rosa talked backstage.

Kane and Great Khali did not beat the clock. And it was too painful to write about.

Daniel Bryan took on Jerry Lawler in the final Beat the Clock. Bryan had control early, but Lawler fought back with punches and a dropkick. Lawler ducked a flying drop kick attempt by Bryan. Lawler hit the punch off the top for two. Bryan countered a pile driver attempt, then hit a kick to the head and applied the YES Lock for the win.

Afterwards Punk appeared on stage with the WWE Title.

Segment Analysis: Punk vs Bryan on PPV? Works for me. This will be good. Survey Says: 3/5

Now We Can't Let Punk/Bryan Main Event A PPV...
John Cena came out wearing a sling on his left arm. Cena said his x-rays showed no breaks. He said he's happy he is here. John Laurinaitis came out. Cena asked Laurinaitis if he got Zeus as his next opponent. Laurinaitis said he was trying to motivate Cena by calling Lesnar the new face of the WWE. Laurinaitis said he was pushing Cena to the limit and that Cena should thank him. Cena called him a corporate jackass and that he brushes his teeth with toilet paper. Laurinaitis said he can make his life difficult. Cena said he just dealt with difficult. Laurinaitis introduced Cena's opponent, and Lord Tensai came out. Tensai and his follower stalked Cena, then Laurinaitis took out Cena with the mic. Laurinaitis said he was his opponent at Over the Limit. They all worked over Cena's injured arm. Laurinaitis stomped on it and then hit it with a chair on the steps.

Segment Analysis: That was, well, quite the swerve. I really don't know where this is all going. Do we know why Laurinaitis hates Cena so much? And is this match seriously going to main event a PPV? I hope not. It'll be interesting to see where this goes. Won't "The Board" think this is going too far? It seems a bit weird and out of nowhere. Survey Says: 2.5/5

I would say this was a very middle of the road RAW. There was no good wrestling on the show as nothing was over five minutes. That takes away a lot for me. The Lesnar/HHH opening was boring until Lesnar took out HHH. I'm assuming we are going to Lesnar/HHH, likely at No Way Out. My guess is Brock gets suspended and is not at Over the Limit. I will say I am very much looking forward to Punk/Bryan on PPV. Hopefully they get at least 20 minutes. I will be interested to see the build going forward too. Everything else was forgettable and not worth watching, but it wasn't terrible. I will give the show a 5.

And remember kids, re-re-contract negotiations are the worst. Might as well just divorce her by then.

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