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The WWE RAW Truth Review for 10/22/12

RAW has some stiff competition tonight from baseball, football, and the Presidential debate. Good thing we have Kane vs Big Show to keep us entertained and not wanting to change the channel.

RAW Starting With Wrestling?
RAW started with the tag title tournament finals. The heels took control over Rey Mysterio. Rey fought back with a hurricarrana and the faces each hit dives to the outside. Rey held Sandow in the ropes and Sin Cara hit a springboard moonsault. Sandow ducked a Sin Cara dive and tagged in Cody. Rhodes hit a suplex. This time it was Sin Cara's turn to get worked over by the heels. Sin Cara caught Cody with a kick to the head into a commercial break. The heels continued to work over Cara back from break. Sandow hit his elbow drop. Sin Cara finally made the tag to Rey. He hit a seated senton and a tilt a whirl head scissors on Cody. Rey hit a double 619 on Cody and Sandow. Rey went to pin Cody but Sandow broke up the count by not allowing the ref's hand to hit the mat. Sin Cara took out Sandow, but this allowed Cody to hit CrossRhodes on Rey to pick up the win.

On the tron, Bryan and Kane said Sandow and Rhodes would not win the tag titles.

Match Analysis: Decent tag match. Interesting choice to start off RAW. The match outcome was expected. Sandow and Rhodes work well together. Good action and nice to see RAW actually start with a decent wrestling match for a change. Survey Says: 3/5

Kofi Kingston made quick work of Michael McGillicutty as Miz watched on doing commentary.

Cena Missed His Calling With the Spirit Squad
John Cena came out. He said this Sunday the WWE Universe will finally find out that C.M. Punk is a man that tells the truth. He's been WWE Champion for 337 days. He called Punk a visionary and said that Punk saw change. And at Hell In A Cell, we will see change. Change in the form of Ryback. Cena said Ryback stands for destruction, and the face of the WWE will change this Sunday. C.M. Punk came out with Paul Heyman. Punk came out and made fun of the typical heel bashing the hometown team schtick. Punk said him being Champion for so long means Cena hasn't been, and that is a sign of change. Punk said Cena can promise whatever he wants, but C.M. Punk makes a promise you can guarantee he means it. And he promised he will walk out of Hell In A Cell WWE Champion. Punk said Cena being Ryback's cheerleader means Cena realizes he can't beat him. Cena said he couldn't face Punk because he wasn't medically cleared. But he is now. Cena said he wanted to give Punk a pre-ass whippin before this Sunday. Punk walked to the ring as Heyman begged him not to. Heyman finally talked Punk away.

Segment Analysis: I actually thought Cena would have a better reason for not facing Punk other than the injury. Maybe build to another match? But no. They continue to tease more Cena/Punk, which makes me think those two are destined for a match at Survivor Series. Decent enough promo exchange. Survey Says: 2.5/5

Antonio Cesaro said no American man can beat him. While he was cutting the promo Gabriel hit a dive to the outside. Cesaro regained control in the ring and hit a knee in the corner. Gabriel fought back and went to the top but Cesaro crotched him on the ropes. The two fought in the corner until Gabriel hit a kick to the head in the corner and hit the 450 splash for the win. Looks like they are setting up a US Title Match for the PPV.

How To Continue To Make The GM Role Of RAW Stupid
Vince McMahon arrived with A.J. They came out after the break, and A.J. said because of her accused fraternizing with a WWE Superstar, she is resigning as GM of RAW. She said the allegations are false. She said she knows some people consider her mentally unstable, but she thinks some people just like a crazy chick. A.J. said despite this coming to an end, she's still come a long way from where she once was. She's gone from being homeless to being the boss. She thanked Vince for giving her an opportunity that no one else had given her.

Paul Heyman came out. He said she rose above her lack of intelligence, class, and the fact that she was a Jersey girl to get where she was. But Paul Heyman said business is business, and he needs someone with class and dignity. Someone who can demonstrate ruthless aggression. Heyman said that if he needs someone to step in and do all of that, then the next GM of RAW should be Paul Heyman. Vince said no. Vince introduced the Managing Supervisor of RAW, Vickie Guerrero. Vickie thanked the Board for their trust in her. Heyman asked Vickie to reverse Vince's decision of putting Ryback in Hell In A Cell. Vickie said no. Vickie said tonight's main event is Punk vs Sheamus, and a Lumberjack Match. Heyman left bitching. Vickie ran down A.J. for her alleged affair and told her leave. A.J. attacked Vickie.

Segment Analysis: Wow, talk about how you make something even worse. How come we can never have one consistent authority figure on RAW? That just seemed unexpected and rushed. Unless A.J. had the affair with Dolph, then this is dumb. That segment just seemed pointless and a waste of time. Why put Vickie in charge, even temporary. Survey Says: 1.5/5

Ryback made quick work of Miz.

Kaitlyn once again accused Eve of attacking her. Eve slapped Kaitlyn. They brawled. Layla tried to break it up but Eve shoved her and it continued until referees broke it up.

Sheamus was interviewed. Big Show came in and knocked away Sheamus wrestling buddy and told him he better start getting serious.

More Good Wrestling???
Daniel Bryan vs Kane. Ziggler grabbed control early. Ziggler caught Bryan with a dropkick. Bryan caught Ziggler with a take down. Ziggler kiced Bryan away from a potential figure four attempt. Bryan came back with kicks. Ziggler eventually caught Bryan with a knee. Ziggler hit a suplex over the ropes and dropped Bryan on the floor. Kane came out before the commercial. Back from break, Dolph had a headlock in. Bryan fought out and hit a clothesline then a charging dropkick in the corner. Bryan hit a variety of kicks. He missed one and Dolph applied a sleeper hold. Bryan went for a spear and Ziggler hit a DDT for two. Dolph charged at Bryan in the corner but Bryan moved and hit the ringpost and fell to the outside. Bryan hit a suicide dive to the outside. Bryan went to the top rope but Ziggler got up and hit a facebuster from the top for two. Ziggler threw Bryan into the corner but Bryan drop kicked Ziggler's knee. Bryan hit Ziggler in the head with a kick. Kane started chanting YES to get the crowd into it, but Bryan started screaming NO. Ziggler came from behind and hit a ZigZag off the ropes for the win.

Team Hell No argued and Matt Striker came out. He said Vickie ordered a therapeutic game show with him as the host. Their game show opponents were Team Rhodes Scholars.

Match Analysis: Very good match between these two, as you would expect. Lots of counters and big spots. Would love to see these two get 20 minutes on PPV someday. Don't know where this game show thing is going to go. But definitely some good action between Dolph and Bryan. Survey Says: 4/5

See What Happens When You Hire TV Writers
Matt Striker asked Bryan and Kane to introduce themselves. Bryan said he is the world's toughest vegan. Kane said he enjoys walks on the beach, rainbows, puppies and is a Scorpio. Bryan asked if it was true. Kane said Hell No. Team Rhodes Scholars said they would not take part in such tom foolery. Bryan and Kane were declared winners. Matt Striker said he did not wish them luck. Big Show threw Striker across the stage.

Big Show vs Kane. Show had control early and locked in a bear hug. Kane tried fighting out by Show fell on top of him. Kane came back. Big Show ducked but Kane hit a DDT for two. Kane hit his clothesline from the top for two. Team Rhodes Scholars came on stage and distracted Kane and Bryan. This allowed Big Show to hit the KO Punch for the win. The heels took out the Champs after the match.

Segment Analysis: That segment had absolutely no heat whatsoever with the crowd. Of course this crowd has been dead tonight as well. Bland segment. Survey Says: 2/5

A.J. talked with John Cena. She said he was the one that she was accused of fraternizing with do to their business dinner that they had. Ugh. Back from break Cena asked Vince what gives. Vince said there was some incriminating evidence.

Alberto del Rio defeated Zack Ryder with the cross armbreaker.

Vickie told Cena that he cost A.J. her job.

Dolph Ziggler said he wished A.J. had better taste.

Heyman hyped up Punk backstage.

How Many Lumberjacks Are There Again?
Lumberjack Match time. Punk tossed Sheamus to the outside, but the lumberjacks didn't touch Sheamus. Sheamus tossed Punk to the outside and they threw Punk back in. Sheamus applied a headlock. Punk fought out and hit a headbutt to the gut on Sheamus. Sheamus was hardly fazed and hit a bodyslan and elbow. Sheamus tossed Punk to the outside and the lumberjacks through Punk back in. Punk regained control and when he tossed Sheamus out this time the heels took it to Sheamus. Punk had an armlock applied and tossed Sheamus to the outside again. The heels went after Sheamus again but the face lumberjacks made the save. Punk went to the top and hit a forearm twice. The first one was botched. Sheamus caught Punk the third time with a forearm to the gut but Punk regained control. Punk went for a top rope elbow but jumped off the ropes and just hit a normal elbow.

Sheamus started making his comeback with some axe handles and a rolling senton. He connected with his rope punches then a suplex for two. Both men fought for control until Punk hit his high knee. Punk went to the top but Sheamus crotched him and hit a suplex for two. Punk took out Sheamus but missed a Macho Man elbow. Sheamus hit the Irish Curse Backbreaker for two. Sheamus eventually hit White Noise. He went for the Brogue Kick but hit it on Antonio Cesaro and Jinder Mahal. The distraction allowed Big Show to hit a chokeslam and Punk to make the pin and pick up the win.

After the match Ryback came in and took out Punk. Punk tried escaping but the lumberjacks tossed him back in. Ryback eventually tossed Punk onto the lumberjacks outside.

Match Analysis: Okay match. Nothing special to it and really slow moving. It doesn't matter how many lumberjacks there are. You just did this match on Smackdown. It has no appeal. The ending at least shows what can happen if Punk can't run like at Hell In A Cell. Alright ending, but it doesn't make up for a lackluster RAW overall. Survey Says: 2.5/5

As I just said, a very lackluster RAW that had its highlights. The opening tag match was good. Bryan/Ziggler was very good. Punk/Sheamus was oaky but nothing great. Everything else in between, especially the A.J. stuff, wa bad. Maybe it is just me, but I either just don't want authority figures anymore or stick to one person in charge the whole time. And now we have an affair angle? With John Cena? Do fans really care? This is just going to drag down the show. It is a direct result of hiring TV/Soap Opera writers. It dragged down the last half of the show. And the crowd was dead the majority of the night. Show gets a 3 from me.

Hell In A Cell Preview Up by the end of the week.

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